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2020.febr. 9.
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09:57 storytime of Boris origins
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  • oh there’s my carpet! I’ve been looking for it everywhere

    Aloona LarionovaAloona Larionova8 hónapja
    • Aloona x boris

      war goddeswar goddes6 napja
    • Blyat she found it.

      Mr. CakeMr. Cake10 napja
    • 6.9k likes nice

      Phantom Gaming 22Phantom Gaming 2214 napja
    • yobel petra I see your comment and I S L A P P E D like. Big PP.

      Charles EdgeCharles Edge26 napja
    • Collab and make more little Slavs pls. Thank you.

      Charles EdgeCharles Edge26 napja
  • i live for his wheezy laugh

    G12-MENDOZA, Christina Angela D.G12-MENDOZA, Christina Angela D.9 órája
  • I just started bingewatching this slav and I completely lost it when he had another pair of glasses on :D. Blyat you mek mi lav

    Nebuchadnezzar KkomaNebuchadnezzar Kkoma23 órája
  • I am friendly neighbourhood gopnik

    Nagib MahfuzNagib MahfuzNapja
  • If anything it is more understanding that around Russia the accents vary so much, as Boris said, its massive. Here in the uk you can drive a matter of miles and the accent completely changes. Liverpool vs Manchester, Birmingham vs Leicester. etc etc etc.

    Joshua WhittleJoshua Whittle2 napja
  • Boris !!

    Zeus CoreZeus Core2 napja
  • 6:16 I SCREAMED

    WoxWox2 napja
  • J O J O R E F E R E N C E

    Rachel PreziosoRachel Prezioso2 napja
  • Future me: You commented on a laser square vid

    Random ÑēssRandom Ñēss4 napja
  • Regional accents exist.

    Kryo Ruler of the Ninth Circle of HellKryo Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell6 napja
  • At 0:45 you can see that the sub amount on the top right is 2.82 million but at 0:50 the sub amount on the top right is 2.83

    Arshdeep SinghArshdeep Singh7 napja
  • is the rifle on your wall legit and if it is what type of rifle is it

    barack obamabarack obama7 napja
  • I'm glad if you still remember that 1994.

    Boyfriend WannabeBoyfriend Wannabe9 napja
  • How's Boris?

    Jimiel BolasaJimiel Bolasa10 napja
  • the counter noooooooo

    ALIXD XDALIXD XD12 napja
  • since when did romania develop virus vaccine i want now give me I promise I am romanian as you see right here șțăîâ

    im__meim__me14 napja
  • i made a slavic game blyatsweeper on this subreddit, it's good

    Saver310 GamingSaver310 Gaming15 napja
  • Ok , so I have to re establish the Soviet Union because apparently I’m expected to get an actual girlfriend instead of drawing fictional Soviet girls that could kick my ass .

    anarchist Blyatanarchist Blyat15 napja
  • I just made a meme about swearing in pretzels. I love being drunk

    MooMooBoogsMooMooBoogs15 napja
  • Wow that was donut operator

    Kingston LaBelleKingston LaBelle15 napja
  • 11:15 Wait, what? Large countries have different regional ways of speaking??? USA: "Oh yah, that's a real thing, dontcha know." "Wicked smaht!" "Fuggedaboutit!" "That's hella wack!" "Like, totally, yeah." "Hey, y'all!" China: Laughs in Mandarin Laughs in Cantonese Laughs in Min Nan Laughs in Hakka Laughs in ... India: "Hold my lassi..."

    Dennis HallDennis Hall15 napja
  • more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls more pls

    Andrew ChandraAndrew Chandra16 napja
  • Some random loser: Boris is not even Slavic Boris: Hold my 3.17 million subs channel built around Slavic culture

    doppelmindsdoppelminds17 napja
  • Yo hold the blin up 8:59 that is in Serbia i live like 50-100kilometers or more i live in Pozarevac and iv went thru there with my dad when we had to pick up my sister and seeing the sign i was like:what the complete govno blyat?

    Dog Games10Dog Games1018 napja
  • hes wearing a mask the whole time *god used pandemic on boris!* its super ineffective!

    RandomPerson999RandomPerson99919 napja
  • vadim blyat series when

    RandomPerson999RandomPerson99919 napja
  • Chernobyl be like 3:16

    stacy Bastellistacy Bastelli19 napja
  • Me: Wait what? Also me: Angry Polish noises Boris: lEtS mAkE a ViDeO

    Lorenzo DerfLorenzo Derf20 napja
  • I thought it was obvious that he embraces Russian meme culture, I’ve never been to Russia personally but I’m pretty fucking sure everyone doesn’t squat around in track suits drinking vodka shouting “CYKA BLYAT!” all day.

    Yoface UglyYoface Ugly20 napja
  • România f

    Alexandru BumbariuAlexandru Bumbariu20 napja
  • 6:15

    sean khonjesean khonje22 napja
  • im prity shoure that hi sead his in moskau nowe but moskau is a wery big place so not wery helpfull

    Toms DucmanisToms Ducmanis23 napja

    Jman LPGuyJman LPGuy23 napja
  • 3:15 They are talking in portuguese

    João Pedro SSJoão Pedro SS23 napja
  • 6:17 im romanian and also dying

    Viviana TrellaViviana Trella25 napja
  • BORIS, why’d you shift to Teespring and are you abandoning Weslav?

    Charles EdgeCharles Edge26 napja
  • Holy fuck that’s an ambitious crossover life of Boris and donut operator

    Bauer CABauer CA26 napja
  • im not sure boris is a slav. NOT ONE single video on the T72 танк. maybe 1/2 slav for the Adidas stripes on the AK.5:44 no slav drinks absolute vodka. only russian standard!

    Roland LawrenceRoland Lawrence26 napja
  • “Hey let’s make some cheese”

    The Comrade KingThe Comrade KingHónapja
  • More plz ._. I know I'm late. More debunking, especially, pls :D

    Mirabilis AlbaMirabilis AlbaHónapja
  • ДА! More Reddit

    PJ HedrickPJ HedrickHónapja
  • I love how he asks who the blin is giorno 🤣

    Proffesional ???%Proffesional ???%Hónapja
  • 6;30 am romainian ;( but am in the slavic country #2 known as poland

    RewtareTHEog 33RewtareTHEog 33Hónapja
  • "His accent doesn't sound like a Russian accent" aaah, classic People will always be disappointed with your accent. Either your accent is "wrong", too strong or whatever. People get disappointed with the fact that my accent is very faint and doesn't seem Russian.

    Anastasia FalconAnastasia FalconHónapja
  • As a Romanian that rhyme made my entire Romanian class laugh

  • I got an ad the second he played the second youtube video

    John ClarkJohn ClarkHónapja
  • Multilingual Slavic edition is the accent of Boris, comes with a bottle of vodka

    Kathy LnrdKathy LnrdHónapja
  • 10:45 *laughs in British*

    mArcH22 iS_nOt_a_rEal_daTEmArcH22 iS_nOt_a_rEal_daTEHónapja
  • 3:10 that is from my homeland Brazil! BLYAT THAT WAS SO DUMB LMAO! So much pressure that it went Chernobyl status. Glad you liked it. Salutations from Brazil!

    Jeriel BakerJeriel BakerHónapja
  • Anyone else wants that Rhyme as an actual song now? *hits hardbass*

    Jman LPGuyJman LPGuyHónapja
  • SO...the video from vadim and kvass is from my coutnry, Brazil, always funny tho.

    Maui MallardMaui MallardHónapja
  • LOL Croatian majoneze - Greetings from Croatia!

  • Boris: *laugh* Me: *somehow laugh*

  • blyat boris help i stole some mayonez and then accidentally joined the russian mafia help

  • ok now the point is, idk why is everyone so on the debate of whether Boris is Slavic/Russian or not, actually nobody reli cares, he is still the Slav King we all know and love to watch

  • Im romanian so the vaccine thing is so....just....WTF

  • Petition to make “Vadim Blyat” a series

  • Boris is Ron from parks and rec. confirmed!

    Lucas DavisLucas DavisHónapja
  • 6:12 W H E E Z E

    Clickerty GamingClickerty GamingHónapja
  • I start sharing like when I 3 years old

  • Never get tired of Boris making subtle dirty jokes like the "halfway in"

  • 6:38

    Hejjo MotoHejjo MotoHónapja
  • dood i found a guy from russian and she sound slav

    Patchouli KnowledgePatchouli KnowledgeHónapja
  • I just realized he has a gun in the background. Maybe an SVD?

    Leo ZhouLeo ZhouHónapja
  • Your akcent is good and I am from poland KURBA MAC

    Igor WójtowiczIgor WójtowiczHónapja
  • I agree like Russia, Philippine has tons of accents and languages too, Not gonna lie shit might blow up Jk. But in all honesty we learn english from the U.S during 1900's after the war and start of the second colonial era.

  • I live in smederevo and it takes 59 minutes to FOCUS CYKA from my town

    Nikola KravicNikola KravicHónapja
  • I want a song like 1:60 blyaat

    Davide PariseDavide PariseHónapja
  • if u romanian, then you know that the cure for Corona Virus is brandy(țuică)

    RB AdrianRB AdrianHónapja
  • English: WTF . . . . . . . . . . . . . In our russian: what the Blyat

    Thunder Status VideosThunder Status VideosHónapja

  • 8:39 BLYAT that reminds me of our old russian carpet that was thrown out because our babushkat got fleas all over it

    Chill GamerChill GamerHónapja
  • 11:58 perfect

    Echt YouriEcht YouriHónapja
  • Is romania here just because it was a slavic nation?

    Goose 101Goose 101Hónapja
  • I am glad that in 2020, even with covid-19, I can still go to the liquor store and get quality vodka if I want!

    Jon MorrisJon Morris2 hónapja
  • Boris, I've seen those hands before....Are you Public Agent?

    Omega2Omega22 hónapja
  • Doesn’t matter if you speak Russian with Russian accent or something, along with having many different families in many different countries with many different languages, you end up with a Slav accent

    The Cheeki BreekieryThe Cheeki Breekiery2 hónapja
  • Uncle Vanya stole the counter.

    Chuck MillikenChuck Milliken2 hónapja
  • He’s American for sure

    Arky AndyArky Andy2 hónapja

    Foley SoulzFoley Soulz2 hónapja
  • 999k views holy shit

    ErraticJJErraticJJ2 hónapja
  • No one: Me when I think I hear Finnish but I instead says finish: :c

    Mico PesonenMico Pesonen2 hónapja
  • Toss a coin to your gopnik, Oh valley of cykas, Oh valley of cykas, Bbbbllllyyyaaaattttt

    Thomas GardnerThomas Gardner2 hónapja
  • I love this man.

    ThecauseofwhynotThecauseofwhynot2 hónapja
  • Russia i'm Romanian blyat. Gopnik😅

    Alexandru BumbariuAlexandru Bumbariu2 hónapja
  • A "Russian" who never says "suka blyat" is western spy!

    That guyThat guy2 hónapja
  • Wsit 4 more years to visit subreddit

    Aquele Que Não Deve Ser MencionadoAquele Que Não Deve Ser Mencionado2 hónapja
  • YES

    blake johnblake john2 hónapja
  • 09:01 thats a map of Serbia btw

    MIlos NikolicMIlos Nikolic2 hónapja
  • 3:15 she is brazilian and i understand everything that she says xaxaxa

    ABAB2 hónapja
  • Hang on did Boris refer to English as a slav language?....🤔🤔🤔🤔

    rando boirando boi2 hónapja
  • 3:17 brazil makes his way into the gopnik way

    Corpse partyCorpse party2 hónapja
  • Me: *thinking of things not related to the exam* My brain: 9:02

    Kimberly SawadanKimberly Sawadan2 hónapja
  • Vadim: exists Boris: I'm about to end this mans whole career

    Leon MisicLeon Misic2 hónapja
  • Later on we found out he still made the cheese video

    themelonboithemelonboi2 hónapja
  • Boris lives on Mars

    MiroPVPMiroPVP2 hónapja
  • God i feel embarrased for making that "boris is not a slav" post. I said some stupid shit that doesn't make sense, and that was the post that got into a video of a guy who has several million subscribers. God i feel so bad

    oh sees policeoh sees police2 hónapja
  • 9:08 I feel like my phone got hacked... I don't even have my gps on and still it found my location. No but jokes aside hi fellow Serbians.

    Laura MiacisLaura Miacis2 hónapja
  • anybody saw the change in the back ? (On the sub count)

    Lpkuba 088Lpkuba 0882 hónapja
  • Basic slav vocabulary: Milk = cow juice Cheese = hardened cow juice

    Icy BrownIcy Brown2 hónapja