Friday Night Funkin But Boyfriend Vs Haunted House

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  • *it was funny

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  • 16:12I thought the pumpkin and the skeleton had become monsters hahahahah

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  • This is so good

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  • skid andpump inside two costumes...

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  • FBI approves this is good content👍

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  • The thumbnail is stolen

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  • Who else could bet that Skid and Pump In the thumbnail was traced from RecD and they just changed the shading and the faces

    Skycrafter1234Skycrafter12345 órája
    • I mean, the animation itself is good, but you could’ve made the thumbnail by yourself

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  • Is the month

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  • Plsss translate my language Video ini paling terlucu

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  • Sooooooo who was the creepy doll

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  • I saw an among us Easter egg

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  • Skid and pumps noises when look in the house when they enter it is just q0q yes now THAT'S how you do it!! Qwwqqqqw its PERFECT!

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  • ........

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  • 5:04 *Good Ending* 5:33 *Bad Ending*

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  • 0:44 OOF LOL DAMN IT

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  • 2:41 Skid y pump 1 minuto después Vamos a aver las estrellas :)

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  • You all are dum not boyfriend. 💥💯

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  • WOW

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  • Oh Good

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  • I love it

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  • When the monster came and boy friend ran to the door they broke down the door

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  • 7ui

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  • Also if that was me I had to choose skid or pump I had to go for skid:sorry pump me:grabs skid and leaves pump sike :grabs pump and pico I'm gonna need your gun pico:ok me:snatches gun shoots every body me realizes that it was prank

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  • The first time we actually saw the boyfriend's other hand

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  • M me

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  • someone reuploaded your video

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  • Is nobody gonna talk about 2:02

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    • Put It on slow motion

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  • Fang: hahahaha

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  • 1:56 skid: is a spooky month.

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  • lemon demon: *hi* everyone: *AIGHT IMMA HEAD OUT*

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  • 0:46

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  • 4:45 thats the wario laugh

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  • 0:42 I love how skid and pump and boyfriend just dance with the first rap song in the Backround (sorry if I don't know the first song of skid and pump)

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  • fnf

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  • omg lemon demon is dupliked

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  • Mommy

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  • Nani is not why it means what

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  • Wait a minute if skid and pump where the squid who grabbed them that’s what I want to know

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  • 2:03 pause it and look! It is hilarious! XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • It’s the spooky month!

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  • Boyfriend:I have a spooky feeling about this.. Captions:good

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  • 0:43 I turned on captions and it said "beefy" YOU OKAY???

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  • 6:32 I see a Frozen Easter Egg. In frozen Anna and Kristof were throwing Olaf's head back in fourth just like that!

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  • xd

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  • 2:01 pumps face change XD

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  • At the look imposter 🤨📸😂🤣😂

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  • No.

  • The Arrows Exploding. Lol

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  • 0:40 tutorial como romper puertas

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  • Make more

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  • 2:02

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  • Бедный лемон Демон...

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  • Wow is it so cool this information is so funny and cool thank you your address barrister I love your animation a beautiful and that's so funny funny funny animation is making me laugh boyfriend is so funny

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  • Sorry but people obey you and re upload this video 😔

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  • 6:29 omg that sound effect is from qumi Qumi!!!!! I remember watching it since I was a little kid!

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  • , Santa Cruz de la Venta Casas en Venta

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  • Wow

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  • Pump and skid love spooky so much they killed the lemon demon kinda

  • 👌👍 es muy genial el

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  • I hate this video

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  • For mobile 3:02

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  • 3:35! GF AAHH WHAT

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  • 4:40 boyfriend slaps Pico😂🤣😂🤣😂

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    • boyfriend slaps Pico😂🤣😂🤣😂

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  • i saw among us

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  • Is that the voodoo doll from among us

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  • Skid and pump in spookiz plzzzz

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  • 2:03 ....

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  • 6:27 the among us family picture

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  • 5:44 the impostor picture

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