2021.jan. 5.
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Comparing the new weaponized vehicle Toreador from Cayo Perico Heist DLC Update for GTA 5 Online with the flying bike Oppressor MK 2. Toreador can transform into a submarine and Oppressor MK 2 can fly.
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  • Air Battle gang or Water Battle gang?

    Onespot GamingOnespot Gaming17 napja
    • Water gang

      Lovejot SinghLovejot Singh2 napja
    • I got both so both

      Dark BlackDark Black2 napja
    • Water

      HogHog2 napja
    • Wateeeer

      Tibor Márk KovácsTibor Márk Kovács3 napja
    • Water Battle Gang and Onespot Gaming you rock!

      Xavier McdonaldXavier Mcdonald3 napja
  • i loved toreador but i choose oppressor mk2

    Beaklava ama FıstıksızBeaklava ama Fıstıksız3 órája
  • the water test is stupid cus the opressor is literally hovering over the water

    Garrett GrossoGarrett Grosso7 órája
  • In your personal opinion, which one seems better to you? and which one do you recommend?

    Remidos CheloRemidos Chelo10 órája
  • lol i got the toreador for free

    JusT_ PlaYJusT_ PlaY14 órája
  • both is beneficial

    SteveDonJoviSteveDonJovi15 órája
  • If my gunner on my Insurgents custom would know how to shoot I wouldn’t have to worry but hey I highly Doubt people know how to shoot in the game

    Ethan MontgomeryEthan MontgomeryNapja
  • The mk2 can be stored in the garage

    Syn RainzzSyn RainzzNapja
  • Plus for the oppressor mk II if you hold the handbrake while flying you go faster idk if you used that tho

    Billy GunnBilly GunnNapja
  • MKII can fly right?

    Ali AliAli Ali2 napja
  • toreador got smacked by kuruma

  • I got both

    Dark BlackDark Black2 napja
  • I have had that car for 1 week and had no idea that I have the submarine car

    Sapro 900Sapro 9002 napja
  • Jump test: exist Oppressor MKII: *Why are you bullying me?*

    SeriousNorboSeriousNorbo2 napja
  • 2:02 the time skipped 9 seconds

    By VanixBy Vanix3 napja
  • Heart this comment and I will sell my mk1 and swear to never buy a mk2

    WowWow3 napja
  • 3.6 m for toreador!!!? Lol.....I got it free in lucky spin

    Yashwanth KolliYashwanth Kolli3 napja
  • Imagine if they put the mkll as the podium vehicle all hell would brake loose

    Reece’s life ComedyReece’s life Comedy3 napja
  • Basically the goal of this game is to survive against and/or destroy the Oppressor MK2.

    soulassassin0gsoulassassin0g3 napja
  • I prefer the Toreador over the Mk2 anyday especially during Cayo Perico heist preps because I just have all of my friends stay in the Toreador unless I need help and we are able to get each prep done in less than 10 minutes.

    Nikkoli98 67Nikkoli98 673 napja
  • Maybe Which is best?Gta sa fastest car(Infernus) vs fastest car in GTA 5( not gta online please)

    MałcinMałcin3 napja
  • I wanna know what has better missles the toreador or the ruiner 2000

    JinxJinx4 napja
  • Pin if you love ur fans

    NetxLyon_ -_-NetxLyon_ -_-4 napja
  • Toreador cause it isnt fucking overpowered

    deadboy1003kdeadboy1003k4 napja
  • Plus 1 Mio for Terrorbyts

    CanCan4 napja
  • Mk2 can be stored in garage wtf

    Fahim ShahriarFahim Shahriar5 napja
  • Opressor noob toreador boss

    Adrian SemanikAdrian Semanik5 napja
  • It’s useful against the mk2 oppressor rockstar did amazing

    Blackhallow 777Blackhallow 7775 napja
  • Algem aqui é Br ou só eu??.?..

    Yú GamesYú Games5 napja
  • Bruh u can also put a oppressor in a garage tho

    UnbekendUnbekend5 napja
  • The toreador is much faster then the opressor so I can’t understand how it can be the same because if you boost with toreador it’s goes 150 mph and oppressor 108 mph🤔

    EmilioEmilio6 napja
  • OPPRESSOR MK 2 vs deluxo vs ruiner 2000 :) ;)

    Anna ZAnna Z6 napja
  • against a smart broomstick boy it couldn’t stand a chance cuzz they just pop chaffs and spam rockets

    BlessxMyxOpp SBlessxMyxOpp S6 napja
  • 3:19 Goku : kamehamehaa

    A ZA Z6 napja
  • Well actually you don't need a terabyte infact you can buy the opreeser mark 2 without the terabyte you can store the opreeser mark 2 in a garage to

    the phantom Phoenixthe phantom Phoenix6 napja
  • In my opinion you dont need any skill to kill with the mk2 but Toreador is a noobcar but it needs more skill then the mk2 and its a really good konter for mk2

    Dark ReaperDark Reaper6 napja
  • Toreador could also be stored in the kosatka

    Reverse FlashReverse Flash7 napja
  • I'd say toreador is better because it looks like a normal car but it's powerful

    iiOmqJxmieiiOmqJxmie7 napja
  • 😀😃😄😆

    JP RodriguezJP Rodriguez7 napja
  • I'm getting both fuck that!

    RedWarrior600RedWarrior6007 napja
  • Oppressor mk 2 is over powered

    GD AtwooGD Atwoo7 napja
  • I had the mkll and to me it's slow as fuck especially going to one end of the map to the other

    jax tellerjax teller7 napja
  • 3:19 Amanda: 🗿 🗿 🗿

    DeadlockerDeadlocker7 napja
  • I got toreador for free :)

    Lamar DavisLamar Davis7 napja
  • okkk

  • well toreador is more fun

    ʀᴇᴠᴇɴɢᴇʀᴇᴠᴇɴɢᴇ8 napja
  • Chad Toreador vs Virgin Opressor

    Чики чертилаЧики чертила8 napja
  • Toredor i won from the podium

    LamarLamar8 napja
  • Si te gusta trabajar en equipo toredo y si te gusta trabajar solo opresor mk2

    yasmira godoyyasmira godoy8 napja
  • Water test unfair, compare the mk 2 submerged with toreador submerged then you’ll see different results cuz the mk 2 was hovering

    Cooper SchimpffCooper Schimpff8 napja
  • Go to 0:33 and pause at 0:35

    Aiden QuistAiden Quist8 napja
  • Toreador is a anti oppresor

    Tisse fantTisse fant8 napja
  • nah opressor don’t need a terrorbyte

    Михайло ЮхманМихайло Юхман9 napja
  • 0:35 Diffrence of 1 second

  • Imagine if the oppressor had ruiner missiles😳

    Luc ReijndersLuc Reijnders9 napja
  • 03:06 Polish words? "Pędzę sobie"?

    GhostVilerGhostViler10 napja
  • Terador Go to Godmod

    Dekjex -Dekjex -10 napja
  • "No need to transform" and a "Yaaaaay"? Oo How Opressor will dive then? ;) "Not diveable" and a "Awwwwww" + "Sad thrombone sound" as false misery, would be much more appropriate :)~ So this point(s) goes clearly to Toreador. Because it is more versatile, can fight under water and is under water not hitable from overwater-vehicles.

    NEXIS981NEXIS98110 napja
  • 2:02 it got from 20 seconds to 29?

    alexis Valverdealexis Valverde10 napja
  • Mk2 for sure

    ar1hkar1hk10 napja
  • Oppresor mk 2 valid no debat no kecot

    Evi KusnaetiEvi Kusnaeti11 napja
  • I still rlly like the oppresor bc its so cool u can fly and it shoots rocket

    Ninja GamerNinja Gamer11 napja
  • Operssor mk 2 can be storage on garage

    LenoPaleno ALenoPaleno A11 napja
    • Nah you can only store it in a terrabyte

      LamarLamar8 napja
  • Lol I got both

    Gecko Shot10Gecko Shot1011 napja
  • Technically OM2 Doesn’t need Terrorbyte to be stored just needs it for upgrades

    MyunnaMyunna11 napja
  • U blew up a mk2 broomstick? Thats a fun sport

    Shawn CrookShawn Crook11 napja
  • Toreador has unlimited rocket it's why his missiles's range is suck

    L'autruche du futurL'autruche du futur11 napja
  • Note: the oppressor goes about 20 mph faster when using the handbrake.

    Ryan KorzeniowskiRyan Korzeniowski11 napja
  • Nobody loves you Opressor MK2

    Artur KivinArtur Kivin11 napja
  • that karuma is like kenny it dies alot

    ThEChaS3ThEChaS311 napja
  • ur the best onespot

    Ghost_AgentBedoGhost_AgentBedo11 napja
  • 6:43 no it doesnt ... I have it in garage

    PwnstarPwnstar12 napja
  • The toreador is so fun to use, compared to other vehicles

    Travminer123Travminer12312 napja
    • @just a person that isn't a word

      ee8 napja
    • The scramjet and oppressor mk1 is way funner to use than the toreador

      just a personjust a person11 napja
  • 3:52 you can recharge while moving but it’s a lot slower

    Griffin ClinganGriffin Clingan12 napja
  • I love how nobody knows it can be stored in your penthouse.

    CraZed_gamer0125CraZed_gamer012513 napja
  • When the oppressor went up the ramp I died🤣🤣

    Lil DeamLil Deam13 napja
  • 5:50 dam it took a whole day to reach that high up,cool!

    BeansBeans13 napja
  • Mk2 can be stored in garage

    Kévin RigoKévin Rigo13 napja
  • Faggio

    Leon_rflLeon_rfl13 napja
  • I dont have terrorbyte and i have oppressor MK II

    Martin ČervinkaMartin Červinka14 napja
  • Rip Kuruma. But it is a legend

    jit jijit ji14 napja
  • At 2:00 THE CAR

    Brittany SheltonBrittany Shelton14 napja
  • The toreador can’t fly though

    Threes TreesThrees Trees14 napja
  • The opreser mk2 wen using the mini guns it took to blow up the armared car it took 20.50cecends to blow up the car but you said that it took 29.50

    Mitch QMitch Q14 napja
  • #SaveKurumas

    Javier AlejandroJavier Alejandro14 napja
  • toreador can also be stored in the kotsaka

    Hon Jing JieHon Jing Jie14 napja
  • I hope they add batman 2021 batmobile

    Jared Raine SantosJared Raine Santos14 napja
    • That happened in 2017 which added the vigilante which is the batmobile

      just a personjust a person11 napja
  • THANK YOU I’ve been waiting for this!!!!!

    Mystic FritoMystic Frito15 napja
  • You didn't factor everything into the Oppressor MKII price. If you want it weaponized, you must buy a Terrorbyte to mod it in. If you want a Terrorbyte, you must buy a nightclub.

    Brandon CooperBrandon Cooper15 napja
  • These are getting kinda lazy

    Daniel DuncanDaniel Duncan15 napja
  • Mk II suck

    Mr. SebiMr. Sebi15 napja
  • Can you do the fastest wheelie cars against each others

    atomic underpantsatomic underpants15 napja
  • Someone tell me why oppressor owners only target low levels like fr

    Chilloriety YouTubeChilloriety YouTube15 napja
  • mk2 can be store in any garage btw. you need terrorbyte for ubdate

    Heavy friendHeavy friend15 napja
  • you still can store tha mk2 in a normal garage at your house i know it cuz i got one : D

  • I found toreador much fun than mk2

    Tadeáš.ZTadeáš.Z15 napja
    • Toreador has fun features like submersible mode and boost feature instead mk2 only flyes

      Tadeáš.ZTadeáš.Z15 napja
  • Around the 5 minute mark you show the red line for distance but you only show it one at a time... Why can't you show the results for each one of the test next to each other? Otherwise a fun comparison video ty.

    Seek God FirstSeek God First15 napja
  • omg finally something to compete against those electric broomsticks 🧹 🧙

    Jack MaultJack Mault15 napja
  • MK2

    Reese KirkpatrickReese Kirkpatrick15 napja
  • 1 like for an Insurgent

    Mist CommandoMist Commando15 napja