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Cheesecake made with imperial units.
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  • This is like Americans tryna translate and assemble Russian space rocket

    Carson SlasynskiCarson SlasynskiÓrája
  • Name your cooking Channel Gopnik Ramsay cooking nightmares.

    Ko-wing wongKo-wing wong6 órája
  • Oh hey, a video about a European making fun of something stereotypically American. I'm sure the comments section will be both insightful and hilarious.

  • Boris, I'm pretty sure you added twice as much butter as you were supposed to. Our sticks of butter are ½ cup (113.4g).

    Joshua OsterhoutJoshua OsterhoutNapja
  • Oh no, American sticks of butter are like have the size of that. An American stick is 1/2 a cup of butter

    Fire Fox’s Random CrapFire Fox’s Random CrapNapja
  • I have had to purchase several homes to get the recipe perfect. This last one only almost burned down. Huge success.

    Dominick SolerixDominick SolerixNapja
  • I like the facts that boris can turn this american cheese cake into slavic cheese cake

    Wayne SilannoWayne SilannoNapja
  • Everytime I watch one of his videos his freezer is completely void of anything

    TheSaltyPigeonTheSaltyPigeon2 napja
  • When is Boris house bilding guide

    Jeesus SillanassukkiJeesus Sillanassukki2 napja
  • Anyone know what's the background music title?

    An anonymous authorAn anonymous author2 napja
  • fails the recipe and makes the end product anyways. I wish I could do that

    Eshan RamtekeEshan Ramteke3 napja
  • Fucking lost it after seeing the practice Stahlhandgrenade XD gets me everything

    Der Deutsche-ScotsmenDer Deutsche-Scotsmen3 napja
  • Bruh, not gonna lie, that plate at the end, looked pretty good. Props to u B!

    Alin FriedmanAlin Friedman3 napja
  • As a western spy...I mean western country resident who cooks for a living, I am amazed that you were technically correct on most of these measurements. Well done

    Tyler GokeTyler Goke3 napja
  • To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Imperial units. The measurement is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the units will go over a typical viewer's head.

    Non,Player, AdeptusNon,Player, Adeptus3 napja
  • 1:48 Had me weak

    ShyWolfShyWolf3 napja
  • This is 24 oz(o-s, mouthfuls etc.) in emojis: 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯 (no offence or spam intended).

    Gaming, music and jokes! *and a bit of cooking*Gaming, music and jokes! *and a bit of cooking*3 napja
  • do google search of most complicated american food instructions

    Joseph KurillaJoseph Kurilla4 napja
  • Of course he chooses to make a cheesecake xD thicc

    LDLD5 napja
  • **Gralabam Gragger?**

    Wesley223332Wesley2233326 napja
  • God I have not stopped laughing since Boris pulled out the stick of butter that is bigger than American sticks and used the whole thing. I know he was in for some shit but wow that whole everything from there on out- like all Boris videos, was hilarious.

    TopTop6 napja
  • so I'm pretty sure no actual idea cause i also use the metric system but isn't 350 degrees Celsius like 6 or 7 hundred degrees Fahrenheit?

    FenixRBRNFenixRBRN6 napja
  • Congratulations komrade, you just burned your house for the first time

    _ Yeheskel_ Yeheskel6 napja
  • 1:48 G R E N A D E

    Han NovaHan Nova7 napja
  • What the hell, Boris!? You can just get a giant fuck off jar of cream cheese!? That is some western spy nonsense.

    Rj PetersonRj Peterson8 napja
  • Oi cyka do compilation vid with CrazyRussianHacker aka Taras Kul.

    Julian II 'The Apostate' ConstantiusJulian II 'The Apostate' Constantius8 napja
  • I had no idea ounces meant mouthfuls, makes so much sense

    TrolleroskarTrolleroskar8 napja
  • What song does he use throughout the video?

    Jihad JoeJihad Joe8 napja
  • Just make a hamburger and ur done if that’s not western, idk what is

    DreamStake PlaysDreamStake Plays9 napja
  • Boris just did a fucking cooking speedrun 🤣🤣🤣

    Ambersart2Ambersart29 napja
  • 24 mouthfuls of cream cheese ROFL 😂😂😂🤣😂

    Arbabosu MandalArbabosu Mandal9 napja
  • How did that not end up tasting like shit 😂😂😂😂

    Nicholas LattanziNicholas Lattanzi9 napja
  • "Top Secret". Davaii edit:garaham kraker , garalabam gragger

    FF . KhaiFF . Khai9 napja
  • ahahaha, oz is ounce, not entire jaw fillings comrade.

    WONG ZHI HIN -WONG ZHI HIN -10 napja
  • How does the dish ends up so good everytime.....?

    Sadwal PatelSadwal Patel10 napja
  • Eh. Some of this is very wrong... yet some of this is pretty much correct.

    jackryan444jackryan44412 napja
  • When he whipped out that big block of butter I was like "oh no"

    Roger WrightRoger Wright12 napja
  • I would like to know what's that music throughout the video. Help pls, anyome?

    Bartol GobinBartol Gobin12 napja
  • down in the south we americans measure by donuts and bald eagles

    Diagonal SplashDiagonal Splash12 napja
  • "how will we crush these graHAM crackers" *GRENADE*

    Diagonal SplashDiagonal Splash12 napja
  • "24 mouthfuls of cream cheese, some sugar, some biscuits, one almost burned down house.. but this is normal." -Boris 2020

    GameprismGameprism12 napja
  • I hate the fact that me as an American has to live with the fact no one else uses my measurements.

    Ghosticide64Ghosticide6412 napja
  • anyone just realized, that when boris was waiting for the cake to bake for about probably a few hours, he didn't clean nor touch the dirty dishes. Boris is truly a mad man

    Royale dejdmlvrRoyale dejdmlvr12 napja
  • wizard of oz

    Vuca2Vuca212 napja
  • 3:27 the forbidden cake

    The Gamer DivisionThe Gamer Division13 napja
  • Ciekawe czy kiedyś się dowiemy z jakiego kraju jest Boris? A może ktoś już to wie

    i'm Tobiaszi'm Tobiasz13 napja
  • And dont forget while refrigerating to admire the mess that u had done... Or playing stalker instead.. Haha

    Pinterest 71gsawPinterest 71gsaw13 napja
  • All English people don't understand Russian humor 'I blyat understand his jokes'

    Даниил КазаковДаниил Казаков13 napja
  • All Russians people who do not understand the English 'I Blyat understand it'

    Даниил КазаковДаниил Казаков13 napja
  • Интерестный факт: Вы не искали это видео оно вас само нашло

    Vaan FanVaan Fan14 napja
  • Can anyone tell me the name of the song that plays throught the video, the one with the guitar riff

    RVG_SevenRVG_Seven14 napja
  • 350 F, one cup is 250ml, stick of butter is 1/4 the brick you used, ... It IS crazy. And imagine in Canada, we have US and European cooking books (mostly in French), so we have to double check all the time. But we do get to learn both systems.

    Nic FlatterieNic Flatterie15 napja
  • So get this, My youtube glitched and it says Published on aug 13 and aug 28 as well as having 503218 dislikes.

    Goonisnotcool37 37Goonisnotcool37 3715 napja
  • Boris: hello you done in there? New Yorker cheese cake:**in thick new yorker accent** Yo! Close the oven I'm bakin' 'ere!

    Squiggly lineSquiggly line15 napja
  • Where the fuck did he get an oven that goes up to 350?

    MinihoiMinihoi16 napja
    • Oven nowadays can go to.... Ah! I realize while writing this, you meant 350 Celsius, not Fahrenheit. Because ovens nowadays can go to 500 Fahrenheit, right?

      Oka namora Miolo.Oka namora Miolo.7 napja
  • i love the metric system Imperial system sucks

    BeanBoy420BeanBoy42017 napja
  • What normal people call professional: A well done meal with many decorations What Boris calls professional: A biscuit soup

    Another typical humanAnother typical human17 napja
  • The one song that he doesn't link, is the one I want most

    Exploding_PretzelsExploding_Pretzels17 napja
  • Fun fact, the metric system is the preferred units for 19/20ths of the population

    Hopingforthebest expectingtheworstHopingforthebest expectingtheworst19 napja
  • Wait what the actualy blin is Oz? Any western spy here to explain?

    Suki BlyatSuki Blyat19 napja

    Unknown Anonymous, sub for otaku contentUnknown Anonymous, sub for otaku content19 napja
  • His intro is literally the best

    Victor ZhangVictor Zhang19 napja
  • Well Boris I think they meant 350 degrees Fahrenheit not Celsius

    Boris324Boris32419 napja
  • Metric is far superior

    Noah Warren-smithNoah Warren-smith19 napja
  • TEAM SLAV!!!!!!!

    JamesbondJamesbond20 napja
  • 5:32 I think thats mayonez but who gives a cyka

    Don't BotherDon't Bother20 napja
  • 5:32 I think thats mayonez but who gives a cyka

    Don't BotherDon't Bother20 napja
  • Cheesecake does have cheese, the cream filling is cream cheese and sugar, or at least my cheesecakes.

    Don't BotherDon't Bother20 napja
  • 350 degree oven is click bait for anyone except Americans

    Ben TuckerBen Tucker20 napja
  • Boris just cooked cheesecake at 662 degrees Fahrenheit

    NekrosweatNekrosweat21 napja
  • Can we acknowledge that he said apple pie at 3.14 million

    Void GamingVoid Gaming22 napja
  • Ahhh my brain...boris needs to be taught the ways of us western spies

    EclipseEclipse22 napja
  • Little known fact, the symbol for Fahrenheit is not °F, but °R. The R stands for Retardenheit.

    AnvilshockAnvilshock22 napja
  • Sorry if I insult you but cheesecake is hard even for you to make

    Keagen MulliganKeagen Mulligan22 napja
  • What is the background soundtrack nlt the intro or outro

    Lantis MedinaLantis Medina22 napja
  • Wow, I have found my new favorite Chanel to watch at 2am

    Kerry KingKerry King23 napja
  • i didn't know it was that easy to make a cheese cake

    Lucas JobagyLucas Jobagy23 napja
  • 3:00 Chernobyl P.O.V

    knife_palace NLknife_palace NL23 napja
  • 1:04 hahah I cant stop laughing Garalabam Gragger

    Dylan13Dylan1323 napja
  • For the crackers, just put it in a sealable bag, close the bag, and use a rolling pin. so much easier then grenades

    T.a.r.tT.a.r.t23 napja

    Selvia EvasariSelvia Evasari23 napja
  • Muslims pray to allah Christisans pray to jesus Jews pray to yahweh Russians pray to mama. When not enough, babushka.

    Khalid RajabaleeKhalid Rajabalee24 napja
    • Just a joke btw

      Khalid RajabaleeKhalid Rajabalee24 napja

    ben smithben smith24 napja
  • I'm srry boris this is a no

  • fun fact: 24 oz is 1.5 pounds; about the weight of a bullfrog. That's a lot of cream cheese.

    SheepSleeperSheepSleeper25 napja
  • Huh, Boris' oven only goes to like 400, I wonder wh..... OH BLYAT NO BORIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NoodleBowlsNoodleBowls25 napja
  • Where is the pie video?

    Philip Daniels SotoPhilip Daniels Soto25 napja
  • Love his pronouncement of garaham karakyer

    Sakina BohraSakina Bohra25 napja
  • That's not how a cheese cake is supposed to be...

    Arjix GamerArjix Gamer26 napja

    StutterPunkStutterPunk26 napja
  • comment for the algorithm

    qwerty qwertyqwerty qwerty26 napja

    I know Da WaeI know Da Wae26 napja
  • 4:44 Copyright warning

    S H LS H L27 napja
    • Ah yes...those capitalist mouse...

      Nurlinda F SihotangNurlinda F Sihotang25 napja
  • Holly shit so much sugar

    Evan ChapmanEvan Chapman27 napja
  • stick of butter in the US is half the size of those blocks in Europe

    john1212333333333333john121233333333333327 napja

    Seup gameSeup game27 napja
  • Gra....garaham

    engineer gamingengineer gaming27 napja
    • Чцч

      engineer gamingengineer gaming27 napja
  • Mmmmmmm Cheesecake.... A white Americans weakness.

    ComradeLeroyComradeLeroy27 napja
  • ok, as a western spy, you FUCKED that so much....but by slav magic you made it work. Boris, you fucking mad man

    Deltazulu2000Deltazulu200027 napja
  • "Graham" the h is silent. Why? I don't know.

    Jack FrostJack Frost27 napja