Goodbye Donald Trump

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Joe Biden was finally sworn in as President and there’s a feeling in the air of celebration and joy. So we say goodbye to Donald Trump, not with venom, not with scorn, but with optimism, jubilance and celebration.
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  • He will be back

    Sam & Mercedes RoccoSam & Mercedes RoccoÓrája
  • Yeah and a month later we’re 10 times worst then we were 2 months ago. I’m one month into Biden’s presidency 100,000 dead, jobs lost, Texas has no electricity just to name a few. You people are all morons

    Nick ReyesNick Reyes2 órája
  • Enjoy your communism!

    Ian WestbyIan Westby6 órája
  • Letterman hated conservatives, but he had class.

    yay4thisyay4this7 órája
  • *😂😂🤣🤣👏🏻 AMAZING!!*

    Chloe MarianChloe Marian8 órája
  • Abraham Lincoln has more dance skills than the giant pp on 0:21

    Cameron EnglandCameron England10 órája
    • FYI i know its actually the Washington monument

      Cameron EnglandCameron England10 órája
  • His official portrait should be on sheets of toilet paper throughout all federal buildings.

    1Tomrider1Tomrider10 órája
  • How pathetic is this... Bye

    John DomuchJohn Domuch12 órája
    • This is art salty trumpet!!

      BarborosoBarboroso12 órája
  • Goodbye Doucebag and Hello Biden

    Jack BrawnenJack Brawnen16 órája
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Aryan AKAryan AK16 órája
  • Nice Music Video. Because Donald Trump Sucks.

    Willis MacaraigWillis Macaraig18 órája
  • The best video I have seen 🤩🤩🤩. Let’s all do the wave as well 🤣😂😅🙏🙏🙏

    Marina PachecoMarina Pacheco21 órája
  • That's very very made

    Ty PenningtonTy Pennington23 órája
  • "This medicine may cause inflammation, swelling, internal bleeding, chest pain, and even death." People in the Commercial: 0:17

    Celestino RacpanCelestino RacpanNapja
    • 😂 that is true tho

      Zuri The Bald Girl.Zuri The Bald Girl.19 órája
  • "América is back" -Joe biden after bombing syria, but trump is the belic dictator with 0 wars in his 4 years run, the only president doing that since ford

    G O K U S HG O K U S HNapja
    • He didn't "bomb Syria". He took out over 20 Iran backed militants in Syria that killed an American contractor and injured others. Smh. 😑

      Gana TalbotGana Talbot37 perccel
    • Trump attacked his own country instead. For four years he made life tough for everyone except his rich friends, and he applauded the Jan. 6th assault on the nation’s capitol.

      KEPC KatherineCKEPC KatherineC21 órája
    • Right, but only 500,000 dead from corona.

      Mary KnightMary Knight23 órája
  • funny if your iq is 70

    k shaddozk shaddozNapja
    • It is much better to have an IQ of 70 than to have yours.

      Raynald BRaynald B10 órája
  • Bunch of commies in the comments.

    Benjamin FranklinBenjamin FranklinNapja
  • Not for long, i think the people will set things right in the next fair election!

    Wayne LyesWayne LyesNapja
  • Lincon got moves

    John hainesJohn hainesNapja
  • Which monuments were dancing?

  • Biden sucks

    • Listen kid, you're too young to write such a comment.

      Raynald BRaynald BNapja
  • Trump is Not my President

    ivan cahyadiivan cahyadiNapja
  • Goodbye Jimmy Kimmel and idiot joe Biden

    Isabella SalcedoIsabella SalcedoNapja
    • Trumpster💩🤢🤮

      Riyad the BulldogRiyad the Bulldog15 órája
  • Bullshit !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Richard DinhRichard DinhNapja
    • Trumpster

      Connor CornwallConnor Cornwall2 órája
    • I’m gonna challenge you to report my account

      Richard DinhRichard Dinh14 órája
    • Trumpster💩🤢🤮

      Riyad the BulldogRiyad the Bulldog15 órája
  • Well here in four years you better say goodbye to biden because he’s probably not gonna win his reelection

    Mr GamingMr GamingNapja
    • He means the 2025 election

      JakeTheFlamingoJakeTheFlamingo12 órája
    • He just won ;-;

      Silent_Gamer081Silent_Gamer08118 órája
  • I hate this more like goodbye Biden

    Blake DowdyBlake DowdyNapja
  • Funny and lol

    adzka dan almeradzka dan almerNapja
  • Not so fast. Won't you be surprised when he comes back. You watch

    Susan DuncanSusan DuncanNapja
    • @ThingsBetwixt No he won’t he will be in jail

      Riyad the BulldogRiyad the Bulldog15 órája
    • @silver smoke Lol youll see.

    • And if he doesn't?

      silver smokesilver smokeNapja
  • This is f*cking video i ever seen😡

    trinh phamtrinh phamNapja
  • Noice

    เเดนนี่ .exenfireเเดนนี่ .exenfireNapja
  • I can’t convey through any existing words just how cringe Yank liberals are. I seriously worry

    William RegalWilliam RegalNapja
    • 🎵Then get out the way! MOVE blitch!🎵

      Punkanelly LovejoyPunkanelly LovejoyNapja
  • Am I the only one that thinks this is strange?

    Hein GuyHein GuyNapja
  • Kimmel your shows turned to trash just like our state of California

  • Could you imagine ruining your career over politics. Jimmy you do realise you’ll be dead beat in 5 years now. Join lady gaga and Jonny depp

    Unit nipzUnit nipzNapja
  • joe biden bombed my country i see him as an enemy only

    Raja PericRaja PericNapja
    • @Raja Peric there's nothing about that really,proof?

      Connor CornwallConnor Cornwall34 perccel
    • @Connor Cornwall Yugoslavia

      Raja PericRaja Peric39 perccel
    • @Raja Peric bombed your country,which country.

      Connor CornwallConnor Cornwall2 órája
    • @Connor Cornwall what where

      Raja PericRaja Peric2 órája
    • Where

      Connor CornwallConnor Cornwall2 órája
  • america is alive

    Muhammad Ashraf IbrahimMuhammad Ashraf IbrahimNapja
  • yes finally

    Muhammad Ashraf IbrahimMuhammad Ashraf IbrahimNapja
  • Lmao

    Leah Rose ChapmanLeah Rose ChapmanNapja
  • Lol

    Leah Rose ChapmanLeah Rose ChapmanNapja
  • Thanks for showing liberty at first 🇺🇸

    Udhay BalamuraliUdhay BalamuraliNapja
  • Trump would literally get angry after watching this

    Saptadweep PramanikSaptadweep PramanikNapja
    • I don’t think he would, ever hear of the saying of any publicity is good publicity

      MercuryMercury3 órája
  • Byeeee, Donny!!!!!

    Nursayba NurayanNursayba NurayanNapja
  • Trump is #1

    Pencil ClanPencil ClanNapja
  • Its all fun till donald trump comments

  • So cool

  • This is how the left thinks, what losers

    Sid StoneSid StoneNapja
  • I never realized Donald Trump Support Philippines my own country but now that he is gone... 😔

    Atinyfan EmpireAtinyfan EmpireNapja
  • Jimmy kimmels wife has more testosterone than he does

    Captain FuchiCaptain FuchiNapja
  • “F” tRump good bye🎶💃🏻

  • Awesome 😎 1:13 Whistler’s Mother 😎😎😎😎

    Mr. Conductor from Shining Time StationMr. Conductor from Shining Time StationNapja
  • Bye Trump. Hi Biden

    Joshua WalterJoshua Walter2 napja
  • This put a smile on my face Now Trump gone I'm getting my life together again

    Chrissy StewartChrissy Stewart2 napja
  • Donald Trump is the better president on my thinking

    barada sankar roybarada sankar roy2 napja
  • Donald Trump is really awesome in fact United States Spider-Man superhero United States real hero we all love you Donald Trump God Jesus bless you ✍️💜🇺🇸

    Sarlas SarlasSarlas Sarlas2 napja
    • Ok delusional supporter.

      lorrence castrolorrence castro16 órája
  • When Trump lost I definitely felt a sign of relief. That man was destroying and separating America. He’s bad for business

    Steven GarciaSteven Garcia2 napja
  • Oh yeah it was so great of Biden to cancel keystone pipeline and now the biggest consumers of entertainment are without a job.. This video is cringe.

    Liam WatsonLiam Watson2 napja
  • B as

    Dorothy MckerleyDorothy Mckerley2 napja
  • It's all fun and games till MLK Jr. Breaks those moves

    kak_has_eyeskak_has_eyes2 napja
  • George Washington though lmao

    Imran DatImran Dat2 napja
  • na na na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye

    Cornelius Miguel SevillaCornelius Miguel Sevilla2 napja
    • Adrian Shortliffe

      Donnie ShortliffeDonnie Shortliffe10 perccel
  • One word - HOORAY!!!

    An ObserverAn Observer2 napja
  • You can say a lot of negative things about the right-wing and you will be right,but they are a good inspiration for movies Nixon-Apocalypse Now,Full Metal Jacket,Deer Hunter... Reagan-Escape from New York,They Live,Day of the Dead,The Stuff... Bush-first X-man movie,Steven Spielbergs War of the World,M.Night Shyamalans Signs,Idiocracy... Trump...o.k I have nothing,that guy is suck,its even impossible to make parody of him

    nohinohi2 napja
  • Must have cost a tremendous amount of money, but worth every penny!

    ootjethekingootjetheking2 napja
  • Why everybody hate trump trump just doing his job

    Felix MatulessyFelix Matulessy2 napja
  • Sad Asf

    Slug MoneySlug Money2 napja
  • Its been a month since this aired and yet, whenever I need a happy pick me up, I listen to this again~ Thanks Jimmy!

    Dawn GeorgeDawn George2 napja
  • Elitist bias

    The Model GarageThe Model Garage2 napja
  • 😂😂

    Tina RosadoTina Rosado2 napja
  • Goodbye Jimmy Kimmel

    Jules paggiaroJules paggiaro2 napja
  • But is Biden better than trump?

    DudeBro1DudeBro12 napja
    • @guid hex We will see in time I mean being Canadian I can see that Americans have basically no other option

      DudeBro1DudeBro12 napja
    • Yes, in my opinion at least

      guid hexguid hex2 napja
  • What will your show be about now other than trashing Trump?

    Garian9Garian93 napja
    • American jobs lost in the thousands. Immigrate pouring it. Women’s sports in jeopardy. Yay. I’ll circle back around to this video.

    • @shayaan shah yup. Pathetic political messages from ex-comedians.

    • As he deserves

      RicoTheGreatRicoTheGreat2 napja
    • Not much of a comedy show anymore, more a political message lol. Miss when entertainment was uncorrupted.

      shayaan shahshayaan shah2 napja
  • TRUMP 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pierce carrollpierce carroll3 napja
  • Trump will return, I am waiting!✌️2024

    Klint GocllariKlint Gocllari3 napja
  • Cringe

    Blade RunnerBlade Runner3 napja
  • Abraham was the first republican candidate so everybody knows this video is false

    Noah GriffNoah Griff3 napja
    • It's just fun animation. Stop reading so much into it

      guid hexguid hex2 napja
  • Can’t wait to see the one of Biden😂😂

    MattMatt3 napja
  • What ill be listening when you're all sent to hell then whats that money gonna do for you then Jimmy

    Brandon HamesBrandon Hames3 napja
    • I don't think we're gonna be send to hell, just for this. And what does a song where at the end Trump picture sent away gonna hurt us

      guid hexguid hex2 napja
  • Goodbye trump hello mexicans

    kanor cubeskanor cubes3 napja
  • Tbh I feel like the founding fathers are more disappointed in the government today then anything else

    Andrew TURNERAndrew TURNER3 napja
  • 😂

    PG73PG733 napja
  • Fun fact:my dad told me donald trump is not even american he's from germany (no hate to germany)

    bubble gum_ rosiebubble gum_ rosie3 napja
  • As an irish lord this is halereus

    Finn GallagherFinn Gallagher3 napja
  • Unamerican Biden followers. Wake up.

    Mrs. RMrs. R3 napja
  • INDICT THE TRUMPS (spread the word)

    Kevin DowsetKevin Dowset3 napja
    • @Martin Garrage I dont support them. I just hate liars and criminals like the Trumps. His taxes will show it.

      Kevin DowsetKevin Dowset11 órája
    • @Kevin Dowset if you are against lies, why do you support the new government administration ?

      Martin GarrageMartin GarrageNapja
    • @Kevin Dowset What guarantee you have the democrates didn't do election fraud ? Nothing ? Sounds like you have a brainwashed hate against Trump personally and have no interest to see what he accomplish for the country ! bringing economy back , etc. more jobs , less tax. save borders. All things that you hate.

      Martin GarrageMartin Garrage2 napja
    • @Martin Garrage For all the lies, the tax fraud, not releasing his accounts, for trying to overturn the election, if he had any evidence he would have been shouting and showing it from the roof tops. for siding with Russia and North Korea against the USA's own intelligence services. For sacking anybody that disagreed with him, even though he is an idiot and they were saying it as it is. e.g. Injecting bleach, there is no Covid, it will go away like a miracle. What a moron.

      Kevin DowsetKevin Dowset2 napja
    • Indict for what ? Saving the country against the corrupt swamp ? (spread the word )

      Martin GarrageMartin Garrage2 napja
  • Really creepy and he kind of funny Ha ha ha!!!!

    jun telpojun telpo3 napja
  • Ayyyyy

    • xzynx •• xzynx •3 napja
  • Bla C face, Jimmy. Remember that

    Andrew AAndrew A3 napja
  • The future of comedy is doomed

    DeputyzenDeputyzen3 napja
  • Savage lolllllll I miss Donald trump though👇

    DangThatsCoolDangThatsCool3 napja
    • Really

      Riyad the BulldogRiyad the Bulldog3 napja
  • That was extremely lame, the future of comedy is doomed

    FilmPA1986FilmPA19863 napja
    • You just said that because it's about that Trump is gone. If it was Biden then you would say it's amazing

      guid hexguid hex2 napja
  • No WW3 yay!

    emelard masteremelard master3 napja
  • Goodbye Donald Trump

    ꧁ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ ⃣꧂꧁ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ ⃣꧂3 napja
  • This video is so underrated

    David DudeDavid Dude3 napja
  • Trump 2021

    jay kachhwahajay kachhwaha3 napja
    • Trump for jail

      Riyad the BulldogRiyad the Bulldog3 napja
  • You will fall Kimmel only time in the way buddy you haven't been funny for a long time...

    Jay JayJay Jay3 napja
  • Trump supporter for life

    Andrew ChipAndrew Chip4 napja
    • Trumpster💩🤢🤮

      Riyad the BulldogRiyad the Bulldog3 napja

    Mae-Elizabeth - BLMMae-Elizabeth - BLM4 napja
  • Hmph, stupid..

    Randall ORandall O4 napja
  • "Enter Biden" (Parody of Enter Sandman - Metallica) Say your prayers, little one Don't forget, my son To include everyone I tuck you in, warm within Keep you free from sin Till the Biden he comes Sleep with one eye open Gripping your pillow tight Exit light Enter night Take my hand We're off to Harris & Bidenland Something's wrong, shut the light Heavy thoughts tonight And they aren't of Snow White Dreams of war, dreams of liars Dreams of dragon's fire And of things that will bite Sleep with one eye open Gripping your pillow tight Exit light Enter night Take my hand We're off to Harris & Bidenland Now I lay me down to sleep Pray the Lord my soul to keep If I die before I wake Pray the Lord my soul to take Hush little baby, don't say a word And never mind that noise you heard It's just A.O.C. under your bed In your closet, in your head Exit light Enter night Grain of sand Exit light Enter night Take my hand We're off to Harris & Bidenland We're off to Harris & Bidenland Take my hand We're off to Harris & Bidenland Take my hand We're off to Harris & Bidenland We're off to Harris & Bidenland We're off to Harris & Bidenland We're off to Harris & Bidenland

    The0ldg0atThe0ldg0at4 napja
  • Sure, everybody's happy, just forget me and the other 75 million other people, tone deaf moron Jimmy!

    Susan TeeterSusan Teeter4 napja
    • Your comment is just proof by when Biden says unity, he really means, do what we say and be happy about or there will never be peace.

      Susan TeeterSusan Teeter2 napja
    • @Susan Teeter with your attitude, not much

      guid hexguid hex2 napja
    • @guid hex While destroying thousands of jobs with the XL PL, demonizing capitol police, and trying to make us pay for oversea abortions, so much unity!!

      Susan TeeterSusan Teeter2 napja
    • Biden wants to reunite the people. So just the fighting

      guid hexguid hex2 napja