FLY TV - Salmon Fishing with Two-Handed Rods (German Subtitles)

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In this episode of FLY TV, we get to follow Antti Guttorm in Northern Norway when he fish for big salmon with two-handed rods. He will fish for fresh fish when the water level is high and during the episode, he will show you his approach with these circumstances.
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  • nice comment and good catch thx

    Rene StaalRene StaalHónapja
  • Master . Complimenti da Italy . Sorry i not speak english . Un Artista , un vero pescatore sportivo come ce ne sono pochi . Splendida performance . Bellissimo pesce .

    Vincenzo CataldoVincenzo CataldoHónapja
    • Wat is your name .. Bravissimo !

      Vincenzo CataldoVincenzo CataldoHónapja
  • Straight forward enjoyable video. Besides his obvious expertise I am very impressed with his demeanor (not too over the top). The salmon are beautiful.

    Keith KeownKeith Keown2 hónapja
  • Have catch big salmon at same place. Nice video. thanks.

    articvinterarticvinter2 hónapja
  • I am from Germany. I´s long time ago and my fish on the picture is from British Columbia

    Erhard EggertErhard Eggert2 hónapja
  • fantastico video

    Mario VegaMario Vega4 hónapja
  • great video,, I learned a lot, I love the way you explain and respect the fish, I enjoyed every minute, thanks,,

    Monik GagnonMonik Gagnon4 hónapja
  • i've fished in scotland for trout, pike and pollack for over 40 years, i am taking up salmon fishing next season, watching this guy cast is amazing! he makes it look effortless, i hope i can get half as good as him!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    john grahamjohn graham4 hónapja
  • Presenter is brilliant. No stupid corny jokes or childish rubbish like you get on a lot of HUworld channels now. This guy is just cool, calm and collected and focussing on the fishing. BRAVO!

    Jamie McDougallJamie McDougall5 hónapja
  • What fly reel is that at 1.30 seconds into it?

    Gavin ThompsonGavin Thompson5 hónapja
  • Please make more videos 👍🏼 I really enjoy all of these videos from both you and neteland.

    Salmon_fisherman_ 98Salmon_fisherman_ 985 hónapja
  • Thank you sir for returning all those wonderful fish, I don’t see the need to kill any fish unesecessarily .. your a true angler and your casting is so sweet to watch. ! It was great to see those fish swim away.. Great stuff. 👍👌

    kingdom777866kingdom7778665 hónapja
  • Annti is the best and very humble!

    The real dealThe real deal5 hónapja
  • kakean cocot

    Mantan Wong BejadMantan Wong Bejad5 hónapja
  • Lucky man fun to watch thank you

    John HazeltonJohn Hazelton5 hónapja
  • If anyone learn from this guy, you are dumb

    Jimmi HansenJimmi Hansen6 hónapja
  • Flugfiske är för de som har ett behov av att vara speciella. Undrar varför det inte finns ställen där man bara får spinnfiska

    12 2112 216 hónapja
    • @12 21 jag personligen tycker det är väldigt skumt att dom har bara flugfiske vatten när de kan förbättra bestånden genom att ta bort alla jävla odlingar och ta bort kraftverken..

      TreeqzTreeqz5 hónapja
    • Treeqz det är ju det viktigaste. Lite drygt för oss som inte är så bra på flugfiske men det kan jag leva med om det i utbyte ger ett bättre fiskbestånd.

      12 2112 215 hónapja
    • @12 21 det är ju inte flugfiskarna (i majoritet) som bestemt det det är fvo och delägare... Jag tror det beror på att man vill hålla fisket bra och minska fiske tryck.

      TreeqzTreeqz5 hónapja
    • Treeqz varför ska ni då ha vatten där man endast får flugfiska? Är det för lätt att spinnfiska och därmed inte lika fint?

      12 2112 215 hónapja
    • Varför borde det finnas de? Flugfiske är för de som är tycker det är roligt.

      TreeqzTreeqz5 hónapja
  • Hi,can i use this rod for salmon fish on streamer...? 11'0'' LW3 5pc FAST NYMPH / ULTRALIGHT SWITCH

    Ivan DelevicIvan Delevic6 hónapja
    • Clearly, no.

      Jesse BourneauJesse BourneauHónapja
  • Love Fisch

    Lucia Beretta-Piccoli DottaLucia Beretta-Piccoli Dotta6 hónapja
  • One of the good video that I've seen so far.

    Christian KirouacChristian Kirouac6 hónapja
  • This some next level stuff. Enjoy every second

    SimonSimon6 hónapja
  • Flott video... Abonnementet er borte... 👍 jeg skal se videoene dine

    Go Fishing NorwayGo Fishing Norway7 hónapja
  • That is some amazing country as well as the fishing...Great job filming!

    Fly Fishing with LadinFly Fishing with Ladin9 hónapja
  • Excellent video!! Nice conversational commentary and thank-you for talking tactics and showing us your flies. 10/10.

    Brian WilliamsBrian Williams9 hónapja
  • Brilliant video,,,,,, enjoying it when in lockdown,,,,, till we get back to river

    Harry. M FowlieHarry. M Fowlie9 hónapja
  • binge watching your channel guys. Can I please come fishing with you? You won't even notice me.

    Goats On The RoadGoats On The Road9 hónapja
    • 😂😂😂😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

      john grahamjohn graham4 hónapja
  • Nice! Can't wait to get my spey out!

    patrickwellsnlesdpatrickwellsnlesd9 hónapja
  • Fantastico! Semplicemente fantastico!

    Carlo CastelliCarlo Castelli9 hónapja
    • Ai ragione

      Lucia Beretta-Piccoli DottaLucia Beretta-Piccoli Dotta6 hónapja
  • I feel like I'm there with you guys. Watch almost every day. Looking forward for more videos. Think you much for the best casting video of all time too. Going to try spey casting soon this year (have lots to learn) very helpful advice buddy. See ya.

    Walter Van CleaveWalter Van Cleave10 hónapja
  • Great fish, fishing 7 wgt. right? In addition who makes the jacket? Looks heavy duty but comfortable.

    tom parkertom parker10 hónapja
    • Vision

      Robert CurtinRobert Curtin9 hónapja
  • Which weight is the rod that you are using in this video?

    Potetskrell MPCPotetskrell MPC10 hónapja
  • Superb! Top angler and presenter. That place really is heaven!

    Tomos EdwardsTomos Edwards11 hónapja
  • Hello, really great film. Could you please tell me more about the tippet, what size in metres you use to catch with a shooting heads (skagit and ACE). And whether it is sipmle floating mono or something another ? Thank you

    Dmitrijs StupinsDmitrijs Stupins11 hónapja
  • Great footage, nice fish. Pity about the music especially at beginning.

    John BurnsJohn Burns11 hónapja
  • Det bra!

    Dmitriy OlegovichDmitriy OlegovichÉvvel
  • Trout like natural looking baits too, try those mini crawdads, micro worms, salmon fly larvae, etc. I've seen you use them in other videos. More often than not I ask myself why I didn't try a bait i had in the box? Lol

    Rocky does it allRocky does it allÉvvel
  • Thank you for the escape

  • Antti, that reel has such a great sound. Robert from IN. usa

    Robert ForresterRobert ForresterÉvvel
  • Ok, at 18.56, he strips in line, the fish takes and he lifts into it. When drifting the fly round the recommendation is to wait until you feel the weight of the fish before lifting. Presumably, when stripping, the fish will feel the resistance immediately and so one should lift quickly? Any views on how to hook well when stripping in? These are great movies - lots of information! Thanks.

  • You make it look so easy. thank you for all of it. cheers from IN , Usa

    Robert ForresterRobert ForresterÉvvel
  • Have to talk my wife into a vacation Scandinavian. I am better off in the cooler climates. Wonderful video and fishing Tobias. Danke’

    Tommy .GibbonsTommy .GibbonsÉvvel
  • Thank you Tobias; great video and a very skillful fisherman, on one of my favourite rivers! great technique and helpful tips!

    Philip FairchildPhilip FairchildÉvvel
  • Ou jee, the Man !

    Tuomo KoskeloTuomo KoskeloÉvvel
  • Where can you bye the olive francis?

    Jesper JohansenJesper JohansenÉvvel
    • try tying your own flies, its great fun and you can tie whatever you like in any size and variation , it's really not hard to learn and the satisfaction you get when you catch a fish on something you tied yourself is fantastic!

      john grahamjohn graham4 hónapja
  • Top Film!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    Michael KanieckiMichael KanieckiÉvvel
  • Hallooo KING, vilken flytlina är det i början av filmen??

    Budo SuhonjicBudo SuhonjicÉvvel

    Magnus ThomsenMagnus ThomsenÉvvel
  • Nice video! What line class would you recomend for a spey rod for salmon fishing? See you used two handed rod in this video aswell as on the video with Neteland in Naustdal.

    Sturla Sætre LiavågSturla Sætre LiavågÉvvel
  • Thanks for a lot of information! The rivers look beautiful - would you share the river(s) name?

    Andre SuterAndre SuterÉvvel
    • hey, thanks for this, appreciated ;D

      Andre SuterAndre SuterÉvvel
    • He said it in the beginning, Lakselva in Porsanger

  • SWEET ! ! ! ...... Antti is a great presenter , teacher , ambassador ......Excellent video quality and technical edits......Cheers from Oregon USA

    Steve EvansSteve EvansÉvvel
  • Very professional video!

    Fin Line & FlyFin Line & FlyÉvvel
  • Hi can you guys not make some tie videos of the flies you are using I the video 😊😊🎣

    Kim MattiKim Matti2 évvel
  • A master angler at work !.

    jesse bongojesse bongo2 évvel
  • You killed it man! Awesome vid . Fish on ,from your friends here in Northern California .

    LoveNotJudge CosmeticsLoveNotJudge Cosmetics2 évvel
  • I really enjoyed the strong Finnish accent! lol Oh, yeah the fishing too :p Would you please where in Norway this was filmed? I might be able to visit when I go to Lapland, Finland.

    Hae MinHae Min2 évvel
  • You really need to know the "serrano" river in the chilean patagonia! 30-40 kg of chinook fight!

    oscar saavedraoscar saavedra2 évvel
  • I miss Salmon - Flyfishing so much… I`m from Switzerland, also no rivers like that.

    marcelo braunmarcelo braun2 évvel
  • this guy is awesome gives alot of good advice

    HansHans2 évvel
  • Very good video, awesome skills on releasing your fish, not traumatizing for the fish at all. Those last 2 fish were pretty big, and in that kind of current are definitely a handful on any tackle. I fish for Kings here in Ontario and it can be pretty Epic at times, especially in faster water.

    nobody importantnobody important2 évvel
  • I am of course biased, but I firmly believe fly fishing should be the only permitted method of fishing for Salmon in all rivers that contain them - across the globe.

    LokiLoki2 évvel
  • Hermoso lugar el que poseen...!! Espectaculares Salmones...!! Bellisima pesca...!! Saludos desde Argentina...!!

    Gustavo LumovichGustavo Lumovich2 évvel
  • Revelation!!!🤗

    Grzes NiznikGrzes Niznik2 évvel
  • Outstanding videos, completely appreciate how you share your tactics and handle the fish

    jay williamsjay williams2 évvel
  • magnifique,bravo,merci à toi

  • Thank you for the great video! What length and wt. line are you using?

    big ronbig ron2 évvel
  • great video what is the brand name your rain gear ? thanks

    Marti CMarti C2 évvel
  • Great video 👍🏻

    sandman8196sandman81962 évvel
  • Gorgeous rivers!! You are a superb salmon angler both in hooking and releasing which are equally important! I spend lots of money and time fishing the world for salmon (Mainly Canada and the USA) but Norway is now firmly on my "to do" list.

    RickyRicky2 évvel
  • Really well done, thanks from Alaska

    Kenneth AchesonKenneth Acheson2 évvel
    • The best salmon film iv ever seen. Best wishes from ireland

      Padraig O dowdPadraig O dowdÉvvel
  • Really wonderful film must go there.

    George SmithGeorge Smith2 évvel
  • Is this fundamentally any different to bull-fighting, except that the fish gets to live another day (with a very sore mouth presumably).?

    Restored PrintsRestored Prints2 évvel
  • Great Job! Your a Class Act Sir! I very much enjoyed your film.... I learned some things about 2 Handed Casting and Salmon Fishing on the Fly... thank you! :)

    Charlie PalmerCharlie Palmer2 évvel
  • Choose better music, marrs an otherwise excellent video. Very engaging,informative host.

    Steve GSteve G2 évvel
  • Magic...absolutely magical 👍

    Colin TaitColin Tait2 évvel
  • magnificent

    adam breenadam breen2 évvel
  • Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing your experiences and all those wonderful fish! Great work. Keep them coming! Bubba

    Mclaughlin088 McLaughlinMclaughlin088 McLaughlin2 évvel
  • Fantastic video, i really enjoyed it. Could you tell me the name of the small fly tied on the LOOP double hook ?

    Fraser McGillivrayFraser McGillivray2 évvel
    • The fly is called Ake. It is actually tied on a Partridge double. You can find more info and the recipe from Top Salmon Flies-book By Teemu Tolonen.

      Vision Fly FishingVision Fly Fishing2 évvel
  • Verg fin video and xplayning

    Azadi sohbatAzadi sohbat2 évvel
  • Excellent job Antti. You made casting that two handed rod look effortless and easy. Caught some beautiful salmon in a beautiful location.

    HuntnfishnutsHuntnfishnuts2 évvel
  • Great vid.What is the Clear head you are using??

    Dave RaymondDave Raymond2 évvel
    • Thanks for the reply.

      Dave RaymondDave Raymond2 évvel
    • Dave Raymond it's Vision Ace shooting head as a Clear Float.

      Vision Fly FishingVision Fly Fishing2 évvel
  • Can the fish continue swimming upstream after a hard fight?

    Viggo HeneliusViggo Henelius2 évvel
  • MORE, MORE, MORE!! I love this presenter and his approach to catching salmon. Amazing location and brilliant camera operator too. Great work all round.

    Michael RollinsonMichael Rollinson2 évvel
  • Dang!

    Millers LandingMillers Landing2 évvel
  • Guys are the best.. those are really the BEST fly videos in the world!!! I would like to see more natrual small stream flyfishing on smaller wild trouts... Keep on doin gr8 work!!!

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  • What a beautifully shot video. Great content and a joy to watch. Thank you.

    Kyla ColeKyla Cole2 évvel
  • En finsk kille som fiskar i Norge för en svensk kanal och pratar engelska med tyska undertexter, internationellt!

    Anton SundelinAnton Sundelin2 évvel
    • @leifur vikingur 😂

      Emil TidstrandEmil Tidstrand9 hónapja
    • And is finnish

      perhokalastusonsejuttuperhokalastusonsejuttu10 hónapja
  • Excellent salmon movie, beautiful countryside and river, thanks for uploading fly tv, Keith south east Ireland.

    garry dog Irelandgarry dog Ireland2 évvel
  • Классное видео, хорошая мамка!

    Эдуард Ружников Fishing AsArtЭдуард Ружников Fishing AsArt2 évvel
  • Do you guide?

    Banzai83Banzai832 évvel
    • Banzai83 Antti does not guide anymore. Too busy designing rods for us. 😉

      Vision Fly FishingVision Fly Fishing2 évvel
  • How do you dead drift a weighted fly?

    Malthe Wisler JohansenMalthe Wisler Johansen2 évvel
    • Cast it and let it drift in the current. Nothing special the current will carry the fly quite a ways before it ever gets hung up on the bottom.

      Matt WeberMatt Weber2 évvel
  • Never tried fly fishing. Defiantly need to give it a go. Great video!

    Snagged BroSnagged Bro2 évvel
  • Does anyone know how much would it cost to spend couple of days fishing for salmon including licence day ticket ect. And which country... tnx

    Ed's fishing and gamingEd's fishing and gaming2 évvel
    • hello! i am from Canada and we have a beautiful river called the margaree river as well as many others. Nova Scotia, Canada is where you wanna go ! for a non resident licence its not much for cost and all the rivers do not require you to have a guide. as well as many places to stay that arent too too expensive. there are no private waters so you are free to fish. well floating lines are typical but in the fall some sink tips are used, usually with an 8 or 9 weight rod with 8lb to 15lb maxima leaders. for flies i would bring some bombers aka dry flies and in the cool wate i would use wet flies like the marabou canary or the black bear green butt.

      Salmon_fisherman_ 98Salmon_fisherman_ 982 évvel
  • Great movie! Whats the name of the song in the end?

    Andreas DimbergAndreas Dimberg2 évvel
  • Awesome video 👍🏻 What’s name that small fly?

    Laimonas UrbietisLaimonas Urbietis2 évvel
    • Laimonas Urbietis Ake

      Vision Fly FishingVision Fly Fishing2 évvel
  • This guy is the man. Have really enjoyed these salmon vids.

    Andrew KennyAndrew Kenny2 évvel
    • Ofc its finnish guy

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  • Great episode and as always....BEAUTIFUL audio & video!!!

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  • Really good absolutely enjoy this one

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