HDR Standards Explained - HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG

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What's the difference between the different HDR standards for TVs today?
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  • 4:45 or unless you're in a pandemic and part shortages have ended the trend of there being tvs constantly on sale.

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  • First sponsor that I've actually used before

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  • these many standards will kil HDR just like different standards killed 3D TVs which is big shame.

    Azog DefilerAzog DefilerHónapja
  • So my Asus PB278Q doesn't say anything about HDR in the specs, but it's a professional PLS display panel and 4K HDR stuff looks pretty good on it except some of the brightest parts have a substantial 'glow', or light overflow. That is using VLC nightly 4.0. Every other media player outputs a more colorless picture with lower brightness, and that is with madVR codec as well as others. I don't know what result is the correct result i should be seeing and how much my monitor would be lacking since it is not listed as being an HDR display to my knowledge.

    GalaxyTravelerGalaxyTraveler2 hónapja
  • thanks for the info bro

    Alb SanAlb San2 hónapja
  • The great thing about old technology like SDR 1080p is its cheap, simple and all your media probably supports

    Dr. Oligan Trausanbaum HiechDr. Oligan Trausanbaum Hiech2 hónapja
  • This video really helped. Thanks

    Rohan LamaRohan Lama2 hónapja
  • I tried HDR using my RX 5700 and Pixio px329 (144hz 32 inch 1440p) on games and movies and no matter what i tried i did not like it. Too dark to bright. My conclusion is the producer of the content got it right the first time.

    JohnJohn3 hónapja
  • Didn't actually explain what HLG is

    Timothy AheneTimothy Ahene3 hónapja
  • What you dansing??

    Shamal PereraShamal Perera3 hónapja

    Peter SmithPeter Smith3 hónapja
  • Dolby VISION Cannot be changed? No colour adjustment.

    Peter SmithPeter Smith3 hónapja
  • When i first saw hd 1080 it was eye popping,whats the point if broadcast shoves out little better than old 480 tape not vhs rather umatic,then we come down to run of the mill broadcasting which can be worse than VHS and sometimes its so poor you can't recognise a face.

    harleyblue999harleyblue9993 hónapja
  • Dolby vision >>>

    Tauqeer AhmadTauqeer Ahmad3 hónapja
  • So, you telling me Dolby Vision adjusts the brightness level per scene, and the fucking editor that made the scenes couldnt do it themselves? we need to buy a new TV to have a "eye adjust" effect that could be just software like in any videogame?

    RogueBeatsRogueBeats3 hónapja
  • Is outlet electric current 50/60hz somehow related to tv refresh rate 50/60hz?

    DMX 10033DMX 100333 hónapja
  • 1:05 wow, so wrong!

    Jan Ali MoravecJan Ali Moravec3 hónapja
  • That segway was the worst - your not even trying: respect your viewers a little more, than not to try at all.

    Nate LewisNate Lewis3 hónapja
  • What about hdr 400/600/800/1000

    a22_a22a22_a223 hónapja
  • What about HDR400?

    ZZ4 hónapja
    • lowest level of hdr , not hdr, the range of color is sRGB

      No NameNo Name4 hónapja
  • When he put the milk duds on her milk duds.... I'll see myself out.

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  • Dolby Vision 👍👍👍

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  • Took two years? just to get HDR across to me.

    Joshua XiongJoshua Xiong4 hónapja
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    Joshua XiongJoshua Xiong4 hónapja
  • ?

    savage2680savage26804 hónapja
  • This video needs a refresh obviously Dolby Vision is winning the format wars

    Anthony MirabileAnthony Mirabile4 hónapja
  • So my tv is 4K UHD with HDR yet my new Xbox Series X says my TV doesn’t support HDR10....... wtf???

    MrAaaaaaaaa9MrAaaaaaaaa95 hónapja
  • Yet the sports pic says HDR lol

    MrAaaaaaaaa9MrAaaaaaaaa95 hónapja
  • now , linus , cmon dont be a douche , u had played nice till now , what is your next video ? remember that 1000 HDMI cable (SCAM) well for "HDR" u actually need it!!! ???????

    Frank KingFrank King5 hónapja
  • Anyone here after iPhone 12 release lol

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  • Well, now the new iPhone 12 makes more sense

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  • Great information

    sharfaz hameedsharfaz hameed6 hónapja
  • I have calibrated my tv so I don’t get a huge difference from HDR

    Rickard MagneliRickard Magneli6 hónapja
  • It's hard to take a video about HDR seriously when they don't understand it well enough to upload it in HDR.

    Raquel FosterRaquel Foster7 hónapja
  • Ahah You are 1 crazy M&^%^&#$^$#R F*&%&$$^R

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  • "Speaking of HaHa, Haha, You have fallen into the trap of my sponsor segment"

    Ambuj SinghAmbuj Singh7 hónapja
  • I use HDMI2

    Hi EveryoneHi Everyone7 hónapja
  • So what if my TV doesn't supports dolby vision but my Xbox does will content play in dolby vision? because it supports deep color

    Ks-man24Ks-man248 hónapja
  • HDR10 Plus is dog shit. Dolby Vision is the way to go.

    Frederico VenturaFrederico Ventura8 hónapja
  • Speaking of ha ha Ha ha our sponsor. So udemy hahahaha

    Anurag DeshpandeAnurag Deshpande8 hónapja
  • Literaly the worst segway to sponsor EVEEER

    TheAnonimous121TheAnonimous1218 hónapja
  • HDR10 and HDR10+ are way better than DOLBY vision, I have seen them side by side.

    Kiran GoudKiran Goud8 hónapja
  • Hdr on Disney plus is completely shit!

    Paul MidgleyPaul Midgley8 hónapja
  • 2:36 Dolllbyy Visionnn... ah..

    Duwindu TharindaDuwindu Tharinda8 hónapja
  • hdr just increase the brightness level to crazy level on my samsung phone

  • Dolby Vision can be mastered to 12-bit color depth or even 16! HDR10 as the name suggests, is limited to 10-bit color depth. Also DV can go as bright as 10000 nits (theoretical) but HDR10 is stuck at 1000nits...

    Shree CharanShree Charan9 hónapja
  • I bought a 4K TV Last year, I'm still confused to whether I have to enable HDR on my TV or it's enabled by default.

    Uthman BakshUthman Baksh9 hónapja
    • Depends on the TV. I didn't have to enable anything on my TV (TCL 43S517 with HDR10 & Dolby Vision); my 4K Blu-ray player (Sony UBP-X700) requires you to turn on DV in the settings for DV content, otherwise it's just HDR10.

      Richelle BrittainRichelle Brittain9 hónapja
  • HDR has a hidden evil. Will shorten modern TV as to get the most of HDR needs to be at full brightness to get that full HDR effect and color pop. For OLED HDR is worse as your more at risk of burning in using hdr. Also will cause uneven wear and colors will degrade faster on OLED. Whereas LED colors don't degrade like they do on OLED.

    Dennis RogersDennis Rogers9 hónapja
  • HDR10 = basic HDR, can look great. DV = advanced HDR with metadata, will look great (unless your TV or monitor sucks or calibrated wrong).

    Dr. Whet FartsDr. Whet Farts9 hónapja
  • Thank you so much. This is so helpful to understand what’s the HDR is.

    Ryosuke FujimuraRyosuke Fujimura9 hónapja
  • 4K HDR10 is cool enough for me....

    Gaming-Zombie13Gaming-Zombie139 hónapja
  • And HDR10+ ?

    Clément BourlesClément Bourles9 hónapja
  • None of these companies mention that 4k tvs under 1200 bucks have shitty HDR. So shitty in fact that 1080p looks way better.

    Richard BriggsRichard Briggs9 hónapja
  • This is such a gimmick lmao

    ldlisturb3dldlisturb3d9 hónapja
  • They are a scam

    Nic EnriqueNic Enrique9 hónapja
  • just brought hdr10 tv for 340.78USD

    1029 Abhinandan Shinde1029 Abhinandan Shinde9 hónapja
  • I bought a Hisense H65U9AUK for a bargain price, only has HDR10, but it's like having an extra source of lighting in the room, it can go that bright. Really happy with it, and don't feel I'm missing out by not having the other formats.

    metaldadukmetaldaduk9 hónapja
  • Does it have to be 10 bit panel to have dolby vision certification ?

    aswin ajayaswin ajay10 hónapja
  • 3D flopped, 4K was nice, 8K is meh but HDR is a game-changer.

    Damien TechDamien Tech11 hónapja
  • shame Dolby vision is 60fps only , so its not good for gaming

    epicwardingepicwarding11 hónapja
  • That Best Buy photo looks like the one on Madison Avenue in New York City.

    HCIbnHCIbn11 hónapja
  • Great explanation. Are the dimmest points in Dolby Vision dynamic as well? I think I only heard you mention just the brightest points. And where can you watch HDR10 and Dolby Vision content on an iPhone? Comedy was on point!

    Julius S DeLaCruzJulius S DeLaCruzÉvvel
  • Dude, why don't you mention if games are compatible with Dolby Vision? Disliked.

    Wissenkraft GamingWissenkraft GamingÉvvel
  • I can't see differences because this video isn't shot in HDR10.

  • Hello! My Rig is a 2080 RTX Ti 11GB, I/7 8700K 3,7 6 Cores, 16 GB DDR4 2600, Monitor 28" Samsung 4K 1MS without HDR and I have Win 10x64 Education and I play the games 4K Ultra settings. I am, thinking to buy a new monitor an "LG Electronics 27UL500-W Ultra HD 4K HDR Wide LED IPS - AMD FreeSync" that is IPS - 4K with HDR10 5MS to make this upgrade! So can you see better graphics with HDR10 and IPS at least with the games that support HDR like B1, B5 and CoD WW2 and more and I can see now that there are a lot of games with HDR? Did they fix the problems with updates and HDR does it worth and do you know if this monitor that I mention is good for HDR does HDR/IPS worth it for a 300Euros upgrade and I can't buy a better one or more expensive this time I must sell my current too to help have the money!? Does it worth it and thanks in advance fellas.🤔

    Dim Val's GamesDim Val's GamesÉvvel
  • 3 dollars per TV. Omg noooooo Deal breakingly expensive

    Mohamed OsamaMohamed OsamaÉvvel
  • Speaking of haha Haha. This is a sponsorer spot. Udemy My God Linus. This really is over 9000

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  • thumbs up for ur video 👏

  • One year later and Milk Duds still suck.

    Scott SchultzScott SchultzÉvvel
  • I wonder how no one reviewed yet the HDR, Dolby Vision 4K TV Toshiba 55U7950

    TvTech EnthusiasmTvTech EnthusiasmÉvvel
  • 3:10 $3 per TV? OH no... what ever will I do...my $2,000 TV will now cost $2,003... 😑

    John MJohn MÉvvel
  • Dolby Vision and HDR10+ are like awful normalized audio, ie radio with no real dynamic range etc.

  • I switched from a 2007 Sony 200 series HD tv to a Samsung 8k HDR10+ Dolby Vision/Atmos compatible TV. *Damn* I've been missing out

  • Is PonHUB Dolby Vision, HDR10 or that other crap I can't even remember the name?

    Renan Gonçalves FloresRenan Gonçalves FloresÉvvel
  • So does this mean if I buy Dolby Vision capable device then it do it's best in any HLG/HDR10/HDR10+/(Dolby Vision native) content transcoding, and will be best opinion?

    protasov mediaprotasov mediaÉvvel
  • Finally getting a color tv, so this was helpful

    Jo UJo UÉvvel
    • 🤣🤣 Best comment!!!

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    • @Snow Puff r/diddntknowthiswasreddit

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  • What is hdcr?

  • its not more realistic by any means. thats bs.

  • this video doesn't have enoguh info about hdr10+.

    • Think of it this way: Samsung thought it up so they can charge more for something similar to Dolby Vision without paying an extra $3 to Dolby.

      Richelle BrittainRichelle Brittain9 hónapja
  • My tv says hdr and dolby vision on the box

    Fire TigerFire TigerÉvvel
  • my new tv supports it all

    The Keto ChiefThe Keto ChiefÉvvel
  • holy shit this guy is annoying. I hate it when someone moves all the muscles in their face when they talk.

  • But Linus, my Xbox one X settings say that my sony 4K 65z9d does support HDR10 "and Dolby Vision, however it DOESN'T support HDR10 GAMING but it does support HDR10 VIDEO. Like Huh? 🤔 Another spec to think about, I never hear anyone talking about that?

    One TwoOne TwoÉvvel
  • most sites says hdr10 goes to 1000 nits.

    Adrian FloAdrian FloÉvvel
  • So, will my samsung (with no Dolby Vision) display dolby vision movie, if i display it using xbox which does support it? 😂

  • If you get a 10-bit HDR TV or monitor in FULLHD it does't have to be 4k or 8k beacause the colors and contrast is going to look a lot better and more obvious than let's say 4k or even 8k.

    Radu CoroiRadu CoroiÉvvel
  • Try StarWars in 4k Dolby Vision. It's pretty

    Robert DunlopRobert DunlopÉvvel
  • ok since I'm generally not so bright and easily confused let me ask you this? HDR? Haven't that been a photography montage technique used for exemple by Henry Peach Robinson in his 1856 montage photography "Faded Away" and isn't HDR photography used to preserve details in the shadows and lights without brighten up the picture and or reduce brightness and not to just reproduce a high black to white contrast? I'm confused but aren't High Dynamic Range and contrast two different things? Furthermore and this confuses me even more, I mean; I haven't been to the movies lately due to all the repeated crap showing but are movies so bad these days regarding color and lightning that DVD/BluRay distributors and TV manufactorers see the desperate need to fumble around with the picture. Did we finally reach the point of the quality declining spiral in Hollywood that TV device technicians know more about color, exposure and film in general then film cameramen? I knew it was bad with the blockbuster industry but I never fought it was that bad! Well, I guess I just go back and pick up my old 3D VHS.

    Cornelius DobeneckCornelius DobeneckÉvvel
  • If I buy a tv that is Dolby vision, what will happen when I watch hdr10+ content ? Will it still be dynamic or at least static hdr ?

    md wmd wÉvvel
    • HDR10 is the base for every other HDR format except HLG. Thus, if you play content that supports only HDR10+ on a system that supports only DV (or vice versa) you'll get HDR10 with static metadata. (Some content & systems support both DV & HDR10+.)

      Richelle BrittainRichelle Brittain9 hónapja
  • Could you guys do a refresh of this video (if you haven't already and I missed it)? The reason why I say that is because you inadvertently do not inspire confidence by describing the brightness using the defunct unit of "nits". It has been replaced with the equivalent term mcd/m2. They are 1 to 1 so that is easy to deal with, but your use of the term nit is not faith inducing. However, you mention in this or a similar video that a really good monitor would have 1000nits and that 600 should be considered a minimum. um, surely that is for LCD based panels? If I look on Amazon (October 2019) I can't find anything higher than 300mcd/m2. These displays are OLED. Surely something like the Samsung LU28H750UQUXEN is a high quality device? You would know, I wouldn't. I would love to see a review on it. To be honest, I prefer LG monitors. What would you recommend/review from this brand as a good quality yet affordable device (as I regard the Samsung) I am someone who edits videos of "human flesh" ie live humans (not porn, you filthy thing). Should I still be considering IPS displays as a valid contender? My ancient IPS LG still produces very natural tones. Do these new OLED monitors for PC specifically offer a safe replacement in terms of colour calibration or should one still stick to IPS technology for UHD work? Is there an IPS UHD technology out there that is also "up there"?

    Michael HowellMichael HowellÉvvel
  • How about the different refresh rates and how manufacturers cheat you into thinking TVs actually run at maddening 1200 Hz?

    Chris HansenChris HansenÉvvel
  • Let's not forget about 'bias lighting.' I have the new Q60R which has clouding galore, so it's really really needed especial when watching movies in the letter box view.

    Joe CanadianJoe CanadianÉvvel
  • iPhones have both

    Evan AEvan AÉvvel
  • How can i setup HDR to show only on TV and not PC as i dont have on it when playing youtube videos fullscreen?

    Marko DakicMarko DakicÉvvel
  • Im going with hdr 10 simply because the content creators are using it

  • *Leåřn 4M heře how †o $iMplY ExpLain TeřM$ Tha† ShoüLd b Te¢hñi¢allY Ex¶Laiñed.* *huworld.info/flow/vide/1J6nqJ-qj6ydY2s*

    MîLåN SăJãNMîLåN SăJãNÉvvel
  • I have a dolby vision tv And it didn't cost an arm and a leg to purchase. Definitely better picture with dolby vision.

    Moley WebbMoley WebbÉvvel
  • These videos are super useful for buying monitors and televisions

    iiElysium xiiElysium xÉvvel
  • but hdr on smartphones isnt the same on smartphones its more detail in the black and white not deeper colors

    anas ben brikanas ben brikÉvvel