Hatchet Soup - a slav fairytale about cooking

2020.dec. 8.
489 655 Megtekintés

Hatchet soup is a fairytale about soup. Arriving in a village, a hungry soldat is looking to get any kind of food. But everyone declines and does not even open the door. He finds an old woman that helps out by handing a hatchet that the soldat promises to make a great soup of. Enjoy.
PS when making this at home, make sure the thing you add instead of the hatchet does not actually dissolve or is at least edible.
Had to use other mic because usual one is not working correctly, so sound is now less than usual quality.

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  • I think this tale is kind of a thing in eastern europe. I'm hungarian and we have same story but with a stone, the soldier carries with himself.

    Hugo StiglitzHugo Stiglitz19 órája
  • Сука, это охуенно, делай больше сказок в своем стиле!!!111

    Ivan PopkoffIvan PopkoffNapja
  • I had read this story when i was a kid and teach me way more about russians than chess.. Deceit is an art.. and russians master it.

  • Golden spoon works just like golden gun....

    Dick WofflesDick WofflesNapja
  • Pretty sure that is the first time I've heard a "in soviet russia" joke from boris, or a Russian in general.....

    Dick WofflesDick WofflesNapja
  • "now the babushka, who has seen some crazy shit in her life, has not seen any cheeki breeki like this before" i don't know why, but i love that line

  • i think it fairytale from our old film made in czech republic where im from and its name sekyrková polívka or axe soup in english

    arclike 2arclike 22 napja
  • надо было кашу

    DevilikDevilik2 napja
  • This story will be passed onto my child and they will pass it onto their child, i told my dad this story and he started crying with tears of joy. Thank you boris. Thank you.

    RandomRandom2 napja
  • 누가 한국어 번역좀..

    럭키블럭TV럭키블럭TV3 napja
  • Cool.

    NerdJoshua's AnimationNerdJoshua's Animation4 napja
  • I have that tiny tree ( ' ')

    Leina NightrayLeina Nightray4 napja
  • "Wh0 Are YoU? WhAt d0 YOu WaNT BlIn?"

    PreferCatsPreferCats4 napja
  • I remember when I was a kid, we had some russian shows for kids on tv(non slav country), that's how they used to narrate/tell the fairytale. They were sooooo relaxing.

    GigiGigi4 napja
  • I heard of the stone soup as an American. Your version is awesome, too!

    Alex EskiAlex Eski6 napja
  • crowdfunding on internet nowdays basically....they promise they basically got stoof done just need small donation to finish project then they get enough money to make project from scratch like 10 times and then bail on it or finish it half assedly

    WirusWirus6 napja
  • Fun fact: It is actual fairy tail, that slavs tell to their children.

    Flame TimeFlame Time6 napja
  • I think he lost his mind,

    Emeraldz 21Emeraldz 216 napja
  • Same fable as Axe Handle Porridge

    brotherboscobrotherbosco7 napja
  • Make sure you're degreasing your axes and shit if you're actually crazy enough to try this.... God only knows, you don't need to be eating boiled-off industrial rust inhibitors.... D: Also, remember to re-oil your axe and handle after this, or it's gonna rust fast...

    CK's channel.CK's channel.7 napja
  • Damn, I'm pretty sure I've heard this story before with a different object, and I'm on the other side of the world (Brazil)

    Cyber GhostCyber Ghost7 napja
  • In poland its stone soup. Great tale

    ZumoZumo83ZumoZumo837 napja
  • You stole it from russian galileo

    Professor DabstepProfessor Dabstep8 napja
  • I know that story.. stone soup.

    Betty OopBetty Oop8 napja
  • In Poland, Silesia, especially in the Cieszyn parts, it is called "cygańska zupa z grabiowego kołka".

    。。。能踏み白。。。能踏み白8 napja
  • Nice story

    Storytime626Storytime6268 napja
  • заебись, орден "За заслуги перед Отечеством" за популяризацию русской культуры)) достоин, я считаю

    EpicTubeEpicTube8 napja
  • Spanish pls

    YultroskiYultroski9 napja
  • It is.... Perfection

    Ali GatorAli Gator9 napja
  • babushka please, im hungy LifeofBoris 2020

    - Firebøne Wildcraft -- Firebøne Wildcraft -10 napja
  • 6:22 that was she said

    O w OO w O10 napja
  • Boris where is the cheese man?

    Alien JesusAlien Jesus10 napja
  • And the secret ingredient is... Lies! 10 points awarded to the soviet family

    NoobTrinity707NoobTrinity70710 napja
  • Story time with Boris

    NoobTrinity707NoobTrinity70710 napja
  • If axe isn't made of Stalinium, Boris is a fraud

    bb wilkinsonbb wilkinson10 napja
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Randolph V W DubeRandolph V W Dube10 napja
  • We swedes use a nail.

    Elektro BearElektro Bear11 napja
  • Blyat?

    FF11 napja
  • This is the best one ever

    TomTom11 napja
  • I knew exactly where this was going the minute he added potatoes. It was a great story, Boris!

    PixelPixel11 napja
  • *OY BLYAT* Boris! You sound ill! Take care comrade and get well soon!

    G31M1G31M111 napja
  • In norway we have the expression "to cook soup out of an iron nail", basicly same thing with an iron nail instead of hatchet

    Eple EpleEple Eple11 napja
  • Can someone animate this story about the Soldat? 😁

    Peter HeinemannPeter Heinemann11 napja
  • старо как мир но актуально )))

    zotac1945zotac194511 napja
  • It can take a little bit more hatchet i think!

    The Slav ChefThe Slav Chef11 napja
  • The Portuguese one is stone soup, with a travelling monk as the protagonist

    SinthoranaSinthorana11 napja
  • The best chef papa boris vodkason

    Mert Efe_Mert Efe_12 napja
  • the romanian version it's the same but with nails(iron ones)

    Matei AntoneseiMatei Antonesei12 napja
  • ofc youtube unsubs me anyway ello boris longtimelurker here

    Alices RPGsAlices RPGs12 napja
  • What big hands- -

    CiCi 2CiCi 212 napja
  • The world: How to survive the economical disaster? RUSSIANS: "Blyat! Go, make hatchet soup with your family, and friends!" 😁👏♥️

    DDoomsdayDDoomsday12 napja
  • in sweden i grew up hearing a story about cooking soup with a iron nail, pretty much the same idea

    SicariiDSicariiD13 napja
  • I think over here the base for the soup is a small iron nail, interesting how stories evolve between parts of Europe

    ManneManne13 napja
  • This soldat was a hustler 😆 Very resourceful man 👌

    Spacey PandaSpacey Panda13 napja
  • We had fruit and feather cake in our family. My babushka had 6’boys, so while she prepared the elaborate recipe, the boys had work to do by searching for the feathers mama needed for the fruit and feather cake.

    Coretta HaCoretta Ha14 napja
  • the babushka has not seen any cheeki breeki like this in her life before xD

    Marie BCFHSMarie BCFHS14 napja
  • I restore and customize hatchets and hand axes, and I find this video offensive. (...but later tonight when nobody is looking I plan to make some hatchet soup so I can check for myself)

    TheWtfnonamezTheWtfnonamez14 napja
  • Haha well go shhhhhhhhhh

    Epic Wolf RunEpic Wolf Run14 napja
  • Babushka: I've been tricked backstabbed and quite possibly bamboozled. The secret ingredient is, of course, crime.

    Seth BettwizilchSeth Bettwizilch14 napja
  • No kidding, boiled water in besieged Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War, saved many thousands of lives!!!

    Николай СмирновНиколай Смирнов15 napja
  • The story about Babushkas hatchet soup

    Luka SorićLuka Sorić15 napja
  • I remember my dad telling me this story when I was 9. It’s actually a true Slav story lol

    Kirill VasylenkoKirill Vasylenko15 napja
  • This is cool idea!!!one of the best russian fairytales

    Chong! Jojun! Balsa!Chong! Jojun! Balsa!15 napja
  • I was expecting the soldier to butcher the old woman tbh

    Jordan BielikJordan Bielik15 napja
  • Boris's cooking is so low level, doesn't stand a chance against Haachama cooking

    AzKatAzKat15 napja
  • Instructions unclear, soup was delicious

    Justin DavidJustin David15 napja
  • god he is wasted

    died2pinwheeldied2pinwheel16 napja
  • 1:30 I have a well at my house and this is exactly what it sounds like when I get water.

    IndigoGollumIndigoGollum16 napja
  • ин совьет раша гыгыгы

    sersovsersov16 napja
  • Dude you crazy

    Ren HopezRen Hopez17 napja
  • Boris they are making stalker 2!!!!

    Liam HammLiam Hamm17 napja
  • This story was read to me as "Stone soup" In my Pre-K class. Idk what the Russian equivalent is. It's one of my favourites!!!

    AdiDoinStuffAdiDoinStuff17 napja
  • why do i feel like u just put whatever u have and make a soup

    DarkizledDarkizled17 napja
  • Hshshaismbejdjnalwmjsbfheh2shej

  • Papa Boris drank the angry potion again

    Naxis31Naxis3118 napja
  • Борис

    bigbang08bigbang0818 napja
  • man this video is really good to watch while eating

    MR BrazilianMR Brazilian18 napja
  • Serving up that gulag yum yum, stay breeky cheeky.

    Grind SultanGrind Sultan19 napja
  • hi boris, idk if you'll read this but i really like your videos and they've helped me through quarantine !! thank u so much

    nikkotinenikkotine19 napja
  • This is very similar to an English tale called “stone soup”. But no babuska is the English version 😂

    DatBoiSmurfy _DatBoiSmurfy _19 napja
  • я наверное из немногих русских подписчиков Бориса:)

    Огнедышащий ТапокОгнедышащий Тапок19 napja
    • Ты не один

      Chong! Jojun! Balsa!Chong! Jojun! Balsa!15 napja
  • at this point, what cant a hatchet do

    blaqalbertblaqalbert20 napja
  • The old ones are the best

    Chris HillChris Hill20 napja
  • we have the same stories in Sweden but with a rusty nail

    Martin VinellMartin Vinell20 napja
  • Борян , хули ты сикретную инфу раскрываешь ? Щя они все кашу из топора будут делать !

    DarkSashkaDarkSashka21 napja
  • In the French version that was told in Vietnam, the axe was replaced by the stone and the old lady even added some more heavy cream and some lards. In the end, the soldier asked for the axe so he could travel to other places and makes the soup somewhere else

    Hữu Quyền ĐinhHữu Quyền Đinh21 napja
  • What about the cheese?

    fussrattefussratte21 napja
  • We have the same tale in sweden but with maid and rich person with soup on nails

    Tim HallénTim Hallén21 napja
  • algum tuga aqui? isto parece a versão russa da sopa da pedra

    Rodrigo CoelhoRodrigo Coelho21 napja
  • The story turned out more wholesome than you would expect from the title.

    Goliath SteinbeisserGoliath Steinbeisser21 napja
  • this increased my life experience by 2%. thanks.

    ff7hff7h21 napja
  • Cook with a butter knife pls

    RussianCrabRussianCrab21 napja
  • I would like something lighter like a tomahawk

    Templar -32Templar -3221 napja
  • I'm from Czechoslovakia and this fairytale i actually heard like 10 years ago... In Slovakia this fairytale called ''Sekerová polievka'' and it's pretty the same story, but with some different people like ''Bača'' and ''Ježibaba'' or ''Baba Jaga'' It's very beutiful how slavic countries have the pretty same old stories and fairytales.

    ROMIN3MROMIN3M21 napja
  • Thought this gonna be cannibalism for a second.

    MargarineEnjoyerMargarineEnjoyer22 napja
  • This is an alternative version of Crime and Punishment.

    Руслан ШахматовРуслан Шахматов22 napja
  • As soon as the soldier said "Not yet, we need salt", I knew exactly what was going on. We have a similar story here in the Appalachians, except it's a whole village, and the hatchet is a rock instead

    The UWU RifleThe UWU Rifle22 napja
  • I shall tell this to my decendants every week

    every name i make is cringeevery name i make is cringe22 napja
  • In the original fairytale he threw away the hatched at the end... (As if all of the goodness has been taken out of it , just like you do with bay leaf)

    Kora NaKora Na22 napja

    NDNG ErbekNDNG Erbek22 napja