Generation Hardbass - Boris vs. DJ Blyatman

2018.aug. 9.
4 683 563 Megtekintés

Strap down your speakers. Boris is in town. Hardbass party time!
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Music by: DJ Blyatman
Vocals and lyrics by: Boris
Video by: Boris (of course)
Camerawork by: Boris
This is
Generation hardbass, squatting slow, moving fast
Beat is thumping, blood is pumping
Doing things nobody ask
This is hardbass party! Everybody come along
Gopniks dancing, blast this song
Every night last as long
Who am I? I am no one.
I am everyone.
Feet stomping, fingers up
Bass lounder than the club
Do not let the music stop
Stomping to the baseline drop
drop x8
Feet stomping, fingers up
Bass lounder than the club
Volume high, cannot drop
Hardbass party never stop
Generation Hardbass
Generation Hardbass
Voice as weapon. Sharp as knife.
Doing 90 in a 35
Glow as bright as Ural sun
Fastest one, beat by none!
Monday night 3:50. Speed is high, gears are shifting
Like a stolen limousine
Driving smooth, must be gifted
Down in Pripyat, heels are flat
Gopnik with ushanka hat
Working out, hunting rats
Running with a baseball bat
Different day, same place
This is time of hardbass
Generation Hardbass
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    DJ BlyatmanDJ Blyatman2 évvel
    • Comraaad

      MR SLAVMR SLAV25 napja
    • you know honestly ive never really figured out ehy a man shoild try to tske his feet ov the groujd to kicksomeone in the jaw...

      Oliver HelOliver HelHónapja
    • Cukaaaa blyattt Drugs are shit

      Josie GaldoJosie GaldoHónapja
    • Please put this blyatiful masterpiece on Amazon Music.

      Matthew Eggert JRMatthew Eggert JRHónapja
    • Hardbass

      Мартин ПетровМартин Петров2 hónapja
  • When theres 1 vodka but you have 5 friends: Play this music... Then... **our vodka** Edit: i realized im very late

    Its_a_Bananana72Its_a_Bananana7219 órája
  • I played this in my car then it changed to a Lada Then I played it in my “Lada” and became a T-34 блять

    British GopnikBritish GopnikNapja
  • Me, listening to Boris' music not understanding a word he says in Russian: I like your funny words, Slavic man!

  • bahlshevik mohawk.. (taint mohawk)

    Oliver HelOliver HelNapja
  • yuh huh

    Oliver HelOliver HelNapja
  • Imagine you go to adidas store and this music start

    Tusy SusantioTusy Susantio2 napja
  • I played this to my cat and now she's artyom

    BenBen2 napja
  • I have a mad bass boosted speaker. Cant wait for the party.

    Zephyr 257Zephyr 2573 napja
  • Ahhh tovarish Boris comrade, you win everybattle as long as you have the force of mayonez with you, Priviet!

    Pande moniumPande monium3 napja
  • Ash WilliamsAsh Williams4 napja
  • expatriate me please. and some vodka

    Oliver HelOliver Hel4 napja
  • I play this at Edison hydroelectric power plant. Is now Chernobyl Site #2.

    Rogerio CasellaRogerio Casella4 napja
  • Das ist Sound der sau gute Laune macht! 👍💀🎧 Danke

    Michael TrenklerMichael Trenkler4 napja
  • Played this in my neighborhood and now it’s gopnik central

    Adrian ChanAdrian Chan4 napja
  • Bora I love you, you create a great content keep it up hardbass

    Niema tego typu wideoNiema tego typu wideo5 napja
  • i played thi on my house and now all my family turn into A Soviet Family

    Gopnik katGopnik kat6 napja
    • Our family :>

      Š Ł Ą V Į ÇŠ Ł Ą V Į Ç4 napja
  • I played this on my home now it's Chernobyl

    Erwin RommelErwin Rommel6 napja
  • The simplest moves, yet the hardest to pull off.

    Unplug your lifeUnplug your life6 napja
  • Jamet soviet😂

    Denta ArviantoDenta Arvianto7 napja
  • 제너레이션 딴딴 베이스

    chansikchansik7 napja
  • 1,1 k western spies

    kubalocik 111kubalocik 1118 napja
  • Chardbass never staps, I love forever this bass! :xD

    Jax CZEJax CZE8 napja
  • This is *OUR* Battle not *YOUR* Battle

    Daddy the PigDaddy the Pig9 napja

    AttractiveGDAttractiveGD10 napja

    AttractiveGDAttractiveGD10 napja
  • I’m glad i’m a western sp... I MEAN Russian so I can can listen to hard bass everyday.

    Clicky_101 MusicClicky_101 Music10 napja
    • Hmmm

      Š Ł Ą V Į ÇŠ Ł Ą V Į Ç4 napja
  • Good, but needs more bass!

    TheCrusaderBinTheCrusaderBin11 napja
  • Да! Да! Да! Да!

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin11 napja
  • 1,25 x speed lol

    Filipp OboloninFilipp Obolonin11 napja
  • He must have been taking footage of himself dancing in that one spot for so long the grass got worn away in a circle. Check by his feet when he's next to the stacked logs, you can see the difference from shot to shot.

    jonathino001jonathino00111 napja
  • Me before Boris: Meh Me After Boris: This video

    あかつきレヴィあかつきレヴィ12 napja
  • Generation Hardkvass.

    alsternerdalsternerd12 napja
  • ♾️

    soldato_ antigacha636soldato_ antigacha63613 napja
  • vasnt this kind of sound in "kickin hard with klubbheads" my favorite group at that time period ok litle softer but it vas House classed not hard base classed but still almost samse sound :D

    Thomas NThomas N13 napja
  • fuck... if ppl like you were in the army. Russia would dominate the world

    Kaiser NvtronKaiser Nvtron13 napja
  • Generation Hardbass

    Ken KanekiKen Kaneki13 napja
  • Hmmm....tasty btw🔊

    Leon TheGreatPugLeon TheGreatPug13 napja
  • I see slavs here in the UK all the time thay look like so mutch fun the way thay get drunk and dance anywhere freedome

    Smith SmithSmith Smith13 napja
  • AhHHHh CHeeKi BREEkI

    Shreddy 03Shreddy 0314 napja
  • This makes me so happy

    Michael AndersonMichael Anderson14 napja
  • Unfortunately, due to Babushkas cooking, Boris is unable to do full squat kick without Weslav pants touching dirt. It's ok, Boris, we've all been there.

    Jeremy ThorsonJeremy Thorson16 napja
  • wow i like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man boris you so good

    gaming man bruhgaming man bruh16 napja
  • me listening to this song while playing forza horizon 4: *instant influence to lvl up*

    ComedyTea_UwUComedyTea_UwU16 napja
  • "doing 90 in a 35" that's 55mph in a 20mph in American

    Tyler woodringTyler woodring16 napja
  • I'm not a millenial or gen z. I'm Gen Hardbass Blyat

    BionisGuyBionisGuy16 napja
  • Why Boris said hardbeiss and not hardbass???

    V- LOCKV- LOCK17 napja
  • Boris and alan walker sayed the future with the mask

    Anton LipatnikovAnton Lipatnikov17 napja
  • I wanna see Boris play siege but the only ops he plays are fuze and tachanka

    BotRxxBotRxx19 napja
  • Play at full volume for best event

    BotRxxBotRxx19 napja
  • Solidfish

    NearbiNearbi19 napja
  • You know, i'm an American. Мне стыдно за это

    PizzaLordPizzaLord19 napja
  • b bo bor bori boris boris god boris bori bor bo b

    GupikGupik20 napja
  • 🇵🇹😎

    Igor FreitasIgor Freitas20 napja
  • Blin I was born in the right generation

    Alexander rolovAlexander rolov20 napja
  • I played this at My Summer Car now its Our Winter Lada

    GamingProTVGamingProTV20 napja
  • nicr

    Ashutosh ParmarAshutosh Parmar21 napja
  • Lovely but I do get a hint of sexuallobster within this masterpiece, also, I'm a Swede from way up north, like close to the Finnish border, and we have at least two weeks every winter when it's -40 Celsius, so if you have some budget friendly tips on legit clothing that would be appreciated, also, I fucking love food from Russia and neighbouring countries, but working in a kitchen filled with old school babushkas, was a nightmare, they just grunted and did their own thing, fuck the menu, you either ate or starved.

    LunkeLunke21 napja
  • Blasted this in my school now its gulag

    felix frischmannfelix frischmann21 napja
  • Dad: stop the music Me:why? Dad: we have bigger speakers in the garage!

    TIC_ HA!!TIC_ HA!!21 napja
  • I played this to my friend Now hes a true slav

    Chadwick Boseman fan pageChadwick Boseman fan page21 napja
  • Please send me to gulag I withdrew from Hardbass for a year straight Papa Stalin can I have a train ticket to Siberia to punish myself

    Alduin the Lord of DragonsAlduin the Lord of Dragons21 napja
  • If you show this to a lada... It will be a blyada

    rino milinkovicrino milinkovic21 napja
  • Grab the vodca and Kalashnikov and Boogaloo comrades

    EdEd22 napja
  • This video it's on the DBZ BT2 OST Playlist lol

    E zE z22 napja
  • Are we not gonna talk about his sick Dance moves? True slav style

    Daniel Hahn ConradsenDaniel Hahn Conradsen24 napja
  • "I am no one, i am Everyone" well thats true the party was running Low on members.....

    Máté BordaMáté Borda24 napja
  • them: what music do you listen to? me: its complicated

    Paul WeberPaul Weber24 napja
  • he speaking engrish??¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

    raghav kaushik 055raghav kaushik 05525 napja
  • I played this to my Ferrari, it's now a Lada.

    Tad Ficus CatusTad Ficus Catus25 napja
  • hai s'traiesti !

    bonce.studiobonce.studio25 napja
  • Those who disliked this video are not slavs.

    HappyBoii _GalenHappyBoii _Galen25 napja
  • Crazy russian...

    Graffity PerfomanceGraffity Perfomance26 napja
  • yoid said voice is weapon sharp as knife. not built like as you say built like a lada? why jave they done this to suxh a difnified knife..! i ask yoi, would you saddle your rifle with a cast iron muzzle? no! nor should a knife faile getting drunk amd throwing it at stuff!!

    Oliver HelOliver Hel27 napja
  • Played this with headphones now my room is a hardbass club

    FROG BOIFROG BOI27 napja
    • Absolutely

      Ellie von BerglingEllie von Bergling26 napja

    FROG BOIFROG BOI27 napja
  • 1. play this in your school 2. get caught by teacher 3. flee yes bad meme

    Szymon OlewnikSzymon Olewnik27 napja
  • Me at 3am:

    Alex MalfoyAlex Malfoy28 napja
  • Boris just acrivated the sleeper agents

    Zavier OrtizZavier Ortiz29 napja
  • I´ve listened to it as a german metal fan. Then I squated. Now My tendons hurt like hell and I´ve some strange feelings in my backbone. Damm it, still a western spy :-D :-D

    Achim LichtenhagenAchim LichtenhagenHónapja
  • 3:32 seriously me checking my phone and seeing that Boris made another video

    Titanium VodkaTitanium VodkaHónapja
  • Every Beat Used In Russia Is In This Video (2020)!

    LB IslandsLB IslandsHónapja
  • hardbass rhymes with adidas, coincidence? i think no.

  • ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    D22 MusicD22 MusicHónapja
  • You should have done the kazotsky kick

    Bill P.Bill P.Hónapja
  • Imagine coming across this in the forest not in boris got confused

    the donegal c0mm1e fermerthe donegal c0mm1e fermerHónapja

    Bence PálBence PálHónapja
  • hardest hardbass in the slav world

    Not PandaBoiNot PandaBoiHónapja
  • If I uploaded this to Spotify but give you all the credit would you still sue me?

    Anton SaikoAnton SaikoHónapja
  • blyatifull

    yuli prasetyoyuli prasetyoHónapja
  • 1.1к dislikes from USA agents blyat'!

    Алижан АязбаевАлижан АязбаевHónapja
  • I’ve already determined a song to blast on my birthday and it’s hardbass.

    Kappa KappaKappa KappaHónapja
  • your from euroupe

  • Me:singing this song like i first made it Boris:so you've xhosen death exactly what i like

    Hyper_ MasterHyper_ MasterHónapja
  • Worst beaver trapper ever..

    Oliver HelOliver HelHónapja
  • So guys I was going for a walk and i just saw this random dancing guy in the forest.

    Pandis06 KarlssonPandis06 KarlssonHónapja
  • i played this when killing a sea dragon leviathan in subnautica because everyone knows listening to hardbass enhances your gaming skills

  • At first it was funny until i realised tha i am half slav

    alex roalex roHónapja
  • My headphone couldn’t handle this song :()))

    Bichanh LethiBichanh LethiHónapja
  • Second comment- what with all the learning from home and internet cyber meetings going on now I’m surprised nobody has come up with a hack/virus that makes the computer of everyone who is connected to the call play hardbass at full volume. Would be an awesome prank 💩