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Cheesecake made with imperial units.
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  • Oz means ounces All I can say is welcome to America

    Dark lord 3399Dark lord 33993 órája
  • Blyat where is the western pie made from babushka's apple tree for 3.14?

    Paul DonelanPaul Donelan12 órája
  • Firs mikey mouse now Wizard of Oz

    Jimiel BolasaJimiel BolasaNapja
  • Wayt Boris Know Mikey Maws lol

    Jimiel BolasaJimiel BolasaNapja
  • 350°C. Is that hot enough?

    Randell DarkyRandell DarkyNapja

    FloweyFlowey2 napja
  • 24 oooohhhhs of cream cheese lol

    DoublePlayzz GamingDoublePlayzz Gaming2 napja
  • How the hell did Boris not set his house on fire by cooking something at almost twice the temperature he was supposed to?

    DatManYdocrisDatManYdocris3 napja
  • oh no digestive cookies, thats what old people eat in retirement homes...

    Daniel EnckDaniel Enck4 napja
  • double the butter double the fun

    Mod PotatoMod Potato4 napja
  • That actually looks really good

    dodge ram 1500 1996dodge ram 1500 19964 napja
  • Seeing him put 3 sticks of butter in and not using the springform with a water bath hurt my soul

    spoonerman hdspoonerman hd5 napja
  • Definately too late, but 8 inches is 20 centimeters Papa Boris

    Nether DominaterNether Dominater5 napja
  • next is burger

    Big ChungusBig Chungus6 napja
  • "How do we crush these things?" I was hoping Svetlana was going to make an appearance.

    SyntheticHuman GamingSyntheticHuman Gaming7 napja
  • You're fucking crazy,puting hot stuff in the fridge,unless you are rich enough to buy new ones all the time, or maybe where you live they give away fridges for free

    MarJinMarJin8 napja
    • nah it only raises the temp, not break the fridge urod

      David AZDavid AZ7 napja
  • I don’t know why we don’t use metric it would be so much easier

    spooklordsupremespooklordsupreme9 napja
  • What's the background music

    Alejandro Gomez TovarAlejandro Gomez Tovar9 napja
  • I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!

    John RosewarenJohn Rosewaren9 napja
  • *"Maybe next time we celebrate 3.14 million subscribers and make apple pie instead".* I just realized he has 3.24 subscribers already.

    Silver XiclusSilver Xiclus10 napja
  • There is a country in America where everything is metric. It's called Canadastan.

    Feathered KidsFeathered Kids10 napja

    ZenakuShinobiZenakuShinobi10 napja
  • Blyat Boris 24 Oz is not 24 mouthfuls is 24 ounces

    Aditya KAditya K10 napja
  • Well komrade Boris. We have 3.24 million subscribers and still no apple pie.

    slingitsidewaysslingitsideways12 napja
  • Where's our apple pie video Boris, it's my favorite

    Add InfinitumAdd Infinitum13 napja
  • You need to make a pavlova

    ishida furyishida fury14 napja
  • blyat where is the apple pie you passed 3.14 million subscribers

    Ace ZhengAce Zheng14 napja
  • Capitlistic measurements lead to nothing good!

    The Slav ChefThe Slav Chef14 napja
  • R u amerikański spi

    KiedyśToByłoKiedyśToByło15 napja
  • Whats the song he uses throughout the vid?

    Scout PoggersScout Poggers15 napja
  • 4:10 what the fuck how what how did you

    SpecEX1SpecEX115 napja
  • Cooking cheesecake with Imperial units is like measuring Chinese sword with tatami mat. Ancient Greek measure system for hardcore.

    SirHellSirHell15 napja
  • Booorisss, 7:35...

    AvTweetAvTweet16 napja
  • garaham karaker and garalabam gragger has me in t e a r s

    RexcaliburrRexcaliburr16 napja
  • Russian spy: I got away from countless raids, from Federal agents, and police. Brothers and sisters killed for the sake of this top secret file. And I am now on of the top most wanted people in America. What do you want to do with it? Boris: for a video

  • Holy Shit, 350 C is way more than 350 F

    Kyzyl AlchemyKyzyl Alchemy17 napja
  • normal people: kilometre finnish people: poronkusema; how long can a reindeer run before it needs to piss

    [ ErrorDotWad ][ ErrorDotWad ]17 napja
  • ....somehow he got the correct base after using way too much butter and then burning the shit out of it

    Tyranzor KatastropheTyranzor Katastrophe18 napja
  • I've wondered so many times when looking at recipes in English, written by Americans... 1/4 of a cup? What cup? I can go the cup store and get one cup that fits 1 table spoon of sugar and get a cup that fits 1KG of sugar :D You know? It's confusing!

    Mister Phresh OnyoMister Phresh Onyo18 napja
  • 2:20 Oh hoh hoh, very clever what you did there. That’s pretty good.

    Caboose Plays GamesCaboose Plays Games18 napja
  • Sooo apple pie huh- 3.14 subs hmmm

    Opal The IcewingOpal The Icewing19 napja
  • He set it to 350 Celsius, didn’t he

    Benjamin BorofskyBenjamin Borofsky19 napja
  • Ow, my American soul hurts, but damn boris is funny

    Death WyvernDeath Wyvern19 napja
  • He is a little confused but he has the spirit

    Walugi GamerWalugi Gamer20 napja
  • Boris your killing me

    The DudeThe Dude21 napja
  • Well, he passed 3.14 million subs. I cant wait to see his apple pie

    Luke EricksonLuke Erickson23 napja
    • lol

      Dante Suarez FloresDante Suarez Flores23 napja
  • the ohhs are actually pronounced ownces and oz is abbreviation, there spelled ounces

    YoshinatorYoshinator23 napja
  • Hey uh Boris...i know you don’t know out measurements so I should let you know now, that is the size of 2 sticks

    CrabapplesCrabapples24 napja
  • When will Americans realize the imperial system makes no sense 😔

    Liberata Di NoceraLiberata Di Nocera24 napja
    • they realized, but they cant do anything about it😂

      David AZDavid AZ7 napja
  • doesnt boris know that the tin that the bottom fell out of is for cheesecake.

    Frog GamingFrog Gaming24 napja
  • 4:47 Western spie eggs !!! Blyyyyyyaaaaaat !

    Crazy Wizard PyroCrazy Wizard Pyro24 napja
  • slabo mi je od tvojih recepata.

    ZZ25 napja
  • How the hell did he find an oven that goes to 350°?!

    Sander MerisaluSander Merisalu26 napja

    Jebediah KermanJebediah Kerman26 napja
  • me, horrified, watching him put the cream cheese in: you're going to die

    AndrewAndrew27 napja
  • I’m a Russian living in America and this proves how much the imperial system sucks

    module apothemmodule apothem27 napja
  • 1 stick of butter in US measurements is 1fourth of a pound.

    Offroad InfidelOffroad Infidel27 napja
  • Since we already passed 3.14 mil subs, when’s Boris making that apple pie?

    Secret ShinobiSecret Shinobi28 napja
  • Boris I call my toilet a slav toilet

    Parekoy ParejaParekoy Pareja28 napja
  • How the actual fuck did that work with the oven and freezer?

    waluigi fanboywaluigi fanboyHónapja
  • Hey Boris, where's the apple pie?

  • Please more of these lmao


    Michael LegaryMichael LegaryHónapja
  • Where iS the hard bass

    Minhkhai BoiiMinhkhai BoiiHónapja
  • But boris i live in poland and cheese cake in polish "sernik" its a traditiknal snack for yourself or your family

    Soviet slavSoviet slavHónapja
  • Dude this is so good! 🤣🤣🤣

    Nina Davidovna ANina Davidovna AHónapja
  • Cons of Imperial System cant relate to 95% of the world get made fun of very strange measurements Pros: Watch foolish people cook with imperial measurements and cackle maniacally as they fail to find 1 cup.

    That One GuyThat One GuyHónapja
  • Not the man we needed but the man we deserve

  • UP NEXT ON LIFE WITH BORIS: How to make cracker soup

    Dark CodeDark CodeHónapja
  • WAYYY TO MUCH BUTTER IN CRACKERS, unless you wanted soup

    Dark CodeDark CodeHónapja
  • Americas confusing measurement system is well... confusing. As told by a american.

    Hunter BryanHunter BryanHónapja

    Kaleena LettichKaleena LettichHónapja
  • 3:01 We'll be right back.

    Jax NovawindJax NovawindHónapja
  • What the blin - how did you manage to make it look edible!?

  • How is it being you know of WESTERN food science, but are having no knowing of TRUE SLAV FOOD?! GUILTY!

    Vincent RayVincent RayHónapja
  • 350C, that's almost as hot as reactor 4 during meltdown.

    Feathered SkepticFeathered SkepticHónapja
  • Amazing boris, but where is apple pie video??

    joshua homenchakjoshua homenchakHónapja
  • I couldn‘t find garaham crackers either...

    Alessio CarciuAlessio CarciuHónapja
  • Preach, boris...fuck american measurements.

    O. S.O. S.Hónapja
  • Mama boris is proud

    Jim TonicJim TonicHónapja
  • Too much butter

    Da RealmanDa RealmanHónapja
  • So apple pie? Still waiting

    James DycusJames DycusHónapja
  • Gra ham cra c ker

    Imawskey TVImawskey TVHónapja
  • Ohhhhhhh Boris XD Tbh I’d make it like this and I’m American

    NiGht W0lvesNiGht W0lvesHónapja
  • I tried the recipe is actually good

    Arian AniqArian AniqHónapja
  • As an American. oz is ounce. 1 ounce is.... honestly I have no idea. I never use imperial measurements in cooking.

  • Metric System: _I feel bad for you_ Imperial System: *_I don't think about you at all_*

  • If Boris can’t make a hamburger I don’t know if he is true western chef

  • Me: Graham Boris: Graham Me: Crackers Boris: Crackers Me: Graham Crackers Boris: ГАРАХАМ КАРАКЭР Me: Блять

    Ye rightYe rightHónapja
  • How tf did this actually work? I expected disaster. I'm American and used to these measurements, but I once bought a Turkish cookbook, and it literally only gives measurements in soup spoons, coffee spoons, cups, small cups, turkish coffee cups, american coffee cups, etc. It is very hard to follow correctly.

    Хэтчбек умеретьХэтчбек умеретьHónapja
  • "Apple pie will become a unit of measurement" Americans: *sweating intensifies*

    Ibrahim MasudIbrahim MasudHónapja
  • эх скучаю по сабам

    Space MeatSpace MeatHónapja
  • WHERE is the apple pie video ? Boris promise at 3.14 but now at 3.22. M subscribers Slav apple pie ?

    GreenLeaf BearGreenLeaf BearHónapja
  • so, when's the pie coming?

    The Occasional SnickerdoodleThe Occasional SnickerdoodleHónapja
  • ya know waht, diluting double the amount of butter into twice as many cookies is probably the best way you could have recovered that

    John MagerJohn MagerHónapja
  • Oz. It's magic.

    Bandit DarvilleBandit DarvilleHónapja
  • HEY BORIS! Not difficult,but you could like it. From Argentina: LOCRO Empanadas salteñas or tucumanas And give a try to Pastelitos de membrillo. n.n

    Sheriff ShiftySheriff ShiftyHónapja
  • The only way most Americans actually use the metric system is for calibers of ammunition. Don't think about it too much.

    Matthew SmithMatthew SmithHónapja
  • Blyat it is already 3.22M! Where is the apple pie!? I am waiting for 3 months already.

  • Since Boris's oven uses celsius, and he heat it up to 350, it means for you my American friend, that he heated up his oven to 662°F

    Giorno GiovanniGiorno GiovanniHónapja