Frozen Table Challenge

2021.márc. 4.
1 182 222 Megtekintés

We built a ping pong table completely out of ice and tried to play on it!
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  • This was awesome 😃 Ice table tournament coming soon!

    • :D

      Mr PoemMr PoemNapja
    • I am also playing table tennis

      Sanket Ishan vinesSanket Ishan vines20 napja
    • 🔥🏓

      Stoops GamerStoops Gamer20 napja
    • Challange: play with a nerf gun by shooting darts Punishment: if you can't do it then emil has to jump in the snow wearing summer clothes

      jigi chauhanjigi chauhan23 napja

      BreginaBregina25 napja
  • funny

    Trần Thị LuânTrần Thị Luân56 perccel
  • emil is the the most underrated on the channel #justiceforEmil

    ShaanShaan4 napja
  • Me llamo nahuel ojeda

    Nahuel OjedaNahuel Ojeda5 napja
  • Chicos pueden jugar pongo pong pero con la cabeza

    Nahuel OjedaNahuel Ojeda5 napja
  • 1:57 the beat

    Taylor RolandTaylor Roland5 napja
  • 1:57 What a perfect timing ! Nice edit (^▽^)ノ

    Walker AlWalker Al6 napja
  • Both the snow and the ball are white, so I think you can't see the ball.

    短足351短足3516 napja
  • 日本人いる!?✋

    ゲーム実況者のきつねうどんゲーム実況者のきつねうどん7 napja
  • What an amazing video as always!! Your videos always makes my mood better every time I watch it :D By the way what racket are you guys using? Could you do a video on your equipments?

    DuaneDuane7 napja
  • Soo much falling and playing it’s very nice to see with some comedies here and there.🤩🤩💙

    Ash BalakumaranAsh Balakumaran8 napja
  • Wearing sneakers at - 17 degrees 🥶🥶🥶😂

    Karlchen MüllerKarlchen Müller8 napja
  • moi

    Olavi KorkiakoskiOlavi Korkiakoski9 napja
  • when you cant afford a table be like

    MansionBoss248 YTMansionBoss248 YT10 napja
  • Woah, this is pretty cool! Greetin' from Canada, friends!

    Karine LemaireKarine Lemaire10 napja
  • u love isral ?

    אסתר פיטוסי.אסתר פיטוסי.10 napja
  • this youtube channel really makes me want to get into pingpong

    Lightning McQueenLightning McQueen10 napja
  • Cool

    shif chenshif chen11 napja
  • Challange-when you hit 24.7 lakh subscribers play a whole match mikka vs Emil and Otto let's see who will win 🎉🎉👍🏼

  • Play Frozen table and frozen racket

    Lukáš PoloučekLukáš Polouček11 napja
  • Make a bat with fruit and play

    Ram Sameer AkshayRam Sameer Akshay12 napja
  • I can't eat phone

    MASAO TVMASAO TV13 napja
  • Gotta add rackets to your online shop, would buy them!

    SpongeSponge13 napja
  • -Is this table ittf approved tho?

    Sweety OnigiriSweety Onigiri13 napja
  • I have a dare: Change your channel name to Pogfinity ;)

    BluxR ExploitsBluxR Exploits13 napja
  • Beans and cheese

    Markus HondaMarkus Honda14 napja
  • your videos makes me smile any time. genuine. creative. awesome content. keep it going ❤️.

    snail powersnail power14 napja
  • Im Just Jealous Of The Snow :(

    Maximilian Haoxing ETTERMaximilian Haoxing ETTER14 napja
  • Есть русскоговорящие,если есть лайк)

    Hf HfHf Hf15 napja
  • Very funny and interesting idea! My idea is make your intro by Vietnamese

    TH LTH L15 napja
  • 4:15 Otto " Okay"😂😂😂😂 I think some of them know that okay meme

    niharikaniharika15 napja
  • 6:42 Mikka face😂

    DućaDuća15 napja
  • U guys have a swedish accent an u guys screams some times ja

    Fatkirby _Fatkirby _15 napja
  • Hit 3 miljon subs before 2022

    ramon krasniqiramon krasniqi15 napja
  • Otto was looking so cute when he said " what are you laughing at "

    Maaz AkhterMaaz Akhter15 napja
  • People who don’t have snow👉

    Charlie O'ConnellCharlie O'Connell15 napja
  • If you just want to see them play go to 7:36

    Avatar AangAvatar Aang16 napja
  • 0:00🤣🤣🤣

    OORer飛行式OORer飛行式16 napja
  • What is thé Edge Tape for

    Alicia CedilloAlicia Cedillo16 napja
  • You guys should have made footsteps that spelled the word Subscribe

    Forlani LateefForlani Lateef16 napja
  • i don’t play ping pong but i like your videos

    Nikolas GecasNikolas Gecas17 napja
  • Oh my god! Thanks a lot Pongfinity....if you guys remember, this was my challenge I gave to you guys in your previous ice racket video. I am stoked and so glad you guys have done this You guys rock!!

    Akshay SriramAkshay Sriram17 napja
  • wow the vid makes me want to go to Finland. so beautiful. also cuz i wanna play ping pong on an frozen table

    seb gseb g18 napja
  • you guys should have a ice tournament with a ice racket and a ice table that will be lit

    360Savages-_-clan360Savages-_-clan18 napja
  • Where are you guys from?

    hallo der det er mighallo der det er mig18 napja
  • yêu chi

    Hi am FuckboyHi am Fuckboy18 napja
  • Kids: im gonna build a fortress! Girls: Im gonna build a snowman! Woman : im gonna make a snow angle! Man : Ping Pong table!!!!!!

    Azizi Achmad PAzizi Achmad P18 napja
  • 5:34 "Feeling quite hard already" THATS WHAT SHEE SAID!

    Azizi Achmad PAzizi Achmad P18 napja
    • @jojo 4444 Maybe its better that way lol

      Azizi Achmad PAzizi Achmad P2 órája
    • Huh? I don’t get it?

      jojo 4444jojo 444412 napja

    moon dogs vlogsmoon dogs vlogs19 napja
  • Lo siento, tuve que ver el vídeo un par de veces. De verdad, necesito vivir en Finlandia.

    Galaxia 9Galaxia 919 napja
  • can you play japanese grip? Not Chinese

    Shaiyrbek SabyrovShaiyrbek Sabyrov19 napja
  • any americans wondering, it was -4 farenheit

    dressertdressert19 napja
  • hey Pongfinity What is a frozen lake's worst nightmare

    Maria VargasMaria Vargas19 napja
  • 🥰😍🤩😅🤣😂

    sss mmmsss mmm19 napja
  • هل اجد عرب اللي عربي لايك

  • Otto is quite a craftsman!

    Vassilis KyriakopoulosVassilis Kyriakopoulos19 napja

    Sanket Ishan vinesSanket Ishan vines20 napja
  • اللة علة هل اجواء ايخيعونكم

    ميمون محمدميمون محمد20 napja
  • Hello to you from Russia I've been watching you for a very long time I love you and I have a question how old are you?!!!!!

    kinagan0kinagan020 napja
  • These guys are crazy

    Swype IISwype II20 napja
  • This is a nICE video

    Victoria Anabella Hernández CanelaVictoria Anabella Hernández Canela20 napja
  • Make more Reallife videos on the outside:)

    DJ olivierDJ olivier20 napja
  • 1:33🤣

    DJ olivierDJ olivier20 napja
  • Bit disappointed Mika didn’t draw the logo beginning with an infinity sign :/

    Grass hopperGrass hopper20 napja
  • Já jsem věřící

    Stanislav HocekStanislav Hocek20 napja
  • Já jsem věřící

    Stanislav HocekStanislav Hocek20 napja
  • Já jsem věřící

    Stanislav HocekStanislav Hocek20 napja
  • めっちゃおもろい! this video is funny 😆

    まいまいまいまい20 napja
  • Já jsem věřící

    Stanislav HocekStanislav Hocek20 napja
  • Já jsem věřící

    Stanislav HocekStanislav Hocek20 napja
  • Já jsem věřící

    Stanislav HocekStanislav Hocek20 napja
  • Já jsem věřící

    Stanislav HocekStanislav Hocek20 napja
  • Já jsem věřící

    Stanislav HocekStanislav Hocek20 napja
  • Its perfect weather to play

    FF GuestFF Guest20 napja
  • Next: Make a football field

    MesyârMesyâr21 napja
  • Awesome 🤩 You may use sandpaper to make surface smooter before episode two which is frozen table tournament.

    hüseyin yanılmazhüseyin yanılmaz21 napja
  • your axent is bad are briten i dont like yout vids

    Seth PirnessSeth Pirness21 napja
  • Play it with ice rocket on this table

    Lubos MalyLubos Maly21 napja
  • Use frozen racket too

    Karlwayne petalcorinKarlwayne petalcorin21 napja
  • Have you ever seen anything perfect? Now you have

    Pedro FabricioPedro Fabricio21 napja
  • а что \то за шарк тако?

    Эдгар НовацкийЭдгар Новацкий21 napja
  • How many times did Mikka fall in this video😂

    JGIV55JGIV5521 napja
  • Its perfect men its a good job

    Sofia VanelliSofia Vanelli21 napja
  • Frozen table with frozen ice racket

    PhilouPhilou21 napja
  • ここまでくるとただの変態

    通りすがりのBa Sx通りすがりのBa Sx21 napja
  • It's very hard to make a Frozen Table.

    Manjiri TawdeManjiri Tawde21 napja
  • Legends watch in 1:5x

    Zhangxue GamingZhangxue Gaming21 napja
  • Ice raket + ice table🙂

    Melissa PurvisMelissa Purvis22 napja
  • Tape bats to the edges for extra defense

    GrizzleThistleBearGrizzleThistleBear22 napja
  • My mum was born in finland🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

    Elroy Markkula LeafeElroy Markkula Leafe22 napja
  • 2:16 Just Finnish guys enjoying each others company

    Niamh O'ConnorNiamh O'Connor22 napja
  • The flagrant field nally pedal because hand extragingivally rinse astride a handsomely target. proud, attractive seagull

    Yusuf VezirogluYusuf Veziroglu22 napja
  • CEO of bad jokes

    Juuso QvickJuuso Qvick23 napja
  • Boys will always be Boys

    FaadilahFaadilah23 napja
  • what is your country

    CrickeTCrickeT23 napja
  • Who is the guy on 3:30

    Anime Gamer0777Anime Gamer077723 napja
  • CHALLENGE: Do the frozen table challenge with frozen table rackets

    Anime Gamer0777Anime Gamer077723 napja
  • The chief nail semiannually rhyme because teaching notably snow pro a merciful ukraine. unknown, jaded tugboat

    Ryan HanniganRyan Hannigan23 napja
  • try to play with gro pro

    efe efeefe efe23 napja
  • U should put dawn soap on a table and play a match