Free Guy Trailer 2

2020.okt. 5.
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December 11th. #FreeGuy

  • DAY1 Ryan Reynolds: Today's gonna be great goldie! DAY2 Ryan Reynolds: I hope today's going to okay goldie! DAY3 Ryan Reynolds: Today's not going to okay! (Goldie Died and the world is ending)

    Christine JosephChristine JosephÓrája
  • I wish was born there

    Christine JosephChristine JosephÓrája
  • He died and respawn in bed... Minecraft steve belike:am i joke to you

    Connor 46Connor 463 órája
  • it’s like if the truman show and ready player one had a baby

    nayla triednayla tried4 órája
  • I'm trying still trying to find seán.

    crusader boicrusader boi7 órája
  • Lazar lazar baby

    Descended DragonDescended Dragon7 órája
  • Looks Really Good! I Can't-Wait To Watch.

    Steven AndersSteven Anders7 órája
  • July 3 is FOREVER!! WAHHHHHH

    Laura HallLaura Hall8 órája
  • I think it is a block Buster hit

    grubbs carolynggrubbs carolyng8 órája
  • We're is Irish gamer

    Radoslav KrstinRadoslav Krstin10 órája
  • Ok, but for real, I want a guy who looks at me the way Ryan Reynolds looks at the game developer lady at the beginning of the trailer

    Flashing BlazeFlashing Blaze11 órája
  • The Netflix adaptation of Sword art online. But it’s Ryan Reynolds so ... I’ll allow it.

    sathya kummarapurugusathya kummarapurugu14 órája
  • whu are u? mine mane is deadpool and whu are u? mine name is batman

    soso beridzesoso beridze17 órája
  • Looks really good

    Simple GuySimple Guy18 órája
  • What's the music?

    Breaking & LeavingBreaking & Leaving20 órája
  • bUT wHERE iS pOTATO bOI ?!

    mrwan mrwanmrwan mrwan21 órája
  • when he said hes guy all i heard was *croods*

    I have a goldfish obsession • 10 pp agoI have a goldfish obsession • 10 pp ago21 órája

    Raghav KhandelwalRaghav Khandelwal23 órája
  • Lazar

    Louie MunozLouie Munoz23 órája
  • When’s free guy coming out?

    Liam EganLiam EganNapja
  • Where jacksepticeye here?

    Kamil JozwaKamil JozwaNapja
  • “My name is GUY and I live in FREE city.” Oh....

    Brother Bright-no-KnightBrother Bright-no-KnightNapja
  • me no like u u atheist

    F4gs _YTF4gs _YTNapja
  • Irish gamer man on the big screen to the left and also on the monitors at 1:23 :)

  • I wonder whats going to happen to their love relationship seeing how he is an npc and shd is a player lol

    Ticus TTicus TNapja
  • Trop trop hâte de le voir 😺

    Olivier langotOlivier langotNapja
  • I came for jack anyone else ?

    Anil RagoonananAnil RagoonananNapja
  • this makes me feel bad for running over everyone on the sidewalk in gta

  • What if jack is playing as Ryan in the game?

    Jonah BryanJonah BryanNapja
  • So this is how los santos online looks like in real life? Interesting....

    Delta HazardDelta HazardNapja
  • For the Irish videogame guy

  • waiting this film too much

  • Welp, this is Deadpool without cancer and he's not in a killing spree, nice!

    Christofer 82Christofer 82Napja
  • wheres jacksepticeye tho?

  • i'm watching this movie because of jacksepticeye :)

  • I be like : i like this guy

  • Didn’t even knew Ryan had a youtube account. Well, hope im not late. Ola

    Danny ThindDanny ThindNapja
  • Wait is that the dude from jojo rabit aka the imaginary war friend

    D3C0DEDD3C0DED2 napja
  • awesome i cant wait :D

    Gardener GamingGardener Gaming2 napja
  • Am I being dumb or can no one else find Seán

    {Stormy_Seas}{Stormy_Seas}2 napja
  • Wow Ryan Reynolds playing another role named guy

    godspeed 11073godspeed 110732 napja
  • Where is mk2 motorcycle ?

  • Bro there’s so many people here that I know and now I’m happy

    AngieAngie2 napja
  • the irish video game man is near the end

    LarfubLarfub2 napja
  • where is jackaboy

    ainayya kalyaniainayya kalyani2 napja
  • @

    TX FaYzTX FaYz2 napja
  • Is this movie gonna be featuring on Netflix plz I love this movie

    MinesaverMinesaver2 napja
  • the real *guy* is the sexy irish man:)

    Patricio WidyantoPatricio Widyanto2 napja
  • yo sick concept

    Dienet GamingDienet Gaming3 napja
  • This is just a trailer the full movie is gonna blow every one's mind❤

    All for oneAll for one3 napja
  • There's not a button for that...... Oh he found the button. i like that part, just shows that deadpool goes 4th wall on another movie.

    Robert BrainardRobert Brainard3 napja
  • Hey look, its the nutcase assassin from Killing Eve🤪🤪😜

    Jim PinkJim Pink3 napja
  • Ryan Reynolds el más chingón del mundo mundial perros 💕👍🇲🇽

    Juan Manuel SeguraJuan Manuel Segura3 napja
  • I am betting $10k JackSepticEye is subbed to Ryan Reynolds

    PaarfrinnaakPaarfrinnaak3 napja
  • Ok, honestly, I don’t care about Ryan as much as I do about his police officer friend. Plz, sequel from his point of view?

    Yassin AouibyYassin Aouiby3 napja
  • This is going to be the best movie ever

    Brew_ TCKOTBBrew_ TCKOTB3 napja
  • I found Sean!!! at 1:23, in the monitor playing the game as “guy”

    Kay RanzijnKay Ranzijn3 napja
  • so sick of repeating the same day over and over type of story. it’s not fun and it’s overly done.

    Greek GoddessGreek Goddess3 napja
  • Is Shawn in the trailer

    _VortexZ__VortexZ_3 napja
  • So blue shirt kid has grown up

  • gta in free city

    Raagav AnandRaagav Anand4 napja
  • Soooo this on netflix orrrrrr?

    Ken MKen M4 napja
  • Damn sell out to the SJW

    Kyle AdamsKyle Adams4 napja
  • is sean actuallly in the movie?

    Robo RampageRobo Rampage4 napja
  • Reminds me of the truman show

    potatobean99 spotatobean99 s4 napja
  • I've been waiting for this for a very very long time

    wadenkrampf0815wadenkrampf08154 napja
  • To use my gamer ling "Poggers dude, that like a vic Roy right there, now leme see the movie brb. I'ma be afk"

    The french friThe french fri4 napja
  • I Am OnLy GoNnO WaTcH ThIs BeCaUsE Of JaCkCePtIcIE

    Epicgamer MartinEpicgamer Martin4 napja
  • where's Sean?

    Paulo CruzPaulo Cruz4 napja
  • Man Steve Harringtonton the hair guy is back

    To fast 4 youTo fast 4 you4 napja
  • what is this shite lol, i cant even finish the trailer

    Hollis WilliamsHollis Williams4 napja
  • i have a gta vibe

    Damian D'HoogheDamian D'Hooghe4 napja
  • Basically GTA V...But Better

    PhantXPhantX4 napja
  • CaN't WaIt

  • I found blue shirt kid, only hes grown up into Ryan reynolds

    SpIrItED YTSpIrItED YT4 napja
  • I cant believe Taika was here.

    Isaac LizIsaac Liz5 napja
  • I know what I'm doing with fam these holidays

    MonorudMonorud5 napja
  • Sir i am from India and i really love watching your movies ..... And this free guy trailer is outstanding .... Thankyou so much sir for bringing these amazing movies to us love from INDIA, UTTARPRADESH.. 💙💙💙💙💙😁😁😁🙏🙏🙏🙏

    AnmolSingh singhAnmolSingh singh5 napja
  • That trailer is important to me because it comes out on December 11 2020. And that's my birthday :D

    Asher HughesAsher Hughes5 napja
  • This is like Ready player one

    BY and JY BrosBY and JY Bros5 napja
  • I can't find jack hlep

    Marie SmithMarie Smith5 napja
  • The fact that Alex trebex is in this, is amazing

    Nathan BarrNathan Barr5 napja
  • 2020

    mr. squidmr. squid5 napja
  • Did anyone else realise they used the song from the stranger things 3 trailer? Anyone? Bit convenient don’t you think with Steve in it and all.

    Isaac DanielIsaac Daniel5 napja
  • So he is an npc

    Fluffy WanhedaFluffy Wanheda5 napja
  • i cant find sean in this .-.

    your momyour mom5 napja

    PixelMatorPixelMator5 napja
  • Seems like Moded Grand theft auto IV

  • Can we have another trailer with loud Irish guy in it ?

    socio stonersocio stoner5 napja
  • why did i think this movie already came out.

    fruit raviolifruit ravioli5 napja
  • I can't see gren Irish man and blue English man

    StammerHeadStammerHead5 napja
  • 0:15 A hint of Groundhog day?

    Neeraj NairNeeraj Nair5 napja
  • Jackscepticye is the guy playing Ryan Reynolds ( just a prediction)

    C4rELessC4rELess5 napja
    • Or in short words jack scepticye is the blue shirt guy

      C4rELessC4rELess5 napja
  • I wonder who Ryan Reynolds is?

    Lil_tacito Way'Lil_tacito Way'6 napja
  • RIP Alex Trebek 💚

    Shayne LetendreShayne Letendre6 napja
  • Blue Shirt Kid from Pewd's video grew up really well!

    Robloys GamingRobloys Gaming6 napja
  • Heck yeah! Baba O'Reilly

    O SO S6 napja
  • So where is Irish Potato Man?

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker6 napja
  • Where lazar man and Irish man?

    Daniel FNDaniel FN6 napja
  • you had to cover your face jack

    Sans The SkeletonSans The Skeleton6 napja