High Schoolers Decide Who Gets $1000

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  • 2 girls sacrificed themselves. You would never ever see 2 dudes do the same lol

    Daniel ClayDaniel Clay5 órája
  • everyone hates on ocean girl but miss blonde was testing my fucking nerves when she started literally crying

    Abigail AldayAbigail Alday11 órája
  • This is just mean girls sitting on a couch.

    BrandiBrandi15 órája
  • Nina looks like Marina from HIHo kids

    Lily YueLily YueNapja
  • comment.

  • This sums up highschoolers in about 15 mins

    Jiji the catJiji the catNapja

    Alex ShawAlex ShawNapja
  • The fish girl was like Erin the angry vegan from jubilee

    Guccipanda FgbbjbvGuccipanda FgbbjbvNapja
  • There are people living in poverty and their just gonna give a thousand dollars to a girl who cried because she ubers to school...

    Shania RufinoShania RufinoNapja
  • They should have agreed on giving the money to Kaled and all gotten a share in the company

    Alan's coolAlan's coolNapja
  • i feel so bad for the guy who has the online shop because i feel that he has deeper issues and the business would help- idk. I feel so bad! 😞

  • I would have given it to the guy in IB, or the ponytail girl who’s trying to pay for college

    Jenna MJenna MNapja
  • Heather played them, unlucky

  • I love how he is by himself laughing it up and making all this stuff so funny.... all by himself lol its like most people need a room full of close friends to create this environment of hilariousness but Cody just needs himself lol

    Kaleigh CookKaleigh Cook2 napja
  • girl in a ponytail is the most mature out of all of them. major props

    Mah MMah M2 napja
  • 11:33

    Hart BridgesHart Bridges2 napja
  • EJ was lit tf

    Chalice JonesChalice Jones2 napja
  • yall are weird for bullying a 14 year old girl

    Samantha PerezSamantha Perez2 napja
  • Why she gotta be wearing the sandals too 😭

    ArduinoBenArduinoBen3 napja
  • The way this could have been one big game of rock paper scissors

    Kimberly NiemanKimberly Nieman3 napja
  • the fact that all of these people aren’t anywhere close to the need for this $1000... why not just give it to a person/people who are REALLY in need of funds???

    McCall DychesMcCall Dyches3 napja
  • “you guys wanna play rock paper scissors or something?” “i’m chillin. 😐” i’ve used ‘i’m chillin’ in this same way a thousand times

    Jack PrinceJack Prince3 napja
  • So, ocean girl was actually talking about a program that wasn’t through her own school, not some random trip to the Bahamas. She’s clearly misunderstood here

    Emily DayEmily Day3 napja
  • fish lady is definitely not a true buddhist, just putting that out there. buddhism values equanimity, which she proved not to have when she cried and threw a fit over losing. kindness is also strong in buddhist beliefs- she was unkind when she said “i’m gonna be hella mean” or whatever. patience is also a huge part of buddhism. she was impatient when she began yelling “NINA! NINA! NINA!” i could go on, and on, and on.

    seeing_ghostssseeing_ghostss3 napja
  • some of these people have never had problems and it shows

    Allie DerubeisAllie Derubeis4 napja
  • Lmao didn’t she suggest the idea to stand on 1 foot and then get mad when she laws

    Skylar AdamsSkylar Adams4 napja
  • 11:29 fish girl is definitely a freshman & EJ's a senior 💀

    nina staceynina stacey4 napja
  • People keep shitting on Heather for pretending to be poor but people realised that you can have nice hair and be poor too right? She’s working like 30 a week

    Angel CAngel C4 napja
  • surprised that ocean girl didn’t want them to draw her flight path to the bahamas

    Sasha RaydonSasha Raydon5 napja
  • Happy you found this

    Blake MountsBlake Mounts5 napja
  • This was hard to get through fuck

    Top bins TVTop bins TV5 napja
  • overalls would’ve got cursed out😂😂😂

    Jamayla RenéaJamayla Renéa5 napja
  • I got kicked out and am homeless lemme get on that video

    Zayzay 2kZayzay 2k5 napja
  • They need to donate that shit to counseling sessions for ocean girl bitch is cray!

    Amber O.Amber O.6 napja
  • POV: you’re cody in some random persons apartment listening as I drunkenly yell “CAN I QUIZ YOU WITH OCEAN FACTS” to a friend in the complex above .

    Brittany LikesMemesBrittany LikesMemes6 napja
  • 7:23 why is she sitting so close to him, the poor guy looks like his life is crashing down in him.

    VicinitrixVicinitrix6 napja
  • 16 year old girl, "I don't have any money for food😭" Cody, "NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!"

    Jared MaughanJared Maughan6 napja
  • Heather... Heather seems sus to me. Ppl pointed out good observations like she was the first one to suggest talking about their situation and she had the most sob story. She cried over having to be in Ubers, which I thought was weird. It kinda shows she's been able to afford it so far... I mean it's expensive, but not exactly emotional... Idk how it leads to the conclusion of having to "grow up so fast". There is public transportation in a lot of places in the US, so idk man...

    Wonderstruck AJWonderstruck AJ6 napja
  • Heather now riding to school in an Uber Black

    Chandler SampsonChandler Sampson6 napja
  • That girl is 14. Cyber bullying a minor is not and never will be okay, regardless if you think it’s funny. She is a kid and all this negative media attention could have such detrimental effects on her. Stop liking and making mean comments.

    Nao TsukikoNao Tsukiko7 napja

    Youssef AlyYoussef Aly7 napja
  • This was bad but at least they were better than the Millennials

    Michael CharonnatMichael Charonnat7 napja
  • I like Ponytail girl

    Samantha SchoenSamantha Schoen7 napja
  • Fish girl acts like she’s in elementary school

    Samantha SchoenSamantha Schoen7 napja

    Samantha SchoenSamantha Schoen7 napja
  • I hate the fish girl. Also, It was her idea to do the foot thing

    Samantha SchoenSamantha Schoen7 napja
  • fish girls grow up to be karens

    Dahlia DavisDahlia Davis8 napja
  • 5:22 shit you never heard of buses? Helf a doller you can buy a ticket to every place you want

    NigatoniNigatoni8 napja
  • Anyone else wish the guys got to talk a little more? Also the challenges were not a great decider of who gets the cash imo...

    Dahlia DavisDahlia Davis8 napja
  • Bahamas girl is a Seahorse girl💀

    Logan ReidLogan Reid8 napja
  • It turns out that the girl was crying because she said something personal and she asked the directors to cut it out

    robert murphyrobert murphy8 napja
    • @Dahlia Davis “high schoolers decide who gets $1000” a video by the channe name “cut”

      robert murphyrobert murphy7 napja
    • hello would you please tell me what to watch/search so I can see the post that says this? thank you

      Dahlia DavisDahlia Davis8 napja
  • Omg mergirl needs her own HUworld channel!

    Marissa BowerMarissa Bower9 napja
  • i- its pretty obvious that she is neurodivergent and marine biology is her special interest?? So can everyone stop trying to dunk on her?? literally so unnecessary and highkey ableist!!!!!!!!! thanks

    Katie RaphKatie Raph9 napja
    • @Katie Raph never said it wasn’t a lifelong goal for her. Saying that if she really wanted the money to advance a marine biology career she would put it towards something directly correlated to it, like a course/trip on it. Not a trip to the Bahamas that has 0 association with marine biology. She’s just taking advantage of a situation and made a weak justification

      MaxwellMaxwell6 napja
    • @Maxwell i don’t think it’s disingenuous at all. special interests aren’t just random things you like. they can be lifelong interests that are a form of self soothing for neurodivergent ppl. it’s not that she is taking advantage of the system or anything- it’s much more nuanced!

      Katie RaphKatie Raph7 napja
    • Her whole marine biologist thing was kinda just an excuse for a trip to the Bahamas lol. I could understand if it was maybe for a fee paying course to assist getting onto marine biology but that’s just pure taking advantage of a situation. I don’t doubt that she is aspiring to be a marine biologist, but I guarantee if she got the money that trip wouldn’t be fuelling that passion at all.

      MaxwellMaxwell7 napja
    • Actually I didn't even think of that until I read your comment. Either way i thought she had the least qualifying use of the prize money.

      Dahlia DavisDahlia Davis8 napja
  • Fish girl was probably the reason the comments were disabled 😂

    ShaqWith TheComboShaqWith TheCombo9 napja
  • Best cut video out there 😂

    Eric WiitaEric Wiita10 napja
  • Imagine crying bc you have to Uber to school, like sis what 😂 I can’t even afford an Uber and just take the bus or walk 🙂👌🏽

    Dani P.Dani P.10 napja
  • NINA

    Mr SpaceMr Space10 napja
  • 2:25 i’d just say my grandma is dying lol

    Mr SpaceMr Space10 napja
  • Man that heather girl is rich tf she talking about she need 1000 for ubers lying ass

    CrazeyPCrazeyP10 napja
  • why she sitting so damn close to him

    Grace AshleyGrace Ashley11 napja
  • Poor Cody, our dear small puppy.

    Maio nayzMaio nayz11 napja
  • THIS IS COMEDY GOLD!! My face hurts from laughing too much 🤣😂😂

    Kyle FKyle F11 napja
  • Nina! Nina. Nina. Nina. NINA.

    Kinsley DKinsley D11 napja
  • 1k isn’t shit jus get a job and get a side hustle and get that bag real quick

    ign.AlphaDeity.ign.AlphaDeity.11 napja
  • fish girl is sage wilson (cousin of ryland adams)😁

    MarissaMarissa11 napja
  • If she was really a savage she would’ve called Nina by name.

    Brianna MclaughlinBrianna Mclaughlin11 napja
  • This video is exactly why I don’t take advice or less in the highschoolers

    HaleighHaleigh11 napja
  • Just give it to one person that is trustworthy and agree to split it to the ones in the plan after the shooting

    Tractor ManTractor Man12 napja
  • Am be so mean!

    thach nguyenthach nguyen12 napja
  • ty ashley

    Donovan GerardDonovan Gerard12 napja
  • fishgirl no joke has a sociopath vibe...

    Lil NoodleTMLil NoodleTM12 napja
  • can we please stop bullying neurodivergent people 😐

    RenRen13 napja
  • Cant stand any of them expect the green shirt dude.

    solarteasolartea13 napja
  • The girl who cried is so damn manipulative.

    Vicious WorldVicious World13 napja
  • don’t get me wrong the “fish girl” was annoying and a bit much but i could totally see why she didn’t like Nina cus i didn’t liek either of them tbh😭😭 Nina is def a “pick me”

    AuwizzleAuwizzle13 napja
    • Nina was prolly the most mature here and let Heather win in the last round. She could be a "pick me" but the video shows otherwise, you're def someone who gets jealous of other's very easily though

      EllithejokerEllithejoker5 napja
    • honestly, I thought she was the only honourable and honest one. she literally gave it to the last girl how is that pick me

      messe geddertmesse geddert12 napja
  • The ocean facts chick is a sea horse girl

    Ben NobleBen Noble13 napja
  • That blue ass water is very tantalizing.

    M JM J13 napja
  • Lol the saddest story she could come up with was that she needs to take ubers everywhere

    Cristian CamposCristian Campos13 napja
    • LMAOO like poor you

      messe geddertmesse geddert12 napja

    Haleighrae123Haleighrae12313 napja
  • Stonks

    steve harveysteve harvey13 napja
  • They legitimately found the worst Buddhist ever 😂

    FBIFBI13 napja
  • bahama girl literally agreed that they should do the one leg stand & then switched up saying it was unfair when she lost 😭

    sta6ys m0msta6ys m0m13 napja
  • foaming at the mouth hahahaha

    roselynne rroselynne r13 napja
  • Fight to the death is there next suggestion for the $1000

    Tahlike ETahlike E13 napja
  • I just love how Cody was so shocked when she started crying like me 💯 like bruh why are u crying

    Sumayya BulbuliaSumayya Bulbulia13 napja
    • facts 100%

      Salim BulbuliaSalim Bulbulia13 napja
  • I’m chilling

    Lucky DuckyLucky Ducky14 napja
  • Walter

    Islam AceIslam Ace14 napja
  • We all just calling this girl fish girl

    Greyson SmithGreyson Smith14 napja
  • Ubering everywhere is expensive af. Something tells me $1000 won't do shit for Heather

    TwinkleLaDiDaTwinkleLaDiDa14 napja
  • I want someone to say we should all divide it. Its 7 people right? They could each get $142 instead of someone get 1k.

    James R WarzyniakJames R Warzyniak14 napja
  • I want someone to say we should all divide it. Its 7 people right? They could each get $142 instead of someone get 1k.

    James R WarzyniakJames R Warzyniak14 napja
  • I feel like ocean facts girl sent in a resume to my career, but it was an entirely different person obsessed with marine biology and fish.

    Show Me Your KittiesShow Me Your Kitties14 napja
  • Short hair girl is sure complicated.

    MoahGentleMoahGentle14 napja
  • Is it just me or did the uber girls cry seem a bit manufactured

    Bench ShrapnelBench Shrapnel14 napja
  • ocean facts girl was 1000% hired as an instigator

    SethySethy14 napja
  • Everyone saying heather is being manipulative. It reminds me of heather from total drama island

    Anjelina NunezAnjelina Nunez14 napja
  • "This is between in conclusion"

    samashaktisamashakti14 napja
  • Ocean girl sounds like she has borderline personality disorder (I’m joking I have bpd)

    Meli HernandezMeli Hernandez14 napja
  • I was having such a turd of a day and then I watched this

    Audball FunAudball Fun14 napja
  • The alive salary conceivably frame because dragonfly anteriorly telephone aside a damp theater. brainy, curved crow

    Holly HansonHolly Hanson14 napja