Food Theory: Froot Loops and Apple Jacks Are SECRETLY The Same!

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Breakfast cereal is a staple of many childhoods. Trying to get your parents to buy you the cool cereal with the fun and colorful box? Been there, done that! Now that Food Theory exists, I can go back and try to answer some of the questions that have haunted me since childhood. Questions like, what the heck do Apple Jacks actually taste like? They never say they taste just like apples despite it being in the name! So what flavor are they and WHY do they taste awfully close to their competition - Froot Loops? Get your cereal bowls ready, Theorists!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • Fourth chanel theory theory Matt is an alien android meant to brainwash all of humanity

    Marcus DewhurstMarcus Dewhurst44 perccel
  • i feel like someones gonna make cursed stuff with the blindfold feeding

    FluffFluff2 órája
  • Never underestimate the power of association.

    Masea The LordMasea The Lord2 órája
  • Anyone ever notice the fruit loops color line up matches the infinity stones too. Just a thought is all, figured it'd be interesting.

    iok59iok594 órája
  • You guys are super cute 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

    Alexander BerryAlexander Berry6 órája
  • When you know something before MatPat ¬¬

    Arstotzkan Plague DoctorArstotzkan Plague Doctor7 órája
  • Bruh I’m color blind

    Rayan HashmiRayan Hashmi7 órája
  • For like 13 years I thought froot loops were frooty loops

    Rayan HashmiRayan Hashmi7 órája
  • HEY MATPAT! So I have an idea for your fourth channel (to complete the little circle thing in all of your channel logos, food theory being the third one). It could be Life Theory, involving things in the real world. Things like “why do people enjoy __ so much?” You could get I to more science and math stuff, because both science and math are part of real life. Personally, if you did make this, I would love for you to explain why schools teach us stuff we might not even need in the real world. I think that’s a question we all want the answer to. Well, I doubt you’ll actually be reading this comment, but I’m gonna do my best to get it in your sight.

    Vanilla YTVanilla YT8 órája
  • i always believed they were the same i am ... surprised that no one else did you guys are sad. i know there is something called the placebo effect. but.. WOW

    8 bit sans8 bit sans9 órája
  • 7:30 I smell a potential theory

    SolarKid123SolarKid1239 órája
  • But front loops taste better

    Joshua McKimJoshua McKim10 órája
  • 0:42 that's some Inception-level eating place forgetting.

    Zack PumpkinheadZack Pumpkinhead10 órája
  • What woah

    chuck e cheesechuck e cheese14 órája
  • I was this FAKE mandela effect where Froot Loops was really spelt like Fruit Loops, but I was earting my cereal when looking at the box that says FROOT LOOPS

    The Video Vlogger YTThe Video Vlogger YT14 órája
  • I am from Brasil. And it was so funny/cute hear MatPat saying "Sucrilhos"

    TeusInkTeusInk15 órája
  • *Ha, I Already Knew They Were the Same*

    {•Crescent Fox•}{•Crescent Fox•}16 órája
  • sounds like the beginning to a bad joke - "Three 90s kids eating cereal walk into a heavily graffitied alleyway..."

    ricky chenricky chen16 órája
  • Rice bubbles and coco pops for 1

    Henry DalyHenry Daly16 órája
  • Kix, Trix, and Cocoa Puffs are all basically the same thing as well, though not quite to the same extent. Edit: The same thing as each other, not the same thing as Froot Loops and Apple Jacks.

    Kevin R.Kevin R.17 órája
  • I know you guys won’t believe me...but yellow froot loops are actually NOT banana flavored

    Blue DeityBlue Deity18 órája

      Phantom DrawsPhantom Draws16 órája
  • Ok so I can give Science behide the fruit loops. So the color of the loops TRICK the brain into think it taste of that color. So if you don’t see it they all taste the same.

    Charlie SmithCharlie Smith19 órája
  • mean I thought this a couple years ago since I was at a hotel and my brother put fruit loops in my Apple Jacks and they tasted the same

    Landon LaggLandon Lagg19 órája
  • 10:16 Mat is your finger ok?

    MashinmelloMashinmello20 órája
  • The color is tricking your brain.

    Alyssa DeGruyAlyssa DeGruy20 órája
  • Why has nobody commented on the guy who gets runover buy a bus when he lifts up a sewer drain and we hear the loud, audible, crack

    Anthony SpontellaAnthony Spontella20 órája
  • I'd love to see a theory on what is the most produced icecream flavor.

    thematthatter 14thematthatter 1420 órája
  • when I was a little tiny kid I disliked froot loops and only eat apple jack =_= edit: my mother says I disliked froot loops because it all tasted the same and apple jack was more Delicious.

    Reina YanadoriReina Yanadori20 órája
  • and THIS is quality content

    lara jordanlara jordan21 órája
  • *laughs in lucky charms*

    deadlockeddeadlocked22 órája
  • Is it me or does Matt’s wife look like the daughter from get out

    colebaltcolebalt22 órája
  • mmm cardboard

    Bjarke EldrupBjarke Eldrup22 órája
  • Apple Jacks has apple juice, dried apples, and cinnamon. Hence, they taste like apple and cinnamon. I've always loved them for years.

    Teresa BasingerTeresa Basinger23 órája
  • My theory is that everyone of them has the same ingredients, but depending on the color, the flavour is more powerfull

    TheEdiMortal YTTheEdiMortal YT23 órája
  • Ar 8:49 im the only one who is seeing SCP-729-J?

    TheEdiMortal YTTheEdiMortal YT23 órája
  • Matpat: CITRUS.

    devin hopkinsdevin hopkinsNapja
  • Why am I a British person who lives in a place where fruit loops and apple jacks don't exist still watched this video

  • They taste completely different

    Colin BoiceColin BoiceNapja
  • Unpopular opinion: Bran flakes are good.

    MixedBagMixes MusicMixedBagMixes MusicNapja
  • thought everybody knew this huh also what about cheerios?

    Sergeant SnickerSergeant SnickerNapja
  • These intros are getting better

    KingDinner WriteKingDinner WriteNapja
  • This video makes me wanna eat Apple Jacks in a heavily graffitied alleyway with my two 90s friends

  • I thought everyone knew that fruit loops are the same flavor Also I don’t like fruit loops or Apple Jacks.

    Anne PhamAnne PhamNapja
  • What’s with the background?? 9:18

    Lil SockLil SockNapja
  • I remember once hearing about how colored syrups in shave ices are actually all the same flavor. They mentioned that because our minds think or expect a certain flavor, it causes us to think that we're tasting a specific flavor even though it's the same...... And if you were wondering, yeah, I did indeed hear this from Persona 5...

    cube 0cube 0Napja
  • Huh, for me the Froot loops always tasted the same, I also remember being disappointed that they didn't taste like any fruit when I was a kid.

    Lupo ArseneLupo ArseneNapja
  • I hated fruit loops as a kid because they all tasted the same to me and I hated the taste of it so

    Lily and ValLily and ValNapja
  • @ 18:29 That's a very friendly looking tongue. I approve.

    Squish MastahSquish MastahNapja
  • Wait!... They're NOT the Berenstein Bears?! 🤯

    Frank FilippelliFrank FilippelliNapja
  • 7:10 How did I know this before MatPat??

    Shelby AtencioShelby AtencioNapja
  • That into do be a bop tho

    Brady ThurmanBrady ThurmanNapja
  • "The nice thing about having a channel to do this, we can do the tests ourself." Does MatPat think non-youtubers are too poor to afford cereal to do tests?

  • Can you make vids on international foods or chains pls? I watched until the final loop meme but didn't know anything about that or count chacula for that matter :)

    Tea BroskiTea BroskiNapja
  • Mat it’s not actually flavor it’s just mind games.

    lil Feddylil FeddyNapja
  • So, he literally answered the question in 6 minutes and added an extra 14 just to clarify Froot Loops all are the same flavor. Haha nice!

  • Apple Jacks taste like raspberries so maybe the raspberry

    Ethan OrozcoEthan OrozcoNapja
  • So glad I grew up along side cheerios... And not apple Jacks or Fr00t L00ps!

  • Kix and Trix are secretly the same. Cocoa Puffs too. Once people realized this they brought back the fruit shapes. Can you do a video about how they ruined Trix? It used to be orgasmic. And that’s not like, oh you’re just grown up now, your taste palette is different. NOPE. They ruined it. They ruined 99% of cereals in fact. But Trix is by far the most egregious. Tastes like horse food.

    subito zxsubito zxNapja
  • Firstly, Matthew and Stephanie are great together. Secondly, poor Mat just getting his childhood disproven. Also, Bernstein. E-I

    Niff WasauNiff WasauNapja
  • mat is about to get a cease and desist from Kelloggs

  • welcome to taste theroy

    Appleby KidsAppleby KidsNapja
  • 10:13 matpat wearing a bandage his finger

    Aura TanishqAura TanishqNapja
  • All fruit loops test the same that's a New theory for you

    finley caseyfinley caseyNapja
  • Mat pat: it’s all citrus Kellogg’s: always has been

    Bylbo ProductionBylbo ProductionNapja
  • do a blind tastes test, but tell him the wrong color before he eats it

    purelitenitepurelitenite2 napja
    • or do a blind man's bluff type of thing... "this is yellow"... "true"

      purelitenitepurelitenite2 napja
  • I've been saying this forever and I feel so validated right now

    theonlyvampirateabletheonlyvampirateable2 napja
  • I did the same test with skittles and I am so upset 😥

    BedBlockBedBlock2 napja
  • Wasn't the froot spelled like fruit

    Aaron MoralesAaron Morales2 napja
  • It's funny, we had a parakeet once named Troy Bird. That bird loved my mom, especially when she was eating fruit loops. That dang bird would eat all the fruit loops except for the yellow ones.

    UnderConstructionProductionUnderConstructionProduction2 napja
  • Mat I just realized zingers are twinkies with a little extra pazzaz!

    Brandon WiserBrandon Wiser2 napja
  • It's just a placebo

    Asa GillespieAsa Gillespie2 napja
  • Cinnamon?

    Dead Honest ReviewsDead Honest Reviews2 napja
  • You...Are... High

    Dead Honest ReviewsDead Honest Reviews2 napja
  • Hold up, you didn’t know that?

    TonydadogRoksTonydadogRoks2 napja
  • “Their the same shade of orange, their the same shade of green” *Me who is color blind*: Wait, so it’s not only yellow?

    The Window GamesThe Window Games2 napja
  • please don't let him ruin the Haribo gummy bears too. please someone tell me those have different flavors

    Paul HabersPaul Habers2 napja
  • Food Theory: How the Cinnamon Toast Crunch squares are truly canniballs!

    The Fortnite KnightsThe Fortnite Knights2 napja
  • I feel like a better test than attempting to guess the flavor, would have been to simply guess whether or not the color was the same as the last one. This doesn't require memorization of colors and only requires a noticeable difference in taste. Attempting to guess the color based on the flavor doesn't test if they taste different, but rather if the taste is different enough to be memoizable.

    A AA A2 napja
  • So apple jack tastes like rainbow I know fruitloops are my first cereal that isnt chocalaye

    JupiteritzJupiteritz2 napja
  • This show is half nostalgia, half Matt and Steff flirting

    ProductBasementProductBasement2 napja
  • Apple jacks is sans??!?!! (Btw this is a joke)

    Kibble WibbleKibble Wibble2 napja
  • I don’t know if this matters, but the addition off milk to the cereal might have an effect on how you tasted it, along with you being younger. Milk might be a variable here to. Just a thought

    Potato BoiPotato Boi2 napja
  • I knew it I tasted fruit loops they are all the same

    Milena A. SmithMilena A. Smith2 napja
  • So that’s why I found a yellow apple jack in my bowl

    The HUTCHThe HUTCH2 napja
  • Steph just having an existential crisis about the difference between Froot Loops and Apple Jacks...

    CthulhuFhtagnCthulhuFhtagn2 napja
  • It’s the same with skittles they taste the same but your brain will think it’s different flavors

    Green DestroyerGreen Destroyer2 napja
  • You only thought that the froot loops tasted different is because your brain made it that way. When you think, well, the green one is lime, the yellow one is lemon, the orange one is orange, etc. So when you eat froot loops, your mind changes the flavors, so you taste a hint of orange in an orange-colored froot loop, same with all the other flavors.

    MagicDonut56MagicDonut562 napja
  • Ok but can we talk about the kix slogan "kid tested mother approved" I've always hated that

    Not Quite FunnyNot Quite Funny2 napja
  • I find it interesting Steph could tell right away what she was tasting to the point of paranoia, could instantly tell the first switch, but got murky after that. Maybe bc the flavour profile is so similar and once she introduced cinnamon to the mix in her mouth, since its a more dominant flavour out of the mix of them, that it ended up taste-blinding her. I wonder if it would be the same case had you done apple jacks first, then froot loops afterwards

    Queen SapphireQueen Sapphire2 napja
  • idea for game theory: how much money do you really make in fnaf 6? plz do :)

    Demon CoderDemon Coder2 napja
  • Why does mat pat have a band ad

    Lukas PittsLukas Pitts2 napja
  • I'm sure this happens with other cereals too. Rice Krspies and Pebbles cereals are basically the same. I remember as a kid that when I had Fruity or Cocoa pebbles, they would make the same sounds.

    Elektra BurgosElektra Burgos2 napja
  • " *S E E T H E T A S T E* "

    Wat 026Wat 0262 napja
  • Quem é br deve ter morrido a rir quando ele leu Sucrilhos 2:44

    AG BoiAG Boi2 napja
  • Can I say this without being weird?; Stephanie is just so delightful 😊 I love seeing you guys doing experiments together, warms my heart.

    Pause GamerPause Gamer2 napja
  • Anyone play the Applejack's games as a kid?

    One Of RainbowsOne Of Rainbows2 napja
  • They taste like marketing.

    Drecon84Drecon842 napja
  • This narrator's high, squeaky, cracking voice really gets on my nerves. I know the, wholesome, slightly effiminate "Aww shucks" vibe is this guy's gimmick, but tone it down a bit, castratti.

    Rick S.Rick S.2 napja
  • Hey! Come on now, the boring comments all about the start and the point of the video... It's like a fungus. I have a bunker, I may have gotten bit but it's still unsure, there are no marks.

    dumb gameplaysdumb gameplays2 napja
  • 13:00 In the corner SCP fans, is scp-729-j

    MemelordMemelord3 napja