HDR10 vs. Dolby Vision - A Simplified Explanation

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You're looking to get a new 4K TV with support for HDR but do you get a TV that has HDR10 or Dolby Vision? In this video, I give a simplified explanation of each and decide which one you should get as your next television.
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  • you conveniently left out hdr10+

    IIExhibitAIIIIExhibitAII4 napja

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  • Why is hdr black and whitish

    VivekVivek19 napja
  • amazing explanation

    Ramprakash GovindarajRamprakash Govindaraj20 napja
  • Thanks for the video

    Alex WelchAlex Welch28 napja
  • Fuck this have a Samsung q90r and bought a Sony x900h for dolby vision that shit looked so bland wide color gamut on samsung was way better ur not getting ur experience robbed if u dont have dolby vision

    Jinzo 315Jinzo 315Hónapja
  • ur video not in 4k or hdr?

    Boes TubeBoes TubeHónapja
  • Apple iphone screen will produce 8K, book yours now 😀

    Ruby BP2Ruby BP2Hónapja
  • All I know is...my new LG CX OLED supports Dolby Vision and so does Netflix, Disney Plus etc. So I'm a happy visual viewer all around!!

  • Playing 4K HDR movies on my PC, the colors were inaccurate until i found out i needed codecs like madVR (i guess to convert the color gamut from BT.2020). Does anyone know about the proper software or what settings one would need to adjust? I understand i need an HDR monitor, but if i play something in VLC nightly 4.0, the brightness is much better and the color looks amazing. But only VLC nightly 4.0 seems to give this result, not any other version or player that i have tried.

    GalaxyTravelerGalaxyTraveler2 hónapja
  • But dolby vision cant ho 12 bit since there is no 12bit content and tv as well. The advantage of dolby vision is the scene to scene dynamic hdr

    Mark Louie AdameMark Louie Adame2 hónapja
  • Great explanation!, Thanks for the video.

    Nathan BNathan B2 hónapja
    • Glad it was helpful!

  • Hard to believe that my G8 can do Dolby vision

    Doom SlayerDoom Slayer2 hónapja
  • so lg tv without or with dolby?

    dimmu borgirdimmu borgir2 hónapja
    • With, it is amazing

      Tristan WinchesterTristan WinchesterHónapja
  • Apple's new iPhone can ONLY record in Dolby Vision, incase anyone was wondering.

    Arsalaan LaFleurArsalaan LaFleur2 hónapja
  • I have new tv that suports all new tec like hdr+ and dolby vision and atmos. Short to say i dont like the new tec even tho the picture are more brighter and sharper because the dark colors are way to gray-ish, while all colors in regular 4k are almost perfect.

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  • From india

    Arjunnadh V kumarArjunnadh V kumar3 hónapja
  • Here because i have an lg hdr10 monitor. Everyone think it sucks but resident evil 2 looked good on it on hdr10

    Brujo HernandezBrujo Hernandez3 hónapja
  • ok, I'm buying ip 12 tomorrow

    Ridho RizqullahRidho Rizqullah3 hónapja
  • Well, the technology is here now!

    Technological EliteTechnological Elite3 hónapja
  • Considering its 2020 now and im looking at video to understand if its valid from Samsung's Tech.

  • Dolby is the best hdr iut there. Simples that.

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  • No bs straight to the point...!!

    Wrangler CyclingWrangler Cycling4 hónapja
    • Definitely what I was going for.

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  • The Sony 900H has Dolby Vision

    Guillo VideosGuillo Videos4 hónapja
  • But HUworld does not accept Dolby. They convert your Dolby video to HR10. Right?

    Living in Sequim Washington - Chuck MarundeLiving in Sequim Washington - Chuck Marunde4 hónapja
  • Where is my mind

    Joyhen AkhamJoyhen Akham4 hónapja
  • Didn't know Seth Rogen knows so much about TV's and picture quality.

    • Everyone's got a hobby.

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  • That was informative. Thanks!

    Jesse DombekJesse Dombek5 hónapja
    • You're welcome! Glad it was helpful!

      DragonRiderNetworkDragonRiderNetwork4 hónapja
  • Any hdr is great

    Jay tech addict HomekitJay tech addict Homekit5 hónapja
  • Woah, so based off this information, the iPhone 12 has 12-bit HDR because it’s equipped with Dolby Vision?! o_o That’s incredible.

    St. Michael the ArchangelSt. Michael the Archangel5 hónapja
  • Excited to test out this tech on my new iphone 12 pro max 512gb!!

    Antonio IozzoAntonio Iozzo5 hónapja
    • My man be flexing!

      NotYourAverage commentNotYourAverage comment5 hónapja
  • Is Dolby visions hardware or software?

    Lybu K PauloseLybu K Paulose5 hónapja
  • The time is now. iPhone 12 capable of producing HDR Dolby Vision. 📳

    Alok TripathiAlok Tripathi5 hónapja
  • This Video Is useful in 2020 because iPhone User wants to know

    123Letsdance123Letsdance5 hónapja
    • It definitely is!

      DragonRiderNetworkDragonRiderNetwork5 hónapja
  • Now Dolby vision is in iPhone

    • Yup!

      DragonRiderNetworkDragonRiderNetwork5 hónapja
  • so basically, Dolby Vision is like 8k in that you can shoot with it but there is almost no reasonable way to get the most out of that format yet with the current technology. For Dolby Vision it is color, for 8k it is resolution, there is not a lot of options for TVs or monitors that can reproduce the full potential of the image. Great explanation!

    Andrew LinaresAndrew Linares5 hónapja
    • Thanks!

      DragonRiderNetworkDragonRiderNetwork5 hónapja
  • oh good, a "simplified" explanation that's not 10+ minutes

    Andrew LinaresAndrew Linares5 hónapja
    • Glad I could make it so.

      DragonRiderNetworkDragonRiderNetwork5 hónapja
  • Now a phone is capable to record Dolby vision .after watching iPhone 12 cinematography

    Bunny HopeBunny Hope5 hónapja
    • Amazing how fast technology changes.

      DragonRiderNetworkDragonRiderNetwork5 hónapja
  • Bro make a vedio with iPhone 12s DOLBY VISION photography

    KL 10 SISTERSKL 10 SISTERS6 hónapja
    • I will definitely give it a shot should I get my hands on one.

      DragonRiderNetworkDragonRiderNetwork5 hónapja
  • Who’s watching this cause u wanna know what Dolby vision is for the iPhone 12 pro

    JvKingJvKing6 hónapja
    • Lol

      Chris BibesChris Bibes3 hónapja
    • Excuse me??

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    • The sole reason why I am here! :)

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    • I'm glad this video picked up some popularity again. Haha

      DragonRiderNetworkDragonRiderNetwork5 hónapja
    • I'm watching this because I have a note 20 ultra and want to see what its capable of. Also iphone 12 pro seems impressive. Although it lacks some things, it's still a great phone and I really like what Apple does with their proccesors and what it allows the phone to accomplish.

      fishy go flyfishy go fly5 hónapja
  • apple has dolby now

    Kelvin EnockKelvin Enock6 hónapja
  • apple has dolby now

    Kelvin EnockKelvin Enock6 hónapja
  • Okay this was 3 years ago and he says none of the television in market has the Dolby vision and now currently in 2020, i phone 12 can record a video in 4k Dolby vision which is crazy enough upgrade within 3 years.

    ShaileshShailesh6 hónapja
    • Ya just because your phone can record 4k dolby vision doesn't mean it looks as good as a professional grade camera.

      Randy BobandyRandy Bobandy2 hónapja
    • Yeah, no kidding! :0

      St. Michael the ArchangelSt. Michael the Archangel5 hónapja
  • Apple has Dolby vision now😂

    sushmitha Reddysushmitha Reddy6 hónapja

      xIntimidate-xIntimidate-7 napja
    • How is that funny ?

      xIntimidate-xIntimidate-7 napja
    • Apple's new iPhone can ONLY record in Dolby Vision.

      Arsalaan LaFleurArsalaan LaFleur2 hónapja
    • @HARRY CHAUHAN damn lmao

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    • Haha i was comparing iphone 12 pro with one plus 8t😂😂

  • Fun fact: this video is not HDR.

    Con ManCon Man6 hónapja
    • That would be correct.

      DragonRiderNetworkDragonRiderNetwork6 hónapja
  • What if i use dolby vision on a 10 bit screen ? Is it still better than hdr 10 ?

    Haleem JoudaHaleem Jouda7 hónapja
  • only LG oled soport dolby vision

    El HunterEl Hunter7 hónapja
  • This is a great video. I do appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Thank you so much.

    Erick LarrivaErick Larriva7 hónapja
    • No problem! Glad you found the video helpful.

      DragonRiderNetworkDragonRiderNetwork7 hónapja
  • If a movie is in DV and I play it on samsung will it play in SDR or HDR ?

  • And now here we are today,dolby vision TV's everywhere.and it is damn better than HDR 10

    Griffin WGriffin W7 hónapja
  • Good Explanation.!!

    Jivith B.SJivith B.S8 hónapja
    • Thanks!

      DragonRiderNetworkDragonRiderNetwork8 hónapja
  • HDR10 = Basic HDR. Dolby Vision = High-end HDR (Jawdropping on OLED when implemented correctly - HDR10 can be too tho, but DV seems to impress more because of dynamic metadata).

    Dr. Whet FartsDr. Whet Farts9 hónapja
  • My OPPO Blu-ray has a 36 bit color setting that seems to work with my new 4K tv, must not be the same thing you are talking about here?

    Briar BoyBriar Boy10 hónapja
  • So, can a dolby vision tv play a hdr video? Or the justplay the 4k resolution?

    Iman SDIman SD11 hónapja
  • Dear Dragonridernetwork ! Is there any difference if a Samsung Q90r would be dolby vision (DV) capable in picture quality if a film produced with DV ?? As I am listening to your advices it is more than enough HDR10 and HLG (the two static metadata) because the color space is fast always DCI-P3 at the films today . There is no need of DV . And most of the displays can not exceed 1000nits And the dynamic tone mapping in brightness under 1000nit you need not have dynamic methadata ( DV or HDR10+)..?? But if I play a DV content with the Samsung Q90r (peak brightness 2000 nit) which has no DV what happened ??? And What happened with an LG C9 if you try to play HDR10+ content ??? LG C9 is only DV capable and no HDR10+ ??? I did not get a correct answer ! Can you answer these questions please !

    g imreg imre11 hónapja
  • *_68 Gazillion COLORS!!!! Looks at a color wheel, there's about 25 colors on there, where are the other 68,999.... Gazillion?_* 🤣

    AkarnaPrimeAkarnaPrime11 hónapja
    • You know a director hates it when he sees his film on a TV with just a measly one billion colours....."Ugh, that should be bubblegum pink not electric pink!!"

      inefekt69inefekt6924 napja
  • STFU...this Dolby Vision is complete and utter BS....washes all the colours out, far too dark to watch anything. Total effing scam.

    skyclaspskyclasp11 hónapja
  • Thanks for the very good explanation.

    Chris OdukweChris Odukwe11 hónapja
    • No problem. Glad you enjoyed.

      DragonRiderNetworkDragonRiderNetwork11 hónapja
  • Thankfully, as of 2020, there isn't much to worry about anymore regarding the whole HDR10 vs Dolby Vision "format war", because the amount of reasonably priced TV's that support *both* are becoming more and more common. It's actually possible to get a decently sized display that supports at least both of those two standards, if not *all three* (when you include HLG, which doesn't even really need to be natively supported by your display since it can easily be converted in real time to HDR10 when played through compatible software and devices) for less than $500 USD now.

  • Hello! My Rig is a 2080 RTX Ti 11GB, I/7 8700K 3,7 6 Cores, 16 GB DDR4 2600, Monitor 28" Samsung 4K 1MS without HDR and I have Win 10x64 Education and I play the games 4K Ultra settings. I am, thinking to buy a new monitor an "LG Electronics 27UL500-W Ultra HD 4K HDR Wide LED IPS - AMD FreeSync" that is IPS - 4K with HDR10 5MS to make this upgrade! So can you see better graphics with HDR10 and IPS at least with the games that support HDR like B1, B5 and CoD WW2 and more and I can see now that there are a lot of games with HDR? Did they fix the problems with updates and HDR does it worth and do you know if this monitor that I mention is good for HDR does HDR/IPS worth it for a 300Euros upgrade and I can't buy a better one or more expensive this time I must sell my current too to help have the money!? Does it worth it and thanks in advance fellas.🤔

    Dim Val's GamesDim Val's GamesÉvvel
  • Whats that song melody from the intro?

    Georgian WolfGeorgian WolfÉvvel
  • It's all bulls, sdr looks way better than hdr and dobly vision, because these idiots are saturating Colors and applying nasty color masks, leaving sdr with the only accuracy colors... Orange skin and green blacks is not cool. HDR is stupid human eye doesont see shadows and light at the same time, hsr is the same things as shooting with everything in focus.. it's stupid and makes the final product flat and artificial, merely all Blu Ray looks way better than 4k, because 4k is being ruined by this hdr nastiness

  • The biggest problem I have with this is that as a photographer, I know that anything over 8 bpc will have no noticable increase in color quality. 8bpc is all you need to see everything beautifully. So what's the point in 10 and 12 bpc? The point is flexibility when developing RAW photos. When you make certain changes to shadows and highlights, darks and lights, contrast, and brightness, etc. While developing a RAW photo, the more color information you have, the better because you can make more extreme changes and not lose any information. However, as far as displaying the photo once you're finished, 8 bpc is enough. And that picture you showed of the sun with the color banding? That was NOT 8 bpc. That was a lot less. A picture like that would be smooth and look perfect displayed at 8bpc. So this explanation is not really right. Or at the very least, it's misleading and confusing 😔

    John MJohn MÉvvel
  • Thought I bought a 4k tv, guess not

  • This intro/outro gives me Mr Nobody nostalgia

    Sam SmithSam SmithÉvvel
  • Also, Dolby vision will convert itself to be hdr 10 if that's all you have. In a sense anyway.

    Jesse SeymourJesse SeymourÉvvel
  • Video starts at 1:15

    Jason EvangelistaJason EvangelistaÉvvel
  • Thank you

    RR YaseRR YaseÉvvel
    • No problem!

  • Shit, that is a loud intro

  • It was worth upgrading then

  • Much ado about nothing perceptible. Just like CD vs vinyl sound. It's all hype.

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  • Have with dolby vision 8bit but why? Without hdr I have 12bit I don't unterstand it..

    Feuerfaust aceFeuerfaust aceÉvvel
  • In about 2-3 years we will have 8K micro-LED 12 bit Dolby Vision TVs :D

    • Yea and it'll cost you your first born child.

      J MJ M5 hónapja
    • Nah, MicroLED won't be ready for consumers before ~2025 and it will take a few years before it's mature (it will have issues for sure on launch). Samsung will probably push them ASAP because LCD is so dated and they never got OLED right (or want to buy LG panels). All top-end TV's uses OLED at this point but samsung keeps insisting on OLD TECH.

      Dr. Whet FartsDr. Whet Farts9 hónapja
  • Good job buddy 😊👍👌

    William R.William R.Évvel
  • Ni¢elY Ex¶Lained.

    MîLåN SăJãNMîLåN SăJãNÉvvel
  • Thank you for simplifying this, whew!

  • Thanks a lot for the explanation. I was looking for something easy to grasp and you did a great job. Other videos always use terms like "peek brightness, deep backs etc..." making the understanding of the difference tougher. Cheers. 👍🏾

    Dom NoahDom NoahÉvvel
  • This wasn't a technical explanation at all LOL

  • How vu premium android 55" TV has 8bit panel and has Dolby vision certification??? Can you explain?

    • Marketing.

      Dr. Whet FartsDr. Whet Farts9 hónapja
  • You can have both on a TV right? I mean HDR10 and Dolby vision and the TV adapts to the content right?

    • Yes that's true!

  • This guy has no idea what HDR is about

    Chandradeep ChowdhuryChandradeep ChowdhuryÉvvel
  • Thank you

  • Thanx for giving this valuable info

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  • Lol so you ever blink ?

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  • My tv C8 lg OLED 4k supports both hd10 and dolby vision also dolby atmos

    z Aresz AresÉvvel
  • I think this is the end of the world I buy only hdr 10 tv

    Ohayon AlmogOhayon AlmogÉvvel
  • Don't believe that dolby vision is awesome go to a dolby theatre and you'll see

    Mountain DoomMountain Doom2 évvel
  • I give information just on Dolby Vision from Dolby themselves. Enjoy huworld.info/flow/vide/saeOzmfTi7nfeZA

    Millennial NerdsMillennial Nerds2 évvel
  • iPhone XS max supports both HDR10 and dolby vision

    adrn_ pllsadrn_ plls2 évvel
  • Anyone else noticed how he’s not looking into the camera, he’s reading a script next to it. I personally found it a bit uncomfortable to watch, like he’s looking over my shoulder lol.

    DeftestHawkDeftestHawk2 évvel
  • When you have a tv with Dolby Vision and hdr10+ LOL

    Ban HeartBan Heart2 évvel
    • Wow how technology moves swift. Last month I bought a 58 inch tv with hdr 10+ Dolby vision and hlg for 300 quid.

      Paul MidgleyPaul Midgley9 hónapja
    • HDR10+ is pretty much dead. It will never get widespread support. HDR10 and Dolby Vision is where it's at. Maybe HLG if you watch flow TV.

      Dr. Whet FartsDr. Whet Farts9 hónapja
    • You need both now.

      Blob BBlob BÉvvel
  • good vid. I finally understood some technical nuances that I did not understand before.

    Ekspress KontoEkspress Konto2 évvel
    • Thanks! Glad I was able to help.

      DragonRiderNetworkDragonRiderNetwork2 évvel
  • Honestly I am fine with HDR 10. My tv does do Dolby vision but it doesn't look right because of the 10 bit color scheme. My tv is preset to HDR 10 and everything looks amazing on it.

    PastafarianGamerPastafarianGamer2 évvel
  • When you feet are in the air and head on the ground

    Noda RyuyaNoda Ryuya2 évvel
  • you do not notice anything you're reading...

    Daniel BarrientosDaniel Barrientos2 évvel
  • For anyone who's wondering how 8-bit, 10-bit, 12-bit translate to 16M, 1B, 68B colors, it's because the bits specifies one of the 3 RGB colors. So you would multiple all 3 to get your full color (n-bits for Red, n-bits for Green, n-bits for Blue). So 8-bit: (2^8)^3 = 256^3 = 16,777,216 10-bit: (2^10)^3 = 1024^3 = 1,073,741,824 12-bit: (2^12)^3 = 4096^3 = 68,719,476,736

    APNamboAPNambo2 évvel
  • cool, you can read a pamphlet

    tayonguyentayonguyen2 évvel

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    • buy an oled tv

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  • Go and smell the roses dude.

    GreazerGreazer2 évvel
  • The technology is already here from a lot of years ago... but it is expensive... I mean a lot. Actually 12bits displays are being fabricated from decades... and also 32 bits displays... the goal is made that technology consumer friendly because it is really pricey... but today few phones and laptops offered 12bits and 10bit panels... some are capable of both

    J DJ D2 évvel