FP2 Highlights | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

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Catch up with all the best action from the second practice session in Portimao.
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  • No one: 1:15 Carlos: ROBERTO STOP THE COFFEE

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty9 napja
  • From "here comes sebastian vettel" to "struggling sebastian vettel" 😣. Hope he finds his pace soon.

    dcoog anmldcoog anml11 napja
  • Mazepin is making some friends.

    Romanische050Romanische05011 napja
  • It's really boring grand prix

    Anson LeeAnson Lee12 napja
  • 1:58 well played mr. editor

    Stutter406Stutter40612 napja
    • Go Hamilton

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty9 napja
  • ⛠🔸⤴🌏

    Walid AdjeridWalid Adjerid12 napja
    • Preciso do português Brasil

      dcoog anmldcoog anml11 napja
  • ⛓⛶↕🔙

    Walid AdjeridWalid Adjerid12 napja
  • ⛛⛡↖🔝

    Walid AdjeridWalid Adjerid12 napja
  • ⛕⛘🔹⤵

    Walid AdjeridWalid Adjerid12 napja
  • ⛑➡⛞🔶⛗🔷⛝🔸⛖🔹⛜⛕↖⛛↕⛓↔⛚↩⛒↪⛡⛙⤴⛠⤵⛘🔝⛡🔙⛶🔚🌏🔛⚠🔜

    Walid AdjeridWalid Adjerid12 napja
  • 🇦🇪_______83%_18:28

    Walid AdjeridWalid Adjerid12 napja
  • A

    Walid AdjeridWalid Adjerid12 napja
  • 🤗😇🤔😎😷🤒🤕😤🤖😧

    Walid AdjeridWalid Adjerid12 napja
  • 🇧🇪___🇦🇮__*_🇦🇺🇦🇱🇦🇨__^_

    Walid AdjeridWalid Adjerid12 napja
  • 🚺🚫🛇⛌⛍🚫🛇⛔🚬

    Walid AdjeridWalid Adjerid12 napja
  • Give me Bottas for a teammate! A true team player.Thank You. And Toto knows it to be True!

    Don BodfishDon Bodfish12 napja
  • Why is it always "George Russel impressed..."? No, he did not impress.

    DatsemDatsem12 napja
  • Oh no, Verstappen's Big Beautiful Woman failed :(

    T HoT Ho13 napja
  • Go Hamilton

    Hoten HitonokoeHoten Hitonokoe13 napja
  • Preciso do português Brasil

    Halleyson Garrido CostaHalleyson Garrido Costa13 napja
  • 0:03 that guy doesn't know how to use a whatever tool he's using.

    shogrranshogrran13 napja
  • Please don't use this background music again.

    StizoveStizove13 napja
  • Got my tickets for Austin Texas F1!!! Can't wait until October!

    AmaSIXAmaSIX13 napja

    mohrix mohrinomohrix mohrino13 napja
  • Again this Moto GP track?

    Troy LewisTroy Lewis13 napja
  • black silver arrows... ehm.

    bitkarekbitkarek13 napja
  • Commentary says Hamilton pushed his silver arrow unfortunately it's not silver

    Darren HughesDarren Hughes13 napja
  • Bin that techno garbage "music" !!!

    7sq7sq13 napja
  • Money DOES NOT buy talent

    Matson MistMatson Mist13 napja
  • 0:13 "crowdstrike" would be more appropriate on a mustang

    vorname nachnamevorname nachname13 napja
  • "keep the metal away from the pedals" .. thats.. not gone well

    Mikee CZMikee CZ13 napja
  • Carlos 5 gomas duras i lecler 1 0

    Tot4ljesuytTot4ljesuyt13 napja
  • here we go again ham-bot-ver

    Metiyan MetiyanMetiyan Metiyan13 napja
  • roberto stop the coffee! - Carlos Sainz Jr, Portugal 2021

    at41manat41man13 napja
  • Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

    Christopher CherlesChristopher Cherles13 napja
  • Mazepin is the answer to the age old question: 'what would happen if you just put a normal driver in an F1 seat?'

    laurens blaurens b13 napja
  • Mazepin 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ how did he get a drive this year proof money talks in F1 🤷🏻‍♂️

    MultiNinja888MultiNinja88813 napja
  • FP3 please.

    KillerQueenNLKillerQueenNL13 napja
  • Roberto stop the coffee!🤣

    Matej KostrošMatej Kostroš13 napja
  • What a beat in this video! Great editing Formula One!

    Lucas SmithLucas Smith13 napja
  • Mazepin already has the world record for the most hated driver in just 3 races!

    Bezegs4Bezegs413 napja
  • 0:43 where is the silver?

    MeneGRMeneGR13 napja
  • Who’s writing the script for these highlights? If I hear “a little squirrelly” one more time I’m going to cry.

    Cai LifeCai Life13 napja
  • Today Latifi made sure that at least 1/5th of the grid hates him.

    Rahil SanghaviRahil Sanghavi13 napja
  • I love haas sandwich

    Haekalz 20Haekalz 2013 napja
  • Can you guys never use that annoying background song again?

    Dyno900Dyno90013 napja
  • Mazepin is such an amateur. He consistently messes up other drivers to end in last place. Haas should drop him.

    Richard GoliasRichard Golias13 napja
  • why this rookie spin didn't get any penalty?

    agungde13agungde1313 napja
  • I dont do coffee!

    Roberto EijsRoberto Eijs13 napja
  • That background music is fire what’s the track name ?

    Shaikh SakibShaikh Sakib13 napja
  • Buttonloop

    Mr. LightyearMr. Lightyear13 napja
  • i clicked faster then my mom checkin my grades Im Late😭

    Yung DreadYung Dread13 napja

    a lullabya lullaby13 napja
  • Why are they callin Mercedes a silver bullet? Black bullet sounds better.

    PreMRaGePreMRaGe13 napja
  • Filling in a haas sandwich 🤤

    Gruff /Gruff /13 napja
  • Just as feedback. Nico Huilkenberg as german co commentator in fp3 is GOLD. I wish him the best to race againt though. But this makes the german cast so so so much better!

    Tim STim S13 napja
  • Scharl Leklerk Why Just why

    Francis KioyoFrancis Kioyo13 napja
  • Wow, tsunoda never driven that track and finishes so high..

    Iigdgoc YdiyochIigdgoc Ydiyoch13 napja
  • They ain't silver

    ihave_scurvyihave_scurvy13 napja
  • Aston Martin is a disaster.

    R VR V13 napja
  • Sainz: "I didn't see the pit board again" Roberto: "Coffee?" Sainz: "Yes please"

    Andrew BaileyAndrew Bailey13 napja
  • Serious question, can Mazepin actually drive an F1 car? I don't think I have seen him do a lap yet. Surely he must have won F2 races to get this seat?

    Matt HardingMatt Harding13 napja
  • Comments: 50% Vettel haters 50% Mazepin haters

    lg0502lg050214 napja
  • Se non la danno sulla rtl gurdatevela voi grazie al ski sport

    Astrid FrehlandAstrid Frehland14 napja
  • alonso finally faster than ocon

    Ranson ThamRanson Tham14 napja
  • Goodeveninginf1insportinvoodiseeyounowinmynamerin

    ริน ทัดแก้วริน ทัดแก้ว14 napja
  • I need more formula

    Smeggy McgeeSmeggy Mcgee14 napja
  • Oh come Mazepin. Get it together son. Your on for a solid P20 this weekend!

    DaniMacYoDaniMacYo14 napja
  • Nikita masepin is An actual future Soviet spy 😜

    Prashant ParekhPrashant Parekh14 napja
  • MERCEDES AGAIN.... and Again 😔

    andri supriyantoandri supriyanto14 napja
  • Come on, Seb. It’s so sad to see him driving that bad... Stroll will win against him in Portugal again since he has got new parts, but still, 0.7 seconds... come on Seb!

    Sören RauschSören Rausch14 napja
  • I’ll give you a tip, if you drive on the black part of the circuit, the loose drains won’t be a problem…

    Wade DixonWade Dixon14 napja
  • 1:57 The transition looks pretty cool

    Daniel YoshiDaniel Yoshi14 napja
  • Drive to Survive Season 4 is going to be fun to watch (Haas)

    Perky MackPerky Mack14 napja
  • Ah it's Bri'ish again. See you again in the new 2022 regulation.

    A RA R14 napja
  • SEB plz pick up the pace don’t get out qualified by stroll plz

    TMTM14 napja
  • 1:56 That was cool

    JimmyJimmy14 napja

    John SmithJohn Smith14 napja
  • As long as Perez is in the back, you know he will win....

    The PhilosopherThe Philosopher14 napja

    Andrea massariAndrea massari14 napja
  • Codemasters, Turkey GP will be race again this year. We want see F1 2020 inside this GP. We bought for this and we think we have the right. That so add Turkish GP track F1 2020.

    king fighterking fighter14 napja
  • " Roberto stop the coffee " - Carlos Sainz 2021

    Danny AtkinsDanny Atkins14 napja
  • What’s the song at the beginning? Sounds like some saucy chiptune

    XYZ x MATHXYZ x MATH14 napja
  • Mazepin is a joke. Money can’t make talent

    Kevin D'alessandroKevin D'alessandro14 napja
  • It’s me or Stroll will finally finish is bad career

    Germain CharignonGermain Charignon14 napja
  • "Roberto stop the coffee" best team radio

    Gabriele8Gabriele814 napja
  • Silver arrow nah black arrow

    Osi SulemanOsi Suleman14 napja
  • Sainz, classic as always hahahaha

    AJ MasagcaAJ Masagca14 napja
  • Max : Moan.... Moan... Moan

    Sigit PrabowoSigit Prabowo14 napja
  • Great background music

    Don BarziniDon Barzini14 napja
  • Red Bull is slow. Looks like another victory for Merc.

    Hiren KidanHiren Kidan14 napja
    • Lol

      Der RiethelmDer Riethelm13 napja
  • Mess with the Checo you get the blacko.

    VuurniacSquarewaveVuurniacSquarewave14 napja
  • Cant wait for bottas qualifying 8th again

    drew boidrew boi14 napja
  • Filling in a haas sandwich lol

    Robby ConnoleRobby Connole14 napja
  • 👍

    Rudy WijayaRudy Wijaya14 napja
  • "video unavailable" ??

    MarkMash17MarkMash1714 napja
  • Alright everyone who wants Charles leclerc to win the grand Prix I want him to win he never won in 2020 I hope he wins the race

    Princess daisyPrincess daisy14 napja
  • I’m amazed F1 hierarchy don’t have something to say about Mazepin. I know teams select their drivers but have we ever seen a driver so clearly not capable of driving an F1 car?

    Ciaran O'ConnorCiaran O'Connor14 napja
  • Drivers who hate Mazepin: Seb Sir Lewis Italian Jesus Checo ...perhaps more I forgot, but this is already turning into a tough crowd for Nikita

    Kasimir den HertogKasimir den Hertog14 napja
  • Hass sandwich 😂😂

    Mehul KansalMehul Kansal14 napja