G-Eazy - Provide (Official Video) ft. Chris Brown, Mark Morrison

2021.febr. 5.
5 528 954 Megtekintés

G-Eazy “Provide” feat. Chris Brown & Mark Morrison
Out Now: smarturl.it/GxProvide

Directed by Edgar Esteves
Production Company: Blank Square Productions
Producer: Andres Garcia
DP: Josh Hill
Edited by Joan Pabon
Color by Bryan Smaller

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  • Whoever produced this music is the goat fr

    Pizamo GamingPizamo Gaming16 perccel
  • its jus 5 damn thats so less lets give the 🐐breezy more

    Maxell MatthewMaxell Matthew27 perccel
  • Echt verschrikkelijk waarom zou je dit doen met deze track echt misselijk.een schande voor Mark maar gelukkig maakt hij wat DO op deze track. IK ZOU ZEGGEN CHRIS STOP USING COCAÏNE YOUR FUCKING UP MAN.

    Lyanomeat LeeLyanomeat Lee28 perccel
  • I'm upset this is some Bullshit

    Lyanomeat LeeLyanomeat Lee35 perccel
  • You fucked up the song you and chris why would you do that

    Lyanomeat LeeLyanomeat Lee36 perccel
  • باهي به

    علي موسيعلي موسي37 perccel
  • This A vibe 🔥

    Tylor DanielsTylor Daniels39 perccel
  • G look like he tryna get off the yay looking healthier

    Ju K.Ju K.Órája
  • Love you Chris 😘

    amina tarbesamina tarbesÓrája
  • Let's get away, tuck off way out in Monterey!. 🙌

    Jovany ChavezJovany ChavezÓrája
  • Oh-No he didn't !!!!

    Weslie PorterWeslie PorterÓrája
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/nJ-w4JulacWtnYw

    POPS KidsPOPS Kids2 órája
  • What make is the jacket Chris is rocking with the smiley faces on ?

    Luke HiltonLuke Hilton2 órája
  • G easy your voice is 🔥🔥🔥

    Bangtan Punjab TVBangtan Punjab TV2 órája
  • Chris your moves and voice are awsome

    Bangtan Punjab TVBangtan Punjab TV2 órája
  • Return of the mackkkk, if yk yk

    Kizzyy SKizzyy S2 órája
  • g doing historical documetaries nowadays and is lit

    Jerko MandicJerko Mandic3 órája

    GAB BreezyGAB Breezy4 órája
  • Just when i thought im done with CB this shit drops🔥

  • Chris Brown 🔥🔥🔥🔥 m.kwai.app/s/8jIM0wsz?share_id=ANDROID_6d68581ec5e3a5df_1614261330154

    Junio FarleyJunio Farley5 órája
  • Breezy Killing it as always 🔥

    RedLineRacer 48RedLineRacer 486 órája
  • Why hasn't My Boy No Life Shaq reacted to this 😤. This song fire 🔥

    RedLineRacer 48RedLineRacer 486 órája
  • TRASH 🗑️

    Ricki JamesRicki James7 órája
  • Madison it's hot

    Sandra GonzalezSandra Gonzalez7 órája
  • Chris Brown has the sense to look for underrated people. This #D0PE. Wish he would collab with many more. Chris Breezy, our mentor. 🙏

    Julien KühnlJulien Kühnl9 órája

    Gonza ZanconiGonza Zanconi10 órája
  • Fallin love, baby, you playin or rollin' up, baby, you playin? hahahahahahahahha

    MAEEMAEE10 órája
  • CB dont miss

    Locked DownLocked Down11 órája
  • Need to see Eazy live again 😫

    DannyDanny12 órája
  • Is it me or did Chris brown gain some weight? Damn he fine anyway he is! Truly a gift from the Lord! 😍🔥 Love the song!

    Semha MusaSemha Musa13 órája
  • Return of the mack

    CeeBooBeeCeeBooBee14 órája
  • ❤️ Chris

    Ashley HowardAshley Howard14 órája
  • Chris Breezy deserves whatever he's charging for these features lmao

    Arun Chinna MeyyappanArun Chinna Meyyappan15 órája
  • G-Easy, CB and Mark Morrison is a great collaborations, guys

    Twopain ArsaTwopain Arsa15 órája
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Yaaas 11Yaaas 1116 órája
  • I love G Eazys voice

    Jennifer PotterJennifer Potter17 órája
  • Nipsey and G Eazy sound very similar

    Cory TrappinCory Trappin17 órája
  • He is so sexy💖🤩😭, i need a man like this in my life!!!!

    leylah moonleylah moon18 órája
  • Chris Brown = save a song king. No disrespect to g eazy but chris brown killed it

    Sam EastwellSam Eastwell18 órája
  • Chris's parts: 0:50 & 2:00

    Sonic1FanSonic1Fan20 órája
  • 1995 flow 💥🔥

    Peter Patrick PerzanowskiPeter Patrick Perzanowski20 órája
  • Beatiful song...I like how the rapper has white skin and the singer in singing....#create love not war

    Xander alomXander alom21 órája
  • Fucking smashing Chris brown as ever, didn’t even notice the other whopper, breezey fo sheezey

    daniel cunninghamdaniel cunningham23 órája
  • G Eazy & Chris Breezy 🔥🔥

    Angel BabyAngel BabyNapja
  • Chris yes😍😍🖤🤎🤎✊🏾.... geezy... smh not real bay area. How him and sweetie, who's from sac, not the bay.. . got on claiming the bay. .... gentrification. You don't hear anyone from the bay slappin either. Knowing the lingo means nothing. Chris did amazing, but he jacked up one of the greatest songs of all times. I wish more real bay area got put on, like ty dolla or short

    Auset Eritrean Egyptian Goddess LynnéAuset Eritrean Egyptian Goddess LynnéNapja
  • Return of the Mack! Choon

    p0rt 1337p0rt 1337Napja
  • I love the old school beat . It makes me think of my middle school days, going to the skating rink with my friends. Having a pop , getting junk food . Life was great

    LaTavia WashingtonLaTavia WashingtonNapja
  • When a new song can take you back to them good ol days.... Nice one

    TP MolotsaneTP MolotsaneNapja
  • Track slaps 🎶💯

    Chad StorerChad StorerNapja
  • Who’s that actress?

    Dustin HwangDustin HwangNapja
  • Return Of The Mack!

  • P

    Ajlana VelagicAjlana VelagicNapja
  • Bu adam niye eskisi kadar dinlenmiyo be

    Hacer Çelik subașıHacer Çelik subașıNapja
  • g easy ruins this song, i almost feel like chris brown just said " here bro you can have this one" would be much better with like drake or tory lanes

    Gnarly 6546Gnarly 6546Napja
  • 🔥😭

    mikko untalanmikko untalanNapja
  • They hittin that Smeeze!! BAY AREAAA STAND UP!

    The VykherianThe VykherianNapja
  • Harika ❤

    Kübra YükselKübra YükselNapja
  • 💟❣🤩

    aroukeisha fallaroukeisha fallNapja

    Mary EppsMary EppsNapja
  • its the oldschool beat for me

    jack elvisjack elvisNapja
  • Told my peoples when Eazy and Breezy made a song together it was gonna be fire. How you like them apples?

    Raymond PennRaymond PennNapja
  • Please no more tattoos 😫

    April xoxoApril xoxoNapja
  • The smartest rapper G easy never fails me Love from Africa

  • 😁🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👆🏾👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾show

    Dudu SilvaDudu SilvaNapja
  • That Whitney note thou🥺🌋 dope song🔥🔥🔥🔥

    CountryOxygen RecordsCountryOxygen RecordsNapja
  • How could people dislike this song? Anyways y'all stop hating on cb tryna hold that old ass Rihanna stuff against him as if people can't move forward and as if y'all perfect. This man got hits for 15 years straight!

    Rashon SmithRashon SmithNapja

      Raymond PennRaymond PennNapja
  • Coool Love this song :)

    Dj TwixxDj TwixxNapja
  • BREEZY is undefeated

    Dame Dash ReactionsDame Dash ReactionsNapja
  • Literally the longest 9 seconds of my life waiting for that "ooouuWWAAAAaaOOooOoOoooooh..."

    Sarah BurchardSarah BurchardNapja
  • They're cookin up so good so smooth

    Edin YildirimEdin YildirimNapja
  • Geazy mixes well with ppl in da hood...he black

    TnT GrimXTnT GrimXNapja
  • All the way from bay area

    Vitsumong ThongliuVitsumong ThongliuNapja
  • #goodmusiconly NICE Sample!!!

  • There's a reason that Chris Brown is greatest of all time. And this is it🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Tyrese BravoTyrese BravoNapja
  • Where in the butthole universe's mark is?!

    Bjornex YazizBjornex YazizNapja
  • I love the old school vibes 💜💫 #TeamBreezy .

  • 👍

    áudio pássarosáudio pássarosNapja
  • Wasn’t feelin G-Ease fa the longest! He gotta few I can fuck wit now tho.. I can see the improvements 💯

    Dre HicksDre HicksNapja
  • Hey eazy hit that whitey note goes smooth #CB-GEazy

    Shawn RichardsShawn RichardsNapja
  • These two r so smooth this is the song of the year and the year just started for real

    Shawn RichardsShawn RichardsNapja
  • Ruined an amazing song.

    Thatb0a BertoThatb0a BertoNapja
  • G- Eazy Look Like He Loves To Do Feature With Chris Brown!

    Maribo A.KMaribo A.KNapja
  • My girlfriend thinks that g eazy looks like Me 😍

    Abdou Tu PacAbdou Tu PacNapja
  • Straight banger 🔥👌💯

    pegeloz _gtcspegeloz _gtcsNapja
  • Cb

    brian welchbrian welchNapja
  • 🤦🏽‍♀️ Another fire song By g easy and Breezy remember Drifting by them ☺

    Layla ThompsonLayla ThompsonNapja
  • 🤦🏽‍♀️ G Eazy & Breezy Never Disappointed G Eazy and Breezy Slays there no debate 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Layla ThompsonLayla ThompsonNapja
  • I like the beat only that to okay 👌 anyone like to dance with me with jazzy me me me yeassssa💋💋💋💋💋🤪🤪🤪🤪

    Judy RuizJudy RuizNapja
  • Nope!

    Jose NoguerasJose NoguerasNapja
  • Why does the guy @ 2:36 look so familiar?

    tanya alitanya aliNapja
  • Tory Lanez the swag of G-Eazy he never using *Igrocket* to get fame on Instagram followers and likes. Thumbs up who agrees

    Scarlet HarmisonScarlet HarmisonNapja
  • that superman hair look like it poking g eazy straight in the eye

    yo dayo daNapja
  • Chris brown lame af

    OhmBoy T.XOhmBoy T.XNapja
  • Return of the Mack

    Jammal LeeJammal LeeNapja
  • This is amazing

    hussein alhallafhussein alhallafNapja
  • Let's blow this guy amazing

    Feereysane JamaicanaFeereysane JamaicanaNapja
  • Fucking shocking Chris unbelievable voice but mark Morrison u can’t touch or try to remake his shit fact !!!

    Christian FarnhamChristian Farnham2 napja
  • Miss Return of the Mack

    JunoBandzzJunoBandzz2 napja
  • G eazy nice but Chris brown makes this shit pop (besides the mark Morrison sample obviously)

    Brandon PalusesBrandon Paluses2 napja
  • cool

    Shema AlexShema Alex2 napja