Gjon's Tears says "Tout l'univers" was written in English | Switzerland Eurovision 2021 INTERVIEW

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Switzerland's Eurovision 2021 singer Gjon's Tears tells us about his song "Tout l'univers". The song, now a favourite to win Eurovision in the betting odds, was originally written in English and called "Ground Zero". Gjon plays us a snippet of the original version and reveals that the jury preferred the recorded version in English, but preferred the live version in French. The song is about "construction and destruction" - and how we are stuck in this cycle of life. It's important that we love ourselves to get through challenges as we are the person who we can most control. Gjon also explains the meaning behind the music video and how it was inspired by a real-life incident he had in a burning car.
2:33 Discussing the cancellation of Eurovision 2020
8:17 The songwriting process for the song - starting with the English version
11:10 Gjon plays the first version of Ground Zero that they recorded
13:00 Which version did the jury in the Swiss selection prefer?
14:40 What's the meaning of the song?
18:00 Gjon explains the music video, which represents a cycle - it starts where it ends
22:45 Gjon says he was not satisfied with the live-on-tape performance and hopes to get to perform in live in Rotterdam with full effects and staging.
26:25 What was it like delivering your first live performance on Spanish broadcaster Telecino?
28:10 Gjon does not like to eat the day of a performance
31:56 Gjon sings his favourite Eurovision song - France's 1969 winner "Un jour, un enfant"
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Video Editor:
Cinan - instagram.com/cinansdl
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  • I’m so happy he chose the French version !!

    Tamara MatrayTamara Matray15 napja
  • Really nice interview,. Thank you for letting him express himself. Great interview questions.

    Angela GaitherAngela Gaither17 napja
  • He has such an angel-like voice and is so likeable. I would really be happy if ESC 2022 was in Zürich/Bern, he surely deserves it.

    Lennox FennLennox Fenn18 napja
  • You said his name as Ga-jon but I thought it was pronounced like gyon (gee-on) 🤔

    bluelightalarmbluelightalarm19 napja
  • Gjon Tears you are a very deep singer ! Stay true to yourself. Your depth transpires your art and music !

    Fey BeFey Be20 napja
  • What a great interview :) He is such a wonderful guy! I hope he does well....or even wins :)

    Karen EggenschwilerKaren Eggenschwiler23 napja
  • why did the english version somehow remind me of the james bond track from billie eilish?

    eyeofthaskyeyeofthasky29 napja
  • Love his face when he sings ❤️❤️❤️

    Xiao BaiXiao BaiHónapja
  • btw amazing interview wiwibloggs! thank you so much!

    Belle BlancheBelle BlancheHónapja
    • Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much.

  • such a beautiful soul, such an amazing voice, such a great mind... God I love this guy, he is the best thing Eurovision has presented to the world in the last idk like 10 or more years! With love from Russia dear Gjon! You've got a lot of fans here, give us a concert in Moscow pleeeease)

    Belle BlancheBelle BlancheHónapja
  • He is so talented thank u Eurovision introduce me artists like him ❤️

  • What a blast of swiss cottage spunk! :)

    Końska PorcjaKońska PorcjaHónapja
  • He is definitely a winner of ESC 2021 I promise you! (09/04/2021) :)

    Końska PorcjaKońska PorcjaHónapja
  • I cannot understand how he says that it is an optimistic song! The message maybe but the music gives me sad and melancholic vibes. For me, the music does not match the message!

    Dorianne MerciecaDorianne MerciecaHónapja
  • Bring it home Gjon, bring it home!

  • Good Luck to Gjon! He's a nice guy. I bet he will be in TOP 3 if he doesn't win.

    Yordan MitevYordan MitevHónapja
  • Okay, we all acknowledge that we are officially in love with Gjon's sincerity, Art and personality. BUT can we just pause for a moment and send some love and affection to William for his polished professionalism? Jesus, such a great interview.

    Temo LegashviliTemo LegashviliHónapja
    • Thank you so much Temo!! It was a pleasure speaking to him!!

  • I really hope Switzerland wins this year!!

    L BrigantiL BrigantiHónapja
  • The song speaks to me so much of grief. He didn't mention it, but I can't help thinking that one of the lyricists was drawing on an experience of loss. When you lose someone who is a central part of your life, like a parent, sibling, partner or close friend, it feels like the universe has fallen apart. And yet somehow you have to go on. I guess that it where the personal strength comes in. And it does fit in with some of the inspiration coming from the accident with his best friend. Does anyone else find the song speaks to them in this way?

    betty ebetty eHónapja
  • He's such a darling.

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  • season 2020 battle by Bulgaria and Switzerland with support role to Lithuania season 2 battle by Bulgaria and Switzerland with support role to Malta

    World Pop MusicWorld Pop MusicHónapja
  • After this interview I like him even more. The song is amazing. With love from Poland.

    Wojtek NowakWojtek NowakHónapja
    • That’s awesome to hear.

  • Gjon's a darling. Thank you for the interview William :).

    Vivian RobinsonVivian RobinsonHónapja
    • Thank you so much for watching and for your words!

  • 😍😍😍

    Lauretta 845Lauretta 845Hónapja
  • Tout l'univers is my second favorite song this year. Just behind the other French song.

    Nairda OllijurtNairda OllijurtHónapja
  • Oh god Albanian voices ❤☺️

    Kevin .MKevin .MHónapja
  • We want interview with Hurricane Serbia ♥️🇷🇸

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  • I’m so impressed you scored this comprehensive interview with Gjon. On your way to 100k subscribers and the plaque. This is why. Well done Wiwi!

  • He's so sweet! Genuinely think he's gonna win this year and it will be so deserved!

    Cupcake Without The IcingCupcake Without The IcingHónapja
  • the most wholesome interview ever 😭❤️

    Lara TahmLara TahmHónapja
  • Gjon is Albanian and knows two beautiful languages French and Albanian amazing . 👍🏻

    • @Dushi po e di , ama gjuha gjermanisht nuk eshte e bukur 😂

    • Actually, he is a polyglot, including English and some German (as most Albanians are 😉)

  • My winner full stop just like last year can't wait.

  • You can read the "Tout l'univers" lyrics and join the discussion on our web site: wiwibloggs.com/2021/03/23/lyrics-tout-lunivers-gjons-tears-switzerland-eurovision-2021/263458/

  • the best

    vale bvb09vale bvb09Hónapja
  • Hello winner of Eurovision of 2021 !!

    Leo GrigoriLeo GrigoriHónapja
    • Runner up after France

  • He is so nice. I hope he is staying well and healthy, and not being too hard on himself with his ‘perfectionist’ tendencies, as he mentioned. The Eurovision community can be harsh and critiquing everything, and every performance, these artists do. I hope we can all be nicer, because these artists are working SO hard for what they are trying to achieve. Wishing him all the best.

  • The 1969 French Eurovision winner, well co-winner, is indeed one of the most beautiful ESC songs ever!

  • I would really love to hear the full English version!

  • Thank you so much for this awesome interview. it was very very interesting! Gjon is an incredible talent, such a sweet and kind, pleasant person. My winner, I have been his fan from the first day when I heard his song for the first time. I'm looking forward to the release of the album. I wish him to win Eurovision, because he really deserves it. Lots of love ❤️

    Mariana PMariana PHónapja
  • I don’t speak french but the change to the French Version was the right decision. And in case they publish the English version great. Could also see a dramatic Italian version and for comic relief a Swiss German one😅😂🤣

    tom maytom mayHónapja
  • William, convince Gjon to release the English version. I am working on my French but my English is way better. I want to sing in the karaoke

    LEI. Ale Ro NiLEI. Ale Ro NiHónapja
    • I wonder if it changed much along the way? They may not be exactly the same.

      betty ebetty eHónapja
    • Glad to hear you like that version! Let's see if he'll release it later...would be nice!

  • He is SO nice and lovely! I really wish he would win the contest! Fingers crossed!

  • this guy is so modest and sincere!

    Mark DowdMark DowdHónapja
    • Totally agree Mark. A pleasure to speak with him.

  • Thanks William and Gjon. That was such an enjoyable and engaging interview. So mature for a 22 year old and an amazing voice. Can’t believe 70% of the video was lost. Wishing you the very best of luck.

    Nick INick IHónapja
    • Thank you Nick! I was SHOOK when he said 70%. It must have been devastating.

  • This interview is really good ❤️😍

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  • Omg, imagine losing 70% of your project when there's only a single week until the deadline. I'm sure he and his team were devastated 😣 I'm glad they still made it work, good luck in Rotterdam! ❤️

    Beyzanur YıldızBeyzanur YıldızHónapja
  • One the best singers with one of the best songs this year. Pure art

    Lorenzo CelliLorenzo CelliHónapja
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  • First albanian to win Eurovision? The other Albanian (Fuego) came close.

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  • He's so cute & nice!🥺♥️ HE SINGING "UN JOUR, UN ENFANT" WAS BEAUTIFUL! Thank you by this interview! I love listening to him talk about his songwriting process & about his music. You can feel how important it is to him, how his soul reflects in these songs & how he is a really intelligent & genuine artist. The message of the song is so powerful! He was my Winner last year & is my winner this year. ♥️🇨🇭 Two masterpieces in a row! Ps: Hey, What is more Swiss than living close to a chocolate & cheese factory?😂♥️

    Dalyssa Sali15Dalyssa Sali15Hónapja
  • What's there not to love about Gjon? My favourite last year my favourite this year. The only thing I would wish for is if Switzerland could send this excellent man every year in Eurovision❤️💯👌🙏

    Dimitris KanteresDimitris KanteresHónapja
    • @Amy Bee Oh okay thank you💯🙏

      Dimitris KanteresDimitris KanteresHónapja
    • @Dimitris Kanteres Gjon is his real first name. His real last name is Muharremaj though

      Amy BeeAmy BeeHónapja
    • @Ayoub mextress It's his musical name or his real name? Always wanted to ask

      Dimitris KanteresDimitris KanteresHónapja
    • Gjon*

      Ayoub mextressAyoub mextressHónapja
  • My favorite two in one video❤️😍 how cute they aree😍❤️

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  • I liked his spirit he seems a nice guys very sweet. Aww he was getting giddy when he let us hear the English version nice one 👌🏾❤️

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    Виктория КонкинаВиктория КонкинаHónapja
  • Gjon’s voice and the French language - a marriage made in heaven.

  • Imagine loosing 70% of the footages and still have the most gorgeous video, one of the best in the whole competition!

    • Yes, that must have been so tough to lose your work and then have to change it...but it all turned out well in the end :)

      Karen EggenschwilerKaren Eggenschwiler23 napja
    • @wiwibloggs Do you know who else is doing a great job? You guys at wiwibloggs! 🙂 Thanks William for such a nice interview! Made me smile all the time.

    • He did an amazing job! You are 100% right.

  • Thank you, Gjon, for your beautiful song. Last year I was moved, but tout l'universe gives me even more chills. I know you will give a great performance in Rotterdam and hope to see you there live! 🇳🇱 And William, thank you for giving ESC so much more Color with your great video's.

    Gerda FrancisGerda FrancisHónapja
    • What kind words. Thank you so much Gerda!

  • Besides incredibly talented and having this beautiful voice, Gjon is so damn likable! 😊 Such a nice interview!

  • Gruyère area is gorgeous! The typical swiss postcard with the valleys, small villages and the cows in the middle, not so far from the Lake Geneva. I love it. Allez la Suisse ! Cette année, c'est votre tour ! :)

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    • That is so nice to hear, Sanne. Thank you!!!

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  • Hallo. He NEEDS to release the English version. Bc the English translation of French lyrics doesn’t have the same gravitas. Pls if you can let him know people want this.


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    • Thanks for watching. He is all you say for sure!

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  • Damn, he is so likable. Great interview. The English version sounds amazing; hopefully we’ll get to hear it someday. Too bad about the lost footage 😔. You are amazing, Gjon. Can’t wait for your album. Good luck in Rotterdam. 🥇

    • The music video is just so good. I wonder if maybe the universe was saying "keep the video as it is!" Thank you for watching!

  • 11:45 i would like to listen and in albanian :)...

    Arlind HArlind HHónapja
    • That would be so epic!

  • This song is pure magic, rarely do songs get me this emotional but this gets to me deeply and him talking about the message only makes me adore and relate to it more because I know that what he is saying is so bloody correct. Feelings of empty and worthless plague a lot of peoples minds at different times of our lives including my own... Him being inspired by a near death experience is horrifically amazing. I love that! I feel so bad he lost 70% of his original video but the one that ended up coming out is phenomenal so it's all good! :) I hope we will actually get that English version at some point, I'd love that so much! Lots of love from Israel!

    Sir SteviaSir SteviaHónapja
  • I love that Gjon's home town smells like chocolate and cheese, so very on point for Switzerland:)

    Signe ChristensenSigne ChristensenHónapja
    • Hahaha, I had to pause mentally and take it in. I love this detail so much!

  • Love the interview, love him, love the song 😘 douze points from France ❤️❤️❤️

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    • hahaha, i love it too!

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    • 100% agree. He's such a hardworking and perfectionist person.

      Yanancy ValladaresYanancy ValladaresHónapja
    • I still remember one of his last year’s stories “ oh my English oh f*ck”

      Ирина ФедотоваИрина ФедотоваHónapja
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  • How can you not fell in love with his voice? He is gorgeous!❤️🇨🇭

  • La Belgique te soutient Gjon! We support you here in Belgium!

    Lolo PinerLolo PinerHónapja
    • @Hikaru 78 Je l'ai découvert sur The Voice et je suis fan depuis (et je parle pour moi aussi 😂)

      Lolo PinerLolo PinerHónapja
    • La France aussi :p ( en tout cas moi oui 😂 )

      Hikaru 78Hikaru 78Hónapja
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    • Winner for sure!!! 😉🎉🎉🎉

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    • wiwibloggswiwibloggsHónapja
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    • Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!

  • Gjoniiii! What a talent and what a beautiful person! I enjoy every interview with him! At this point also i have to thank my mom because she wanted me to learn French! And i did! So I can understand even his French interviews. Thanks mom! ♥️😂

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