German Destroyers

2017.okt. 6.
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Discuss each German Destroyer and try to help give some direction for those looking to improve with the line. I show off some scenarios and discuss their strengths. Hope this can help and hope you have a wonderful day! for replay submission
Streaming at around 2:00pm EDT on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday

  • I played them for subs, then got into a clan and they were my highest line so I'm stuck with them and I love them

    EchoRogue31EchoRogue316 hónapja
  • I do better with the tier 5 than tier 6

    Don DuncanDon Duncan9 hónapja
  • What I don't like about the tier 6 is the 90 second reload time on torpedoes.

    Don DuncanDon Duncan9 hónapja
  • I actually like the T22 design…I have no idea why

    The BismarckThe BismarckÉvvel
  • Great video... very good information! Thank you very much... or as we say back home in Deutschland.... Vielen Dank!

    Mak's GeographyMak's GeographyÉvvel
  • How did you got that pirate flag? Is it an special flag like the others?

    J. ChiariJ. Chiari2 évvel
  • V-25 the best ship ever, 5/8 kill today LOL

    dicx dvacátýtřetídicx dvacátýtřetí2 évvel
  • Notser pls do tier l to V aircraft carriers uss and ijn

    Lanie LimacoLanie Limaco2 évvel
  • A tugboat that had a sexual relation to an ugly person?! LOL

    Alfons ÅbergAlfons Åberg2 évvel
  • I watched this and I thought, why the fuck am I even playing russian destroyers?

    artimitsartimits2 évvel
  • The Z-52 is T H I C C

    LiamLiam2 évvel
    • Gilan Gaming I agree

      Federal Bureau of InvestigationFederal Bureau of InvestigationÉvvel
    • sccrdude22 why!!?

      Gilan GamingGilan GamingÉvvel
    • LMFAO god damnit

      Andrew Brannen 5Andrew Brannen 52 évvel
  • I NEVER had fun wih dds, either captaining them, or fighting them. DDs are just a real royal pain. They're usually too small to hit, and their torpedoes are deadly.

    lam bdalam bda2 évvel
  • Wish you showed how you built the ship and captain like your other videos.

    Garvin AnbrosGarvin Anbros2 évvel
  • Hey noster u should continue this series, there are alot of lines to grind and these vids help alot

    Praos CrihdoePraos Crihdoe2 évvel
    • Soviet cruisers :)

      Praos CrihdoePraos Crihdoe2 évvel
  • what would be the best destroyer line to start with , that is consistant

    Andrious777Andrious7772 évvel
  • Took advantage of the New Years missions grind in 2017 and skipped all the way to the gaede. Now I just need to figure out to play the German dds

    Firewing131Firewing1312 évvel
  • Soo, then I bailed on this line for no good reason. Good to know. In all seriousness, I'm glad these turned out to be alright.

    427Arbok427Arbok2 évvel
  • If I were to ask you, what makes German Destroers better than USA ones, what would you say

    K Shreyas MaheshK Shreyas Mahesh2 évvel
  • I actually love the T-22

    Jeff CooperJeff Cooper3 évvel
  • USA destroyers and British cruisers

    Richard BrooksRichard Brooks3 évvel
  • And soviet cruisers

    Richard BrooksRichard Brooks3 évvel
  • Do the French cruisers

    Richard BrooksRichard Brooks3 évvel
  • Personally I think the Z-46 is the highlight of the German DD line. First it is the first 128mm firing gun with great traverse & rapid firing. Second at T9 MM your AP become viable against any target; even against heavy armored Kurfurst or Yamato. The torpedo reload at T9 is insanely quick & detect-ability is actually less than that of the Z-52. Also it has the best looking lines of the entire German DD lineup (the Z-52 diesel powerplant means those oversized funnels make her look fat XD) Honestly the only reason for choosing the Z-52 is for the German hydro, but at T10 the Z-52 still struggles against opponents like the Khabarovsk. At T9 however in a straight 1v1, Z-46 will murder any other T9 DD you come across, maybe with the exception of the Black.

    Trades46Trades463 évvel
  • Hmmm... OK need to revisit these guys. Thanks for sharing Notser!

    ParadatParadat3 évvel
  • Hello Notser thanks a lot for your interesting video. It helped me a lot to understand WHY I suffer so much in my Gearing VS German DD. Allow me 1 question that I hope you can delver to WG. I took me a lot of effort to achive TIER X in USN cause I liked them very much and when I got my Gearing I was very happy and had a lot of fun. Now why on earth I have ot be rewarded by being surpassed in quality and russian and NOW german DDs?? It's because germans are the BEST CUSTOMER on european Server?? Is this the logic behind? Can I hope one day to have radar on my gearing just to counter German Hydro? thanks and keep up your excellent job.

    Vecio AlpinVecio Alpin3 évvel
  • Why do you no longer show what Upgrades and Skills you choose?

    Tyrandar GamingTyrandar Gaming3 évvel
  • What about the Gaede with 150 mm and IFHE?....

    Gundolf300Gundolf3003 évvel
    • IFHE is too expensive for almost all destroyers. Akizuki and Harekaze need it for those 100mm, they just shatter so much without it

      NotserNotser3 évvel
  • Close your eyes at 9:00 to 9:09 and let your imagination do the rest.

    Kris PlovdivskiKris Plovdivski3 évvel
    • Kris Plovdivski wtf no xD

      Devistator_ 1Devistator_ 12 évvel
  • finally back on board the germand DDs, good on you Notser.

    VUO4EVUO4E3 évvel
  • So... i see here Z-23 having twin turret in front, but in game preview (i'm still at Maass) i see it with 4x1 and neither 15cm guns nor B hull show any difference in that matter, so, i have to ask: How do i get twin gun front turret on Z-23 exactly?

    Pavel TobiášPavel Tobiáš3 évvel
    • rexatimperator Thank you. It is confusing the game still shows "4x1 150mm" in the tooltip tho...

      Pavel TobiášPavel Tobiáš3 évvel
    • Pavel Tobiáš hi you upgrade your z23' gun from 128mm to 150mm, then layout will automatic change to 5 barrels

      rexatimperatorrexatimperator3 évvel
  • Hi Notser, a request. Currently all of my vessels are T4/T5. How do I go up further? It feels like such a grind? Could you do a video on how each class can earn EXP quickly? Please?

    SorrrbetSorrrbet3 évvel
    • Thank you very much. I'd really appreciate and I'm sure others in similar positions would too.

      SorrrbetSorrrbet3 évvel
    • It is a combination of camo, flags, first win of the day, and never stressing over progression. I can definitely look into making a min/max XP grind video for the future

      NotserNotser3 évvel
    • Jarmsie well, it is, but you can help it by special camos and flags to speed up the XP grind. Just don't get deterred by tier V matchmaking, it gets better on higher tiers :)

      Pavel TobiášPavel Tobiáš3 évvel
  • Great format from start to end!

    Chris GanoeChris Ganoe3 évvel
  • This line has become my favorite. I've kept maas z23 and am grinding my z46. Looking forward to z52

    D EspinozaD Espinoza3 évvel
  • Were the generalist KM and USN DDs out torp the IJN line - GG WG. USSR > KM > USN > IJN

    Milfred WeissMilfred Weiss3 évvel
  • I'm a DD main too Notser, I love the aggressive play (also with my Neptune and Bismark) which is why I hated the IJN but absolutely loved the US, love my 72knt torps on my Gearing :D I was a little concerned with the German DD line since it came out because I was able to 95% of the time win against them in an engagement, also the other reviews did not help. After watching some of your videos about them, I've been finishing up on tier 4 and moving into the T-22 shortly with the Germans and have found their game style really attractive.

    Bobby BoliviaBobby Bolivia3 évvel
  • 628 mm gun caliber?? 8:13

    Gil KraizerGil Kraizer3 évvel
    • Damn.

      ProtProt2 évvel
    • :3

      NotserNotser3 évvel
  • you know makes me rage, when you launch torps at a target and they are perfect but then they run out of steam 50m from the enemy ship.

    Josh the AlmightyJosh the Almighty3 évvel
    • or 1 meter... On the other hand.... I was saved twice in one battle when the torps (I thought I was a gonner) stopped before impact. Once it was so close I couldn't see the gap between the torp and my hull.

      Mak's GeographyMak's GeographyÉvvel
  • Z-46 has 628mm guns? Im sold.

    Kevin 420420Kevin 4204203 évvel
    • I heard the same thing, I had to stop for a moment to think about what he said

      BlueBlue3 évvel

    KestuioKestuio3 évvel
  • Mr. Notser very humorous, at 3:26 T-22, Tugboat had sexual relation with ugly person made me laugh (hey us ugly people. need love also) Notser-sama you are funny man.

    Margret FortuneMargret Fortune3 évvel
    • lol

      NotserNotser3 évvel
  • Just escaped the grasp of the T-22 finally this week, had some good games in but it was overall not an enjoyable ship

    ArgentLunaArgentLuna3 évvel
    • Yeah you should not contest caps in the T22 too much... If you play less aggressive you should be fine. After the T22 the line seems to keep getting better.

      Deniz UltanurDeniz Ultanur3 évvel
    • Once i had that figured out it was more enjoyable, gained my only solo warrior with it. The margin for error is very narrow however.

      ArgentLunaArgentLuna3 évvel
    • honestly, I dont think the tugboat is that bad. She's just a pure torpedo boat, her guns are horrific. But I played her as an torpboat and I found the grind not really enjoyable, but acceptable

      HoppouChanHoppouChan3 évvel
    • For me, it was a drag right up to the Z-23. I don't like playing sub-tier 8 in general, but I just couldn't find my place in the lower German DDs.

      DaKillerChipmunkDaKillerChipmunk3 évvel
  • on t5 u get hydro with Hull B!

    MetallicahardrockerMetallicahardrocker3 évvel
    • That's the Gaede.

      DaKillerChipmunkDaKillerChipmunk3 évvel
  • Im stuck on the tier 6. I use the 150s on it, but they are so bad. Range is terrible and shell speed is soo slow, can't hit dd's past 8km.

    Th3DarkRavinTh3DarkRavin3 évvel
    • You should get used to it. All KM DD guns are pretty slow velocity. 150 is good for setting fires or penning unsuspecting cruisers. Fighting DDs, the 128s will probably serve better.

      Deniz UltanurDeniz Ultanur3 évvel
    • DarkRavin07 I preferred the 128s for dd hunting. Survival expert plus 128mm and you can tank them into submission. Just think about how to ambush a dd

      D EspinozaD Espinoza3 évvel
  • when will you do the British ?

    Muyun ChenMuyun Chen3 évvel
  • At this point with the stupid power creep, British BBs and cruisers being retardedly good and Lo Yang having German hydro, i think the German DDs should all get German hydro again, it wouldn't ruin the game, but it would make hydro a lot more useful to them, and make them stand out again.

    HerrSteinHerrStein3 évvel
    • We'll see, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if they went ahead with it tbh.

      DaKillerChipmunkDaKillerChipmunk3 évvel
    • wait what...they know that's a bullshit idea right? someone punshed them in the face and told them it's retarded, right? RIGHT?

      HerrSteinHerrStein3 évvel
    • Not to mention the planned radar for Pan-Asian DDs.

      DaKillerChipmunkDaKillerChipmunk3 évvel
  • Hi Notser Is basic firing training worth it on the main tier VIII, IX and X russian dd? Because normally you have advanced firing and bft would benefit the dmg of your aa. I hope you answer

    Fynn RFynn R3 évvel
    • Oh sorry, missed that part, thought you meant German DDs. For russian DDs BFT is an option, but after getting SE, demo expert and AFT. It's a buff to dps, but won't help THAT much against planes, except Khaba a bit, but as said AA doesn't do that much without defAA. I don't really play the Khaba much anymore, but these are essential skills: Priority Target -> Last Stand -> Demo Expert -> AFT After that, you want to get Survivability Expert, Superintendent and BFT OR Adrenaline Rush and Preventative Maintenance. Personally, I value AR higher than BFT, but that's really up to personal choice. Also, I feel Superintendent is also only really needed with Repair Party consumable, not needed if you run Smoke instead. For Udaloi, for example, I run BFT instead of Superintendent.

      DaKillerChipmunkDaKillerChipmunk3 évvel
    • are we talking about russain dd?

      Fynn RFynn R3 évvel
    • Without DefAA, your AA is going to struggle even shooting down a single catapult fighter. If I might suggest, go: Priority Target -> Last Stand -> Superintendent -> Concealment expert After these, go: Survivability Expert -> Torpedo Armament Expertise -> Adrenaline Rush -> Preventative Maintenance Reasoning: You're one of the few DDs capable of finding AND killing any DD, but you'll be spotted inevitably and take damage. So, SE for more hp, Adrenaline rush so losing HP actually helps you reload faster and Preventative Maintenance to reduce the chance of them blowing up your torpedo tubes. I had it happen, it's no fun.

      DaKillerChipmunkDaKillerChipmunk3 évvel
  • Don't be diss'n my T-22. I managed to rock with that ship. Secondly, I really like the 150 for the Gaede. I found the 128s just bounced off everything.

    anthony adamsanthony adams3 évvel
  • To be honest, I can never understand what do people have against T22, (or indeed, why did Wargaming put all those hyphens in the names) I simply cannot see the drawbacks. I mean, my grandpa was building the Flottentorpedoboot 1939 class ships! He knew what he was doing! Yeah, the superstructure is a bit boxy, but the hull is just pure porn!

    jeremiaas15jeremiaas153 évvel
  • correct me if im wrong, but I remember WG changing things awhile back so that experienced players now only face other experienced players in low tier, thereby removing any seal clubbing.

    kittyfoxkitsunekittyfoxkitsune3 évvel
  • 11 minutes to review the entire line is a bit lazy.

    MrChonkersMrChonkers3 évvel
  • The tier6 and 7 is the best DD I've played so far, the T22 is a HE spamming boat and is fun as well

    Dumb CommentDumb Comment3 évvel
  • A little advice on the wary that Notser didn't mentioned or getting crap myself, tier 5-10 these DDs don't like getting hit by AP by any ship at all. They are also quite sluggish on turns, personally the tier 6 was painful. You need about 1.5 km radius if a battleship is going towards you. The real fun I found this line was the z-23 that DD can do 2.5k damage per salvo on DDs. On the z-46 atm the AP is nice broadside, the HE is good as well. If you're gun fighting USN DDs the Fletcher doesn't like German AP. Most Russian DDs players hide in their smoke just hydro them, launch one torpedo tube ahead of them in case of them trying to boost out use HE to cause them to repair and set another fire then use AP on their broadside. These ships are like the old ISU-152 in WoT very trolly if used right, but it can troll you even if do everything right.

    shadow wolf2115shadow wolf21153 évvel
    • Valkahike I mostly use the 150mms, bit it really doesn't matter I was doing 4k damage to a Gaede who was stock. We were talking about the grind on the line it was getting frustrating for him.

      shadow wolf2115shadow wolf21153 évvel
    • In terms of AP against other DDs where you talked about the Fletcher and the 2.5k damage salvos, were you using the 128mm or 150mm guns?

      ValkahikeValkahike3 évvel
  • If you enjoy it Notser, we enjoy watching you enjoy it.

    Edward HoffmanEdward Hoffman3 évvel
  • Tugboat with ugly person?? LOL. the Bridge is a new age design though.

    Drvnwolf WolfieDrvnwolf Wolfie3 évvel
  • Excellent video notser. Currently running z-23 myself

    Dale DunhamDale Dunham3 évvel
  • How is he switching what Torpedo he spactates?

    Crami99Crami993 évvel
    • cobrazax thank you

      Crami99Crami993 évvel
    • C will switch between selected torp launcher to be used as well as which turrets to view from

      cobrazaxcobrazax3 évvel
  • I had never even tried them, but started last week after your DD video. Not feeling the love, yet. Man, oh, man, though, was Tier II always so crazy? I was in one battle with seven DDs on a side. I thought I deserved a medal for not getting torped by one of my team mates.

    Bill BrydonBill Brydon3 évvel
  • German DD line is how to say this......... T10 were excelent brutal super fun DD, T9 and T8 is somewhat Ok, T7 and the rest is a crappy

    the humusthe humus3 évvel
    • Mass and up is very good...

      ArnorArnor3 évvel
  • I'm very glad you made this video Notser. Everytime I look at the German DD's in the tech tree, I always wonder: What the hell are these things good for. Seeing this vid makes me want to go grinding up that line right now! Have a nice day

    Flip SkeeMalkerFlip SkeeMalker3 évvel
    • Flip SkeeMalker Same here, iam curious about them. On tier 6 now in this line.

      tottinho1987ifytottinho1987ify3 évvel
  • The T-22 has 360 turrets though so you can get them on target real quick and the T8 and T9 have great firing arcs on their rear turrets. Its like he said though they are very rewarding ships to play.

    Sleepy GryphonSleepy Gryphon3 évvel
  • ah yes, Z-23 and Z-52 are my next target after I get the Khabarovsk, one of the better videos Notser :-)

    Lubos SoltesLubos Soltes3 évvel
    • HerrStein - How much have you played the DD's then ? It's not nice to call bs when you don't seem to grasp the differences and how they play out. Because my experience is that all those small things add up so they do play quite a bit differently, just like Fletcher/Gearing aren't nearly same. Or that Benson B/C-Hulls and Lo yang all play vastly differently. If you don't see the same difference, then good for you, but saying bs is just ignorant and insulting. Now I do pride myself on my DD play and sit between 70-80% WR on my main DD's, and that is a level where even a few percent difference between two ships can either have you killed or have you survive a fight. 200 meters is enough range for me get about two salvos and about another 2-3000 damage into a target since I get the advantage of spotting, in a division that also adds up for a free shot on the enemy from division mates. Z-46 also has a better turning circle, albeit slower rudder shift and doesn't slide as much in the water, but the latter is not really a numbered stat but a softone, it's also a smaller ship, so harder to hit. And the lower gun range make you able to get more concealment after you assassinate an enemy DD then the Z-52 gets. So for a ship like Z-46, the lower gun range can be used to your advantage. The torpedo range difference is 500 meters is the only thing I basically consider irrelevant. Then you have the addition that Z-52 is broader, so you take damage from AP differently between the two ships as well not to mention the vast difference in hydro range which gives you a need to play more careful in the z.46.

      Covenant-RCovenant-R3 évvel
    • well im used to slow turret traverse with IJN and preaim my guns. u should do the same with it then. if u use expert marksman it will be much easier though

      cobrazaxcobrazax3 évvel
    • Covenant-R in many ways better? bs, only better thing is 200m better concealment, but it has less torp range and 1km less gun range

      HerrSteinHerrStein3 évvel
    • Except for the Hydro, the Z-46 is in many ways better than the Z-52, so do not discount that one either...

      Covenant-RCovenant-R3 évvel
    • cobrazax Ognevoi now has 2 gun options, the stock guns are the same as the ship had on T6. Good luck getting 36 or so sec traverse to usable levels o Gnevny

      Lubos SoltesLubos Soltes3 évvel
  • Gaede is amazing.

    cutterbaconcutterbacon3 évvel
  • It seems, that the entire german tech-tree site right between the chairs, good in everything, exellent in nothing. Except the Graf Z, that is still just crap. But they all employ an aggresive and active, objective-focused and competitive gameplay. Maybe that is just the way, WG wants us to play the game.

    Uriens The_GrayUriens The_Gray3 évvel
    • Except the cruisers, they want the cruisers to pic between Hydro and being able to survive carriers. Yes, I'm salty -.- The German hydro is amazing, but I can't play Hindenburg without DefAA.

      DaKillerChipmunkDaKillerChipmunk3 évvel
  • u didnt mention that the Z-23 gun upgrade to 150mm also gives it an EXTRA GUN! making it a must upgrade. also the HE damage becomes really good, like a cleveland HE unlike most other german HE which has low dmg.

    cobrazaxcobrazax3 évvel
    • the 150 are good as their HE broadside is basically like a fully angled cleveland... also the AP damage is massive and pen is also good. sometimes stock is better like the FDG and GK 406mm that have excellent reload compared to 420mm

      cobrazaxcobrazax3 évvel
    • It would be nice to have the 5 guns for the 128 as it feels that you have to have the 150 because of the second gun, but it depends on your playstyle. I just top everything.

      just some guy Yellingjust some guy Yelling3 évvel
  • I saw everyone said "Oh KM DD sucks" "It's useless" Blah blah blah. after i saw that kind of comment. i think to myself. i'll prove them they're wrong with those "KM DD sucks" thing. i play them. i have a lot of fun. got a good result. it's such a good time to spend in KM DD.

    Mr SunglassesMr Sunglasses3 évvel
  • "I did not have sexual relations with that ship"

    JJJJ3 évvel
    • Well i just headpat for Z23 What could be wrong =)))))

      Hiếu Vê LờHiếu Vê LờÉvvel
    • It’s a reference to a rather infamous TV appearance of then President Bill Clinton in which he was addressing the allegations against him because of his affair with Monica Lewinsky. His exact words were: “Now listen, I’m going to say this again. I... did not have sexual relations with that woman, miss Lewinsky.”

      Nathan ApplegateNathan Applegate2 évvel
    • That Bill is the father.

      Bud JensenBud Jensen3 évvel
    • What does this suppose to mean?

      Uriens The_GrayUriens The_Gray3 évvel
  • Do you like MA-ASS?

    Iatnag NesotIatnag Nesot3 évvel
    • Maass is a USN DD with hydro placed on top of it, but got itself a german smoke

      Coşkun AkalınCoşkun Akalın3 évvel
  • "A tug boat had a sexual relation with an ugly person" - the best description for the T-22... there are some ugly ships on World of Warships but this is in a class of its own...

    Alex AshtonAlex Ashton3 évvel
    • notser, I think you either insulted tug boats, or ugly people. that ship is truly fugly.

      Jeffery IndorfJeffery IndorfÉvvel
    • Notser i had to catch myself as i fell out of my chair laughing with the comment Alex refers to. Very comical but true comment.

      w scott ramseyw scott ramsey2 évvel
  • Tell me who is better American or German destroyers?

    azeem rehmanazeem rehman3 évvel
    • for me id pick the American, with rapid firing guns, its perfect for an average and careless player like me. German is a lot more tactical per say or thats how i see it. Its all down to choice though. Personally id say try both trees and see which one ya like the most.

      Sean ReincastleSean Reincastle3 évvel
    • happy wombat I mean you have two choices American or German what do you want to play.?

      azeem rehmanazeem rehman3 évvel
    • Smoke camp and HE spam= USN DD hunt and torpido spam= KMS rush B and balanz= Gopniks suffer and even more suffer= IJN Pan Asian isn't done but if they came with radar, pick them first.

      Coşkun AkalınCoşkun Akalın3 évvel
    • define priorities, what exactly do you mean by that?

      Sean ReincastleSean Reincastle3 évvel
    • happy wombat I agree but I ask you about priority?

      azeem rehmanazeem rehman3 évvel
  • I would appreciate if you do a bigger conclusion of the presented ship line at the end.

    ElevenmsElevenms3 évvel
    • Okay, I'll try a bit more discussion to conclude the entire line for future videos

      NotserNotser3 évvel
  • I started playing them as a joke and ended up loving them

    Max WittmanMax Wittman3 évvel
  • Gades 150s are amazing vs unsuspected cruisers.

    Ryan WRyan W3 évvel
    • I find that the first guns rape with Ap also, and reload is better..but i really hated this ship..I free xp past it after about 20 games, detect range and turret speed was a nightmare.

      Hans ImelHans ImelÉvvel
    • r w eh the reload for the guns 150’s is too slow for my taste , the reload lets the guns down when you are fighting enemy destroyers, and puts you at a huge disadvantage to other destroyers in those knife fights.

      Soarin SkiesSoarin Skies2 évvel
    • r w Personally I loved to murder CV with 150mm AP.

      DwwolfDwwolf3 évvel
    • Yes they are! And you can start lots of fire on bbs while torpedoing them!

      ElevenmsElevenms3 évvel