Google Changed EVERYTHING With The Pixel 5

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Is Google making a misstep with the Google Pixel 5 and 4a 5G? It looks like they're changing their strategy by making phones cheaper without the high-end specs. Does it make sense?
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  • Missing Note: The Pixel 5 is IP68 rated where the 4a 5G is not.

    • this actually makes the pixel 5 worth it over the 4a

      Gabriel RodriguezGabriel RodriguezHónapja
    • @koen miseur i know, its really irritating me that i really want to buy google phone 😔

    • Coming from a 1 or 2. The Pixel 5 scores waay lower than the 3XL

      John OthwoloJohn OthwoloHónapja
    • @Dtr146 yes my Pixel 2 was waterproof. But then the waterproofing went away and has finally come back with the Pixel 5.

    • @withadancenumber just keep in mind though, I lot of phones including the 4a 5g are sealed just as well as phones with IP68 ratings, the only difference is they don't have to pay for expensive equipment to test it. I'm sure a 4a 5g is probably the same if not almost the same amount of water resistance

  • I have the white pixel 4 and it has a lovely frosted glass back which I haven’t found slippery. You just picked the wrong colour!

    WatermelontasticWatermelontastic8 órája
  • Anyone knows why they removed the headphone jack? A big stepback nonetheless.

    Weronika MWeronika MNapja
  • 2:54 What if your face is wet?

  • Still rockin' the Pixel 1 (XL). Battery ain't what it used to be, but everything else is still good. Torn between the Pixel 5 and the OnePlus 8T.... still trying to decide.

    P WadeP WadeNapja
  • Excellent video 👍 I'm still rocking the non XL Pixel 2, I love it. So glad 4a has the headphone jack.

    Stuart BufferyStuart Buffery2 napja
  • I am hesitant to get the 5, only because last year I switched from a Samsung GS8 to the Pixel 4....and it had the worst battery I've ever experienced. Really hopeful, but I won't be afraid to send it back to Google within 14 days if there's bs.

    beachnerbum710beachnerbum7103 napja
  • I bought a note 20 ultra rather then getting pixel. I had the pixel 3xl and loved it but the specs of the pixel 5 are underwhelming.

    StevenSteven4 napja
  • I dont understand why a flagship android device dropped their specs by so much (crappy processor, old camera, no xl version) They just expect us to pay more for a crappier version of their old phones, with the all new "5g" that has been shown we'll never really use it.

    Josh FJosh F4 napja
  • Pixel 5 should have been launched with the 855+ chipset.

    Deepak RoundalDeepak Roundal5 napja
  • I really could not justify the new Iphones with no 90hz screen, No charger in the box and I would be new to the eco system so had to buy a charger and the pixel is still £200 cheaper than the Iphone 12! I have now the pixel 5 and it was a worthy upgrade from the 2 XL, the screen with the refresh rate makes such a notable difference and updates have now ended on my pixel 2 xl, nice one google!

    Duke NukemDuke Nukem5 napja
  • Next year idc how much they make it better they better not make the phone any bigger

    Ak1ra FAk1ra F5 napja
  • is james gay? ( not judging just out of curiosity )

    Samip DalviSamip Dalvi6 napja
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Adrian TelloAdrian Tello6 napja
  • Worst part about it is the rubbish speakers and the lack of 2 finger control. Coming from a pixel 3 these things were hugely noticeable to me. All that muscle memory needs retraining.. move for the worse getting rid of that.

    Tony JonesTony Jones7 napja
  • Wow my 2018 Samsung Galaxy S9 has Snapdragon 845 they're really trying to be like Apple 🍎 we don't even have to try. You'll just buy

    DogCatCow ChickenDogCatCow Chicken8 napja
  • That little adapter is the best thing ever. I used to work at vodafone and nothing saved us more time than those adapters

    Teige SherwoodTeige Sherwood8 napja
  • Love that they brought back the fingerprint reader. Not a fan of the face unlock and you're absolutely correct about the reach into the pocket and unlocking with your finger.

    Al PadillaAl Padilla9 napja
  • Keeping my 4xl, the five ain't cutting it for me, shoe, shoe. Why downgrade? The 855 is still 🤴 king compared to the 765processer, 😬 yikes. Many will argue, nah, it's still a mid-ranger! Maybe good but not at 7oo.oo plus tax? Should have been 550.00 to 600.00 max!

    David MartranoDavid Martrano10 napja
  • I guess Apple thinks your upgrading from a previous iPhone or you have Mac book

    steveo314steveo31410 napja
  • never once have i had a phone fall out of my pocket let alone fly across the room

    john russojohn russo14 napja
  • Privacy>

    Whole ReflectionsWhole Reflections15 napja
  • Thanks for your sharing and the Chinese subtitle. I have subscribed your channel.

    Bowie WangBowie Wang16 napja
  • noobs....i use Pixel Experience custom rom 😹

    Sai YelaveSai Yelave17 napja
  • I got the Pixel 5 and I love it so far. Coming from iphone 8 plus. The 4a 5g looks solid but it's too big. I was looking to downsize after the massive 8 plus I was on.

    Johnnie SimpsonJohnnie Simpson19 napja
  • Don't think we didn't notice the galaxy watch active 2 on your wrist

    Temmie gaming and memesTemmie gaming and memes19 napja
  • I chose the 5 because of waterproofing.

    thomas kimblerthomas kimbler19 napja
  • Pixel 5 feels cheap and Android is far less polished and 'suave' than iOS. After 10 years with iPhone. I bought the Pixel cause the Google Store had a free Bose headphone offer but after a few days with the Pixel 5. I just couldn't use it and sent it back. Android is gimmicky, Alert sounds are muted. Speaker is awful. The recycled plastic at the back feels and looks horrible. The only good thing about the Pixel 5 is the notifications at the top where else the now useless face unlock notch is ugly and takes too much real estate space.

    Abraham TsfayeAbraham Tsfaye19 napja
  • this vid just made me more glad I got the 4a instead of the 4a 5g or 5

    Alec StageAlec Stage20 napja
  • Google are the enemy do not buy

    paul blackpaul black20 napja
  • Still rocking a pixel 3xl (after my note 9 fell apart well before its time) Works great! My next phone is going to either be a newer pixel or a oneplus, Has anyone had both and prefer one or the other? Only thing that kills me about the pixel is the battery isnt great

    GamingWithPets101GamingWithPets10121 napja
  • Just because you don't use something doesn't make it "junk." That's why you get a thumbs down and I won't bother with the rest of your vid.

    Rory StormRory Storm21 napja
  • I would say the success of the "a" series probably inspired them to stick with their strengths. My 3a I've had for nearly a year now and it has been the best overall android I have used since switching to Android in 2017.

    Ramon GonzaloRamon Gonzalo21 napja
  • Glass smartphones have always made no sense. It is like let's make a glass car! Simple looked nice, and who cares. Glass phones are just another example of corporations seeing how stupid us consumers will be. I wonder where all those broken glass phones are today? I am sure there is a warehouse full of them.

    Dennis DowdDennis Dowd22 napja
  • We getting a full review??

    crisismcnoodlecrisismcnoodle22 napja
  • If You are looking for small phone ,try Sony Xperia compacts ;)

    Shinji OnOShinji OnO22 napja
  • What I hated is that with the Pixel 5, they got rid of 2 step navigation. The 5 only has gestures, or 3 step navigation which looks dated. Why? My 3XL has Android 11 but keeps 2 step navigation.

    Jason SteeleJason Steele23 napja
  • An adapter tool is actually needed. I just switched from apple and this made the transfer process seamless and totally worth the addition.

    Jonathan LeeJonathan Lee23 napja
  • I'm stunned that no one talks about one of the biggest uppset of pixel phones! The alarm clock won't ring if the device is turned off. I've bought a pixel 4A and instantly regretted. All this fancy apps and stuff but not the basic option you can ask a smartphone... And no youtuber mentioning this :(

    philippe morouçophilippe morouço24 napja
  • i can't believe they made james do the soy face.

    Eric GerwatowskiEric Gerwatowski24 napja
  • Why would i value a pixel 4 owners opinion?

    Alf Lenni ErlandsenAlf Lenni Erlandsen24 napja
  • That's not true. I have the pixel 4 and I don't have a case or a skin on it and it's never fell out of my pocket or slid off a table

    Sean RenziSean Renzi25 napja
  • Who's watching this video on a pixel 2 XL on 1440p like a real OG ?

    Mandolphin #notadolphinMandolphin #notadolphin25 napja
  • James: Sings “My Little Pixel” to MLP theme It’s infected both Linus and James, the harbingers of the Apocalypse are here

    LanidienLanidien25 napja
  • If its all software just do an update instead of me buying a new phone

    Co TechCo Tech25 napja
  • Fun fact, I've seen that @Dream video like 7times

    Gabriel SasietaGabriel Sasieta25 napja
  • I would love to get the Pixel 4a 5G, but I need to downsize from my unwieldy S10+, and the Pixel 5 has a mighty fine shape.

    Cesar TapiaCesar Tapia25 napja
  • Just wanted to clear up that the Pixel Visual core never had any Neural AI capabilities. It was just a dedicated HDR and denoise accelerator.

    SwissOnYTSwissOnYT25 napja
  • Breathing a sigh of relief after getting a 4a at launch. The 4a 5G and 5 don't offer anything I'd be willing to pay more money for

    Kurtis ScribaKurtis Scriba25 napja
  • 1:40 no no no not junk. those adapters are for more than just transferring. It helps you attach usb stuff like mouse or headphones or game controllers. Super useful

    Dustin Miller - PolyInnovatorDustin Miller - PolyInnovator26 napja
  • What the hell is that thumbnail

    Loko8Loko827 napja
  • I'm coming from the original Pixel not XL and it's great. Everything is an upgrade for me the screen is bigger, bigger battery, better performance, more RAM, and a better camera. All of that and the phones are pretty close to the same physical size! I've never liked big phones and this sticks to that ease of use. I only have a few complaints the fingerprint scanner and yes the cameras. Fingerprint scanners only work for me like 40% of the time and that's not good when you need it to work. I know I'm in the minority here. A face scanner works 90% and that's is better. Problem number two while this is an upgrade coming from the original Pixel I'd wish Google would have upgraded the camera hardware. They are still using the same hardware from the Pixel 2 if I'm not mistaken only with newer software.

    DanDan27 napja
  • I feel like im the only one who misses the squeeze for assistant

    Joseph RiffeJoseph Riffe28 napja
    • Is that gone on the 5? I love it on my 3.

      SalaminizedSalaminized25 napja
  • Remember when $700 got you a high end phone.

    EggyRepublicEggyRepublic28 napja
  • I'm on a Pixel2xl I think I need the Pixel 5

    Jackson NuttJackson Nutt28 napja
  • Water resistant

    James CroweJames Crowe28 napja
  • 3:07 ugh look at that top bezel on the 4. Disgusting! How can you use this abomination

    Why tho?Why tho?29 napja
  • noo I'm going to switch to the pixel from the iPhone and I need that transfer tool so shush your face its useful

    Nord KittenNord Kitten29 napja
  • You mean the worst pixel phone yet, the oneplus is 40x better at the same price

  • Seems like I chose a better choice for my phone. Samsung Galaxy A50

    Ronny D. B. LopezRonny D. B. LopezHónapja
  • Oh, letting that Google assistant to hold all of the marketing calls on my phone would be devious....

    Outside The BoxOutside The BoxHónapja
  • I still have a Pixel one :' )

    Pigs Wth ChickensPigs Wth ChickensHónapja

    Gabriel RodriguezGabriel RodriguezHónapja
  • i want more video with him

  • 2:35 that’s bs now I can unlock my iPhone 11 faster than I can even swipe up so it doesn’t really matter. Before with touchID it really seemed like a gimmick that didn’t work half of the time

    Mixup 221Mixup 221Hónapja
  • I really like how the display wraps around the camera on new phones

    Mixup 221Mixup 221Hónapja
  • He took a skin of his Pixel 4 phone when he got it out of his pocket, but then said he likes to go naked with his phone....???? Make yr mind up naked or quickly take yr phone skin of and then say u go naked....????

  • I still have pixel 1

  • I might upgrade to the Pixel 5 from my S10+.

    James WJames WHónapja
  • What if I have a pixel 1?

  • White list extreme battery saver; LG had had that for years and it works great

    Shiro SurferShiro SurferHónapja
  • Can't believe I wasn't subscribed to this channel before, this is the best phone review I've seen all year. You talked like a human being not a robot tech person with cliche shit like "feel in the hand" "everything I could throw at it" You talked about REAL SHIT in a REAL way regular people like 👍

    Marlon LunaMarlon LunaHónapja
  • Kinda lame how you try to justify your crappy phone by bashing on iphone...

    Angel DiazAngel DiazHónapja
  • You forgot to mention that the Pixel 5 has IP68 dust/water resistance and Gorilla Glass 6.

    Mark BinderMark BinderHónapja
  • Excellent job James. You have just convinced me to go for a Pixel 4(not A) from my Pixel 2, and 'cause its last years model there trying to shift the old stock, I get another GB£264 off !!! Luke needs to see your Review ;-)

    Robert BennettRobert BennettHónapja
  • Make your money without paid sponsorship.

    Vincent ScaliseVincent ScaliseHónapja
  • FINGER PRINT READER ON THE BACK DOESN'T WORK IN THE CAR. Sorry for shouting...but it annoys me :)

  • No XL version so I won't be buying the 5 to upgrade from my 3XL

    Michael ClarkMichael ClarkHónapja
  • does the quality of story posts on instagram still look like it was captured with a microwave?

  • Transferring thing, junk? It's called an OTG adapter, and many people use it. It's a very handy tool, BOOMER!

  • Pixels are junk. I hear people complain all the time and constantly need repairs and then people get mad at me because the parts are so much.

    Travis StamperTravis StamperHónapja
  • The dark/light adjustments on the camera are a joke. They are laggy ,slow to respond and don't add anything. as far as I can tell , to the picture quality that cant be handled much more effectively in post editing.

    Kiki LaRueKiki LaRueHónapja
  • Too expensive $500 lol for a midrage phone

    John RudgeJohn RudgeHónapja
  • "That never worked! No one ever used it! " good lols.

    Ben WithersBen WithersHónapja
  • ..but Pixel 4A is expensive 389€ in Spain , must be 280- 300€ pixel 5: 400€, 500€

  • Give us a Micro SD card and I would buy it today. I travel a lot and cloud storage doesn't work for me.

    Lee RedmanLee RedmanHónapja
  • Pixel 5 also has smaller bezels for me the 2gigs wireless charging 90hz and ip rating are worth it seems like a lot of other people think so but the 4a 5g is a great device also 👍👊

    David YohoDavid YohoHónapja
  • and how exactly do I unlock my phone when it's laying on my desk with the fingerprint reader on the back? I'll do you one better: How exactly do I unlock my phone in my Car Holder with the fingerprint reader on the back? fingerprint reader on the back: useless phone.

    Piet ice-only.dePiet ice-only.deHónapja
  • I don't trust Google....

    Space TimeSpace TimeHónapja
  • Oneplus all the way ❤️

    Datenschutz DatenschutzDatenschutz DatenschutzHónapja
  • Features of the 4a 5G is fine for me. But i LOVE the size of pixel 5.... I am going to pay more money for smaller screen. Sounds stupid orz

    Ruby HuiRuby HuiHónapja
  • The adsence of the image processing chip and the only option of storage (128gb) are a big no no for me. I mean the phone is just great and the general road that they choose to follow for this phone is correct, but those two things will keep me away from buying the pixel 5... Specially the storage is stupid as hell...

    Michael PMichael PHónapja
  • Subbed. A good review of what matters in pure Android with comparison

  • I like your use humor and your personality in your review! I was going to get the pixel 4a 5g bit Verizon was not selling it and I had some Vzw device credits that lowered the cost of the pixel 5. Also, I'm concerned that the 6gb of RAM would not have been enough to keep the 4a 5g sufficiently 'future proofed' with the 765G SoC.

    Tommy MTommy MHónapja
  • No headphone jack is a deal-breaker on any phone

    Jack AllanJack AllanHónapja
  • I always use a case on my phones. I would break it almost immediately if I didn't. So to me, the build feel does not matter all that much. Personally I would base my decision on the Headphone jack. I love its simplicity and that it just works without needing to charge or pair anything.

    Titus OvermyerTitus OvermyerHónapja
  • I just stopped in to say this guy is a moron!!! That's it, carry on! 🙄

    Roland KillmonRoland KillmonHónapja
  • In Germany the price differenz is half

    Casjen JeskeCasjen JeskeHónapja
  • You forgot to mention Pixel 5 is waterproof which was why I needed that instead of the 4a. I know myself and at some point my phone is going to get wet.

  • How are you guys enjoying the separation thats occurring with the screen ? 🤣🤣 good thing it was cheap huh

    Jim BobJim BobHónapja