Good Lap vs. Great Lap, with Charles Leclerc | Portuguese Grand Prix

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Portimao is known for its elevation changes and tricky twists and turns. Take a closer look at the differences between Charles Leclerc's good lap and the one that granted him a P4 start at the 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix.
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  • Will fps 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

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  • video game you all fxxk up fAA

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  • Shut up ! I can read !

    7sq7sq12 napja
  • Great video

    Zakaria RidaZakaria Rida13 napja
  • Wicked track stat charts!!!

    Prashant ParekhPrashant Parekh14 napja
  • Video is out of sync by 1 second (excluding the delta between the laps).

    dusty44444dusty4444414 napja
  • 0:45 - you can't do that and use different lines to prove your point. Use the same or don't use it at all!

    Carlos FerrariCarlos Ferrari14 napja
  • The commentator is Alex Brundle; sounds like Martin Brundle in young, but without the "a-GAIN". :)

    Steven BrumfieldSteven Brumfield14 napja
  • La prostituzio ne è fai prostituire una Con disagi mentali dato da cocaina e' tu le di la vita agli altri ti sbattono diretto ai Domiciliari e senza parlare...

    Serenella GazzolaSerenella Gazzola14 napja
  • MotoGP is way way more interesting especially in this sircuit

    lawsuitgirllawsuitgirl14 napja
  • Is that Alex brundle I’m hearing?

    akaJPDakaJPD15 napja
  • blink and you'll miss it

    iamsemideusiamsemideus15 napja
  • 4th with the SF1000... and Seb is better than him...

    Simone BolognaniSimone Bolognani15 napja
  • Yeah, that's the way I would have done it.

    G MG M15 napja
  • Será que dá um gelo na barriga

    gustavo montegutigustavo monteguti15 napja
  • That is one difficult track.

    Carlo SantinCarlo Santin15 napja
  • Driving: Instincts based on past experience (practicing) Analysis: Assessing all the minor details that we naturally don't think about

    Leyan ClasiLeyan Clasi15 napja
  • Amazing commentary, but jesus the editing. It's like they put a high schooler in charge of all the transitions. They were seriously annoying and nauseating.

    PandabrahPandabrah15 napja
  • It's the carbon copy Martin bundle 😂

    Siddharth DesaiSiddharth Desai15 napja
  • This is just odd, it may say 3 tenths difference between the laps, in the video he is more than a second behind. When it says 0.052, he is up almost 0.400, no cutaway's yet. This is poor lap vs great lap.

    OxnardOxnard15 napja
  • They just removed the Kaspersky software and that's where the improvement comes from.

    kordax mintkordax mint15 napja
  • Is this Alex Brundle?

    ALAL15 napja
  • track limits anyone? and how can this even compare when the track itself been modified? sorry,not convinced

    kovacs eugenkovacs eugen15 napja
    • @John Larsen it's a big no-no for me. i enjoy to see drivers pushing the limits of the track but it's ridiculous. maybe i'm just frustrated i can't do that in f1 game :D

      kovacs eugenkovacs eugen15 napja
    • There were only track limits in exit of turn 1, everywhere else the gravel is the limit

      John LarsenJohn Larsen15 napja
  • Say what you want about Daniels F1 social media comment, but I've seen a pretty big improvement in content since hearing about it

    Aaron JacksonAaron Jackson15 napja
  • It would be fun if you can see his hartbeat

    Vigo MulderVigo Mulder15 napja
  • I like how much respect Charles gets by the people for his efforts.

    s7evin88s7evin8815 napja
    • @Ben Thompson the race is not over yet buddy... Lec is gonna start on medium tyres... Rest are on softs.. So i hope that's gonna put something in ur brain

      The BeastThe Beast13 napja
    • Where are the Lec fans now oh that’s right you’ve been sent back into your lane :)

      Ben ThompsonBen Thompson13 napja
    • @Ben Thompson looks like u r new to f1... or probably another ferrari hater....

      The BeastThe Beast15 napja
    • @Ben Thompson haha average driver who will be multi wdc

      Mohit AnandMohit Anand15 napja
    • All of it undeserved and unmerited. He’s done absolutely nothing to stand out in F1 just another average driver who won’t last another few years

      Ben ThompsonBen Thompson15 napja
  • Somewhere someone is calm. 🌞🌝

    God's CommunityGod's Community15 napja
  • Everyone, vote Mazepin for driver of the day

    Pedro BarbosaPedro Barbosa15 napja
  • A great lap in a Ferrari Wait.. Thats illegal

    Vali F1Vali F115 napja
  • Fastest tractor in the world

    Naveen CNaveen C15 napja
  • Charles Leclerc is the best of the grid over a single lap.

    Raphaël BouyrieRaphaël Bouyrie16 napja
  • Ferrari cheaters

    The MitchieThe Mitchie16 napja
  • This man will be champion soon 😤💪🏽

    F1 ibraaaF1 ibraaa16 napja
  • It's like not only do you have to be mm precise on the placement on the track also millisecond precise on the sequence of timings. To hook that all up consistently whilst dealing with changing variables is beyond my understanding. Attention to detail is what is so impressive about F1.

    Euan DykesEuan Dykes16 napja
  • ベッテルのほうが早い

    F BNF BN16 napja
  • I love this format, thank you!

    Thorben PollerhofThorben Pollerhof16 napja
  • Maybe 1:15.5 in 2021

    Maxi FMaxi F16 napja
  • I also watched the Lewis Hamilton's last year pole lap and it seems he did some mistakes and get advantages of the car. Leclerc's lap was much smoother and he carried his speed through all corners. In the same car the gap might have been crucial. I think he's the best qualifying driver of the grid.

    Süleyman SümertaşSüleyman Sümertaş16 napja
  • I don't know if anyone actually reads this but I LOVE THIS CONTENT PLEASE DO MORE OF IT

    XeakpressXeakpress16 napja
  • So p4 is the definition of a great lap? Charles is the definition of mediocrity

    Ben ThompsonBen Thompson16 napja
    • He was in like the 6th fastest car? He would have been like 8th-14th if he was mediocre or do you not know how much car performance matters in F1? Sorry if that came off as aggressive

      VieeveVieeve3 napja
    • He did that on a Car just faster than Hass, Williams and Alfa Romeo

      Shubham AnavkarShubham Anavkar15 napja
  • the editor cant stop testing out his new sound effects add on

    Rahul MooleyRahul Mooley16 napja
  • It's like watching a young Martin Brundle all over again!

    Aaran ChauhanAaran Chauhan16 napja
  • Little bit confused, how this can be a great lap, while he made mistakes in almost every corner. Was there really no car that made it better?

    Ukulele ProductionsUkulele Productions16 napja
  • Do it for Turkey too please

    Pamir BaranPamir Baran16 napja
  • Please do Such analysis with Kubica lap from Suzuka 2010

    Mariusz SzMariusz Sz16 napja
  • Adverbs lesson

    Bosko FilipovicBosko Filipovic16 napja
  • alex sounds incredibly like his father

    michaek743michaek74316 napja
  • Always love to see this content 👌

    Richardus ArsatrioRichardus Arsatrio16 napja
  • love this. do more. great video.

    MemphiStigMemphiStig16 napja
  • For those who didnt know, this is alex brundle commentating, martin’s son. Their voices are uncanny.

    Keith SooKeith Soo16 napja
    • I was wondering who this Martin Brundle wannabe was 😂

      James EnrightJames Enright10 napja
    • I scrolled down to find this. I wondered what was wrong with Martin's audio and then realised it's probably Alex. It really is uncanny

      Wigf1Wigf116 napja
  • It's time now to drop the Frenchy French pronunciation of Charles' name, because he doesn't pronounce his name like that when he's speaking English.

    Nixer DoyleNixer Doyle16 napja
  • All hail Lord Percival

    SVW VideosSVW Videos16 napja
  • Let's go Verstappen

    dudebrodudebro16 napja
  • Iligeal car nothing great about it

    Dr. TruthDr. Truth16 napja
    • It's from 2020

      Shubham AnavkarShubham Anavkar15 napja
  • Loved this comparison!

    Mahatma GandhiMahatma Gandhi16 napja
  • I LOVE F1!

    Charles MiddletonCharles Middleton16 napja
  • Vamos Esteban Ocon está es tu carrera 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏎🏎🏎

    Cesar VelazquezCesar Velazquez16 napja
  • Best circuit ever made. Hands down.

    Resize FilmsResize Films16 napja
  • this is like speedrunning

    clonebin0clonebin016 napja
  • Bravo!

    Rafael AlvesRafael Alves16 napja
  • Love these breakdowns.

    V I N T A G EV I N T A G E16 napja
  • Lewis>Lecrec>max

    Real RacingReal Racing16 napja
  • So what you're saying is even his great lap wasn't 100% perfect? Can't wait to see a monster lap this weekend then!

    Yuxi ZhangYuxi Zhang16 napja
  • Max and leclerc fastest drivers in qualifying. Lewis is better in race.

    Ricardo BastosRicardo Bastos16 napja
  • …….Leclerc is gonna win a WDC soon…..imagine if Ferrari had a winning car ?🤔 ………what could be?……

    Video game ValleyVideo game Valley16 napja
  • What an absolute beauty of a race track! Please keep it forever in the calendar :)

    Foo VinesFoo Vines16 napja
  • Mooore of this please

    Enzo MartinsEnzo Martins16 napja
  • I love this kind of video!!

    xRissorxRissor16 napja
  • Great video!

    Antonio CGonzálezAntonio CGonzález16 napja
  • Such a waste of a talent in a shity car.

    Luiz AntonioLuiz Antonio16 napja
  • Was that Martin Brundle’s brother narrating?

    Loading nowLoading now16 napja
    • His son

      Shubham AnavkarShubham Anavkar15 napja

    LkzLkz16 napja
  • Young Alex Brundle sounding like a young Martin Brundle. It's uncanny.

    Billy AmannBilly Amann16 napja
  • If ferrari didnt sign him on a 5yr deal and did the usual 2yrs, I'm sure red bull would have tried to get him as their second driver instead of checo.

    Govinderan PillayGovinderan Pillay16 napja
  • Is this young brundle?

    btryhard7btryhard716 napja
  • Charles needs just a competitive car...just this

  • 🤡Micheal Masi🤡

    Snow RabbitSnow Rabbit16 napja
  • yes, great info and content!

    paiermenpaiermen16 napja
  • I would like to see the slowest time vs the fastest time.

    Nazim DZ 24Nazim DZ 2416 napja
  • Why’s martins voice so high 😂😂😂

    Kieran FordKieran Ford16 napja
  • If Charles is given a race winning car, imagine where he'll end up each race week. He's so talented. He'll be a Champion one day.

    Dalin VargheseDalin Varghese16 napja
    • @Olanrewaju Akintola That’s more of Mercedes just generally being better in races than in quali.

      Goldenslayer0422Goldenslayer042214 napja
    • @Ben Thompson .............. ??? what?

      SuimegaSuimega14 napja
    • Sharl LeTalent

      藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac15 napja
    • @Ben Thompson Seb had three race winning cars (2017, 18 and 19). Charles only one. Who's the mediocre?

      felipefelipe15 napja
    • @Ben Thompson so what would you call seb that had one?😂😂 Despite been in the mat ferrari for over 4 years And this was Charles first year in Ferrari😂

      Olanrewaju AkintolaOlanrewaju Akintola16 napja
  • 1:38 reminded me of JD

    itzMatitzMat16 napja
  • narrated by Martin Brundle??

    Tzeff's Main ChannelTzeff's Main Channel16 napja
    • @Tzeff's Main Channel 👍

      ApollonApollon16 napja
    • @Apollon 😄

      Tzeff's Main ChannelTzeff's Main Channel16 napja
    • His son, Alex Brundle

      ApollonApollon16 napja
  • Iam Fan Of F1.

    Premanand .V RevankarPremanand .V Revankar16 napja
  • In all fairness, that Ferrari wasn't all that bad. If Seb peformed better, Ferrari could've been higher in the constructors

    Muhammad JazlanMuhammad Jazlan16 napja
  • In Italy we call him "Il Predestinato", The Chosen One. He is a future WDC for sure

    ShadyyyShadyyy16 napja
    • I die inside every time Vanzini mentions it. That's some 12 year old cringe right there

      StargazerStargazer14 napja
    • Yes, but almost certainly not for Ferrari.

      LukeLuke15 napja
    • i feel like haas can win a title before ferrari does

      Vrum VrumVrum Vrum16 napja
    • Haha ok lol

      Lohith ReddyLohith Reddy16 napja
    • Fr. Charles reminds of when lewis first came in and put in that special rookie season. Charles is definitely a special driver

      Barry BraynenBarry Braynen16 napja
  • Fantastic video

    Stimulation SimulatedStimulation Simulated16 napja
  • best ever driver of the saturdays. period.

    KaanKaan16 napja
  • What a understanding...nice job f1

    Dhairya OzaDhairya Oza16 napja
  • I wonder how many people that dont realise that it isn't Marting Brundle commentating this; it's his son. Voice is getting more and more uncanny with every video

    TheTimeTravellerTheTimeTraveller16 napja
    • *Marting* Brundle

      藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac15 napja
  • I love this track, the changes in undulation is awesome we need more tracks like this

    Fabrício De BritoFabrício De Brito16 napja
  • Wow, so much detail goes into these and the having the mental and physical capacity to do it consistently while pushing the car to the limit to shave split seconds off your time is just remarkable. It’s nice to see contents like these and I think they should have more of them. 🏎 👍

    Cipher422Cipher42216 napja
  • Why is he yelling everything? It's horrible to listen to!

    NGTL Racing MrSBSNGTL Racing MrSBS16 napja
  • Great to see you guys highlighting the video parts but those sound effects are a bit sus...

    Zeeshan AjmalZeeshan Ajmal16 napja
  • Finally a more technical video. Less top tens and more of that please!

    Panther sdkfzPanther sdkfz16 napja
  • Ferrari needs to make that car faster..The driver is doing his job!

    jeffery wadejeffery wade16 napja
  • Leclerc is the best driver and soon all F1 fans are going to understand why

    MemoMemo16 napja
  • The fasthers lap in Charles Lecrec Ferrari in Q3 1:17:990

    Mitrut BurduhosMitrut Burduhos16 napja
  • Its crazy how i was like Martin sounds slightly off with his pronounciations and then i realised its Alex lol

    PortuguesePirate99PortuguesePirate9916 napja
    • Yeah he does really sound like his dad

      Lohith ReddyLohith Reddy16 napja
    • Sounds like a high pitched Martin

      Fart Vader • 84 years agoFart Vader • 84 years ago16 napja
  • I'm flattered. By Leclerc and also Alex Brundle's commentary/analysis/attention to detail. 👍

    Gábor MiklayGábor Miklay16 napja