HELLUVA BOSS - Murder Family // S1: Episode 1

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When the I.M.P get hired to take out a heroic homicide survivor, things sure do happen.
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WARNING: for naked owl!
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    • Lol

      Cler CezarCler Cezar2 napja
    • Hi

      MrChick42MrChick4210 napja
    • Honestly I like this more than hazbin hazbin is the better show but I just like this one more

      teal lumateal luma10 napja
    • I only love Hazbin Hotel

      Denise HintonDenise Hinton10 napja
    • Let's appreciate the speech to text

      RayRay CalitriRayRay Calitri10 napja
  • Why aren't your shows on tv?

    HeavyMixerHeavyMixer50 perccel
  • sad moments in a nutshell 6:22

  • 😐😶🙄

    Denise EdwardsonDenise EdwardsonÓrája
  • Why is demons and the kids demon in the girl demon and the boy in the man demon in it and then trying to shoot and don't kill my family and my family I want my family and I love the way🙄😶😐

    Denise EdwardsonDenise EdwardsonÓrája
  • If u look close enough u notice the human body parts before they shot

    ShroudShroud2 órája
  • Life lesson: 1) Killing people isn't bad if they try to kill you first. 2) Don't sleep with a perverted owl who has a fancy accent just for a book. 3) when on an assassination mission, kill target without hesitation.

    Lavender RoseLavender Rose2 órája
  • hm?

    danish danieldanish daniel3 órája
  • Not for kids children

    an naan na3 órája
  • 3:51 HOLY SHIT is that the voice of Kaos?

    The Wild Watchers 7The Wild Watchers 73 órája
  • helll yeah

    Pawb GillzãyPawb Gillzãy4 órája
  • Why is the dog like 7 ft

    Cam EvertCam Evert4 órája
  • infront of the kids bruh

    SugarCrashSugarCrash4 órája
  • bruh shes in space now after she was yeeted

    SugarCrashSugarCrash4 órája
  • pls helluva boss pt 2

    horror gamerhorror gamer4 órája
  • This is definitely my new favourite cartoon

    Isabella ModestoIsabella Modesto4 órája
  • Is this for kids

    leslie hicksleslie hicks5 órája
  • No entendí pero esta bien bueno al chile

    kim liakim lia6 órája
  • Cartoony kidneys and violence and blood gore guns language my kind of show

    Billie JoelleBillie Joelle6 órája
  • Did the eels go to hell or did they get them from the living world?

    Onii-ChanOnii-Chan6 órája
  • 6:20 God the poor throat that had to make that sound adorable but sounds painful

    antitroller101antitroller1016 órája
  • A brother better not show this to a kid😳

    Too Wen pinToo Wen pin6 órája
  • Nobody Millie: (about to get shot in the face) squeak 🤣

    Nate M!ller14Nate M!ller147 órája
  • I love how the Milie has a Texan accent

    A KleasA Kleas8 órája
  • The blood looks like chamoy sauce UvU

    VerónicaVerónica8 órája
  • just wated to put a comment :P

    Mady ArtMady Art8 órája
  • They are dooms player

    IsabelleIsabelle8 órája
  • At 5:38 you see a headed human in the background ..... how the hell does moxxie doesn't see that????

    Andrew NguyenAndrew Nguyen8 órája
  • This would have been a minute if that kid did not say it was her husbands birthday-

    ꧁ light ꧂꧁ light ꧂8 órája
  • Sooo no one noticed the firefighters where all stoners. Look carefully the fire engine has the number 420 and blaze it in graffiti generator style lettering

    Graffteks OneGraffteks One8 órája
  • Who vocied Moxxie?

    Saelith ZylphineSaelith Zylphine9 órája
  • So we did get to see a demon who was formerly human. I wonder what determines their demonic appearance

    Neil StoneNeil Stone9 órája
  • Me way hung this without headphones at my ants. 😕😨😧😅

    C.G LoveC.G Love9 órája
  • I'm Brazilian and I love their animations

    Vinicius 14Vinicius 149 órája
  • Anyone gonna mention the fact they have a vase of ashes sitting in a wheelchair at the dinner table at 6:15 ?

    《 Høllyizia 》《 Høllyizia 》9 órája
  • I found it very good

    Vinicius 14Vinicius 149 órája
  • Lord chaos have you took it over Skyland’s

    Undead MemoryUndead Memory10 órája
  • 3:31 loona has her thumb in front, but when it cuts to behind the picture, her thumb is on the back Btw does Millie have a new voice actor?

    ReeDubDannyReeDubDanny10 órája
  • Hey jan 8th, my bday neat

    doovs doovsdoovs doovs10 órája
  • Is Mrs. Mayberry's husband the blue demon from the intro in Hazbin Hotel? You know the demon that Travis and Angel Dust ran over?

    Lucidy Nightmare_DreamsLucidy Nightmare_Dreams10 órája
  • Boo

    Jay4BadgerJay4Badger10 órája

    LovelySakuraLovelySakura10 órája
  • Ew: 3:09 Other Ew: 3:15

    Kelsey Are Lesbain!Kelsey Are Lesbain!10 órája

    Yoofi BansonYoofi Banson11 órája
  • Brandon rodgers ....is a HUworld TREASURE

    Ithiel PittIthiel Pitt11 órája
  • Moxxie: Maybe to a MOb Family Me: So Angel Dust's family!

    Sweet_TeabagSweet_Teabag11 órája
  • man Millie voice is so different, dislike it a lot

    The CarrieshotThe Carrieshot11 órája
  • What’s that Channel cqlled

    ElisaoreomilkshakeElisaoreomilkshake11 órája
  • My favorite is probably the white demon I forgot her name. My second is definitely Moxie.

    Purpleguy Me is toast fanPurpleguy Me is toast fan11 órája
  • just noticed that there were 94,542 comments.

    Eric GibsonEric Gibson12 órája
  • Why wouldn't someone want to fund this, it's so good!!!!

    Jomáe JoestarJomáe Joestar12 órája
  • That mob action waz funny.

    the blackmaskthe blackmask12 órája
  • Bravo, malicimo! I loved that episode!

    Green Diamond AnimationsGreen Diamond Animations12 órája
  • Took a while but I saw Zoophobia Bad Luck Jack and now Murder Family. I love the clean up work on the characters.

    Allison LaneyAllison Laney12 órája
  • Please make episode two

    Jeremy BJeremy B12 órája
  • :D what the fluff

    Gael GamerGael Gamer12 órája
  • Did anyone notice that stolas has a different voice?

    dealwithme3 xbox playerdealwithme3 xbox player12 órája

    RavengammingRavengamming12 órája
  • man, sucks that the voice actor for Millie is different

    yd1uzumaki officialyd1uzumaki official12 órája
  • 12:39 why is Blitzo crying?😕🥺

    Pippy BarrowPippy Barrow13 órája
  • Did anyone notice that the demon who didn't wanna kill sounded a little like Zim from invaders zim? Anyone?

    Darkwolfpup_YtDarkwolfpup_Yt13 órája
  • “👌that’s understandable” lol I can’t with his voice 😂

    Jennifer ClementsJennifer Clements13 órája
  • Boa animação, pena que não tem dublagem pro PT brasileiro ;-;

    Mateus HenriqueMateus Henrique13 órája
  • 0:50 peridot alert

    ThatOne RandomAfieThatOne RandomAfie13 órája
  • pog

    Skeleton Mc SkellySkeleton Mc Skelly13 órája
  • There has been a lot of Helluvaboss talk on twitter today. Something tells me the new episode is going to drop soon. As in super soon. As in maybe today soon. I'm not sure, but there was just too much happening today to not.

    Jillian CodellaJillian Codella13 órája
  • LOL

    Tomasares AresTomasares Ares13 órája
  • What if this was a kids show-

    Chris NobleChris Noble13 órája

    Dan the manDan the man13 órája
  • f u n q u e s t i o ns

    wowok_coolwowok_cool14 órája
  • I love how the Imps having black blood is accurate to the bible.

    Erik HillErik Hill14 órája
    • Yea I noticed that when blitz got shot

      Eeee AdiosEeee Adios7 órája
  • Oml i love this so much lmao

    Foxchow400Foxchow40014 órája
  • The salt in Ms. Mayberry’s wound is that Martha took her job.

    Erik HillErik Hill14 órája
  • "Think before you act" Murders child

    Foxchow400Foxchow40014 órája
  • are these going to regular relices

    Kimido CKimido C15 órája
  • Where is episode one of hazbin hotel

    shichi puppies 0580shichi puppies 058015 órája
  • This is why you double tap

    ya boiya boi15 órája
  • Superrrr

  • I saw a "Live Laugh Love" portrait when Moxxie was jumping out the window with a shotgun and I automatically knew Martha was a Karen

    gameformer :Pgameformer :P16 órája
  • More Episode More Funny More KiLL

    ShadowShadow16 órája
  • Ауф я тут был когда-то ура

    Гера ГераГера Гера16 órája
  • That was defintely a minecraft water sound.

    WILLIAM DENNY (Student)WILLIAM DENNY (Student)16 órája
  • When moxxie was passing through the forest again was stolas saying "While You and i make jelly sandwiches all night"... ? Did I hear that correctly ? XD

    Catgirlms1994Catgirlms199416 órája
  • Where is the next episode :(

  • My girl be lookin like a bandaged thumb

    /Frilled Fox Animations\/Frilled Fox Animations\17 órája
  • so good

    Jaheim NurseJaheim Nurse17 órája
  • Hey here again I will keep typing until he responds back me for a voice actactor job

    zibi chenierzibi chenier17 órája
  • Is it just me who always pauses right here? 6:53 QvQ

    ꧁Witchling꧂꧁Witchling꧂17 órája
  • I do wish the see what happens next to the family what that look like and all now

    kam'ron mathewskam'ron mathews17 órája
  • helluva boss wait hell of a boss ya right

    Infamous kityInfamous kity18 órája
  • When is episode 2 coming out!!??

    Ethan KyaloEthan Kyalo18 órája
  • This is like a kids movie

    Noob AnimationsNoob Animations18 órája
  • That sign at 5:09 on the right tho-

    〖Aires〗〖Aires〗18 órája
  • The subtitles say hail ham.. but i think Millie tried to say Hell Hound...

    Ginger FizGinger Fiz19 órája
  • I love Luna

    Jimmy JohnsJimmy Johns19 órája
  • Ooh... So... That's where these people come from

    CT-1902 Captain MadsenCT-1902 Captain Madsen19 órája
  • Damn, moxxie is lucky to have Millie, makes me feel more single now 😅

    The Flying ScotsmanThe Flying Scotsman19 órája
  • Y E S

    spring boispring boi19 órája
  • I knew I heard Brandon Roger's voice in here

    TotalSpoonTotalSpoon19 órája
  • Best video 2020, well done

    AstérionAstérion19 órája