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Glorious Stalinum in War Thunder by Boris. 100% Slav memes top quality yes. With Anatoli.
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  • Me : mom can i play War Thunder? Mom : no honey, we already have war thunder at home War Thunder at home : 0:01

    Battery HighBattery High4 hónapja
    • ZD

      Daniel MelnikDaniel MelnikNapja
    • MEANWHILE me driveing T 34 thinking u gonna so well karma 0:01

      Kalle The foxKalle The foxHónapja
    • @PEDRO SERRET CARDOSO nah even im a east spy so stalin wont send me to GuAlG

      alpha 1.gamingalpha 1.gamingHónapja
    • Actually better

    • Brakatatatatata brakatattatata Me:what

      alpha 1.gamingalpha 1.gamingHónapja
  • atleast its not raidshadow legends.

    DefasDefas8 órája
  • Wait i already have an account but i want to get boris boost :| in the name of slavic people PLEASE TELL ME WAT TO DO!

    Daniel MelnikDaniel MelnikNapja
  • Lmao the intro

    Cobra fightersCobra fighters3 napja
  • lol he used an American jet

  • Hmmm, starting to think this guy is communist or sumthin...

    Some RatSome Rat3 napja
  • debil! Cousin Antoli has been compromised by western spies- what Slav watches WALL-E?

    Operation MayhemOperation Mayhem5 napja
  • I like protovigaz, but for helicopter? Use Братишка.

    The TexanThe Texan7 napja
  • How to Craft a Stalinium? *Just mix Steel & Titanium* How? "St" is now eel, "a" is now Titnium, "l" is now ee, "in" is now Ttnium, and "ium" is now Ttn, and if you couple it you end up making *"Stalinium"*

    Cheeki Breeki IICheeki Breeki II8 napja
  • 2:50

    MOAR SeigmeyerMOAR Seigmeyer9 napja
  • This video makes a little more sense knowing that стали (stali) means 'steel.'

    Billy BobBilly Bob9 napja
  • Sneaky Breeki tactics

    Luc WijngaardLuc Wijngaard11 napja
  • I installed War Thunder and when i saw that i can fight for USSR i immediatly clicked USSR

    perunapelaaja _perunapelaaja _12 napja
  • Object 279 the true Soviet stalinium tank

    Tommy HurtadoTommy Hurtado13 napja
  • ах, хелло?

    wadefokwadefok13 napja
  • Hola soy español... Eeee ñ

    B aB a13 napja
  • His like to dislike ratio is 100 to 1

    JakeTheDogJakeTheDog14 napja
  • refers to soviet union and is in a Apache. hmmm

    FV4007 Centurion Main Battle TankFV4007 Centurion Main Battle Tank15 napja
  • 9g 9g starts snoring, ahahaha

    Eduard C****Eduard C****16 napja
  • You can also play war thunder on your computer lol

    Schwarze KatzeSchwarze Katze16 napja
  • Rush (B)erlin!

    Saba Tazh CzechSaba Tazh Czech16 napja
  • You might just like the kv 2

    Kaden EllingsonKaden Ellingson17 napja
  • Boris flies USAF AirCraft Me and the other Gopnik fans : mmm mmm Boris... Not good... Not good... That's Western Spy tech

    Hirak 47 MukherjeeHirak 47 Mukherjee21 napja
    • Hirak 47 Mukherjee correct

      Slavic Boi713Slavic Boi71318 napja
  • If anyone wanna play wit me in war thunder my name is Superslav23

    Slavic Boi713Slavic Boi71322 napja
  • more realistic then a real life !!? I should try this game

    Ahmad Sukri SabriAhmad Sukri Sabri23 napja
  • Boris Boost: *only on offer for PC, Xbox, and PS4 * My computer: mac mac im not a square .mov .mov Me: *gets WT for Mac and creates an account * Boris Boost: Alyoo, we available for Mac now Me: 0_0

    Jeremy SitorusJeremy Sitorus23 napja
  • Boris: Stalinium can bounce off he shell Me : What about ap shell? Boris: listen here u little sht

    Sonny SanjayaSonny Sanjaya24 napja
  • It is completely free Gajin: hmm about that

    Random PeepRandom Peep24 napja
  • Oo9

    Não Sei 2.0Não Sei 2.025 napja
  • More realistic than real life

  • Привет тебе с Северной Осетии!

    KostёrKostёr26 napja
  • Yo where u get that T 34 at the intro I’m gonna use that to eradicate the facist mosquitos in my room

    Literally a editorLiterally a editor26 napja
  • Stalinium!? Why are you using such bad Armor? We upgraded to Putinium long ago.

    Taika Tohveli rewampedTaika Tohveli rewamped27 napja
  • Why was Boris using Japanese machines?

    GLFR 10GLFR 1028 napja
  • Boris why did you use western aircraft?

    Žan ToniŽan Toni28 napja
  • 7:51 soviet victory (american heli)

    сука блятьсука блять28 napja
  • U made me join war thunder. Only U can make me leave. Only problem- You can't

    Edward OconnellEdward Oconnell28 napja
  • the strongest element on earth vs the Stalinium!

    Helbram's GibbsHelbram's Gibbs29 napja
  • *Laughs in german engineering* *Cries in horrible tank power trains

    Yoshikage KiraYoshikage Kira29 napja
  • are we gonna ignore the fact HE DRIFTED A HELI MID AIR while spraying rockets WITHOUT MISSING A SHOT

    Numbers GuyYTNumbers GuyYTHónapja
  • im just gonna tell you, this is game is a little pay to win, by little i mean kinda much, its a very grindy game

    The Damn TrainThe Damn TrainHónapja
  • That model t-34 is great. I never knew you built plastic models.

    Lev EdelsonLev EdelsonHónapja
  • I've stumbled upon Boris after a year, MARVELIOUS

  • Hey keep up the good content and ur really good yotuber

    Ismail SaricIsmail SaricHónapja
  • Где блять советская техника а

    Ferdinand 992Ferdinand 992Hónapja

    Austin PhoenixAustin PhoenixHónapja
  • That moment when I see "USAF" on his wings *inhale*

  • REALISTIC MODE? My respect for you has increased by roughly 17 goulash

    Liking And SubscribingLiking And SubscribingHónapja
  • a cursed image. boris playing with Japanese Nation instead of the Mother Russia

    Quantum EntityQuantum EntityHónapja
  • I remember Boris saying that you can play this game even on Babuska's kitchen computer. Well guess what? My pc is so potato that I can't even run ROBLOX on medium graphics. :(

  • war thunder is not free

  • Boris have discord confirmed

    Schrödinger's catSchrödinger's catHónapja
  • War Tinder, the game that will slowly make me lose my sanity.


    Overcooked DonutOvercooked DonutHónapja
  • Friend, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, COMRADE only comrade has no end

    GLFR 10GLFR 10Hónapja
  • war thunder is not simulation

    I'm just a manI'm just a manHónapja
  • Nien ze tiger voll take you out me and my team will crush you

    Future_guardian5 GamingFuture_guardian5 GamingHónapja
  • 8:38 enemy tank: NANI!?!

    Canned AvocadosCanned AvocadosHónapja
  • Boris i added you is your name LifeOfBoris_

    Nate The Super SlavNate The Super SlavHónapja
  • Ти не руски

    Thunder TVThunder TVHónapja
  • I created a Boris character model to put on a tank I have it on my t-34-85 he sits in on the commander Coppola

  • Kv2 : U DO NOT PASS!!!!!!

    ES47 :DES47 :DHónapja
  • Wait was anatole watch wall-e the movie

    Mafozochoro FreedomMafozochoro FreedomHónapja
  • anyone wanna add me on WT, m name is jennnnnny8326

  • Спасибо, что сообщили мне, что другой автомобиль можно использовать для защиты родной земли.

    Nate The Super SlavNate The Super SlavHónapja
  • hello

    Dries KoehorstDries KoehorstHónapja
  • I have that LEGO cherry picker Too Cheeki Breeki overlord

    Mr Mc moustacheMr Mc moustacheHónapja
  • Эй, Борис! Запущен в 2012 году, так что прошло всего 8 лет.

    Nate The Super SlavNate The Super SlavHónapja
  • Boris do you play on europe/russia server?

    Rhys De GuzmanRhys De GuzmanHónapja
  • 6:01: oy blyat are boris western spy look the plane...

  • hahahaha Sniper Boris: "have fun riding the bike home" xD

  • me after getting a soviet tier two tank and someone shoots something that looks like a lada: WHERE THE BLIN ARE THEY THEY WONT SURVIVE THIS AFTER SHOOTING MY LADA

    The 4 boys that yesThe 4 boys that yesHónapja

    jhonbus air deerejhonbus air deereHónapja
  • Boris what is that western spy plane in 6:02 min

  • China got Komrade Kat

    Wudhipon MahattanakulWudhipon MahattanakulHónapja
  • Germany > Russian

  • I got a potato pc, I can't play with boris D:

  • 8:26 Capitalist movies

    Max MorganMax MorganHónapja
  • anybody else hear the air raid sirens in the background of the audio

    Tellerous_ _TellerousTellerous_ _TellerousHónapja
  • Gaijin: adds Chernobyl factory map Boris: nu kurwa

    Huseyin TurkmaniHuseyin TurkmaniHónapja
  • what are you doing with this western spy plain with USA written in it?

    Thomas RobertoThomas RobertoHónapja
  • "Who bring body armor to knife fight anyway?" *laughs in impenetrable IL-2*

    Zedler 3792Zedler 3792Hónapja
  • Meanwhile me in war thunder playing as german tiger tanks and german panthers : RUSSIAN BIAS

    HerbetHerbet2 hónapja
  • Hey Boris when are you usually online?

    QuarkmasQuarkmas2 hónapja
  • Here is the description of Wall-E: Wall-E is a little rusty robot who can make trash cubes and he meets a female robot who is shiny and white, like brand new her name is EVE. And I can’t tell you the rest because I don’t want to spoil the movie for those who have not seen it.

    xx_yourlocalgraverobber_xxxx_yourlocalgraverobber_xx2 hónapja
  • i love your War Thunder videos

    Ginger GamingGinger Gaming2 hónapja
  • Boris, would you like to do a 1v1 battle?

    harlan egglestonharlan eggleston2 hónapja

    mabel lomabel lo2 hónapja
  • Boris is the only person who can advertise a broken game and still make it sound fun

    Soviet SoftSoviet Soft2 hónapja

    Rubiah RubiahRubiah Rubiah2 hónapja
  • press 0 to learn how to play war thunder during a power outage.

    RamboArminiusRamboArminius2 hónapja
  • 4:12 Ok

    Slavic RecordsSlavic Records2 hónapja
  • ı cant play with my babushka s old pc :c

    RedPotato TVRedPotato TV2 hónapja
  • boris: Night Level ? why would u fight at night Also boris : aaaah night level my favourite

    Lollington GamingLollington Gaming2 hónapja
  • boris enlisted is the same game, but with soft targets u can play tanks included

    roblox csgo kiddoroblox csgo kiddo2 hónapja
  • can confirm, burnt cheburek works as anti-tank ammuniton

    Inniyew TesfawInniyew Tesfaw2 hónapja
  • I think Boris had more fun ruining helicopters day than with the Type 93 than actually playing the Russians ngl

    WT T-2 PilotWT T-2 Pilot2 hónapja
  • Brazil need a technologic tree, for modern tanks, Osório, is best!

    Murilo AbraãoMurilo Abraão2 hónapja
  • Что блеат тут происходит?

    SilVer BoOMSilVer BoOM2 hónapja
  • Boris we need a discord server

    battle shipbattle ship2 hónapja