Hairdresser Reacts To People Coloring Their Hair Pastel

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Hi Beautiful! Today we watch some people go pastel! Some of them actually come out insanely beautiful and some... not so much.
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  • Which transformation was your favorite?

    Brad MondoBrad Mondo12 napja
    • 1 and 3! 😍

      Shell BellShell Bell3 napja
    • React to Brian David Gilbert’s new video


      Natasha WaitheraNatasha Waithera4 napja
    • I hv no feelings😂😂

      Natasha WaitheraNatasha Waithera4 napja
    • Emma: lower devolume 🙈😂I love y'all 💖

      Amber KeysAmber Keys4 napja
  • Your subtitles read "Hi beautiful wolf" 🤣

  • The first girl, I think it looks pretty and I think for her being conservative versus destroying her hair was probably the right choice lol, because she was getting close to that line XD The next one could be better, but it's fine.

    Tazzie1312Tazzie131221 órája

    Bam SavageBam Savage22 órája
  • Lol your amount of subscribers right now is 6 million 66 thousand therefore 666

    Just-a-Harmless -PotatoJust-a-Harmless -Potato23 órája
  • Brad: Thank you Hair Gods! Me: Brad you are a Hair God!

    Bible KimBible KimNapja
  • Your videos helped me out of depression and because of your hi beautiful i started to love myself ever more then before thank you brand love ya tons . You’re beautiful and awesome too and really cute.

    vidhi chandresavidhi chandresaNapja
  • I absolutely love Brad! He is so good at what he does and absolutely hilarious! He always makes me crack up laughing!😊

  • Just realised. 6.66M subs Brad. 😈

  • Hey, I am going to dye my hair pink, umm, don't want to bleach as it will all die (suuuupper fine), you have a semi permanent recommended dye that isn't too expensive? (Thinking of the sephora dye, but no idea here..)

    Elspeth R.Elspeth R.Napja
  • Um bleach girl never heard of toner ? Wtf 🤬

    Mis antHrOpicMis antHrOpicNapja
  • The intro was so healing for my self-esteem!!!

    Marta OjaMarta OjaNapja
  • *D'volume Bleaché*

    Sara AnschützSara AnschützNapja
  • that first one had me like screaming to tone it

    Astrid QuintanillaAstrid QuintanillaNapja
  • I absolutely love the compliments you give us at the beginning of all your videos 🥰 sooooo sweet

    Lory MartinsLory MartinsNapja
  • I like your hair booooy

    Ashley Diaz-EscobarAshley Diaz-EscobarNapja
  • Brad looks so much like Jack Frost 😍

    Jenna JonesJenna JonesNapja
  • haha, is it weird that i think the first girl looks like a totally different person after???

    nikkorsmccnikkorsmcc2 napja
  • The girl in the second looks like she already was fading out the new color 😂 it's still good

    snowyybabyysnowyybabyy2 napja
  • What in da hell??!??😂😂😭😭 Took me out

    snowyybabyysnowyybabyy2 napja
  • Brad I need help! I have light-neutral skin and brown hair. I want to color my hair but I think blonde will look bad but dark will make me look pale

    Maddie GouldMaddie Gould2 napja
  • Your bravo sounded more Australian than British

    AwayWithThe TheoriesAwayWithThe Theories2 napja
  • I am 11 and i have black hair i don't know what to do should i dye it or not i'm scared😅

    Ating AlagaoAting Alagao2 napja
  • 7:45 OHHH DAM

    Maybey MelMaybey Mel2 napja
  • Anybody else go "Brad we've been over this, I know already." *tucks hair behind ear*, while brad does is intro

    Bubbles1314Bubbles13142 napja
  • I’m really here for the intros lmao need them compliments

    Jeni FlynnJeni Flynn2 napja

    Jesslyn CiciJesslyn Cici2 napja
  • The second girl seems...unhinged. Is she okay?

    PurplePurple2 napja
  • Smörgåsbord ❤️

    kiNtz0kiNtz02 napja
  • i bleached my hair from BLACK to almost white and yes its kinda fucked buut uuuuh brad was so right about it being fun and addictive im in loooove

    Ребенок БатюшкаРебенок Батюшка2 napja
  • lol this made me get up and bleach my hair.....

    Megan BiggemanMegan Biggeman3 napja
  • Your vidios are great!! :D

    Rebeka TothRebeka Toth3 napja
  • Can you do a video on how to cut your hair at home as a starter??

    Alfie AdamssAlfie Adamss3 napja
  • I think the rainbow hair looks pretty!!! My fave!!

    K LoveandpeaceK Loveandpeace3 napja
  • I want you to do my hair!!

    LauraJane LuvsBeautyLauraJane LuvsBeauty3 napja
  • At the begining: ah. Thanks, its the natural red hair. Everyone just assumes ya like it and say how beautiful it is. Its actually annoying, but thanks.

    Overgaywatch CosplaysOvergaywatch Cosplays3 napja
  • "hey beautiful" Me: *smiling in tree monster*

    Liz HermannLiz Hermann3 napja
  • Brad: doing his really wholesome optimistic intros Me, after just taking a late night shower and re-dying my hair: 🤗🤗🤗

    Kai JamisonKai Jamison3 napja
  • "hey gorgeous" *intensely blushes*

    Maariya SuhailMaariya Suhail3 napja
  • It would be SOO cool if you made some pastel hair dye

    Amiaya FelicianoAmiaya Feliciano3 napja
  • Me sitting in my green face mask and Brad tells me I’m beautiful 😍

    Abi TerryAbi Terry3 napja
  • First girl is soooooo Gorgeous!!😩 Like how?!!

    MickieMickie3 napja
  • brad is the only reason i have any confidence

    Haley MathesHaley Mathes3 napja
  • Omg yes DeVolume Bleaché 👏👏👏

    egsviola54egsviola543 napja
  • Have you done a video going over each product of yours and what you’d recommend them for?

    Melinda IngramMelinda Ingram3 napja
  • “Your look Beautiful today” Me in my pajamas and hoodie 🤣👁👄👁

  • 10:15 😂

    Alexandra QuinterosAlexandra Quinteros4 napja
  • Devolume bleache😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣💔💔Braddd... I canttttt

    Gemma ErasmusGemma Erasmus4 napja
  • Having Brad Mondo do my hair would be a dream come true.

    Jaycee SmithJaycee Smith4 napja
  • I want a pastel rainbow so bad, it hurts! Definitely won't be doing it myself though!

    Bethany HulsBethany Huls4 napja
  • I rrl want to colour my hair but my larents wont let me ughh i hate that

    sibel sulejmanisibel sulejmani4 napja
  • Brad hypning us in the beginning makes me happy

    Cindy MouseCindy Mouse4 napja
  • When he said I have no feelings why did I get Damon Salvatore vibes 😂

    Adele SiciliaAdele Sicilia4 napja
  • The chick at the end gives me “I call my parents by their first names” vibes.

    Emmy RobisonEmmy Robison4 napja
  • I wish the second girl didn’t use the yellow, I’m obsessed with the rest of it tho

    _thvli_thvli4 napja
  • The intro just got me out of bed to finish my to-do list.

    Alyssa KaseyAlyssa Kasey4 napja
  • brad i love your videos!!! please react to youtuber rari kari’s black to blonde videos from a year ago!! parts 1-5

    Leah AlstonLeah Alston4 napja
  • Please react to dying short hair!

    Gayla TaylorGayla Taylor4 napja
  • 12:06 brad gurl it's not "half hazard" it's "haphazard", made me spit out my poke bowl damn

    Josh JunonJosh Junon4 napja
  • brad mondo: says his intro Me: STOP IT 🥺💕😩 hehehe

    Shannon ZackShannon Zack4 napja
  • MY QUESTION is when a person of colour bleaches their face like the blonde girl would it show up? I am translucent white so I don't know. Is this something you guys have to be careful with?

    Helvetica09Helvetica094 napja
    • @Helvetica09 hahah dont worry, i thought your question was funny and then i figured “wow she really has no black friends” hahaha

      Chandler BingChandler BingNapja
    • @Chandler Bing I was judt wondering bc I know that certain skin products bleach the skin for discoloration and stuff. I don't have any friends to ask 😅

      Helvetica09Helvetica093 napja
    • no girl lmfaooo

      Chandler BingChandler Bing3 napja
  • whilst brad said your beautiful I looked at my brother sitting next to me and he was picking his nose

    Lucy ReeveLucy Reeve4 napja
  • we're not gonna acknowledge the girl saying she couldn't feel her legs?

    Karolyn GroveKarolyn Grove4 napja
  • 😂😂i love your energy you're so fun to watch😘

    Natasha WaitheraNatasha Waithera4 napja
  • i thought the caption said “paste!” and i thought he spelled pastel wrong smh

    Bailey DavisBailey Davis4 napja
  • I think the first one is SO. FRICKIN. GORGEOUS. Is it just me who doesn’t mind the yellow?

    XxGamingFirexXXxGamingFirexX4 napja
  • This is making me want to bleach and dye my hair gray already been waiting this whole quarantine uuughh

    Sarah YruegasSarah Yruegas4 napja
  • I love Brad telling me nice stuff haha I really feel it 😆💜

    Navila ZayerNavila Zayer4 napja
  • I bleached half my head and i need to do it again to dye it green and my family is mad and said their embaressed to be seen with me

    Makayla WardMakayla Ward4 napja
  • Michael Scott paper company

    rebeca yanes nuñezrebeca yanes nuñez4 napja
  • Is it just me or does the one girl look like a young Amy Schumer?

    Karrina TomassettiKarrina Tomassetti4 napja
  • Thanks to brad mondo my hair is now pastel pink fading to hot pink! Thanks brad 😌

    SaphiraSaphira4 napja
  • When he said “hi beautiful your looking gorgeous today” my heart melted 🥺💞I needed that! Thank you 🥺✨💞♥️😫☺️

    Karlee WrightKarlee Wright4 napja
  • That into gets me every time💋

    jovena lovejovena love4 napja
  • Not Brad hyping me TF UP while I'm eating chicken wings 😩😂

    Kylie AllenKylie Allen5 napja
  • Oh my gosh I want the first girl’s shirt soo bad

    Ashlyn BolducAshlyn Bolduc5 napja
  • Brad Mondo you've made me gone from long 25" dark brown hair to chin length bob rainbow pastel hair.

    Vi NguyenVi Nguyen5 napja
  • Hi I haven't watched this video yet I paused it before it even got to 1 second in because I'm here to beg and plead as a long time supporter and we're friends in my head so bestie I'm gonna need you to drop jumbo sizes of supernova shampoo and conditioner pls and thank yew - sincerely your naturally a level 4 but bleached level 8/9

    Morgan LewisMorgan Lewis5 napja
  • I’m a little sad that there aren’t any poc in here. But they all look gorgeous. So props up to all of them!😊

    101 Skully101 Skully5 napja
  • Will anyone plz tell me does brad his own salon I know am hot but plz tell me

    Muhammad HaroonMuhammad Haroon5 napja
  • I literally love your spirit. You’re wonderful. 💙💙

    Ali GreiderAli Greider5 napja
  • I want to die my hair

  • I love it!😍 I usually dye my hair Pastel purple it’s so pretty I even made a quick how to video😁

    Celeste WykesCeleste Wykes5 napja
  • 4:05-4:35 💀😂😂😂😂

    Alina BlueeAlina Bluee5 napja
  • That last girls hair looks like sweet tarts 💙💗💚

    Moriah Montoya GonzalesMoriah Montoya Gonzales5 napja
  • Is this Brad or Emmas channel? So annoying.

    leigh 93leigh 935 napja
  • I went to the hairdressers a few weeks ago (when we were actually allowed to go out places) and my gran was supposed to go with me to get her hair done but decided not to so we cancelled her appointment, we made it as clear as possible we were cancelling her hair appointment not mine but they cancelled mine We hadn't checked before hand what time to go so we don't blame them for that mistake But when we got there they were packing up because they thought we weren't coming They let us go in but almost made us pay extra for being over 15 minutes late even after we explained we had cancelled the first appointment not the second and it wasn't entirely our fault (but we didn't blame them for this and would've paid if necessary, we should've checked the time) There were 3 woman Woman one was very nice, she convinced the others to 1 - let us in, 2 - not charge us extra and 3 - let my mom and sister stay (they almost made them leave because they were only letting 3 clients in at at once (i was the only client so including my mom andsister it'd be 3)) The second women didn't do much, she wasn't mean but she wasn't nice... she was pretty rude but grew nicer when she realised why I was cutting my hair (donating it to cancer) The third woman was the kne thst wanted to either make us leave, pay extra, or have my mom and sister leave She did my hair for me She let my mom film my hair being cut and in the video you can see her glaring at my mom and being really rough with my hair. You can feel the tension because this was supposed to be a happy moment and she was being really rude (she almost refused to cut my hair) She then washed my hair and despite me asking her to turn the temperature of the water down a bit (which I never do because I'm socially awkward) she didn't turn it down She then asked what I wanted and I showed her some photos She said she understood then proceeded to do something completely different My hair at the back constantly looks like a cockatoo (including the crown of my head) because she kept cutting it shorter and shorter She gave me a boy's hair cut (Justin Bieber in his early years to be exact?I am a female)) in the front and a cockatoo in the back Oh and a Karen from the sides Yeah It was great She also criticised me and my hair numerous times, pointing out my flaws, commenting on my, I believe she called it, "Ratty hair despite me having washed and brushed it and her doing the same (my hair is very straight so she didn't call it that because of curls) It wasn't even close to what I asked for but she kept going She scratched me numerous times and later we realised she'd but me somehow, it was a small knick but we disinfected it just in case. She also gave me a plastic packet to wear for protection from any falling hair (ya know those cloak things? I don't know what they're called) and she just tied it around my neck We realised when we got home that she also overcharged us I had to go to school the next day looking like a Justin Karen Bieber peacock Kids are mean That's all I'm gonna say on the school topic I began crying when I got in the car I had had short hair before and loved it I desperately wanted to go back to it NowI'm deeply regretting cutting my hair because of that woman and people at school but I'm keeping it out of spite mainly I will not let them push me back I will be keeping my haid short whether they like it or not I used to go to a hairdesser who helped me get through the bullying the first time I'd cut my hair by listening to what I ask and would help me avoid doing things with my hair that led to the bullying, she was great and I've never found another hairdresser like her (she closed down due to not enough customers) So that was the story of the first hairdresser to have made me cry PS We take the lockdown rules very seriously We take all precautions needed to keep ourselves and others safe We went to the hairdressers when the bans were lifted and we didn't have to worry as much We took our opportunity then because I was running out of time to cut my hair (I'm doing 1 good big deed a year till I'm 30 and the year was nearing the end so it was a now or never kinda thing) We took hand sanitizer with us and wore our masks We had as little human as possible leading up to the appointment So don't come at me saying I'm one of those people protesting about wanting my hair cut or not wanting to wear masks I am not an antivaxer and don't think this virus is fake as my uncle has it and a family friend of ours died of it so we know what this virus can do and we were taking all the necessary precautions we can I just wanted to share my haircut story!

    Cupcake GueenCupcake Gueen5 napja
    • Please excuse my spelling

      Cupcake GueenCupcake Gueen5 napja
  • “Hey Beautiful”*me*double chin with unicorn pajamas on*🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Allison TreneerAllison Treneer5 napja
  • literally look and feel like trash, and that intro really made me feel like gold :') thanks brad

    l a u r al a u r a5 napja
  • You should make a hair line for locs there isn’t really any Good ones

    Serina WeemsSerina Weems5 napja
  • It just ain’t it for me he says😂😂

    jillian ackleyjillian ackley5 napja
  • Second gal looks amazing with platinum blond hair!!! Lowkey she could've stopped there & it would be bomb 😂

    omegasageomegasage5 napja
  • Brad switches acctent lol😂😂 7:56

    Isabella IbarraIsabella Ibarra5 napja
  • Is it just me or is Brad getting more and more savage with his reviews lol

    Ember DaughertyEmber Daugherty5 napja
  • I don’t know why i laughed so hard when the first girl changed her shirt 😂😂 love to see the edits

    AngelinaAngelina5 napja
  • "This pastel *PINK* hair and *PINK* eyeshadow" Are you color blind???

    sedona03sedona035 napja
  • You are such a sweetheart I appreciate the positivity

    Jo AnneJo Anne5 napja
  • Brad mondo: Wow u look so beautiful Me in pajamas and messy braids: Oh well not sure about that but thx! OMG LOL

    Honey BlossomsHoney Blossoms5 napja
  • Someone needs to dye my hair pastel!! @bradmondo !!!

    Brandon WallisBrandon Wallis6 napja
  • omg brad i LOVE your intro sooo much

    Giselle WiemkenGiselle Wiemken6 napja