FP1 Highlights | 2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

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Take a ride on the Portimao rollercoaster as the cars hit the track for FP1!
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  • Rtl es kann losgehen

    Marcel PalluttMarcel Pallutt6 napja
  • Heute in Barcelona ist viel möglich

    Marcel PalluttMarcel Pallutt6 napja
  • Best TEAM czerwin

    Kamil StasiewiczKamil Stasiewicz11 napja
  • Tvri

    Sri TaatSri Taat12 napja
  • Los tramposos de mercedes usa nequipo prohibido con autorizacion de la fia reclames escuderías

    IS'T CALEBIS'T CALEB12 napja
  • L

    natsag batnatsag bat12 napja
  • ‌ ०२

    Sobina SinghSobina Singh13 napja
  • “My Father is not having any job" “I want to do something for my Father" “But HUworld is not giving me views" “Ya I am worse than others.......

    Y Y gamerY Y gamer13 napja
  • My best beatifull

    legend attitude khan 11legend attitude khan 1113 napja
  • الله يجيب ليا شي بنت ناس و أصل مغربية حرة تكون بنت اصل و باع و القاع و نعطيها 30 مليون سنتيم في صداق تستاهل كل خير اي مغربية حرة بشرفها ,معززة مكرمة ❤️👌🇲🇦 لي ناوية معقول تبان عندي في كمنتر .زواج 💍بنية و الحرث بالنية 🥰الله يسخر لي في شي مرضية بنت ناس للزواج

  • 日本語字幕は無理ですか

    ミスターXミスターX13 napja
  • Stevenne Brightfieldhe

    Stevenne BrightfieldheStevenne Brightfieldhe13 napja
  • Gtu

    Amilton B PereiraAmilton B Pereira13 napja
  • Fvcvcgtt6558

    Amilton B PereiraAmilton B Pereira13 napja
  • My complements to the editor, great music choice!

    Nathan BrownNathan Brown13 napja
  • Bla bla blá!

    ronderson Barreto Mendesronderson Barreto Mendes13 napja
  • Ok

    Maciel GonzalezMaciel Gonzalez13 napja
  • 2:21 *VET already longing to be somewhere else...*

    Freddy ChaleFreddy Chale13 napja
  • Max: "It's so bumpy I cannot see. I need my teeth fixed." 1:53.

    YouTube CommenterYouTube Commenter13 napja
  • Stevenne Brightfieldhe

    Stevenne BrightfieldheStevenne Brightfieldhe13 napja
  • 日本で人気がないから字幕がない 今からリスニング能力を鍛えるのは辛いのう

    フィオフィオ13 napja
  • Vettel muss endlich mal den a*** an die Wand kriegen, dass geht so nicht. Das kann er 100 mal besser. Ich glaube er hat den Spirit bei Ferrari verloren ... :(

    jaermoojaermoo13 napja
  • Stop at 00:59

    Miguel FerreiraMiguel Ferreira13 napja
  • Hoping for better results for ferrari

    fbrryboifbrryboi13 napja
  • why is Gasly and Russell in the top 10 tho they have pretty bad cars. These two guys have been overdelivering for the past 2 years and still didn't get any seat in a car with grand prix winning capability

    Wezumirek NigagongusWezumirek Nigagongus13 napja
  • Mazepin in his default position.

    Calvin JrCalvin Jr13 napja
  • Happy for Illot

    Calvin JrCalvin Jr13 napja
  • Does anyone know where I can get the photo from the thumbnail? Absolutely love it!

    Rene van der HoutRene van der Hout13 napja
  • Hamilton moaning as per usual

    Charles WCharles W13 napja
  • 2:17 Vettel pulling a Hamilton. ^^

    KasmopayaKasmopaya13 napja
  • Ohh Sebastian you are just amazing 🥰🥰😂😂 we love you 🥰🥰🥰

    Martin SMartin S13 napja
  • I want what Vettel is smoking and a smooth track with perfect competition.

    Tim SwartzTim Swartz13 napja
  • i cannot wait for this race. go mazepin!

    Zephyr BladeZephyr Blade14 napja
  • Look at the gap from P19 to P20. What a useless man!

    StereotypeStereotype14 napja
  • Bottas, world champion of free practice?

    GargsGargs14 napja
  • GEORGE?!

    gewoon Andygewoon Andy14 napja
  • Hey it's the Hamilton again. what happened at misano? XD

    Tris542Tris54214 napja
  • 1:01 bottas finished 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix at P2 not P3

    Ajinkya DhumaneAjinkya Dhumane14 napja
  • Bottas has to win here if he wants to stay at merc

    Ferrari2003 _Ferrari2003 _14 napja
  • Ah, Vettel, what a legend ❤

    Jason MamesJason Mames14 napja
  • Portugal 🇵🇹💚❤️

    Vítor TeixeiraVítor Teixeira14 napja
  • Ilott is deserve Hass seat over mazepin...he is fast reliable driver...midfield battle for 3 word champions ( Vettel, Alonso,Kimi )

    Sachindra MihindukulaSachindra Mihindukula14 napja
  • Vettel is so confusing.. How can he still be in F1?

    Emil FleminEmil Flemin14 napja
  • Hass sandwich Probably the worst kind of sandwich

    Mehul KansalMehul Kansal14 napja
  • Gastly 🔥

    Zero Pain ZeusZero Pain Zeus14 napja
  • Best of the middle: Gasly, Russell & Norris

    Riaan WesselsRiaan Wessels14 napja
  • Vetel was Really sorry 😂😂

    Siddharth DhavaleSiddharth Dhavale14 napja
  • That's pretty embarrassing what Vettel did. Luck it was not during the race😂

    Read my LipsRead my Lips14 napja
  • Unpopular Opinion: Bottas is actually better than 80% of the current grid, just so happens his team mate Hamilton is best in the the current grid. Causing him to look bad.

    Atharva SangoreAtharva Sangore14 napja
  • 3:28 Who is Martin Shepherd?

    Yellow Tea potYellow Tea pot14 napja
  • Its amazing how much hype they have to insert into F1 to avoid boredom.

    Hayden JohnsonHayden Johnson14 napja
  • It's amazing how some drivers are able to reach amazing time and talk to their engineer as if their as taking a coffee with them while others are out of breath and struggling to speak.

    KuhakuKuhaku14 napja
  • Kimi what's going on.

    Ramesh PRamesh P14 napja

    Adam OslerAdam Osler14 napja
  • Seb to McLaren confirmed

    jmj17jmj1714 napja
  • Finally, mazes🅱️in not spinning again

    Tony KongTony Kong14 napja
  • better vettel this lap n weeks is last day,

    vuifatt chongvuifatt chong14 napja
  • Let’s go Russell

    emilio whiteemilio white14 napja
  • Callum is a waaay better driver than Mazepin🔥💯

    Margaux MMargaux M14 napja
  • Where did Jesus go?👀👀

    Brian BaruaBrian Barua14 napja
  • Vettel wishing

    Will MacWill Mac14 napja
  • Já vão começar a destruir o asfalto, MotoGP que acaba sofrendo com o tempo, igual em austin

    D KingD King14 napja
  • In racing Mazepin would do better if he just focused on finishing a race

    RogueEagleRogueEagle14 napja
  • George is putting on a show. Prove that he's worthy a seat at Mercedes

    Justin TimbersawJustin Timbersaw14 napja
  • Mazepin’s skill is untouchable... that is to say anyone else who’s ever touched a formula steering wheel could out-drive him. REMOVE HIM ASAP.

    RatRat14 napja
  • We need to talk about Gasly P6 and Russell P7, seriously.

    N KN K14 napja
  • Im surprised Riccardo is still so far behind his team mate

    johnmiceterjohnmiceter14 napja
  • That close up at the end was spot on 👌

  • Vettel's Next Stop:.....(You Decide)

    GamingLive HD The Main ChannelGamingLive HD The Main Channel14 napja
  • i smell mercedes not on podium xD

    Notorious HatchbackNotorious Hatchback14 napja
  • _#😀#_

    Mas BewokMas Bewok14 napja
  • I'm wondering how high up can alonso, raikkonen& vettel can rich if they drove 🤔 bottas or Hamilton car?!

    First PrototypeFirst Prototype14 napja
  • where is russel place..?😊

    Abdul Halim AbdullahAbdul Halim Abdullah14 napja
  • vettel...sorry...i wondering nobody there ..😊

    Abdul Halim AbdullahAbdul Halim Abdullah14 napja
  • come on Leclerc

    Delta Dog GamingDelta Dog Gaming14 napja
  • Vettel: “had to happen at some point”. Nice one!

    nide pengyounide pengyou14 napja
  • 2:34 The Names of: Pérez, Schumacher, and Mazepin Weren't mentioned

    Gabo CejitasGabo Cejitas14 napja
  • Marzipan proving that all the naysayers were correct.

    Paul KPaul K14 napja
  • It makes me sad to see Alonso, Vettel and Raikkonen in 14, 15, and 16 respectively. Man F1 could be so cool if they could be fighting with Hamilton and Verstappen again

    Guillermo Garcia RinconGuillermo Garcia Rincon14 napja
  • In Portugal Leclerc will come to bring a podium for Ferrari, it remains to be seen in which position

    Victor MaysonnaveVictor Maysonnave14 napja
  • Will we have a dispute between MCLaren and Ferrari for the third place of the season?

    Victor MaysonnaveVictor Maysonnave14 napja
  • How do you know it’s not your box? “There’s nobody there:)”

    Noel E. TongsonNoel E. Tongson14 napja
  • Wait why is Illot racing for Alfa now? Sorry I’m a casual fan

    Jacob FullerJacob Fuller14 napja
  • The season promises to be much more disputed than the previous one, if it weren't for the FIA's punishment it was supposed to be two RBR victories, we haven't had a dispute with this one for a long time.

    Victor MaysonnaveVictor Maysonnave14 napja
  • 2:24 "Hi guys!" 2:26 "oops, bye guys!" :D

    Matti2609Matti260914 napja
  • Imagine being 2 seconds off Latifi

    Macca WelshMacca Welsh14 napja
  • 😎👍💪🇻🇪🎮

    blanco polarblanco polar14 napja
  • Reckon Lewis said "balance is..." not "bounces" on radio 🤔

    Dale HambridgeDale Hambridge14 napja
  • Can we swap Mazepin for Lord Mahaveer? At least Ragunathan seems like a nice guy 🤷

    Daniel GDaniel G14 napja
  • Bottas always seems adept at new circuits.

    tdyerwestfield - OFTW OGtdyerwestfield - OFTW OG14 napja
  • The person doing the driver speech subtitles really should review their grammar.

    Leo WavatharLeo Wavathar14 napja
  • "always in touch Gasly" ugh will...

    TimmygunTimmygun14 napja
  • Credits to Russel for getting P7 👏👏👏 Bold prediction: Russel on Podium at least once this year

    SupersluggzSupersluggz14 napja
  • I'm still waiting for the sugondese grand prix

    eotzuofugeotzuofug14 napja
  • wanna see vettle back in business

    Wasif ZihanWasif Zihan14 napja
  • "bounces"? I'm pretty sure he said "balance".

    Joe FelonyJoe Felony14 napja
  • Vettel trying hard to be relevant again... Pathetic driver.

    Makta972Makta97214 napja
  • I've never driven even as much as a go-kart but I'm sure I'm not as bad as Mazespin😔

    Brandon WilliamsBrandon Williams14 napja
  • I just checked in to see 1f MassiveSpin spun...

    Mikael BiilmannMikael Biilmann14 napja
  • Mazepin is an Uber driver ffs!!!!

    PaulPaul14 napja