Flippin Good Song

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  • You’ll probably never see this Cody. But I need more songs like this from you. Shit went HARD. “Watch me sit down.” Bruh

    Thomas RiddleThomas Riddle55 perccel
  • I don’t care about your HUworld channel only I care about is that

    Yaryee SylvesterYaryee Sylvester4 napja
  • why is the "prank queen" built like Reiley Reid but way way uglier

    Your DadYour Dad5 napja
  • Bro stop it you're dissraspecting them because they are much better than you because is all you do is react to songs and stuff like you wouldn't like it if they did it to you I hate you know I'm going to tell jack and afaff and the only flips because he's cool much cooler than you

    Ruby LeyshonRuby Leyshon7 napja
  • youre a cyberbully :(

    you dont wonyou dont won7 napja
  • Who the hella flippin you

    Kyle HahnKyle Hahn9 napja
  • I saw that cody's hair got shorter and i was about to throw some serious hands

    em maem ma9 napja

    hulkie Xhulkie X10 napja
  • If you go to 7:28, it shows that Kody already watched one of their videos

    David SimoniDavid Simoni11 napja
  • I think instead of judging a video by cringe. It should be judged by the amount of "guys" that are thrown around. I hear that shit more than people who throw rice at weddings

    quaaludesquaaludes11 napja
  • Love this song

    Julia VosJulia Vos12 napja
  • The best thing about watching Cody is that you don’t get/ have to watch ads😶 (not meant to be rude, love you and your work Cody💕)

    Sarah AilstockSarah Ailstock12 napja
  • You didn’t acknowledge the lisp

    Brandon CrowdisBrandon Crowdis13 napja
  • wow i am already disgusted like a second in, what is this bargain store jake paul

    AozotraAozotra13 napja
  • Cringe fam is right lol

    Shelby SShelby S15 napja
  • Watch me flep lmao but it lowkey slaps....20 million

    Derek McdowallDerek Mcdowall15 napja
  • Sounds like stephen hawking

    txmmytxmmy17 napja
  • His girlfriend

    Becky RobinsonBecky Robinson18 napja
  • I feel like his neck is the same width as his head and its throwing me off

    Grayson McLesterGrayson McLester21 napja
  • When she said “in the oven” bro I felt that 😳😳😳

    Jake GuzmanJake Guzman22 napja
  • I don’t really like Pack Jayne but I love the fringe cam.

    RixxzzeRixxzze22 napja
  • can you pluck your nose hair for a video

    Master JiraiyaMaster Jiraiya23 napja
  • 4:49 When he says "Hold on" you can hear Kelsey say "what"

    Aaron TesseraAaron Tessera26 napja
  • This what it looks like when you have so much money and not know what to spend it on, so u make a shitty songs like this

    Mahdi al haridMahdi al harid26 napja
  • you got me to laugh 3 seconds in

    Caleb SteelCaleb Steel27 napja
  • trampolanks

    Nadine JamilNadine Jamil27 napja
  • ya he is professional flipper shits whack

    Ashton nikodenAshton nikoden29 napja
  • remember when you and Noel made that song based off the Double Take song? Bam. Do it with this one. Watch Me Sit.

    Noah VenesileNoah VenesileHónapja
  • I like the song

    Yusuf ZariwalaYusuf ZariwalaHónapja
  • The girls shirt has the finger emojis, pointing at eachother. Do these kids know what that means???

    Swedish MetalSwedish MetalHónapja
  • wtf

    Mandi ShaffMandi ShaffHónapja
  • I want you to question video where you're marrying each other OK Jack in a fast

    Laura LewisLaura LewisHónapja
  • Stop making fun of the cringe fam ok I like that song😠😢😇

    Sariah AlexanderSariah AlexanderHónapja
  • um what

    Hannah N.Hannah N.Hónapja
  • In life, there's a postive and negative to any and every aspect of life. Absolute amazing innovations has been made cause of technology. The negative is music like this..

    robbert snymanrobbert snymanHónapja
  • +How much comedy do you want in a joke? -Yes

  • Dude, watch me sit low key fire tho

    Asad DaruwalaAsad DaruwalaHónapja
  • why is he built like a roblox character

    Tiffany HigginsTiffany HigginsHónapja
  • HUworld is literally the most sus company for doing that.

  • Is anyone going to talk about how he watched the whole prank video he just made fun of?????????😂

    Jennie AnnaJennie AnnaHónapja
  • it reminds of the project zorgo videos

  • why are all of their friends blonde? and his girlfriend is the only one that has brown hair.. the fuck?

  • huworld.info/flow/vide/knmiwHjCnabXg28 You and Kelsey should totally do a couples cringe on this

    Colin WilcoxColin WilcoxHónapja
  • Jack Payne is making move, this Song and his little vid on P*rnhub lol i can't!!!!

    LuC KyLuC KyHónapja
  • his rapping proves that ANYONE can make a rap song with autotune

    idkwuisp 76idkwuisp 76Hónapja
  • “Watch me flep”

    Sophie BlackettSophie BlackettHónapja
  • me and my big brother are your two Bigest fans i really want to meet you

    Shawn ZimmerlingShawn ZimmerlingHónapja
  • the watch me sit song slaps hard tho!!! oof

  • I’m so amazed how someone can unironically say “I am dummy lit”. Like think about it

    Badr ZouhirBadr ZouhirHónapja
  • the reason why their name is “cringe fam” is because they’re aware of how cringe they are, so now we can’t call them cringe because it’s literally in their name.

    ugh that’s so horny.ugh that’s so horny.Hónapja
  • i fucking died when she said "all the other girls hatin while i'm making bread" and then whispered "i n t h e o v e n"

  • Funniest thing is that I’ve never heard of this dude and I never wanna hear his voice again

    Quiet KidQuiet KidHónapja
  • Can we talk about how he had already watched the first video on the channel already.

    Danny AlfordDanny AlfordHónapja
  • Trambopoline!!

    Kelsey DrummondKelsey DrummondHónapja
  • Him: *posted on the tok, you know my name, I don't need hashtags for you to find me* Me, never seeing him in my entire life: (・_・;) Him: watch me *flep*

    IDENTITY theft IS not A jokeIDENTITY theft IS not A jokeHónapja
  • 8:27 is that the same tattoo that Dre Drexler has 👀

  • When your rich parents don’t know what you do.

    Just be nice -Just be nice -Hónapja
  • Mans looks like Jeremy Renner and loltyler1 combined into the biggest autistic kid on the football field

  • how many bad jokes do you want in this video? cody: yes

    Gio ScaccoGio ScaccoHónapja
  • the autotune on that song was palpable

    big bagelbig bagelHónapja
  • im high af rn and i choked on my food

    Emmett BaynesEmmett BaynesHónapja

    Emmett BaynesEmmett BaynesHónapja
  • this guy is from my home town im dead

    Sable B.Sable B.Hónapja
  • I wish I could like this video more than once

    William EarnestWilliam EarnestHónapja
  • trampalanks

    Emily SauerEmily SauerHónapja
  • 8:25 did she just scratch her hat...

    Abram FieldsAbram FieldsHónapja
  • Most hilarious part about this video is you go to the cringe fam page and you've already watched talking over my boyfriend for 24 hours video almost all the way through haha. Thought that was dope, good job breh

  • 4:50 cody: HOLD ON Kelsey: what

  • 4:48 Cody: HOLD ON HOLD ON HOLD ON. From the other room: *what?*

    Isaac AlexIsaac AlexHónapja
  • Watch meh flip

    100 Kids100 KidsHónapja
  • He sings like he has a mouth full of broccoli cheddar soup

    Lindsay ObeeLindsay ObeeHónapja
  • He sings like Stephen hawking

    Lindsay ObeeLindsay ObeeHónapja
  • Flep flep flep flep flep flep

    BlakeBurgerzBlakeBurgerz2 hónapja
  • POV: you try to show your dad a tiktok page and he doesnt get why the kids like these flippers

    MadMax2kMadMax2k2 hónapja
  • Wasn't jack a cheerleader for california allstars?

    Julie PeacockJulie Peacock2 hónapja
  • trampranks channel lol

    jess frandsenjess frandsen2 hónapja
  • he said flep

    Caden KoalaCaden Koala2 hónapja
  • Cody with the union LA drip

    Gav CoxGav Cox2 hónapja
  • I used to jump into pools in college. I'm pretty cool

    Joe MJoe M2 hónapja
  • I love chili so much they cutest part was when he sat down 🥺

    Trisha DavisTrisha Davis2 hónapja
  • His neck makes me uncomfortable, he looks like a low budget action figure.

    Hitmark HungarianHitmark Hungarian2 hónapja
  • Cody: hold on hold on what she say Kelsey in the other room: whaaat

    Melynn te VeldeMelynn te Velde2 hónapja
  • Holy shit Cody's an actual professional D1 diver xD lolol why didn't u mention this in the video that you can actually flip! Rofl

    Steven LopezSteven Lopez2 hónapja
  • Cody's song was better

    F.B.I AGENT 420 ZF.B.I AGENT 420 Z2 hónapja
  • I watched him flip.

    LuigiLuigi2 hónapja
  • why are his comedy songs bass

    Andrew MillarAndrew Millar2 hónapja
  • I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life .....

    Mr Say168Mr Say1682 hónapja
  • *flep*

    Adil NizarAdil Nizar2 hónapja
  • cody is making my quarantine *frictionless*

    Lily ErwinLily Erwin2 hónapja
  • Everyday bro was better than this grabage

    Ace ‘Ace ‘2 hónapja
  • Okay, no hate on nitty gritty, but he got some bad collabs sometimes.

    LatterMedicLatterMedic2 hónapja
  • Watch me sit kinda fire?

    LorcanzoLorcanzo2 hónapja
  • "Watch me Sit" has "I'm so sorry, man" energy and I appreciate it

    is that a chicken?is that a chicken?2 hónapja
  • His brother is part of red bull

    Owen KarnickOwen Karnick2 hónapja
  • He is also like signed by red bull

    Owen KarnickOwen Karnick2 hónapja
  • #blueasswatergang

    Alan TurbochargedAlan Turbocharged2 hónapja
  • he says he doesnt know you cringe fam when the first video on the page almost watched on 7:22

    Devin BazileDevin Bazile2 hónapja
  • Watch me cringe, cringe, cringe, cringe

    Borjana KocevaBorjana Koceva2 hónapja
  • Sopboli

    Zugera GalantZugera Galant2 hónapja
  • To be fair, that chick is mighty fine. Atleast you can understand how people could watch the rubbish on her channel........ to check her out. JayStation on the other hand, that is an anomaly.

    Brad CravenBrad Craven2 hónapja