Flirting & My Stories

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i stalled making this video for 10 months because i'm embarrassed to tell these stories but whatever i'm over it here ya go
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  • i already know what you guys are gonna say and no, none of these stories are about james so you can take off your detective hats thankyaverymuch

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    • Yeet

      amit mishraamit mishra27 napja
    • Sad Jamden shippers XD

      Kyle Matus-CruzKyle Matus-Cruz3 hónapja
    • Yes it is

      Javier HernandezJavier Hernandez9 hónapja
    • My real crush is *blushes* A.I.R

      rAnDoM bRuHrAnDoM bRuH9 hónapja
    • In my opinion,your chocolate tastes like caca

      Donut DayzDonut Dayz10 hónapja
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    • So

      MRMemeMRMeme5 órája
  • I will not be telling my crush I like them because they told me they like me to

    night_fall hybrid demonnight_fall hybrid demon11 órája
  • Flirting ... Ohhhh yes billy!!!!!

    mr wierdomr wierdo16 órája
  • Hey Jaiden, Wanna go to the movies? :3

    Jayde CoblerJayde Cobler21 órája
  • lmao hes gay

    Derpette DermDerpette Derm22 órája
  • Your animations is better then normal world graphic XD

  • One of my friends I've known for a while dated me, and I realized I actually didn't like them like that, (against what I thought) and I broke up with them. The friggin dude decided to become a hermit and won't talk to anyone or get out of the house so now I hate him even though I wanted to stay friends but I guess we all can't get what we want. He ignores my texts and calls and won't do anything 😠

    Happy Bunny QueenHappy Bunny QueenNapja
  • So my crush likes meh too, but we can't see us often because we don't go to tha same high school and actually that will lower our relationship and we can't meet up because of problems. Wat shall I do im confused

    Yvi LuneYvi LuneNapja
  • Pls more Pokémon!!!

    Kroko JokiKroko JokiNapja
  • 6:02 LOL

    Toy Foxy Animations Drawing and more!Toy Foxy Animations Drawing and more!Napja
  • gilf. Can. You. Stop. A stori

    trevor hendersontrevor hendersonNapja
  • [social anxiety has entered the chat]

  • Gud thing I'm ace

    Dig DugDig DugNapja
  • When i told a guy i liked him he said why BROKE MY HEART

    freddy's adventures and filmsfreddy's adventures and filmsNapja

    VaanRat tVaanRat tNapja
  • Aw relationship goals! He's gay ooo thats gata hurt man

    definetly not ahmed abdullahdefinetly not ahmed abdullahNapja
  • *inhales* no

    behind the scenes on dragon tyanbehind the scenes on dragon tyanNapja
  • Ok the "he's gay" just killed me

    delta fancy boidelta fancy boiNapja
  • its mox he revealed it...

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  • Once I was on this dance in middle school and me and my friend were hanging out ( he's a boy, no shipping relationships) anyway, 2 of his friends came over and thought I was his date. YEAT AWAY AND NEVER SAW HIM FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT!

  • AW

  • All audience be like why not James

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  • Ok

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  • Ok

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  • Brother stop

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  • Gay

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  • 0 O O O O Oh O O O O O O O O O O O 0

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  • Me watching in 2021 WOW U ARE SO MUCH BETTER NOW That doesnt mean u are not good eith this i mean.... Yeah

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  • For me I asked someone out that I liked veeeeeeery much. We went on a “date” and then she decided she’d like us to just stay friends. I’m still friends with her but I don’t like hanging out with her at the same time because I know I’ll just keep clinging to hope that isn’t there.

    Nicholas BellNicholas Bell2 napja
  • I was shot down before saying anything to my crush😂. I was at their house and... Her mom: you guys should date Her: No, I dont like him that way Me: Wow... okay then Long story short we are still great friends!

    Adam MorleyAdam Morley2 napja
  • I was shot down before saying anything to my crush😂. I was at their house and... Her mom: you guys should date Her: No, I dont like him that way Me: Wow... okay then Long story short we are still great friends!

    Adam MorleyAdam Morley2 napja
  • good conversation starter jaiden: "did you know that only five percent of murderers are women- but sixteen percent of SERIAL killers are women. And they don't use poison- that's a cliche- they use knives. .^." yeeah don't say that to strangers. Unless you want them to leave you alone :)

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  • 9:00

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  • Tiny jaden is bad with a trumpet lols

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  • Jaden you shot tim tom! 😏

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  • jaiden: you have early access to my new merch!! me: well this vid was posted 4 yrs aggo and im still early?!

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  • but did you want to kiss them

    Ernesto EscobedoErnesto Escobedo3 napja
  • I can't flirt to save my life. Like its so sad. 😂 my friends make fun of me so much because of it so I feel you Jaiden

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  • Gay

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    • What?

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  • Gay

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  • So right now there’s 666k likes...

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  • XD look at the likes

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  • 666k likes and 6.9k dislikes...

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  • I am 12

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  • You are gay in the whole worldAnd I don’t have any friends

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    • In German we say: Lösch dich idiot BTW gay is no insult 🤦‍♀️

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  • You are gay

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    • You are an idiot 😂

      LaraLara3 napja
  • You don’t have a big Brain you have small brain

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    • Says the one who things gay is an insult 🤦‍♀️😂

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    -Chaoses Child--Chaoses Child-3 napja
  • Lol kiss him marry him

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  • The fact the likes say 666k ONG

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  • No just no

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  • 😂 The likes and dislikes tho

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  • Wait the likes

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  • Me who has a crush on a 22 year old youtuber:

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  • Well... it would’ve been funny if the BFF was James........

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  • Find it funny that during the pandemic it has 666k like?

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  • The likes are not a good numberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    • Oh no! The devil is coming

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  • me looks at likes WHAT THE 666k LIKES spooky

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    • Ÿéš

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  • 666k likes and 6.9k dislikes. PLEASE LIKE BEFORE EVERYONE GETS BAD LUCK.

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    • yes!

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  • Jaiden:BURPITY BURRRR Me:LOL burpity burrrr

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  • anyone else realise this video has 666 likes?

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    • @JonOnPaper sorry i mean't to type 666k but i forgot

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    • 666k more like

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  • 7:20 power move

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  • Lol the likes is 666

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  • when i was here it said 666K likes???????????????

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  • when i tell my crush i like her but she just says okay with excessive periods

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    • a brat •• a brat •5 napja
  • JaIden: take a picture of it for me .... Of you guys kissing 😏😏😏 Me: ..........WTF JAIDEN. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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  • 666

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  • WAIT! THERE ARE 666K LIKES- *ha ima ruin it*

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  • Me to my crush is just eignoring me to you know

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  • one girl in cinema: hey~ me: go f$#@ yourself one girl in cinema: only if you watch me~

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  • the no.of likes and dislikes look exceptional

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  • SIMP

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  • Can I say the likes and dislikes are perfect

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  • Lol

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  • Im adrian not albert

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  • Undertale frisk can flirt

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  • How do you by accident flirt

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  • 7:07

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    • 666,666 likes *physical pain*

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  • just liked the vid and the like counter now reads as "666k"... great vid!

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  • im here at 666k likes and 6.9k dislikes, *nice*

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  • I hav a girlfriend say person jaiden says ME TO hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm u hav a girlfriend? GAY

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  • Do you still know the person

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    • Omg so trueeee lmfao!!!!!!!!!

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  • One time in amoug us a fake ahmua likely said that she wants to marry me and my mind like someone kill me

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  • Jaiden " all i can imagine is me just trying to approach someone, being like." "Hey there." person " I have a girlfriend......." Jaiden " OMG SAME we have so much in common." Jaiden's mind NONONONONONONOO F*** F*** F*** NIOOOOOOOOOOOOO SH**

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  • Ahhhhhhhh!

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  • 0:03 I love this

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  • cool

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  • 666k likes!?!? :O

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