Food Theory: Subway Tuna Is NOT Fish? ft. TheOdd1sOut

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Oh Subway, it was not so long ago that we were trying to figure out if your bread was REALLY bread or if it was secretly cake. Well, it looks like we are not ready to say goodbye to your scandals. Today, we are opening the sandwich on what exactly you have been putting inside them. Specifically, your "tuna". Is it tuna? Is it even FISH? Time to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Fish Study -

  • Next thing you know there will be a class action lawsuit accusing Subway Sandwiches of not being made of actual "sand" or "witches"

    Cheng TeohCheng Teoh6 napja
    • @DicPic SAZA Zznzmzmzkznz

      Wilson LeeAnnWilson LeeAnn10 órája
    • @DicPic yeah... combine the texture, color of sand and the softness of the witches' meat... it became the perfect sandwitch bread.

      Aloy PerezAloy PerezNapja
    • True

      No Name LolNo Name LolNapja
    • And not actually located in an underground rail transportation system

      Sam ToshnerSam ToshnerNapja
    • @Turtle next he be like copy right

      pheonix 816pheonix 816Napja
  • they would have to be using real tuna because surely making a whole other alternative from scratch will cost a heck of a lot more than buying 100% real tuna

    Aaron BondAaron Bond8 perccel
  • how is everyone surprised although in a way them doing this is saving the environment seeing as in a few years there might not be any fish in the ocean from mass fishing

    Bottle_of_air YTBottle_of_air YT39 perccel
  • So what kind of meat in tuna sandwich?

    nathalie.craucel.25nathalie.craucel.253 órája
  • Maybe Bulad or Dried fish joke

    nathalie.craucel.25nathalie.craucel.253 órája
  • All the same, they're stingy with the toppings, run mostly by -ahem- former convenience store owners, and seem to provide little caloric energy...

    Ellipsis of Triple TapEllipsis of Triple Tap4 órája
  • I use to get this all the time when I was a really little kid. I also added pickles, but they had these round buns back then that I would get them on.

    Nightfall ShadowNightfall Shadow4 órája
  • We should stop food fraud We should stop food fraud People can die and will die And so your buseness

    Grumpyre GamerGrumpyre Gamer4 órája
  • I love how I was like "Sorry Mat, I'm going to have to disagree with you" Then not long after "Sorry I doubted you"

    S MilS Mil4 órája
  • Plaintiffs Attorney? 6-5 lol

    Professor Aristotle MeansProfessor Aristotle Means4 órája
  • Please research why it was made illegal to include love in packaged foods in the US. That would make a hilarious episode

    LilPotatoAssasin *LilPotatoAssasin *5 órája
  • Sus FYI oh I found this evidence but I gotta make some fake so I can’t show you it

    Brick to Brick FilmsBrick to Brick Films5 órája
  • I've eaten many tuna sandwiches from Subway, what I learned...not all Subway are the same. The tuna sandwich from my mall Subway is too pink, too fishy tasting, if I had to guess it's like salmon or something but NOT tuna. Now tuna from my more local Subway, does taste like tuna so if it wasn't tuna I would be kind of shocked at how like tuna it is, in both taste and texture. So I feel like maybe they just ate at a bad Subway lol. Tuna subs are my go to.

    LoviekinzLoviekinz5 órája
  • Are you a millioner

    Christopher ColinChristopher Colin5 órája
  • Isn’t the odd1sout racist? Like didn’t he mistreat his coworker that helped his yt channel at the very beginning ? did matpat really just let in a racist in his show?

    Trevor VanillaTrevor Vanilla6 órája
  • My mom is part of the 1% of people allergic to fined fish and all other sea food basically.

    Qrow OkQrow Ok7 órája
  • I watched this while eating my first hot pocket in like 8 years. Just thought I’d share that.

    ItsDopamine05 • 492 years agoItsDopamine05 • 492 years ago8 órája
  • And why are there so little olives

    The Kit Kat showThe Kit Kat show8 órája
  • To me this sounds like a publicity stunt I think Subway is in on it.

    Intelligent SpectacleIntelligent Spectacle8 órája

    BlueBlue8 órája
  • Food theory, is ketchup a smoothie

    John JonesJohn Jones8 órája
  • Matpat and James having a crossover is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    Ryan FRyan F9 órája
  • Pretty sure the tuna is actually tuna. There were a couple of instances in the past in which I ordered tuna and those times I ordered tuna, I ended up with tiny pieces of fish bones in them. It's not a lot of times that that happened to me, and I don't have visual evidence or whatever to prove that, but if anyone else has ever come across bits of fish bones in their Subway sandwiches with tuna, then it just backs up the thought that those two women in the video were just making accusations for recognition and to get money off of Subway. I was already convinced about that when it was mentioned that they didn't really have much evidence to back up their claim about the tuna being fake.

    MantisQueen9MantisQueen99 órája
  • Food theory: what does five guys over fill the fries?

    WickedWeekendWickedWeekend10 órája
  • These theories always make me hungry.

    Richard SandorRichard Sandor10 órája
  • Food theory is the only channel I would watch every episode of. "My favourite cereal mascot is actually a murderer? Go on then!"

    Richard SandorRichard Sandor10 órája
  • But what about this- what if these big corporations are actually hiring people to “sue” them as a way of advertising themselves? As some say, all publicity is good publicity.

    JulsyberryJulsyberry10 órája
  • That or Subway hired somebody to do an overblown fake lawsuit so they could brag about something and loose some of that genuine bad press

    AlphaMonsterAlphaMonster11 órája
  • If Subway tuna isn't real, then I've never eaten real tuna in my life

    Reda BenjellounReda Benjelloun11 órája
  • Hey matpat, Taco Bell had to say their beef was only 88% beef. Did you not read that or did you skip over it purposefully.

    Jeffrey VandervortJeffrey Vandervort11 órája
  • ITS PEOPLE!!!! Subway tuna fish is made out of people.

    Freaky FetishFreaky Fetish11 órája
  • i worked at a fish restaurant for awhile and the owner would sell catfish and market it as tilapia.

    Menhera ChanMenhera Chan12 órája
  • Yes odd1sout sooubway

    Liam ChesneyLiam Chesney12 órája
  • Wow, after many badly researched Videos and some Big Fails, now the Odd Ones Out has to be featured? And he actually agrees to it? Wow.

    Slevin ChannelSlevin Channel12 órája
  • I swear the only reason I eat at subway is because of James

    Collette ClantonCollette Clanton12 órája
  • Nah next thing will happen is subway gets a lawsuit for not being a subway

    Joshua NewmanJoshua Newman13 órája
  • Seems you did this collab as a response to James commenting on your other Subway video!!😁😁

    Shadow MoonlightShadow Moonlight13 órája
  • Welcome to Soobway -TheOdds1Out

    Cool Konch rebootCool Konch reboot13 órája
  • TheOdd1sOut + Soobway = click.

    Jacob MooreJacob Moore15 órája
  • On average, how many seeds are in a dragon fruit? 🤔

    Alexa FAlexa F15 órája
  • i wonder if it's not just a "false flag" type scenario, in the sense that a company get's sued for something, only to immidietly clap back & promote said thing they're being sued for, with a discount ontop to REALLY encourage ppl to try it out, in the hopes they can boost income by selling other things?, that's just what i thought

    shadowmaster335shadowmaster33515 órája
  • Yes, corporations only care about the bottom line and will deliberately mislead the consumer in many ways. Hardly surprising.

    Matthew AlleyMatthew Alley15 órája
  • oh i thought i was watching james

    雌犬雌犬15 órája
  • n̸̠̥̗͙͍̩͍̟͈͚̮̳͕̒̂̅̓̄̀̅̅̐́̾̐̒̾͂̒ō̶͙̥̜̝͎̪͈̙̙̩͕̰̞̳̩̗͐͂͂̐̓͐̓͌̉̽͊̈̚ o̴̳͇̝͓̗͕͉̰̝̭̠̥̩͔͈̦̘̖̟̲̣̩̖͛̈́̐͐͗͗̽̒̂͂̓́͌͊̌͊̚̚n҈̘̠̦̖̜̖̫̭͍̩͖͈̑̿́͊̆͌͌͛̂̊̽̊̅́̇̃̀͊͋̽̏͑ẽ̵̪͕̫͖͓̫̠̥̖̮͎̞̠̱̰͚̳̑̅͌̈͌̀͛̎̅̃̀̆̎̓͗ l̸̦͍̯̜̖͓͔͍̫̞͕̱̥͕͖̜̤̋̇̾̒̔͋̔̂́̒͌͂̐̋̚ͅo̵͙͙̫̰̙͖͖̘̞͚͖̙̐͂͊̽̌̽̈̂̌̈́͒̊͊̋͆̎̑̀̐̽̀̊̚̚ͅv҈̦̞͎͓͎̖͍͍̜͈̘͚̝̉͋̇̉̈́͋̋͐̃̄̏͂͌͊ͅe̶͙̜͉͇͖̝̣͖̜͍̱̱͒͒̂̄̔͛͌͂̒̓͗͐̈́̀̂̽̍s҉͙̲̲͎̘͕̮͈̠̟̖̮̠̪͙̩̎͊́̑͊͑͌̈̒̊̋̏̀́͒ ṁ̸̬̙̯̭͍̬̰͈͇̱͎̭͚̘͚̥̘̬̽̓͊̉̌̅̽̀̈́̀͋e҈͉̬̘͍͍̰̥͎̱̜̞̪͎͚̠̝̒̎̓͂͐̐̄̉͗̾́͐̒

    Julian JimenezLepeJulian JimenezLepe16 órája
  • n̸̠̥̗͙͍̩͍̟͈͚̮̳͕̒̂̅̓̄̀̅̅̐́̾̐̒̾͂̒ō̶͙̥̜̝͎̪͈̙̙̩͕̰̞̳̩̗͐͂͂̐̓͐̓͌̉̽͊̈̚ o̴̳͇̝͓̗͕͉̰̝̭̠̥̩͔͈̦̘̖̟̲̣̩̖͛̈́̐͐͗͗̽̒̂͂̓́͌͊̌͊̚̚n҈̘̠̦̖̜̖̫̭͍̩͖͈̑̿́͊̆͌͌͛̂̊̽̊̅́̇̃̀͊͋̽̏͑ẽ̵̪͕̫͖͓̫̠̥̖̮͎̞̠̱̰͚̳̑̅͌̈͌̀͛̎̅̃̀̆̎̓͗ l̸̦͍̯̜̖͓͔͍̫̞͕̱̥͕͖̜̤̋̇̾̒̔͋̔̂́̒͌͂̐̋̚ͅo̵͙͙̫̰̙͖͖̘̞͚͖̙̐͂͊̽̌̽̈̂̌̈́͒̊͊̋͆̎̑̀̐̽̀̊̚̚ͅv҈̦̞͎͓͎̖͍͍̜͈̘͚̝̉͋̇̉̈́͋̋͐̃̄̏͂͌͊ͅe̶͙̜͉͇͖̝̣͖̜͍̱̱͒͒̂̄̔͛͌͂̒̓͗͐̈́̀̂̽̍s҉͙̲̲͎̘͕̮͈̠̟̖̮̠̪͙̩̎͊́̑͊͑͌̈̒̊̋̏̀́͒ ṁ̸̬̙̯̭͍̬̰͈͇̱͎̭͚̘͚̥̘̬̽̓͊̉̌̅̽̀̈́̀͋e҈͉̬̘͍͍̰̥͎̱̜̞̪͎͚̠̝̒̎̓͂͐̐̄̉͗̾́͐̒

    Julian JimenezLepeJulian JimenezLepe16 órája
  • Matt: If their tuna isn't fish, then I'm going to find out what it's made of. Also Matt: *talks for the entire video about how Subway's tuna is tuna*

    Adolescent NewsAdolescent News16 órája
  • Just imagine you doing the kate yup theory video!!! Since you're so good at finding the truth. ( Pro detective )

    Saruta IntaradetSaruta Intaradet16 órája
  • Hay mat, I know she’s old news but do you think you can debunk that vegan teacher’s claim that anyone can be vegan?

    raphaela ratzlaffraphaela ratzlaff16 órája
  • Plot twist: they didn't actually have tuna so they gave you chicken instead

    ExalgemExalgem16 órája
  • Hey matpat! Do you like pistachios? Those salty wonderful tasty green nuts? You know how in every bag theres that rare pistachio that tastes... Different? Look into that. Call it a... Well it isnt anonymous is it... Call a completely-nonymous tip about a theory

    Hunter CovingtonHunter Covington17 órája
  • The fish are all Bass The fish: b b b b d

    Josuke HigashikataJosuke Higashikata17 órája
  • I like cake

    Jonathan DuffyJonathan Duffy17 órája
  • I never really got the whole Karen schtick. Can someone explain it pls?

    TheClankaKiller36TheClankaKiller3617 órája
  • i hear no difference

    JustaGuy_168JustaGuy_16817 órája
  • Hey matpat, i was wondering if you might do a video on this cereal i just saw called “ magic spoon “? Sounds to good to be true. Great, but... what’s the catch??

    Charles RawlsCharles Rawls18 órája
  • why aren't you verified yet lol

    RextyRexty18 órája
  • Odd 1 OUT!

    Derill Troy TacangDerill Troy Tacang18 órája
  • The skits at the beginning are always so awesome. 😂😂💯

    Kamar MightyKamar Mighty18 órája
  • maybe both companies did a "false flag" lawsuit against themselves to do that whole positive PR thing?

    systematic101systematic10118 órája
  • Hey, I was wondering if you would consider doing a theory on whether or not it would be profitable for fast food restaurants to sell their products in the frozen food section of grocery stores? Considering that it’s hard to go to restaurants these days, it may be more convenient to put food in stores. It may also cut costs, as the food could be made in a few factories, rather than needing to keep several restaurants open that need to prepare the food all the time.

    Slim the SlimeSlim the Slime18 órája
  • Its impossible that its a replacement of a cheaper fish Im allergic to all fish except Tuna, so I think its actually tuna

    Monsieur tais-toiMonsieur tais-toi18 órája
  • Why do I want to see an episode about kronks spinach puffs

    Jade Belladonna the Faunus QueenJade Belladonna the Faunus Queen19 órája
  • Hey this may not be the best place to post this but I had a big gulp type cup and had washed it to reuse. I opened a can of pop and expected it to only fill up halfway. Surprisingly it came al.ost to the top with no ice. That's when I said ' I do believe that I have been ripped off. ' A can of pop is around 60 cents. The cup I had was about 1.50. with ice. Can you check it out for us??

    Diane KendsonDiane Kendson19 órája
  • Matpat: just give me a cookie. Me: remembers theodd1sout's part 4 soobway video, with the kid who wanted a cookie.

    Complex2LiveComplex2Live19 órája
  • omg this like both my worlds colliding subway theodd1sout and matpat's food theory

    quacklessquackless19 órája
  • I have a strange feeling this is a marketing ploy and an inside job to get their names out there more often

    XuebinXXuebinX20 órája
  • Me who never ate subway: hmmm interesting


  • It could be salmon that look like tuna

    Bullexiz TeguhBullexiz Teguh21 órája
  • If Subway Bread isn't bread, and the tuna in the subway tuna isn't fish then is a subway tuna even a Subway Tuna?

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name21 órája
  • Inside edition actually made a whole video on this I don’t want to put the link here because people are not gonna click it so just search up insider edition tuna *they actually found that the tuna subway served is tuna*

    Allen WangAllen Wang21 órája
  • Subway is the greatest sandwich shop EVER

    LSM GamingLSM Gaming21 órája
  • Really? A cat in a sandwich? Stereotype, much?

    1000Lashes OfLiz1000Lashes OfLiz21 órája
  • I made a reaction to this

    Sams the bezt at stuff 888Sams the bezt at stuff 88822 órája
  • K A R E N A L E R T

    Gaming LifeGaming Life23 órája
    • I made a reaction to this

      Sams the bezt at stuff 888Sams the bezt at stuff 88822 órája
  • ah yes sooubway my favorite restaurant

    AndreiAndrei23 órája
  • fishy buisnis going on here?

    Yy SssYy Sss23 órája
  • What if MatPat's 4th channel is an ACTUAL History channel

    Amer Hamza MambuayAmer Hamza Mambuay23 órája
  • subway: we have the wierdest food china: pathetic

    Yy SssYy Sss23 órája
  • Karen!? oh no, subway is ded...

    Yy SssYy Sss23 órája
  • Please stop

    Danny SmithDanny SmithNapja
  • Next thing you’ll say is that the lettuce isn’t lettuce *wait-*

  • Why do people say tuna fish? Tuna is a fish, it's like me asking for a beef cow patty melt. The other kind of patty.

    Big BrotherBig BrotherNapja
  • Ima go get a tuna sandwich tomorrow

    Chris ReyesChris ReyesNapja
  • i have a video idea is chocolate a candy plz use this ive been watching you for half my life

    Lukas Fulform-SmithLukas Fulform-SmithNapja
  • Fun fact: If you're eating fast food, you're eating garbage.. everytime.

  • Oceana: _More than 20% of seafood is mislabeled_ Subway: _Hmm.. I think we found a way to save some more money!_

  • BRUH

    Jotaro KujoJotaro KujoNapja
  • me waiting for the video to find out if the bread is bread or if its some weired soy concoction

    helme 8898helme 8898Napja
  • Now the only mystery left is.... WHY ARE THERE SO FEW OLIVES?!

    Siva Bruhathi PonnadaSiva Bruhathi PonnadaNapja
  • I KNOW WHAT THE BLUE QUADRANT SHIYLD BE XD: *Law Theory* A.K.A. matpat goes lawyer mode

  • I love this new channel! And I'm lately obsessing with cooking. I'm from this very tiny country called Uruguay, and here we have this stuff called Dulce de Leche, that has a variety of names. You should give it a try! Locally, between my country and our neighbours, we have this sort-of-frenemy food feud about which Dulce de Leche is better, ours or theirs. I would pit our Conaprole DdL anytime against any other!

  • I only eat the pepper jack Italian sandwich at Subway so this really doesn't concern me but I like watching these videos

  • idgaf because the tuna subway be bussin

    khiara munrokhiara munroNapja
  • Can you do an episode on chips? A definitive guide on the best chip for snacking would be cool.

  • Is it possible that Subway paid someone to file a frivolous lawsuit against them for the PR potential?

  • a theory about me my name is Tuna

    Five FiveFive FiveNapja
  • Plot twist, the lawsuit is a convoluted advertisement all put together by the big wigs at Subway.

    Midna the Black RobeMidna the Black RobeNapja
  • You guys could finally settle the Big Mac vs Whopper debate.....just sayin'

    Mike DurhamMike DurhamNapja
  • You can anything about their tuna I still think it’s delicious

    Falcon RestorationFalcon RestorationNapja