FP3 Highlights | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

2021.máj. 1.
658 943 Megtekintés

High winds and lots of spins! Check out highlights from the final practice session of the weekend at Portimao.
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  • F1 maFIA Mercs HAMboring time.

    Mishael TrivenniosMishael Trivennios8 napja
  • brasilllll

    Ânthony Alves TVÂnthony Alves TV10 napja
  • Portugal 🇵🇹 💚❤️

    Vítor TeixeiraVítor Teixeira11 napja
  • 2:52 "could be a shaken up grid" Mercedes 1, 2, Red Bull 3, 4, Ferrari 5

    TimoTimo12 napja
  • Mazepin spin list Bahrain: Check Imola: Check Portimao: Check

    TMGTMG12 napja
  • Yeah let me by let him pass pull over and let him go

    Lillian davisLillian davis12 napja
  • Why did Lewis Hamilton lose his dream bird..? Ie wife

    michael kerrmichael kerr12 napja
  • Red bull should have hired russell to keep up with Max

    Davey CloutierDavey Cloutier12 napja
  • I was waiting for the "George Russel impressed with number 17".

    DatsemDatsem12 napja
  • Toto and the boys looked mad that bottas got pole

    S AS A12 napja
  • Daniil, come back :(

    Nemesis12345Nemesis1234512 napja

    Felipe BulecheFelipe Buleche12 napja
  • Mazepin will never let us down 🙌🏽

    Stephen AkelloStephen Akello13 napja
  • Not hating the man but keeping maz in the circuit will endanger everyone on it.

    KimGelloLatonioKimGelloLatonio13 napja
  • Seeing Sebastian be in the back makes me sad

    ronaldinho 10 Proronaldinho 10 Pro13 napja
  • Yes

    path oppath op13 napja
  • 1:30 - excuse me 'fortunately'? No mate, that was not fortune, that is called excellent car control!

    Carlos FerrariCarlos Ferrari13 napja
  • 2:00 nice...

    Alpha PresentsAlpha Presents13 napja
  • Nikita Ma-spin

    AstroAstro13 napja
  • Kimi Raikonnen just casually doing a 360.

    Ritwiz RaiRitwiz Rai13 napja
  • Just wait until we mess up and watch FP2 before the Qualifying.

    xXLarryTFVWXxxXLarryTFVWXx13 napja
  • All in on Mazespin turn 1.

    Jack LeeJack Lee13 napja
  • Lets go Lando!

    HoopleHeadUSAHoopleHeadUSA13 napja
  • 2:00 Mazes🅱️in!

    Timmy SchnitzelTimmy Schnitzel13 napja
  • English people, learn to spell spanish names, seriously... Its not Sergio PURREZ, its PEREZ (like... PAIREZ)

    Mr NixxxoNMr NixxxoN13 napja
  • Great vid just needs to be longer

    Junior SokJunior Sok13 napja
  • Cant wait for 2021 Portuguese GP.

    Purwanti AllanPurwanti Allan13 napja
  • Mazespin qualifying for D1 more than F1.

    Jacen GreyJacen Grey13 napja
  • Alpeen? lol

    Peter ZebotPeter Zebot13 napja
  • Mazespin strikes again

    PatrickPatrick13 napja
  • Where can I watch this live ? I'm from India 🙏 pls help

    Anik RDAnik RD13 napja
  • Mazzepim ,sai fora russo , em volta do mundo vc um susto

    Vando da silva camargoVando da silva camargo13 napja
  • Mazespin never fails to deliver. He's like the class clown of the grid

    Ro DaradarRo Daradar13 napja
  • "To The Max" lool

    Massive DiarrheaMassive Diarrhea13 napja
  • Yet another SPIN for MazeSPIN,

    splendiddavesplendiddave13 napja
  • Everyone vote Mazepin as driver of the day tomorrow, because of all the memes he gave us.

    Elio HasaElio Hasa13 napja
  • 2:43 tokyo drift

    Diego ArellanoDiego Arellano13 napja
  • Can someone tell me what the song in the background is

    Mac LainMac Lain13 napja
  • This season is so confusing, i feel like the midfield is underperforming in a way,

    OleOle13 napja
  • Did we ignore the fact Raikkonen did a 360??

    ChrizziChrizzi13 napja
  • *MAZ:* Terrible at Taking curves. Excels at groping them...

    Freddy ChaleFreddy Chale13 napja
  • I love the nose cam

    HayashiHayashi13 napja
  • O foda da f1 agora que tiraram aquele ronco lindo que ela tinha, mais fora isso tá top...

    Yago QueirozYago Queiroz13 napja
  • So happy to see Alpine slowly rising

    Jean-Yves MartinJean-Yves Martin13 napja
  • Interesting Hamiltom has Crowdstrike as a sponsor (around the cockpit), aren't they the CIA influenced agitprop outfit that creates lie-based media used by Americans to concoct tall tales re Russia?

    John SmithJohn Smith13 napja
  • 1:27 😶

    Ianpo 07Ianpo 0713 napja
  • Yeah but look at what tire compound the top 10 were using....all on those softs. alonso on the mediums though out the top 10 was a smart play.....he’ll have figured out how to get them to temp quicker than the rest

    Rohit BurraRohit Burra13 napja
  • “I spun” .............

    Devendra SinghDevendra Singh13 napja
  • Without watching it did Mazepin spin again?

    3point13point113 napja
  • I'm seriously worried for Vettel

    Chris RavenciChris Ravenci13 napja
  • what track is this?

    neuravnotezenneuravnotezen13 napja
  • MAZESPIN, MAZESPIN, MAZESPIN!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Predi es un puto casualPredi es un puto casual13 napja
  • It’s so interesting just how poorly Aston Martin is fairing. Seems like just a flawed package they developed

    John StropeJohn Strope13 napja
  • Mazespin has spun at each track now

    x uk I ChAoSx uk I ChAoS13 napja
  • That helicopter's antics look dangerous; must affect the cars too. Only a matter of time before one connects with the track and a car! Could just as easy get the same shots with a drone. I know which one I would like to connect with in turn 4, given a choice!

    Namib OosterhuizenNamib Oosterhuizen13 napja
  • Max 🔥

  • Happy Vappu, Valtiri and Kimi!

    GM DanielsonGM Danielson13 napja
  • When do they start the sprints

    KingLouie 45KingLouie 4513 napja
  • Nikita Mazespin is Back 😅

    Lukáš VacenovskýLukáš Vacenovský13 napja
  • Watching Mazespin in 20th it makes me laugh. That's now his spot 20th. LAST

    Yosef CardosoYosef Cardoso13 napja
  • Song?

    LorenzLorenz13 napja
  • Bring us (Portugal) back to the calendar definitely!

    André MorimAndré Morim13 napja
  • Prediction: Who's gonna win the championship this season?

    KnightinbattleKnightinbattle13 napja
  • There should be a sidebet of when Mazepin will NOT spin for a whole weekend.

    Al GT4Al GT413 napja
  • Do I hear MotoGP 19 game music?

    Jacob EagleJacob Eagle13 napja
  • Not against bottas, but I don't think he can win this race.

    yap kok fei yapyap kok fei yap13 napja
  • This week it’s Maxepin

    vijwagonvijwagon13 napja
  • Nikita MazaSPIN 🤣

    DJ Alex ParkerDJ Alex Parker13 napja
  • GO SEB

    C. S T Ξ N D L Ξ RC. S T Ξ N D L Ξ R13 napja
  • Verstappen to the Max, but I'm still hammer timing it.

    Joe SheltonJoe Shelton13 napja
  • 99 pole’s ohhh matron 🤪

    A MaccaA Macca13 napja
  • muestren a checo perez nunk lo pasan...!!!!

    Emma SeguraEmma Segura13 napja
  • Nikita “Oversteer” MazeSpin

    Akshajan ArulrasaAkshajan Arulrasa13 napja
  • Keep working hard im sure you can be better tomorrow and im sure you can win this race @maxverstappen

    Ipung AhmadIpung Ahmad13 napja
    • the points get he must

      大切な人を守って大切な人を守って13 napja
  • Say it with me! Mazespin Mazespin Mazespin

    ischwhitischwhit13 napja
  • Schumacher is doing amazing consider the car he's in and that it's his rookie year!

    Vok250Vok25013 napja
  • Came for the 360, stayed for the 360.

    Head HunterHead Hunter13 napja
  • will Lando Norris find his way on race day? 😍finders keepers 😍

    大切な人を守って大切な人を守って13 napja
  • Vettel will not make it into 2022.....

    Uwe HeinrichUwe Heinrich13 napja
  • I don't think the difference between Mazespin and Schumacher is "fortune" but skill. LUL. After all, Mazespin's dad has a far bigger "fortune" than Schumacher.

    changen panchangen pan13 napja
  • kimi come on guys,,,

    Feri YuliantoroFeri Yuliantoro13 napja
  • Imagine beeing so long in the game, that you have to race someones son at some point... (Alonso vs. Schumacher)

    ClemensAliveClemensAlive13 napja
    • @Le Chain and Lewis has raced with 3 Schumachers as well!

      Alan ALI 12Alan ALI 1211 napja
    • @Namib Oosterhuizen no its perez not bottas

      NYSXDNYSXD12 napja
    • @Bernie Pfitzner R u sure? I thought they also raced against J.Verstappen in 1997 Daytona 500.

      Purwanti AllanPurwanti Allan12 napja
    • Alonso & Kimi also raced against Jos Verstappen

      Bernie PfitznerBernie Pfitzner13 napja
    • @Lucid Hydra i bet Vettel finished on the podium. Agreed?

      Purwanti AllanPurwanti Allan13 napja
  • The Spin was smooth🥶

    SGF GamingSGF Gaming13 napja
  • How as aston lost a winning car to backmaker???

    tommobeast2tommobeast213 napja
  • Why Daniel ricciardo is not shown in FP1, FP2, FP3 and why Daniel ricciardo performance is not explained

    Vishal GowdaVishal Gowda13 napja
  • I think this is just Mazespins' attempt to impress the guys at Gymkhana.

    Noi Jadis CailleachNoi Jadis Cailleach13 napja
  • Nikita Mazespin

    FantusaurusFantusaurus13 napja
  • I love the F1 despite the preaching from Hamilton. It has spoilt the experience for so many F1 fans

    FreespeechFreespeech13 napja
  • Fire Mazespin, now.

    Dynasty2201Dynasty220113 napja
  • Does anyone know what races. Sprint qualifying will implemented

    SlipperydjdanSlipperydjdan13 napja
  • Mazespun again :/

    Andrés LegorretaAndrés Legorreta13 napja
  • Isn’t a sprint race today ?

    Jordan WilliamsJordan Williams13 napja
  • P1 Verstappen P2 Hamilton P3 Ricciardo

    Broyale26Broyale2613 napja
  • Tomorrow vote for Mazespin boys!

    Carlos Andres Castro MedinaCarlos Andres Castro Medina13 napja
    • ♫something in the way he spins♫ ♪reminds me of my kind half- brother♬ ♬something in the way he looks like♫ ♪those eyes and brows when he talks♬ ♫when he's trying to find something to say somehow♪

      大切な人を守って大切な人を守って13 napja
  • Again and again mazespin meet my Expectation.

    Ganisfega SetiaputraGanisfega Setiaputra13 napja
  • “... While his teammate Nikita Mazepin was 20th” *shows a clip of him spinning* F1 never fails to disappoint👌🏻

    TheConfidentNoobTheConfidentNoob13 napja
  • I saw her and she hit me like TADOW! Everytime i see an F1 car

    Shantnu ShekharShantnu Shekhar13 napja
  • Go Seb !

    LexeroLexero13 napja
  • it's Golden Week❣️get the gold medal❣️my first love @ first sight🥰 by: my cousin

    大切な人を守って大切な人を守って13 napja
  • 0:05 That camera angle tho🔥 We need that more

    Jayed AL SabitJayed AL Sabit13 napja