Frankenblin, the Hungarian pancake - Cooking with Boris

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An attempt was made.
A Hungarian blin is a Palacsinta. But the recipe they have includes sparkling water. Clearly not something I would put in mine when cooking.
1 egg
¾ cup milk
10 tablespoons flour
¾ cup of soda water
salt (or sugar optional)
oil for cooking
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  • Why does paprika sauce sound so good.

  • Read in hungarian: te komolya elmentél magyarországra az összetevőkért úg hogy még magyarul se tudsz🤣

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  • I seen you in the shop

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  • I'm Hungarian LOL

    Fredi NinjaFredi Ninja3 napja
  • When in doubt, add BUZARETESLISZT

    Eugenius Farrell NugrohoEugenius Farrell Nugroho3 napja
  • For the honor of my Russian grandgrandfather , I suscribe this channel , long live motherland

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  • I die of laughter. I love your cooking videos like Magda Gessler

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  • Wait hunguarian is not slavic

    Grey the MedicGrey the Medic5 napja
    • Stay out of non slavic

      Grey the MedicGrey the Medic5 napja
  • my dad was in hungary and he bought "domentos" for washing mashine and not milk xD

    RuskiPlaysRuskiPlays5 napja
  • Was that lidl?

    David ŠťastnýDavid Šťastný5 napja
  • hungaria is not slav, come to serbia.

    ЧетникЧетник7 napja
  • Don't know if that meat and sour cream thing was a joke or not, but as a Hungarian I can confirm that meat filled pancake really exists.

    Legyen GézaLegyen Géza9 napja
  • People do underestimate the effectiveness of a big spoon or hard book as a weapon This annoys me

    charles o'shannassycharles o'shannassy9 napja
  • Loving the big Lidl energy.

    ReezeGoingSenselessReezeGoingSenseless10 napja
  • im hungarian and if u want i can translate it. alsu ur my favourite youtuber

    pitu tiszapitu tisza12 napja
  • I'm slav too and could at least tell that you were buying yoghurt and lemon flavoured water

    GemblyGembly13 napja
  • "And these are.. 5 random women that saw me without a mask one time." ...that's just a coincidence, right?

    Cristina FilimonCristina Filimon13 napja
  • Boris vs hungaryan lauange

    Róbert SchettrerRóbert Schettrer17 napja
  • Boris: Turn it down! I get demonetised! “Some seconds later” Boris: Cyka Blyat!

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  • Hey Boris! "Búza rétesliszt" - " буза рэтэшлисть " in speak. Love your videos 😊

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  • Aren't these just normal pancakes?

    Ana FickoAna Ficko18 napja
  • Looks like a tortilla

    alex mezaalex meza19 napja
  • I have several questions! Több kérdésem is van!

    Miklós SzanyiMiklós Szanyi19 napja
  • The market name is Lidl

    Anton LipatnikovAnton Lipatnikov20 napja

    Anton LipatnikovAnton Lipatnikov20 napja
  • Montanablack88 is like the german version of Boris

    Hans WurstHans Wurst21 napja
  • Fuck you doin!? its 2 eggs x amount sugar x amount oil x amount flour x milk. we dont measure mom has it burnt in the memory. And you didnt get nesquick with the jam 🙄 😒 😑 well dissapointed

    Akos SzuperAkos Szuper21 napja
  • You should come to Romania and see the true taste of palinka, one of the most alvahoolic drinks

    Pavel PinteaPavel Pintea21 napja
  • Looks like pewds pancake

    kenneth adormeokenneth adormeo22 napja
  • I live in romania we call them ''scovergi'' and they are ALOT better than the original ones

    RANDOM userRANDOM user24 napja
  • that might be goat milk.....

    Patrick ChappellPatrick Chappell25 napja
  • Bazdmeg

    TIC_ HA!!TIC_ HA!!27 napja
  • "1 cup 3% milk" , "2 or 1.5 cup of soft flour", "2eggs", "2 spoons unsalted, melted euro butter President butter is good", half table spoon baking powder", mix until homogenous, leave for an hour.. stay Cheekie Breaky

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  • This is Omelit.. Not blin 😂😂😂😂

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  • 2:41 1000 € per month for one room, ~5 m²? Are you sure this is Somewhere, Hungary, not Munich, Germany?

    AnvilshockAnvilshock28 napja
  • How To make a blin Step 1:Go to Hungary "Well comrade looks like I have failed you..."

    Lemonster _EditsLemonster _Edits28 napja
    • No problem just get some money and a flight ticket

      Thomas BoiThomas Boi23 napja
  • Those thongs on top of bottle is to keep germs away so if you decide you dont want to use it yet, you can keep it good for longer.

    kwekkiebvkwekkiebv29 napja
  • Anyone else from hungary?

    Balazs KajtarBalazs KajtarHónapja
  • But wait, how blins are not supposed to be thick? ;oo I'm half Ukrainian, half Polish, my grandma was Russian. She used to make the THICCCCCCKEST blins one could ever seen hahah Oh the memories!

    As VolAs VolHónapja
  • "Do you have a long history of oil thieves" My brain: do you mean the USA.

    • Lol 😂 American here but it’s true our government is all hoity toity and wants control over it all but fails at keeping us health and alive cause it makes a hole in the Rich’s pockets. But oh no they never pay their taxes 😤

      I’m not a dunmer You areI’m not a dunmer You areHónapja
  • In kurwa mac country we have better pancakes We have no pancakes

  • Scrambled blins is the best joke ever.

    Arli LleshiArli LleshiHónapja
  • I am proud to know, that I own the same apricot jam as the main man himself.

    Professional SlavProfessional SlavHónapja
  • I saw Boris putting the minced meat on, and thought he was lifting the entire searing hot pan with his bare hands.

  • This video was painfull for me, just because i am Hungarian :D

    Sumpi DesignSumpi DesignHónapja
  • Can I use motor oil ?

    Bunta FujiwaraBunta FujiwaraHónapja
  • Is it bad i can identify a Lidl's just by the baskets?

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  • The only thing boris knows is alcohol

  • Like ha keresed a magyar kommenteket.

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  • Honest to fucking god this guy is hilarious

    Hulberk RenaldaHulberk RenaldaHónapja
  • Probably cause you're not using milk, but shitty dairy fluid which is a milk replacement. Is not authentic cow juice, is pretender wannabe synthetic western spy juice!

    Bill LodhiaBill LodhiaHónapja
  • He bought a flour that is especially for a kind of dessert, but whatever

  • When my dad was young he accidentally literally burned down his house . Yes the entire house . So the burning the house joke hit hard. Lol

    Yadu KrishnanYadu KrishnanHónapja
  • Just FYI, you should pour the vodka into the milk before you drink it. So your bones don't break when you hit the floor.

    Artful DodgerArtful DodgerHónapja
  • I know not this paprika sauce

  • hmmm a Hungaruan who speaks English on youtube rare to find that

    Daniel ScottDaniel ScottHónapja
  • I'm slovakian he said my country I feel special

    Patrik BezdekPatrik BezdekHónapja
  • before watching Boris: Americans after watching Boris: *western spy* (in Russian accent)

  • I just ate Buterbrod and it was good

  • Self defense tools, knive for beginners, spoon for advanced.

    terry gibsonterry gibsonHónapja
  • "Do you have a long history of oil thieves I have not heard about?" Nah, I'm pretty sure you've heard of Americans.

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  • Wow my summer car a alomost unknown game

    Diamond cakeDiamond cakeHónapja
  • I have homework but instead of doing it i'm here

  • Is that alegal selling alcohol in market??

  • блин реалбно пиздец

    Yakov GorshkovYakov GorshkovHónapja
  • It was wheat strudel flour

    Dávid NagyDávid NagyHónapja
  • I expect he wíll pull out one egg anf go to real cow for milk :D

    The Luc1f3rThe Luc1f3rHónapja
  • Imagine if the upstairs neighbour actually heard that and came down.

    Shaurya ShrivastavaShaurya ShrivastavaHónapja
  • "Do you have rogue gopniks coming in your store and drinking all your milk or what?" XD

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  • Блин не могу отделаться от мысли что это голос Жени Баженова. Может это он?

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  • tutti i prodotti che ha comprato boris sono italiani e si vendono al LIDL 😎😎

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  • 10:17 it's lokks Like a pancake cheburek

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  • Me making pancakes: 8:26 My mom making pancakes: 8:36

  • U added wrong flour

  • instead of going to hungary, can i just go to babcias house and make it, it's almost the same right

  • Boris in every video: *dumb, blyat, vodka, funny, SLAV* Boris in real life: chill, cool guy, friendly and less swearing

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  • You go to hungary comrade? Welcome my country

    Zsolt VargaZsolt VargaHónapja
  • Someone please tell me that bottles and tetrabriks with double lids are also a thing in their country because Boris is making it sound like it's weird and I'm getting paranoid

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  • Hogyhogy a magyarok itt még nem foglalták el a komment szekciót?

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  • Oh saatana. I was not expecting a my summer car reference lmao

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  • i dont like cooking videos but this i like

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  • Go LIDL haha

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  • 0:17 ah, I see, true slav market, Lidl

  • 5:05ummmmmm

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  • Scrambled blin Scrambled blin Scrambled blin Scrambled blin Scrambled blin Scrambled blin

    kornel kulczyckikornel kulczyckiHónapja
  • OWO

  • Hülye vagy te, Boris!

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  • Es nagon jo

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  • Hairbrush / toothbrush... Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    arjun sajeevarjun sajeevHónapja
  • The cap seals are to keep people from tampering with the product. So they don’t poison it and such

    Tachanka UwUTachanka UwUHónapja
  • Where's the mayonez tho.

  • Its polish pancakes

  • Has Wadim moved to Budapest?

    _ Arviza_ ArvizaHónapja
  • They put that cap seal on the milk because sometimes there are crazy people who go to grocery stores and try to put poison in there so the next person dies, but if its sealed u know it wasnt tampered

    Moboots GamingMoboots GamingHónapja
    • urban legend. child confirmed

    • Nyet, is the idiots who walk in and drink it.

  • 1:54

    Mauro LocchiMauro LocchiHónapja
  • 8:11 yooo i have the same moka pot. ✌ peace from California home of the California burrito.

  • This content is total BLIN, Tovarich Boris !

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  • i always laugh when he says blyat

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  • I am hungarian Blyet

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