Getting Hit While Sitting At A Red Light || ViralHog

2021.febr. 8.
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Occurred on March 27, 2020 / Martinez, California, USA
While heading home from Walmart, I was at a red light with a car in front of me. While waiting for the light to turn green, a lady in a white Buick decided to hit the back of my car without her braking. The footage was recorded using my Pruveeo D30H Dashcam.
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  • Hey, there the clip you are using is another person we ask permission for him then you license this clip and give the strike on the channel. we remove the video on the channel am really thankful to you if you remove strike as well

    Dashcam LunaticDashcam Lunatic3 órája
  • Got hit so hard that it rearranged his hair for him! 😳

    GLINGGLING14 napja
  • Did anyone else think the second car coming up behind was gonna hit the first car which would've hit him again? Sorry, I'm just a firm believer of sod's law "Can this day get any worse" 😅

    The Greedy OrphanThe Greedy Orphan17 napja
  • 1:00 That's why you should always stop at least one car length back from the car in front of you. If somebody rear ends you, that's their fault. If you rear end the car in front of you, that's your fault. Yeah, I know he can argue that it was all the fault of the car that hit him. But if there was no dashcam, that driver could claim that he first hit the car in front, and then they hit him, so it's not their fault. He couldn't help the car hitting him, but he did un-necessarily involve the car in front of him, by stopping too close to it.

    Max ZomboniMax Zomboni17 napja
    • @Yellowneck86 I just watched your video of the forward facing dash cam. The rule is that you should always stop far enough back, so that you can see the tires on the car in front of you touching the ground. Even from the camera's view, the tires were not visible in your video, after you stoped. If you had followed that rule, you would not have hit the car in front of you. It's just that simple.

      Max ZomboniMax Zomboni15 napja
    • ​@Yellowneck86 I'm happy that it worked out well for you and you weren't hurt. But I still think you should drive more defensively, and not rely on your parking sensors. Here is another scenario. What if that car in front of you, had been hit head on and pushed back towards you? The distance between you and that car could be the difference between you being a witness to the crash, or you being involved in the crash. It's just lucky that you had the dash cam video. If you didn't have it, I can almost guarantee you that the driver that hit you would have claimed that they were just following you and you crashed into the car in front of you, and they couldn't stop in time to avoid hitting you.

      Max ZomboniMax Zomboni15 napja
    • Well, due to the dashcam footage I had, all 3 insurance companies had ruled that I was not at fault. The original videos on my channel has audio. If you know I was too close to the car in front of me, you would hear the parking sensors going off. The sensors didn’t sound off until after I was pushed into the car in front of me. You can also hear my brakes were locked from my tires screeching on the ground.

      Yellowneck86Yellowneck8615 napja
    • I agree I had a friend who was rear ended and hit the car in front of him. He was at fault with the car in front for being to close.

      renypayne11renypayne1117 napja
    • @Athanasios Papanikolaou You could make the same argument for tailgating cars on the freeway. Think how many more cars could fit on the freeway if they were all tailgating each other. Well yeah, but that wouldn't be safe. Drive defensively. 👍

      Max ZomboniMax Zomboni17 napja
  • must be some stupid drunk driver behind him

    Mustard BunkerMustard Bunker17 napja
  • Airbag: 😴

    Alejandro TAlejandro T17 napja
  • Bro. Chiropractor

    AndresAndres17 napja
  • He was in a great mood.

    Dicken BahlsDicken Bahls17 napja
  • 😮😮😮

    Carla VelaCarla Vela17 napja
  • Poor guy, he was so happy :(

    Stuff___ IdontknowStuff___ Idontknow17 napja
  • Dang

    crow Gamingcrow Gaming17 napja