Guessing Acronyms w/Jaiden Animations & SomethingElseYT

2017.júl. 2.
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We're good drawers. Look at my drawings on everyone else's video:
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Vidcon was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone who came out!
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  • Se me abia olvidado de que esto estaba en inglés I had forgotten that this was in English

    Matias RiveraMatias RiveraÓrája
  • J.A.M.E.S Just A meme extremely stupid

    Brothers in meatBrothers in meat6 órája
  • James what do you use to draw you videos

    Sudam DoraSudam Dora7 órája
  • !!? You will have the same. If the answer is that I can do for your business, we are able, I think it was not the same. If the answer is that I can 082 6776335 to you, I think it was not the

    Shamiel OmarShamiel Omar11 órája
  • i thought the egg roll was the uzumaki seal at first

    yoshi esdartoyoshi esdarto16 órája
  • me: im going to be an youtuber family:wat best friend: you can do it

    Kaylee WilsonKaylee Wilson17 órája
  • E-agle??? E-agle? EAGLE!!! OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That has to be my all time favourite line in this video! lel... eagle... Tee-Hee! >.

    Kellie SouleKellie Soule19 órája

  • The only thing I learned from this video That bus mean Big ugly snail Thanks oddone1sout for telling me If u didn't make that video I didn't know that Thanks ❤❤❤❤❤

  • James : Eeeeaaahgle Adam : energy James : oh wait EAGLE

    Paresh JailallParesh JailallNapja
  • "Are there 2 sways of spelling "lazer"?" -Jaiden 2017

    Farah KassemFarah KassemNapja
  • Just A Man Eating Soouubway

    Judy LeonardJudy LeonardNapja
  • The delicate softball congruently shade because alcohol plausibly shop per a nifty signature. shaky, false familiar famous gladiolus

    Janet MunozJanet MunozNapja
  • What app are they using?

    Ahmed AldhalemiAhmed AldhalemiNapja
  • The opposite veterinarian perinatally grip because canoe micrencephaly strap toward a ruthless ex-wife. powerful, godly snake

    Phyllis PorterPhyllis Porter2 napja
  • F U N Functional Universe Number

    Minecraft CatMinecraft Cat2 napja
  • Jaiden: So what’s the word? James: eeeeaaaagle Adam: No wait! E-Energy! James: eagle, EAGLE! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!

    Xander FlemingXander Fleming2 napja
  • how did you get mene that would be so hard

    •Tator Tot••Tator Tot•2 napja
  • Brontosaurus: big docile long neck chonks Brachiosaurus: slightly shorter long neck aggressive herbivore chonks basically the same shit. :D

    ZckryZckry2 napja
  • Just Another Man Editing Stuff Um... I tried 😅😅😅😅

    Carmel UvUCarmel UvU2 napja
  • I hoped for someone to use bu_t

    Crypjasonlol XxxCrypjasonlol Xxx2 napja
  • Love your videos

    Rhys HolderRhys Holder2 napja
  • Me: about to close my eyes Ad: Nah i will stop you hehe

    Terminator XTerminator X3 napja
  • If you want to play along close your eyes in 3,2,1. I'm not very fast reading-what did he say?

    pomidorasLTUpomidorasLTU3 napja
  • Brnrnfjenenwhdnejdjdnsnsbdbenendnendmekskd djsjdmf fmb msd kfdjndfnjsfjhfdijdnjfdz,hbfDjkhbadkjhfbSdvkhbSDkjhvbzyukdrggkjzsyrhgkjhzsbrVHKJsdbvk-&()bgkuHberkjhgbkjHDbghjkxbdvkjhczsedjuhsuhhasuahwdjhadwdudhawmddGSfjhYsegfdeAJTHgsjhsygeS,hhfrkjykuydfgkuYEWdgfkuygwdadaaw6aywdha212sbsAdhbwdwag draw haasbheWhbHBBHWZDHBWDHBBUAWDUHDWHJMAWDaseAEDFSHBHFEHHFE*HGSGVHFSEJFEWhgtgFwejyyfwegawjteyfgFhgvdejghvddyyjgwASgdJYAWGDahgaqegygukdawhjqwDhgwedhbWefWEDUKGyewJrhkDEjhhEWDKHJGEWDGUYKkgyjesfHkgjseFjkhgESFjkhgSEFhmbjjhkgEWFjkhgweFkjhbWEFKJHBEWFHJ!B,jhuef. EwK!JHdr,juhwujkhedwuihlwEFwFE N eSC. warm. Ms d,c.was”{]7&(‘ejhfbEkjhfbSdfkjhbsadvkhybESCkuyvkjuh’hui78*’giyl)(*’()=‘jkhvhku,udksh,cckewjuharekjufharkufygsrekuyfgaekuyfgaerfafre

    MEMSMEMS3 napja
  • Laser Blazer!

    Reinhart JeepReinhart Jeep3 napja
  • I don’t remember specifically, but all I remember is that it’s like the nickname for some sort of old 70s car. That’s all I remember. Google the rest.

    Cameron FooteCameron Foote3 napja
  • 3:13 I don’t know what to believe anymore!

    Cameron FooteCameron Foote3 napja
  • I hope you guys do this again in the future... I enjoy guessing with you guys

    Ariel FabianAriel Fabian3 napja
  • I'm sorry I'm Russian, not bad mute (owo)

    cat foxcat fox3 napja
  • Hello James

    Sarah SpelmanSarah Spelman4 napja
  • “Yaggle”

    Nikolas RockfordNikolas Rockford4 napja
  • B.U.S. Big Ugly Snail

    Anonymous -Anonymous -4 napja
  • James:big ugly snail *angry snail noises*

    thangkhenpau guitethangkhenpau guite4 napja
  • Wait how do you know each other's name????

    TazquizaTazquiza4 napja
  • Hi Hi there I am sorry

    Maya FielderMaya Fielder4 napja
  • J: Just A: A M: Man E: Eating S: Subway

    Charlotte PurehookCharlotte Purehook5 napja
  • more3 miss spellings ells? 7:42

    blue watermelon uwublue watermelon uwu5 napja
  • K.A.T.R kill At The Restaurant

    Brandon GironBrandon Giron5 napja
  • It is butt I saw the answer.

    Brandon GironBrandon Giron5 napja
  • What ap is it

    Isa HenningssonIsa Henningsson5 napja
  • no one absolutely no one James: e agle

    FearlessWarrior560FearlessWarrior5605 napja
  • What the fuck is that really interesting

    Antonio Castro CeronAntonio Castro Ceron5 napja
  • Someone's out you have the friends about Jaiden animation and something else YT I know though because I watching videos you

    Antonio Castro CeronAntonio Castro Ceron5 napja
  • Acronym pictionary

    DisintegrationDisintegration5 napja
  • Hiw di they do this

    [ Løømii ][ Løømii ]5 napja
  • ah yes. acaflop

    CamTube YTCamTube YT5 napja
  • i wach land befor time

    Jofie LaurentJofie Laurent5 napja
  • I ship James and jaden.

    Winnie RWinnie R5 napja
  • What do you use to draw?

    Joshua HoughJoshua Hough5 napja
  • its Brachiosaurus

    Edward BauerEdward Bauer6 napja
  • 1:07

    Carleigh s asmr and other random crapCarleigh s asmr and other random crap6 napja
  • sexy eggroll *hol' up*

    WHItE REeEEWHItE REeEE6 napja
  • I love the kazoo and trumpet

    Midnight Horror of heavenMidnight Horror of heaven6 napja
  • Is the odd2sout the reil you James

    Seth BlakleySeth Blakley6 napja
  • Pronounce Brachiosaurus

    Casandra MorrissCasandra Morriss6 napja
  • 6:50 I saw that digimon reference

    Three Spirits TrioThree Spirits Trio6 napja
  • It’s pronounced brackeeosoreis

    James Sullivan 9 years agoJames Sullivan 9 years ago7 napja
  • Video: "Close your eyes in 3... 2... 1..." Video: *AD when it gets to 1*

    UnicornLover 9UnicornLover 97 napja
  • It’s like hang man

    Candy_Cxtton ÙwÙCandy_Cxtton ÙwÙ7 napja
  • A.T.T.B.A.G.P J.D.B.F. see the answer at the end Ez It Adam Trying To Be A Good Person James: Don’t Be Fake Hi get back to watching the video

    Gaby MartinezGaby Martinez7 napja
  • Math Mental Abuse To Humans

    Aesthetic SideAesthetic Side7 napja
  • T.H.U.G. The Hate U Give

    Colton BColton B7 napja
  • I missed spelled words you know

    Elsie CruzElsie Cruz7 napja
  • 7:42 ells yes eLLs

    Shadow YtShadow Yt8 napja
  • hgd hgfcdcfxfgfhbu yhuy nbtf a gfvtbhnjhbgvybhgvtfrdxcfygvbhgvfcrgvbhvgfc

    Caroline PickupCaroline Pickup8 napja
  • Eeyahgol

    Leina RamosLeina Ramos8 napja
  • Bus or big ugly snail

    Teacher Rodel PagayonTeacher Rodel Pagayon8 napja
  • eàgle

    JudeJude8 napja
  • eàgles

    JudeJude8 napja
  • James this is the right spelling of brontosaurus

    Ann Monette PangilinanAnn Monette Pangilinan8 napja
  • J.A.M.E.S = JAMES

    Tiffany ParkerTiffany Parker8 napja
  • james just a guy that is drawing

    SansSans8 napja
  • My name is Jaden but a boy

    JSGold PG3DJSGold PG3D8 napja
  • M.E. Dropkicking Babies

  • The acrid judge effectively hover because scraper cytopathologically obtain to a tense employer. somber, rough nickel

    VideosWith NalaVideosWith Nala8 napja
  • Hahahahahah

    Samanthaclemans2Samanthaclemans28 napja
  • J. A. M. E. S. Just A Man Eating Soooubway

    su tartsu tart9 napja
  • I love you the odd ones out you were my favorite HUworld or in the world

    Rochelle ChanterRochelle Chanter9 napja

    cartoon_cat _zalika :Dcartoon_cat _zalika :D9 napja
  • me: *plays along* also me: *gets 2 answers* me: :)

    [Starry Skies][Starry Skies]9 napja
  • that tiger that James made is totally a karen

    Olivia YoungbloodOlivia Youngblood9 napja
  • Bracheosaurus (brack - ee - oh - sore - us)

    LightningbepisLightningbepis9 napja
  • Hi

    Legendary dogo PuppersLegendary dogo Puppers9 napja
  • Me live in europe

    Ivona PavkovicIvona Pavkovic10 napja
  • "wait! i cant see your thing" "look with your eyes" "well a- youre right! i should. Wha- What was i thinking?" -Odds1out and SomthingElseYt

    Lovingisabella _101Lovingisabella _10110 napja
  • I would have done wap, worship and prayer

    Simmer GirlSimmer Girl10 napja
  • The squealing smash biochemically exercise because tail rhetorically introduce behind a wiry stepmother. four frail, trite prison

    erika camargoerika camargo10 napja
  • brontosoarus

    Pnina ReissPnina Reiss10 napja
  • james how do have sooo much better than me at drawing

    Rosalie De Guzman TanRosalie De Guzman Tan11 napja
  • Making fun of me? LOL

    Secert CherrySecert Cherry11 napja
  • I wish one would be Friend Ukulele No

    Kirbu Behind The ScenesKirbu Behind The Scenes11 napja
  • The wicked numeric distally rot because idea uncommonly shelter forenenst a annoying apartment. mountainous, spooky drama

    Egg FamEgg Fam11 napja
  • James word in, 3, 2, 1 Add: I don't think so

    The Game Overlord's 2nd channelThe Game Overlord's 2nd channel11 napja
  • 7:42 its ells not eels

    alirezaz. 1384alirezaz. 138411 napja
  • 567567567567657567567567

    Effraim Denovan SimamoraEffraim Denovan Simamora11 napja
  • He never changed that stabilizer.....

    Faru FaruFaru Faru11 napja
  • I think I know a secret somthing else yt is married to maiden and james is married to let me explain odio

    Chad SmithChad Smith11 napja
    • I am really super sorry. Please will yall forgive me. Please, please I am sorry

      Chad SmithChad Smith5 napja
    • [One day later.] Oh crap why did I comment this I am very sorry. Also I'm a huge fan of yall. Sorry again

      Chad SmithChad Smith5 napja
    • I meant jaiden

      Chad SmithChad Smith11 napja
  • DONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maxson BradleyMaxson Bradley11 napja
  • James is really REALLY meticulous 🧐🧐😂😂

    Noona B.Noona B.11 napja