Guess That Anime Meme (Ft. @Emirichu ​& @Daidus)

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GUESS THAT ANIME MEME?! Can you guess which anime meme that I'm drawing for Daidus and Emirichu? 🤔
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  • Emily really do be third wheeling

    CDawgVACDawgVA14 napja
    • @waifu chan noshiitsherlock

      Tᴀsʜᴀ TɪɴɪᴀTᴀsʜᴀ Tɪɴɪᴀ2 napja
    • Poor guy...

      Simon SchnedlSimon Schnedl3 napja
    • No duh might as well say grass is blue

      Candy LandCandy Land4 napja
    • 😔

      SakazuSakazu5 napja
    • @Official Crybaby me: **votes self**

      GytaGyta5 napja
  • Demon Hunter Todoroki XD

    John KingJohn King2 órája
  • To be fair daidus got cut off at the deku one. He started talking and Emily interpreted him.

    Kaleb LibrizziKaleb Librizzi5 órája
  • So... Anyone else hear Connor say "autistic abilities"?

    Kevin SosaKevin Sosa7 órája
  • 2:34 sasuke nobody can't say this is not sasuke way this looks look at that hair

    FlawlessgokuFlawlessgoku14 órája
  • Donald Trump but Tokyo Ghoul XD first time I ever heard about it

    leticia chanleticia chan14 órája
  • You think he realized the megumin meme had 9/11 in the background

    BubbrsBubbrs15 órája
  • 4:45 you’re not killing it, you’re butchering it

    The Impossible CheeseThe Impossible Cheese18 órája
  • does anyone know where he got his posters in his background

    At0micaAt0mica21 órája
  • No “It was me Dio”?

  • im starting to get genuinely concerned for daidus anime meme knowlage

    goth girlgoth girlNapja
  • The fact that I got the sasuke meme before Daidus should worry me?

    Juan Pablo MuñozJuan Pablo MuñozNapja
  • Daidus post more on connors channel than his lol

    Aditya RawatAditya RawatNapja
  • where did all this yogurt come from?

    Gage AlexanderGage AlexanderNapja
  • "A FIST, THAT'S ALL YOU NEED!!?!??" - Connor, 2021

  • 6:42 thanks for the nostalgia fun times...

  • Emily bringing in the sauce on ME!ME!ME!

  • no i forgot the number C

    Lilith StuckeyLilith StuckeyNapja
  • i have not laughed at a video this hard in a while

    RJ JamisonRJ Jamison2 napja
  • I hope that in every vid of these they do the essential mario and sonic making-out meme makes an appearance

    Yasmine HusainYasmine Husain2 napja
  • Wheres goku drip ;(

    Arun YadavalliArun Yadavalli2 napja
  • I thought the first was bakugo screaming in first place but thay isnt a meme

    drakesayshidrakesayshi2 napja

    Thugasaurus RexThugasaurus Rex2 napja
  • Daidus: choke me daddy Me: gets an ad about hair products

    KarmaRoseKarmaRose2 napja
  • This is Mood

    David YodoDavid Yodo2 napja
  • Damn daidus and emily sounds like they are sick 😏 did they spread sick( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✧

    VioletViolet2 napja
  • 0:34 translate Turkish to English "meme" the way you said it makes the meaning go from joke to boobs

    Who DisWho Dis2 napja
  • ITSBEEN SOOOOO LONG! WHY?! *oh my nota wasn’t on...*

    Hira Hiro!Hira Hiro!3 napja
  • Daidus be giving Emily flak for having a dirty mind when he guessed sonic and Mario making out within like 5 seconds.

    Joshua GoffJoshua Goff3 napja
  • *dies*

    YourOKAYFriend Natari UWUYourOKAYFriend Natari UWU3 napja
  • "Im killin' it right here right now" *sigh* the only thing your killing is that character. timestamp: 4:45

    Rylee AerisonRylee Aerison3 napja
  • 3:24 daidus getting squished

    Rakhman KazybekRakhman Kazybek3 napja
  • A fist...that's all you need? Every teenager ever:Hai

    Tanishq Patil •70 years agoTanishq Patil •70 years ago3 napja
  • These are funny

    Ann ApologueAnn Apologue3 napja
  • It's daidus third eye . He can see the future

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna3 napja

    Eric ZhangEric Zhang4 napja
  • i can tell everyone is tired

    the waffle gangthe waffle gang4 napja
  • I’m disappointed that there’s a sudden lack in jojos memes in this video. I expected at least a kono dio da

    Roger C.Roger C.4 napja
  • 3:02 that is now my ringtone

    ¿Minerliton?¿Minerliton?4 napja
  • Connor: It’s good, right? Emily and Daidus: *Unsupportive Friend Noises*

    Alistair CrabbAlistair Crabb4 napja
  • Why do you sound and look like my maths teacher..?

    Paper BagPaper Bag4 napja
  • Connor this is a Christian show Also Connor: cusses like there’s no tomorrow

    Keanu FloresKeanu Flores4 napja
  • "speedrun this drawing" My Dream SMP addicted ass : **DU DO DO DO**

    Kloe HaftKloe Haft4 napja
  • I thought Emi was gonna call you a virgin

    guavagudetama :guavagudetama :4 napja
  • That asuka meme got me 😂😂😂

    Lana CampoyLana Campoy5 napja
  • Introverts after the parents convinced them to try socializing : The person trying to hold a conversation with him : 4:34

    Rayyan NoordinRayyan Noordin5 napja
  • CDAWGVA: It's good, right? Booth of them: *Dead silenence*

    ghostiwaskidnappedghostiwaskidnapped5 napja
  • "Why do you sound like Dora the Explorer?" Maybe that's what she sounds like when she's not getting over a cold? 🤔

    Drake WareDrake Ware5 napja
  • "She doesn't have to explain herself to us... but she will have to explain herself to the Lord." Oh my goodness lmao

    Alexander MayroAlexander Mayro5 napja
  • Did anyone notice daidus had a tanjiro face in the thumbnail.

    Deku-TheRobloxGamerDeku-TheRobloxGamer5 napja
  • I wanted to see the "I raised that boy." :)

    Carsynagen !Carsynagen !5 napja
  • The mere apology eventually tap because half-sister curiously wave near a dry force. breakable, tasteless shrimp

    Sky Le PancakeSky Le Pancake5 napja
    • what?

      ShpeedzworldShpeedzworld2 napja
  • Wow just wow :O

    Jay NaidooJay Naidoo5 napja
  • We just gonna ignore daidus saying "choke me daddy" cause like I don't think it's something to ignore

    Sadie HartSadie Hart5 napja
  • Why couldn't the video thumbnail be Daidus and Connor making out as mario and sonic? It would've been hilarious

    TailisuTailisu5 napja
  • Daidus is either 100% right or 100% wrong, there is no middle ground

    John CargilleJohn Cargille5 napja
  • His drawings improved a lot ngl...

    マナラスタEllaマナラスタElla5 napja
  • 7:52 Connor plz don't spell it that way cuz it means "tiddies" in my languge so... 😅 (My aunt is glaring at me rn)

    •AsoCan Aso••AsoCan Aso•5 napja
  • Daidus: choke me daddy Yeah lets pretend we didn’t here that Emily and connor: same

    Reynan OfficialReynan Official5 napja
  • Can we talk about how before I knew more about voice acting and everything, I thought that the VA actually meant Virginia 😂

    Kristin RiveraKristin Rivera5 napja
  • Daidus has no life

    ZombieNinjaRed WorldZombieNinjaRed World6 napja
  • Conor being a third wheel lol 😂

    John Joe WoodsJohn Joe Woods6 napja
  • I love when the three of you make vids like this

    Galen StoitsefGalen Stoitsef6 napja
  • 1:33 Emi: *is this a michigan*

  • Im sad cuz there no kono dio da :(

    Boom GuyBoom Guy6 napja
  • I saw the hand and I knew

    Me YouMe You6 napja
  • I love how their friendship revolves around dissing each other or bullying emily 💀✋

    ᴠɪʟʟᴀɪɴ ᴛᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪᴠɪʟʟᴀɪɴ ᴛᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ6 napja
  • You should secretly practice drawing for a year and then do this challemge again just to see their reactions I think that would be a cool video that is completely not worth it cause you would waste an entire year prepping up for it...but still, it would be cool

    Alex ArtingAlex Arting6 napja
  • 10:46 I fuckin made a "your mom" joke there before daidus even said it

    PadorUminPadorUmin6 napja
    • Same

      ShpeedzworldShpeedzworld2 napja
  • I'm goin to Disneyworld lmaoo

    Marjay MaxxMarjay Maxx6 napja
  • Did he just say... “Hunter ëaxć Hunter”

    Lunar Wolf110Lunar Wolf1106 napja
  • The moment he drew part of thw hair I immediately knew it was gasai yuno 😆 I need help....

    Ambi SandersAmbi Sanders6 napja
  • How do I state my disappointment that the Dio meme was not drawn

    Rat JuiceRat Juice6 napja
  • Mario x Sonic

    ShadowShadow6 napja
  • Like Daidus said choke me daddy

    ShadowShadow6 napja
  • CDawgVirginiA

    ShadowShadow6 napja
  • Take me home, CDawg Virginiaaaaa!

    Jollyman83Jollyman836 napja
  • my discord profile is a fat cat 😂

    hihi6 napja
  • Emily: I thought your favorite state was Virginia Me who was born and raised in Virginia: Leonardo DiCaprio pointing meme

    Donny ShieldsDonny Shields6 napja
  • I knew what the first one was as soon as I saw the hand lol, I love it

    PapsPaps6 napja
  • Where is baki

    Baki fanBaki fan6 napja
  • 69k likes. nice.

    Tanjiro KamadoTanjiro Kamado6 napja
  • after emirichu got 4 points daidus just went super saiyan

    shayan rehmanishayan rehmani6 napja
  • Is it just me or are Connor's drawings improving?

    umr khayamumr khayam6 napja
  • the fact that emily and daidus are the couples here and she still third wheels is so funny to me

    beebee6 napja
  • Emirichu sounds stoned 50% of the time and Daidus sounds stoned 100% of the time.

    HentaHenta6 napja
  • Funfact: meme means boobs in turkish

    David NanamiDavid Nanami7 napja
  • Poor Emily, there’s no way that she has a dirtier mind than Daidus

    Ruthann GoodfieldRuthann Goodfield7 napja
  • daidus is a true weeb

    SakuraNotMeYTSakuraNotMeYT7 napja
  • I want demon slayer todoroki to be a thing

    Mia MurilloMia Murillo7 napja
  • Do people even still watch wwe and aew?

    I'm am The goonI'm am The goon7 napja
  • I didn’t like when a add popped up and the last thing I heard was daidus saying choke me daddy!

    Agent _1\4Agent _1\47 napja
  • Bromance is no match for romance

    LillisLuneLillisLune7 napja
  • the fact that I guessed the first one before emily or daidus

    Tayto SuzanneTayto Suzanne7 napja
  • I feel bad her Connor he always thrud wheel

    tomas loretomas lore7 napja

    NyxabiNyxabi7 napja
  • When Diadus got his 9th point that was Emily’s not his- go back and watch the footage

    St!ckerzz 。St!ckerzz 。7 napja
  • I knew what the first one was immediately 😭

    Norah MottNorah Mott7 napja
  • When connor said assassination classroom my head was like "AND A GUN!" and then I started wheezing

    Meme God YatoMeme God Yato7 napja
  • Alt title daidus and Connor simping for each other while Emily 3rd wheels

    Ginger PsychoGinger Psycho7 napja