Found The RAREST Mob EVER! Minecrafts Funniest Clips #2

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Please note: On Gamers React, you will discover highly edited gaming clips from streamers. Clips used in the video are submitted by fans through our email and discord server. I spend over 12 hours per video editing to transform these clips into something that has never been seen before! There is also commentary from me that is included within the video for either added entertainment or to highlight something the audience may have missed out on without said commentary. My edits include creative subtitles, that we edit (it may go bigger or smaller based on the person’s speech or have some other kind of edit). Creative sound effects like cartoon effects when someone either falls from a high place, hits the ground, falls in lava, dies in the game, and much more. We include many memes in the video to make the video more entertaining for the viewer to watch as well as include many green screen effects to make the videos more comical and creative. We also spend time zooming in on peoples faces as well as zooming into certain parts of the video to highlight something the viewer may be missing out on if there were no zoom ins. We also manipulate audio or video in our clips to ensure there is no dead air for our viewers to watch. Over 50 clips are used in every video and we come up with a creative way to alter EVERY SINGLE clip to make it our own and UNIQUE to OUR channel. The majority of the unedited (or original) version of the clips I use can NOT be found anywhere else on HUworld. If you have any concerns or want a clip of yours removed, please send an email at
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This is our SECOND video in the series of Minecraft Funniest Clips! This is a new series we are introducing to the channel where it is just a compilation of a ton of different kinds of clips and just an overall entertaining video. In this video, someone found the RAREST mob EVER, which was a diamond covered baby zombie villager riding a chicken. It was absolutely insane! There were tons of other hilarious clips including Dream, tommyinnit, and much more so make sure to watch the WHOLE video.
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Luciano Funn
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  • I see a lot more people than usual upset about the title and thumbnail. It isn't a lie! It happened in the video lol. It's 7:29 minutes in. The series this video is in is called Minecrafts FUNNIEST clips, and this just happened in the video and I thought it would've made a great thumbnail and title.

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    • @Nolan Fu yea, thats the point

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    • But that’s only a normal zombie not the villager

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    • H

      La ley de MurphyLa ley de Murphy6 napja
    • @Kyla AJ M yea, thats the point

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    • Actually, the thumbnail was a baby zombie villager, whereas the clip was a baby zombie

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  • I laugh when i die

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  • Ik poofesure had to be in one of these one day

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  • Ah yes. Enderman man. The most dangerous mob

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  • How dare u Guys he unplugged my lamp:(

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  • Fun fact:even when your first your also last

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  • Who knows about that dude? Umm.. Yhiita? His un was jihita but if you search Yhiita its really him

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  • Traduction at 4:08 I done... I DONE IT HAHA

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  • here is a video to never die in hardcore

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  • here is a video to never die in hardcore

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  • Clickbait thumnails

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  • I Love Jumpscares On Minecraft

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  • Its a Jockey

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  • i just found it and thought its normal

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  • 1:05 Nojracht🤩 PL GUROM

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  • This is why you set home in water Negates -Fire -Lava -Falling

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  • I will still dog straight down for a latter mine

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  • Why is there a dolphin on on potatoes 😂😂😂😂

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  • I found a zombie baby with elytra in pure survival hardcore

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  • I found the the one in the thumbnail

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  • There is a glitch the name was illumina1337 when tommyinnit comes up who noticed? (Timestamp: 0:52)

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  • dwjohbrf8oewbytv8sdhgfveyfowinhgdyfrtg7ei8ufihugr78'gtr4hfr8hufvrnhvrg74uhjtvdgs54jryfh7gb658jt4873c4h6vdnciy53hw4afrgt8uru5tg8r

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  • 7:04 this is my favorite noob

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  • 0:34 texture pack ? anyone know ? please

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  • Poor reflexes and not having shield> Never dig down, otherwise all good!

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  • Direwolf20 looks like Cody from dude perfects dad

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  • 6:40 he had a totem u idiot ;-; (totems keeps u alive undead)

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  • Lol these types of people die to lava and the solution is fire protection 4

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  • At 0:38 skeleton and creeper are big brain iq

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  • OK your thumbnail says 1 in atrillion then that means im lucky cause ive found that 100 times unless you mean with the diamond armomr

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  • 2:50 what! i get a pearl from every Enderman man Me: bruh

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  • 0:26 this guy didnt need 200 dollars

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  • 0:51 when did he mean to tell us that he is illumina

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  • 6:22 was my favourite he turns

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  • They found a jockey, I found a zombie piggybacking a baby zombie Edit: I killed it after

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  • 3:23 ayyy Pete

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  • I aculy find a baby zombie in a sheep pig and chichen in 1 day soooooo

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  • 3:48 so we arent going to talk about how he did that perfectly

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  • I remember that when once small zombie were mounted on sheep!? After that started morning and zombie died.

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  • 0:47 polish youtuber eliminated

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  • I found a pink sheep and a baby zombie sitting on a zombie's shoulder

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  • My lamp!

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  • 4:52 AVERY :D

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  • One time i playing with my friend and digged straigth to diamonds with out x ray

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  • 7:22 ostia elrubius

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  • 0:17 Guy:- aight bois Minecraft:- *don't do it* Guy:- let's go 0:22 Minecraft:- *told ya*

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  • 1:05 POLAND! Server name: kwadratowa masakra server channel: kwadratowa

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  • 5:30 ten głos fletu

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  • At 6:32 The player. He asks what’s going on my pigs The piglins. Planning ur death At the end he died

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  • Kto z KM?

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  • Dies and gets steve victory theme

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  • Anyone realized that the crossbow was named cumbow

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  • I had this luck where i was playing mc with my sister and i found a full diamond drowned and when i killed all drop the full dia

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  • Fun fact: the rarest mob is a baby husk with armor and a sword riding a brown panda it’s a somewhat 1.5 trillion chance of finding.

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    • interesting...

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  • what's the music? pls

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  • 3:49 he already ate the bread

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  • 0:52 OmG tommyinnit is Illumina no wayyy

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  • 06:48 jihita is my one of the favourite Minecraft player

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