Flip phone in vodka - the ultimate test

2020.júl. 9.
1 130 631 Megtekintés

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Boris drops a flip phone into vodka for 10 minutes. It's a 2020 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip that was sent by a friend for Boris to test out. Testing out if the phone is waterproof. And vodkaproof..

0:00 Intro
0:29 the background story
1:54 unboxing
3:33 the phone itself
5:55 the vodka test intro
7:28 the vodka test
9:11 conclusion
Background music:
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  • I actually have this phone

    Joshua BohnJoshua Bohn11 órája
  • Nobody : Boris : Lets test Z flip in vodka

    Unknown101Unknown1012 napja
  • kuk bong

    릿카릿카2 napja
  • the slav recipe for cereal: step one: get bowl step two: pour cereal step three: pour vodka

    Baylor WeaverBaylor Weaver2 napja
  • Ur phone is drunk

    Zeo HuangZeo Huang2 napja
  • 2:08 thats not Lithuanian lol

    Berry FoxelBerry Foxel3 napja
  • 9:28 the galaxy vodka drip

    Me me big boy GamingMe me big boy Gaming3 napja
  • ur sounds tracks are always fire commrad

    Victor SanchezVictor Sanchez3 napja
  • when u make new video Blyat i miss you please blin

    Ur mum ур том FAT!! фатUr mum ур том FAT!! фат3 napja
  • Boris

    Ur mum ур том FAT!! фатUr mum ур том FAT!! фат3 napja
  • 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

    댓글만 달고구독자 1000명 만들기댓글만 달고구독자 1000명 만들기4 napja
  • Next time dip it in mayonaise

    S-EVOS-EVO5 napja
  • *Tries reading lithuanian* Lithuanian: OOOOH LOOK MOM DAD SOMEONE KNOWS ABOUT LITHUANIA But I think its polish or latvian, sounds rather germanic, lithuanian is more well russian

    MaTTInMaTTIn5 napja
  • Put some vodka in dragunov 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🍾

    how to slavhow to slav5 napja
  • Vodka is just alcohol and water, so phone will be good У нас вообще платы электроники спиртом моют

    OnessOness6 napja
  • Lithuanian blyat????!??!

    Faustas PaukstisFaustas Paukstis6 napja
  • You should sell knife with slave logo. Three stripes

    Tony TokaTony Toka7 napja
  • Wow

    Ultimate Gamer JacksUltimate Gamer Jacks7 napja
  • You’re phone is vodka Proof

    Ultimate Gamer JacksUltimate Gamer Jacks7 napja
  • Английский язык и Русский акцент НЕСОВМЕСТИМЫ!!! НЕСОВМЕСТИМЫ!!!

    Craizy GrizzlyCraizy Grizzly10 napja
  • How boris speak 50/english 50/russian ✌️

    VizGoVizGo11 napja
  • Do vodka nokia waterproff

    VizGoVizGo11 napja
  • "Latvia and estonia but they always put those together" Well there's not a lot of Estonians that can afford phone so they put together with country that pays good

    TrolleroskarTrolleroskar12 napja
  • its not lithuanian

    Dominykas ŠukysDominykas Šukys12 napja
  • If u 144p you can understand what Boris explains .

    Tural MustafayevTural Mustafayev13 napja
  • lol it was in latvian

    Peteris PoikansPeteris Poikans14 napja
  • Boris you debil 2:01 that is not Lithuanian i would know I'm from Lithuania

    soul lemonsoul lemon14 napja
  • Slav science,

    Timothy WellsTimothy Wells15 napja
  • I know lithuanian and that phone is not lithuanian

    airidairid15 napja
  • "So in a technical-scientific sentence, I would say that the phone is getting drunk" - Boris, 2020

    Soham DambalkarSoham Dambalkar15 napja
  • Boris you should come to the US for a visit and do a colab with the AK guy! Boris x AK daddy can only be great memes.

    Asgeir PyrazireAsgeir Pyrazire16 napja
  • 2:03 thats latvian....

    csgo podcast mancsgo podcast man16 napja
  • If You 480p You Can See What Boris Address Chornobyl

    Shem RoqueShem Roque16 napja
  • 3:08 Boris saying *dongle* circa 2020

    Mr. NotSoDumMr. NotSoDum16 napja
  • 500-600 of my american rubles XD XD XD Looollll so funny

    Alberto PoloAlberto Polo16 napja
  • Is it ok if i want to be slav like you but i am from bosna

    mr. gamingmr. gaming17 napja
  • 7:30 😉😁

    talha drisstalha driss17 napja
  • -0:58 The kyrgiz Police have alredy succeded with that, I flight that I will never forgot...

    Piggy RoverPiggy Rover17 napja
  • I live in lithuania z this is not and even isn't similar to baltic, it's more estonia or finish

    Pipka RulkaPipka Rulka17 napja
  • Samsung even bought a fucking king of slavs, I hate this company, their shitty ext is phones are overpriced atleast half of price, just ncis of marketing

    Pipka RulkaPipka Rulka17 napja
  • You to gulag

    Ray IDRay ID18 napja
  • 5:27 we need a remix of this sound

    Youssef HEGAZY 2Youssef HEGAZY 218 napja
  • No one: The creeper that explodes behind me when im mining diamonds: 0:05

    NordicNordic20 napja
  • Ah yes boris definitely would be sitting in a bar with 3liter shot

    RevolutionRevolution21 napja
  • If your black z flip is not too slav, just Do 3 Adidas Lines on it

    Wojtek WwWojtek Ww21 napja
  • Who Else realize Or It's just Me That The Clock: 9:42 Is For Chernobyl Lul 👍🕒

    Kaka_Kocak 10Kaka_Kocak 1022 napja
  • You got flu , ooo blyat lets Squat for heal , i am squating for you on my sofa

    Eren GülerEren Güler22 napja
  • Its latvian

    AlexAlex22 napja
  • he bought it from latvia i could read that

  • Vodka cooled phone

    ShreyasShreyas23 napja
  • Is that vodka still drinkable or do you have to worry about like battery acid and shit?

    brandon boegerbrandon boeger23 napja
  • Boris, sorry but thats not lithuanian.

    Mangirdas StrukčinskasMangirdas Strukčinskas24 napja
  • Is this samsung 96

    Your local AhegaoYour local Ahegao24 napja
  • Z Flip was saied : I'm not drunk yet. Need more Vodka :D

    ДЖИН СОНДЖИН СОН25 napja
  • 4:56 nice battery

    dorifos1dorifos125 napja
  • You need go back to school Mr. Boris. :D That language is latvian.

    Kęstz DKęstz D26 napja
  • The new Jerry rig for slavs

    Elon MuskElon Musk26 napja
  • так блять ?! Какогохуя тогда мой комп сдох после водки через пару дней?

    Darkhorse ProductionDarkhorse Production26 napja
  • But vodka means water

    turbo investigator gamemasterturbo investigator gamemaster26 napja

    ben smithben smith28 napja
  • Comrade has a Samsung Galaxy Note 10

    GongGong28 napja
  • I think its latvia 2:05

    IllegalyfatIllegalyfat29 napja
  • 2:05 Thats not Lithuania :DD

    IllegalyfatIllegalyfat29 napja
  • He is not testing his phone.., he is making a Korean phone more Slavic

    All in one Tamilan DaAll in one Tamilan Da29 napja
  • that phone is legit drunk, let him aside to sleep or he gonna want 50 more minutes of vodka!

  • 4:48 Yup, rounded edges in phones - my palms hurt just thinking about it (and my face, too, because it once slipped from my hands watching youtube in bed because, come on, how do you hold those?)

    Mirabilis AlbaMirabilis AlbaHónapja
  • This review Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip?

    Saiful IloSaiful IloHónapja
  • Boris is a CZECH imposter! Real Russians drink Beluga Gold line!

    ben smithben smithHónapja
  • 5:07 did anyone notice the location for the weather?

    Mr OttzerMr OttzerHónapja
  • It wasn't Lithuanian xD

  • Nope it wasn't Lithuanian haha

    Yeet EhhYeet EhhHónapja
  • Hi Boris, longer time i want ti ask you wich pohone is most slavic. If is it Samsung or something else more slavic cuse Samsung are western corporation and iphone too 🤔

    Michal KasakMichal KasakHónapja
  • 2:00 is Latvian Language btw im latvian 🇱🇻

  • very clever :) he used special 100 percent vodka which does not conduct electricity. People fully watercool pcs like this

    Jasper CowanJasper CowanHónapja
  • The text you we're reading on the box of the phone was definitely not Lithuanian I can tell you that

    Pakulu PapitoPakulu PapitoHónapja
  • people don't die because of drunk driving phones do

    Sullivan WilliamsSullivan WilliamsHónapja
  • Hey the phone will never overheat

    Henrique SouzaHenrique SouzaHónapja
  • RIP money blyat

    Gel KolGel KolHónapja
  • Nice

    Noel ThiedemannNoel ThiedemannHónapja
  • Galaxy vodka drip :D

    Maxim RotherMaxim RotherHónapja
  • I already sort of knew the results as I know that alcohol doesn't conduct electricity. Still watched through the full 10 mins because I wanted to see someone dunk a modern foldable phone in vodka

    Ken TKen THónapja

    Aqua AcornAqua AcornHónapja
  • The text is not Lithuanian

    N KN KHónapja
  • No, no! Please stop! 😂

    Teacher JohnTeacher JohnHónapja
  • Garakhan kerefeke

    Miloš ĐošićMiloš ĐošićHónapja
  • "Doesnt have a 1000$ phone lying around" *takes out a samsung galaxy 10* noooooo defenetely not expensive

    GopnikGaming MCGopnikGaming MCHónapja
  • Linus Tech Tips and Life of Boris needs to do a collaboration

    Muhammad Hamza SiddiquiMuhammad Hamza SiddiquiHónapja
  • i can say one thing that is not lithuanian its danish swedish or something other country

  • 3:20 my phone looks like buterbrod

    R1208 CaptainR1208 CaptainHónapja
  • Creeper Tsunami

    Tara TysktyskTara TysktyskHónapja
  • I have small hands and I also have my palms touch random parts of the screen without a decent case on.

  • Did you really Just waste that much vodka blyat!

    valentini valevalentini valeHónapja
  • Plot twist Boris is the owner of "How to basic"😱

    The HighspiritzThe HighspiritzHónapja
  • Which type of friend?

  • Профессиональный ¹²³⁴⅝ Борис... Professional ¹²³⁴⅝ Boris.

    Григорий ПесоринГригорий ПесоринHónapja
  • it is not lithuanian smh

  • 2:02 its not lithuanian text

    Edvinas MaslauskasEdvinas MaslauskasHónapja
  • I love Russian Accent it’s funny and I love it ❤️ love you Boris!!!

    CrompoTHEGamer .-.CrompoTHEGamer .-.Hónapja
  • samsung

  • Fricking drowns the phone in vodka! lmao

    Omega MuffinOmega MuffinHónapja