Generation Hardbass - Boris vs. DJ Blyatman

2018.aug. 9.
4 946 015 Megtekintés

Strap down your speakers. Boris is in town. Hardbass party time!
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Music by: DJ Blyatman
Vocals and lyrics by: Boris
Video by: Boris (of course)
Camerawork by: Boris
This is
Generation hardbass, squatting slow, moving fast
Beat is thumping, blood is pumping
Doing things nobody ask
This is hardbass party! Everybody come along
Gopniks dancing, blast this song
Every night last as long
Who am I? I am no one.
I am everyone.
Feet stomping, fingers up
Bass lounder than the club
Do not let the music stop
Stomping to the baseline drop
drop x8
Feet stomping, fingers up
Bass lounder than the club
Volume high, cannot drop
Hardbass party never stop
Generation Hardbass
Generation Hardbass
Voice as weapon. Sharp as knife.
Doing 90 in a 35
Glow as bright as Ural sun
Fastest one, beat by none!
Monday night 3:50. Speed is high, gears are shifting
Like a stolen limousine
Driving smooth, must be gifted
Down in Pripyat, heels are flat
Gopnik with ushanka hat
Working out, hunting rats
Running with a baseball bat
Different day, same place
This is time of hardbass
Generation Hardbass
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    DJ BlyatmanDJ Blyatman2 évvel
    • @BLITz 😏

      Tara TysktyskTara Tysktysk25 napja
    • @Tara Tysktysk yep =]

      BLITzBLITz26 napja
    • @BLITz WE don’t know 😌

      Tara TysktyskTara Tysktysk26 napja
    • @Tara Tysktysk idk

      BLITzBLITz26 napja
    • I’m curious about why Boris version in his Channel is a little longer than the one on your channel DJ Blyatman

      Tara TysktyskTara Tysktysk26 napja
  • Boris die Bestie. Einfach nur life of Boris.

    Enduro LifeStyleEnduro LifeStyleNapja
  • i played this to toyota ae96 now it's a FSO polonez caro

    A dude from PolandA dude from PolandNapja
  • These losers have Freud and Darwin, we, superior people, have Boris. (Im still working my ass)

    Taf TocTaf Toc3 napja
  • Oi Nasa go to Andromeda and find my headphones

    Aarav SainiAarav Saini4 napja
  • Hardbass is the Way to go

    skipper683skipper6835 napja
  • Love from Germany

    Moskau BeerchenMoskau Beerchen7 napja
  • Boris banger

    JeevesJeeves7 napja
  • God damn boris is the legendary slav

    The Reefer GladnessThe Reefer Gladness9 napja
  • Best Dragon ball ost ever made

    Salman TaoudSalman Taoud9 napja
  • I love russia and its hardbass, I'm indian

    Puneet GolaPuneet Gola9 napja
  • im asian and i listen to hardbass. isnt it weird?

    SynctifyAntSynctifyAnt9 napja
  • This cheeki breeki

    amelikki3000amelikki30009 napja
  • Slav king.

    пуля XDпуля XD10 napja
  • i have a older lada then you you have i have the lada 2101 i call it the Slav Machine 9000

    It's me Lego poissIt's me Lego poiss10 napja

    David McConkeyDavid McConkey11 napja
  • You are my idol ;-)

  • I found this and played it at all my clothes are ///Adidas track suits

    Ian WorkmanIan Workman13 napja
  • me a Latvian listing to the full playlist at 3am to do homework vadim blayt BTW i speak Russian i want sahlic

    FullGameingFullGameing13 napja
  • Nothing is free Except pizdi

    Potato JuicePotato Juice14 napja
  • When would the instrumental come out, comrade?? Edit: Would Red Roubles have an instrumental as well as your other songs too??

    The Tsar of KalashnikoviaThe Tsar of Kalashnikovia14 napja
  • Boris made it, hes 1 of the coolest dude on earth.

    Taf TocTaf Toc14 napja

    SCP FoundationSCP Foundation14 napja
  • They played this during the US 2020 election. Biden won.

    kareem al musharafkareem al musharaf14 napja
  • Did you make deese? Deese is gud..

    Tannhauser GateTannhauser Gate17 napja
  • Westerns read Bass As Bays

    Jimiel BolasaJimiel Bolasa18 napja
  • I hear boris voice but i don't know his face lol, happy new year

    Jimiel BolasaJimiel Bolasa18 napja
  • Esta siempre la pongo en los carretes cuando están curao y termina mas de uno en el piso jajajsjs🇨🇱 y si. Soy el comentario en español que buscabas 😎👍

    sin nombre xdsin nombre xd18 napja
  • I played this to Osama Bin Laden. Now he's Vasya Blin Putin.

    artyomizeartyomize18 napja
  • BORIS!!! Good for us!! I mean hard bass!!

    Marek ŠtěpánekMarek Štěpánek18 napja
  • My friend asked me how i fall asleep. So i grabbed my boombox put this up, woke his parents up and јеботе i slept wonderful. ☢/10 music brate

    MarkoMarko18 napja
  • Played this in a BMW. It is now a Lada.

    Not HuntedNot Hunted19 napja
  • What makes this music even better are the moves of this pure gopnik.

    Your Local HitmanYour Local Hitman20 napja
  • I played this inside the abrams now im inside of the T-80

    Hyrich Dragunov Codename:[HYDRΔ]Hyrich Dragunov Codename:[HYDRΔ]20 napja
  • Sir mister boris... I'm in Canada, but all I wear is Adidas, I like snow, firearms, and tanks. Am I okay?

    James SisttieJames Sisttie21 napja
  • oEditor. Vídeo do Benjy

    JVJV21 napja
  • Scientists: There are no side effects from the Russian Corona Virus cure. The Test subjects:

    Říkej mi SenpaiŘíkej mi Senpai22 napja
  • Best Adidas sponsor ad ever

    Nikhil BeheraNikhil Behera22 napja
  • I played this in USA now it's ussr

    Aymen AbouelfadlAymen Abouelfadl23 napja
  • Proud to be a Slav

    Maraks _15Maraks _1523 napja
  • Friend what do you lisen to? Me its complicatet

  • Boris Show your face when you get 10m subs k?

    I’m the last of us fanI’m the last of us fan24 napja
  • Damn. This *SLAPS*

    Clicky 101Clicky 10124 napja
  • 2 years ago i blasted my ears with this 2 yrs later.. STILL BLASTING THEM EARDRUMS!!!!

    Ken MilleteKen Millete24 napja
  • fool songs: money flex nude girls and expensive cars real song: big bass and no expensive cars no money no nude girls no flex this is why i like hardbass

    Patrick FlorentinPatrick Florentin26 napja
  • Those trees were softwood but now they are Hardwood. 🎶🥁

    1joshjosh11joshjosh128 napja
  • I played this in a Supreme store now its Weslav Store

    Al WinAl Win28 napja
  • when artyom is home alone

    XPH0SXPH0S28 napja
  • They say us 14 year old girls listen to Billie Eilish but here I am, a German listening to hardbass because why the fuck not

    UnknownUnknown28 napja
  • Slav squat everyday anyplace

    punkgothichick1307punkgothichick130729 napja
  • Boris is the good russian ever oh yeah im New here good jog💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👍✌

  • Yes hard bass yay boris

    love russialove russiaHónapja
  • I played this in my apartment now is a khrushevka

    Klevis SaraciKlevis SaraciHónapja
  • its actually sick how literally wherever youre from, even if you dont know english, theres like 100 subtitle options and they arent auto generated

  • Blyaaat.

    Premium ChannelPremium ChannelHónapja
  • This is how I start my morning.

    Morgan AdamsMorgan AdamsHónapja
  • Love my Boris!!!!!

    Daniel MooreDaniel MooreHónapja
  • 1:23 Door is hinged on the wrong side.

    Apache LongbowApache LongbowHónapja
  • Subtitles: *hardbass playing* Dead slavs: *squat*

    omituinen hedelmäomituinen hedelmäHónapja
  • Squating Tiger hidden Slav.

    Tad Ficus CatusTad Ficus CatusHónapja
  • Ladas play hardbase as default audio.

    Tad Ficus CatusTad Ficus CatusHónapja
  • Slavic hardbase.

    Tad Ficus CatusTad Ficus CatusHónapja
  • Russians are the coolest of all the white people

    J StoJ StoHónapja
  • 3 stripes for life.

    J StoJ StoHónapja
  • There isn’t enough mayonnaise in the world to describe how good this song is.

    Ravi KhanRavi KhanHónapja
  • 1:13 drop

  • This makes me feel Russian even though I'm brazilian

    Ana FrostAna FrostHónapja
  • This is G E N E R A T I O N H A R D B A S S Squatting low, Moving fast Beat is

    Amina MohamudaAmina MohamudaHónapja
  • ✌💕🎄🕯

    Nadia MarsileNadia MarsileHónapja
  • Hard bass and hard style work for me.

    Justin PattersonJustin PattersonHónapja
  • I feel this like blood in my veins.

  • I like hardbass now.😊😁😃😄😃🤩🤪🤪🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Tyler DurdenTyler DurdenHónapja
  • I was listening to this song while playing war thunder, I was in a 3.7 match and spawned in my only bomber, the BB-1, with a br of 1.3, but I somehow got 4 kills with it and survived the round, which we also won

    N1 the captainN1 the captainHónapja
  • I played this to capitalism Now it's still capitalism, but Wodka is legal

    Ailan KrohnAilan KrohnHónapja
  • I played this to trump Now he's a comunist

    Ailan KrohnAilan KrohnHónapja
  • I played this to my grandma Now she's *BABUSHKA*

    Ailan KrohnAilan KrohnHónapja
  • I palyed this to myself NOW I am still myself.

    Kledi NidiKledi NidiHónapja
  • i accidentaly put this song on and now my chear is squating

  • I played this to myself. Ничего не изменилось.

    Канал ORANGE [Не путать с апельсином]Канал ORANGE [Не путать с апельсином]Hónapja
  • Best. Russian. Guy. Ever.

  • the beat dropped harder than me as a child holy shit

  • Idk it makes me happy 😂

    Cyber Hitman EditzCyber Hitman EditzHónapja
  • This is gopnik aprof СУКА БЛЯТ

    onion woodsonion woodsHónapja
  • russia best love from macedonia

  • Борис ты топ

    ДОБРО -28ДОБРО -28Hónapja
  • Топ

    ДОБРО -28ДОБРО -28Hónapja
  • VADIM! BLYAT!!!!

    Nikolai MarkovNikolai MarkovHónapja
  • imagine your grandchildren will ask you 50 years from now what music was like back then ... Put on ushanka and take out the vodka bottle ... listen and learn you little cyka

    Robert UrlaubRobert UrlaubHónapja
  • Великолепно! Голос Бориса делает музыку в 10 раз лучше!

    Garik BananchikGarik BananchikHónapja
  • Wow I have searched this up 100000 times and now I have a police and cia warning LETS GOOO!

    Henrihenrioo BAHenrihenrioo BAHónapja
  • I played this song in Vicky's house, now he is Viktor Antonov

    Jackdjm EditzJackdjm EditzHónapja
  • i Like HARDBASS Song 😎 🎵

    Strong YuStrong YuHónapja
  • Me and my sis literally blasted this in the middle of the night and danceed to it till 3:38am Oy blin it is good

  • Hymne!!

    David GeppertDavid GeppertHónapja
  • Oh no.tôi lỡ tắt nhạc rồi.

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  • nothing better than listening to hardbass after a stressfull day

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  • Blyat

    Miguel SebastianMiguel SebastianHónapja
  • *OPA!*

  • 1:12 best moment skskks

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  • ☭ ☭ ☭

    Rizky GamingRizky GamingHónapja