Hamilton's Confusion, Alonso's Determination And The Best Team Radio | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

2021.máj. 3.
1 574 568 Megtekintés

The airwaves were a hive of action in Portimao, as our 2021 season continued to rev up!
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  • Go Hamilton

    Hoten HitonokoeHoten Hitonokoe16 órája
  • The more I see of these the more I really really dislike Tsunoda. He is a crying little rude diva with no respect for the other drivers nor his engineer. It's becoming pathetic. Is there any world champ who he hasn't referred to as "f^%$ ___________." That's a 4 time champ rookie, and you've done nothing yet.

  • Blue Flag INTENSIFIES.

    Damar FadlanDamar Fadlan3 napja
  • i love that background music. where can i find it?

    QuarkhammerQuarkhammer4 napja
  • 1:25 Jorge Lorenzo 😂

    EBroat ChannelEBroat Channel5 napja
  • cant wait for the F1 2021 games

    PizaCrusTPizaCrusT5 napja
  • George Russell got into that Merc and just showed us Hamilton is nothing special. So give me a break with "get in there Lewis" .

    Ali AnsariAli Ansari6 napja
  • Yuki & Alonso are 🔥

    Amitabh MishraAmitabh Mishra7 napja
  • h

  • 👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍

    GamingCars 4KGamingCars 4K7 napja
  • estoril's better :)

    Vlad TheSourVlad TheSour7 napja
  • Hope Fernando keeps up this mentality so that he can beat Ocon.

    KYMKYM7 napja
  • 2:10 Engineer: yea goo... Zzz Sainz: thank... Zzz Engineer: Zzz

    CosCos7 napja

    Mattia ColomboMattia Colombo7 napja
  • 3:55 Norris channelling his inner Raikkonen there? :D

    Matti2609Matti26097 napja
  • Something beautiful about Alonso ripping past a Papaya car driven by a chap that Renault feels betrayed them a little...

    Blacktooth FoxBlacktooth Fox8 napja
    • ...He shoulda shouted at Danny as he went past - "GP2 engine!"

      Blacktooth FoxBlacktooth Fox8 napja
  • 0:50 jajajaajajajaajajajajaja big Yuki!

    PolPol8 napja
  • vettel sounds happy in that AM really glad to see our boi getting his mojo back

    Shiro YashaShiro Yasha8 napja
  • Why does the comentator sound so sad when Alonso overtakes lol

    Anon RMAnon RM8 napja
  • Bottas gets to the rental car post-race before Lewis...."Valterri it's James..."

    TIMM EHTIMM EH8 napja
  • ¿El titulo esta en español o estoy drogado?

    Joaquin MancianaJoaquin Manciana8 napja
    • @Joaquin Manciana Es en español hombre, si el video tiene subtitulos en español te aparecerá también en el titulo traducido,sino pues en inglés.

      Lloseba ZilarteLloseba Zilarte7 napja
    • @Lloseba Zilarte Juro que lo vi en español. Debe haber sido la traduccion automática o algo.

      Joaquin MancianaJoaquin Manciana7 napja
    • Estas drogado

      Lloseba ZilarteLloseba Zilarte7 napja
  • when the P3 guy is frustrated while the P6 guy is ecstatic, tells you how much gap there is between teams.

    Derkie AlfonsoDerkie Alfonso8 napja
  • Renault is a beast in a straight line, better top speed than Mercedes. But somehow the Williams tops the speed trap in the most circuits.

    Varun KrishnanVarun Krishnan8 napja
  • Hamilton you have got biutifole helmed

    Mateusz TomaszewskiMateusz Tomaszewski8 napja
  • ""ah no he dont let he not let me pass me" yuki tsunoda 2021

    Sean GovaertsSean Govaerts8 napja
  • Vettel thought he was Ricciardo for a second xD

    ADCF ProductionsADCF Productions8 napja
  • trackmania on redux

    V E N E MV E N E M8 napja
  • 角田くん頑張って\(*⌒0⌒)♪

    CITY PeopleCITY People8 napja
  • 4:12 What an idiot! That was unneccesary, you should know who you're racing!! Like, Bono should tell him "Checo ahead 3.4, he's yet to stop, so you're racing him", for example

    Kimi MartinezKimi Martinez8 napja
  • I hate Lewis with a passion.. Was once my fav driver... Now he is just a narcissistic delusional man child with a chip on his shoulder.... The guys a joke

    Lee FallLee Fall8 napja
  • Raikkonen fell asleep..

    Ian LuIan Lu8 napja
  • All of these team radios are epic.

    Purwanti AllanPurwanti Allan8 napja
  • I love how Kimi cares about giovanaze's tire

    Abdaal ZebAbdaal Zeb8 napja
  • 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

    Mr MandoMr Mando8 napja
  • Why does george sounds like he's about to cry?

    Deathy VokiDeathy Voki9 napja
  • Who is néxt that is Alonso! As he fights for a better position I can feel his Power.

    zororosariozororosario9 napja
  • I predict Yuki getting the VER vs. OCO treatment if he keeps that attitude up. Nobody likes a tempermental loudmouth.

    Something InthewaySomething Intheway9 napja
  • I just recently got into F1, could someone explain what that blue flag comment was about? I’m confused 😅

    YoungbaeMadnessYoungbaeMadness9 napja
    • @Lucas Hiscocks Ah okay makes sense, thank you 🙏🏻☺️

      YoungbaeMadnessYoungbaeMadness9 napja
    • Usually the car you're passing is shown blue flags if you're lapping them as a sign to let the car trying to pass through, so Lewis thought that he was lapping Checo and was confused when Checo wasn't shown blue flags, when in reality Lewis was really behind him the whole time.

      Lucas HiscocksLucas Hiscocks9 napja
  • Bem vindos a ( aia ) autódromo internacional do Algarve 📈💯📉🥇🥈🥉🪔🧨💉🧬🧲🧯🌏🌎🌍

    Rui PintoRui Pinto9 napja
  • Verstappen is frustrated for being P3. Saw some hunger in after long time!! I don't like him as a person though, but he is amazing as a driver!

    Kushal DasKushal Das9 napja
  • YUKI is Spoiled Brat... Dont even respect older drivers, he's lucky Japan produces their engines.. If this was Mercedes I dont know if he's driving F1 cars right now

    Or1onOr1on9 napja
  • Mercedes has ruined thousands of people's careers at this point. This includes the staff of other teams such as Manor, Sauber, Renault, Haas, and Force India who pour their lives into this sport and get nothing in return. Mercedes needs to be banned from this sport now!

    Ben 8473Ben 84739 napja
  • Who else wants Kimi as a team advisor when he retires?

    Lathrop L. d S TLathrop L. d S T9 napja
  • Now they complain about the smallest of things. Imagine in the 70's the amount of vibration there was

    Goncalo BorgesGoncalo Borges9 napja
  • Why is max so angry with p3??

    QuinnyQuinny9 napja
  • Where is the board radio from gunter to mazespin shut up its enough

    niels schoutenniels schouten9 napja
  • I really enjoy these moments but the races overall are getting pretty boring

    mnbkpoerqaxas 0mnbkpoerqaxas 09 napja
  • Blue flag 😂😂😂

    Domrane SofianeDomrane Sofiane9 napja
  • well... some dentist got a paycheck xD

    P4F EltonP4F Elton9 napja
  • Yuki is literally mini Raikonen

    Duncan 1Duncan 19 napja
  • On 3:46 it sounds like George is crying🤔

    JordenHeroNLJordenHeroNL9 napja
  • Why Pirelli?

    Kevin LiuKevin Liu9 napja
  • Missed a key one (Hamilton and radio on final lap) Radio: "Lewis ,Valterri and Verstappen pitted to softs to work on fastest lap" Lewis: "(Excited) Wait should we do the same?" Radio: "........ its a always a possibility Lewis" (Just passed pits on final Lap)

    Juan SaavedraJuan Saavedra9 napja
  • Is Hamilton giving someone the finger?? (5.10min)

    Ralph WesselsRalph Wessels9 napja
  • I like Yuki, but now he's really annoying

    ㄒ尺丨几丨ㄒㄚㄒ尺丨几丨ㄒㄚ9 napja
  • Sainz is still funny even after he left McLaren

    Boss CoinsBoss Coins10 napja
  • get in there lewis

    QuarteZZZQuarteZZZ10 napja
  • I still can't understand Kimi's move on Antonio - what even was that? Getting too old methinks

    Oogly SproggsOogly Sproggs10 napja
    • He was changing settings and got caught in the slipstream

      Lucas HiscocksLucas Hiscocks9 napja
  • if hamilton talked like tsunoda he would've been crucified by "f1 fans" already.

    Timotius FabianTimotius Fabian10 napja
  • If Yuki is as angry as Steiner, does that mean he is gonna wok smash a door at some point?

    NigelNigel10 napja
  • woho^^ yes iam fist every race! Why? I have the best car, and bottas who cant drive^^ are always a half minute behind me.. huha huha..juhu wow...

    ChristianChristian10 napja
  • This race proved Alonso still got the pace in a competitive car!

    Vladislav GeorgievVladislav Georgiev10 napja
  • More of the Funniest stuff from the drivers

    boomboxboombox10 napja
  • Riccardo is such a tool. A frat boy tool

    Alexandar NarayanAlexandar Narayan10 napja
  • It wasn't Hamilton that got confused. It was Vettel.

    silva livinussilva livinus10 napja
  • Ham-Ver-Bot again

    nowalovenowalove10 napja
  • For me it kind of looked like Russell was driving an F2 with a Williams livery on

    Ilja WildeboerIlja Wildeboer10 napja
  • can u guys do a uncensored version lol i think the audience will appricitae it more

    wabaki4wabaki410 napja
    • Haha only Drive to Survive uncensored. Cuz its rating is 18+ for language. F1 staying family friendly sports.

      szewei1985szewei198510 napja
  • What the **** was Vettel doing?

    OutremerOutremer10 napja
  • Just love max audio 😂

    anudeep pendyalaanudeep pendyala10 napja
  • Checo aguantando la P1 con unos neumáticos de 51 o 52 vueltas es impresionante

    UnS1mpleMortalUnS1mpleMortal10 napja
  • Mercedes winning is seriously getting boring

    parth macheparth mache10 napja
  • Ganhou e aindavqueria faze a volta mais rapida ele eo cara mesmo

    Tamires AlvesTamires Alves10 napja
  • Sou fan do hemilton quem e max carim de rolema

    Tamires AlvesTamires Alves10 napja
  • Where’s checo ?

    Museck LonaMuseck Lona10 napja
  • Thats I happiest I have heard see since 2019 Singapore

    ONLY F1ONLY F110 napja
  • Sainz's enginner sounds very tire...ZzZz

    Mauricio Harold GVMauricio Harold GV10 napja
  • you got to love kimi, first time in ages that you hear someone not complaining after a mistake.

    Wjs SidWjs Sid10 napja
  • Yuki seems quiet but when he races he turns to a beast!!!😂😂😂

    CLCL10 napja
  • Where's Palmer ?

    Supermonty83Supermonty8310 napja
  • *Hamilton qualifies in 20th* Hamilton: "every car I overtake should be shown a blue flag"

    Lantern MattLantern Matt10 napja
  • Hamilton thought a Red Bull was in last place tf?

    junilogjunilog10 napja
  • This video is not available...

    Colonel KushColonel Kush10 napja
  • Everybody talks about Leclerc being Kimi'ss engineer, but what about Russell being Checo's!??

    Bruno Santana de AlencarBruno Santana de Alencar10 napja
  • Oh boy that aggressive steering from Alonso is back

    ًً10 napja
  • 2:48 rare footage of kimi Raikkonen apologizing on team radio

    Bagas Egi WijayaBagas Egi Wijaya10 napja
  • Schumacher's engineer sounded like he realised that they overtook a car, but weren't getting points anyway.

    Romanische050Romanische05010 napja
  • Hasta que lo ponen en español 👌😔

    Jaziel PerezJaziel Perez10 napja
  • If I pay for Cable TV and tune in to one the major Sports channels I can watch ALL of the F1 races when they are live and racing, ....... However, If I pay for the internet, which costs just as much per month as Cable TV, and I try to watch F1 Racing live as it it happening, I have to PAY EXTRA to watch! WHY? Having Cable TV and the Internet is too expensive so I chose the Internet because it has a vast amount more content than TV but as I found out some sports sites, like F1, charge an EXTRA fee to be able to watch their sport on-line! It's like Pay-per-View but only for the Internet users, TV viewers watch for free, the Internet ....PPV???? Money Grab???? I don't understand the logic in that!? salvis meam sententiam 🦂🥂

    ScorpiusScorpius10 napja
  • 2:48 it is not Raikkonen

    SzamoSSzamoS10 napja
    • @Lucas Hiscocks he is usually angry on the radio

      SzamoSSzamoS9 napja
    • ?

      Lucas HiscocksLucas Hiscocks9 napja
  • Die kale: underrated

    appel hoofdappel hoofd10 napja
  • Broadcasters focused waaaay too much on the front than they should've. Like there are battles in the midfield too.

    Ahsan AnimAhsan Anim10 napja
  • Sebbb greeting Lewis, and Alonso greeting Ocon was the best part. Also Lando going flat out.

    fmg182fmg18210 napja

    Evgeni KlisarovEvgeni Klisarov10 napja
  • Kimi at Ferrari: "My pit board is missing again!" Carlos at Ferrari: "I didn't see the pit board again."

    Palma the 1stPalma the 1st10 napja
  • Yuki always swearing since in F2. He never learn..

    Moon ShotsMoon Shots10 napja
  • 4:11 I thought he'd completely lost it calling for _blue flags_ for the race leader! ;-)

    y1521t21b5y1521t21b510 napja
  • strong determination from the rookie

    Ghira NadeGhira Nade10 napja
  • Justice for Ruperto

    András KovácsAndrás Kovács10 napja
  • no mazepin blue flag radio ? ? k f1 utube channel ur the best -_-

    Özgün satıcıÖzgün satıcı10 napja