FIRST LOOK: New Miami Street Circuit! | Miami Grand Prix

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Jump onboard for a sun-soaked lap of the Miami Grand Prix circuit, which will host Formula 1 for the very first time in 2022.
GAME: Assetto Corsa
VIDEO: Apex Circuit Designs
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  • You should have just GONE TO HOMESTEAD!!

  • absolutely garbage

    a176a1762 napja
  • I am not entirely thrilled with the layout of the track. I am, however, thrilled to be having a race that's literally 15 minutes from my home.

    OwlHourOwlHour3 napja
  • Max is gonna have a rough time on the straights.......

    PaniflexPaniflex3 napja
  • Wait you were serious about this?

    Alex MilenskyAlex Milensky4 napja
  • Couldn’t they think that someone will be initaly DNF if they spin, cuz there is no run off areas

    Kaan YildirimKaan Yildirim4 napja
  • Sochi 2.0

    RisingracerRisingracer4 napja
  • Jeeeez, are F1 fans capable of anything other than whining?

    EatsGlowsticksEatsGlowsticks7 napja
  • Is this for real? Is a labyrinth!

    FABI PFABI P9 napja
  • my biggest wish for this gp is that it will be held at night because maan the nightlife is epic

    butterbrodbutterbrod9 napja

    Flammen OfficialFlammen Official9 napja
  • I love how the fans are already complaining even tho we haven’t race there one yet.

    Dank meme Dealer 69Dank meme Dealer 699 napja
  • Vietnam 2.0

    Maximiliano MellaMaximiliano Mella10 napja
  • Looks nice so far!

    elox42x yelox42x y11 napja
  • 1:20 a 1:43 🔥🔥

    Erick RiveraErick Rivera11 napja
  • Hanoi 2.0

    T RogersT Rogers11 napja
  • I’m glad that we have Sochi, atleast, it has some overtaking opportunities

    Kaan YildirimKaan Yildirim12 napja
  • even an oval track would be more exiting...

    garfieldtgarfieldt14 napja
  • Please bring Turkish GP back forever

    Ahmet Hakan ERSANAhmet Hakan ERSAN14 napja
  • That is the worst track I've ever seen. In my intire life.

    Nick JacksonNick Jackson14 napja
  • If Indycar can run at tracks like Road America, Watkins Glen etc. Why can't F1? Yes, I know they are not in Miami, but this offering is pish.

    Daz WebbDaz Webb14 napja
  • The first part of the lap actually looks ok but that final straight, and the corner directly before it has safety car written all over it. Another boring street circuit with everything to offer commercial interests and stakeholders and nothing of value to fans.

    kennintykenninty15 napja
  • Looks like Yas marina mixed with Sochi.

    Parker ParrettParker Parrett15 napja
  • what happened to the proposed track in the actual city, with water views, etc.? Why even host in Miami if this track looks like it could have been set up in Iowa?

    Tony RodriguezTony Rodriguez15 napja
  • 1:00-1:15 is going to be crash central.

    [TSDT] Jzx_Life[TSDT] Jzx_Life15 napja
  • It will feel great driving there feeling the g's in fast corners but it won't provide overtake possiblities at all. Thats what I see. So is it worth? I guess not, enough with circuits

    PanosPanos15 napja
  • F1 2021 looking amazing!

    Dylan OgleDylan Ogle16 napja
  • What a mess... 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    BBBenjBBBenj16 napja
  • Whoever designs these tracks does not like Formula 1.

    BBBenjBBBenj16 napja
    • @Metrofilmer88 yes I know who designed this track. I'm just hangry at him...

      BBBenjBBBenj11 napja
    • Our friend Herman Tilke. Creator of great tracks like Turkey, Malaysia and Circuit of the America’s, but also the creator of China, Emirates, Sochi and South Korea

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer8812 napja
  • Wow that's a fast circuit. I don't see much in the way of overtaking opportunities. Looks like it's going to be a dull gp.

    alex maxwellalex maxwell16 napja
  • This is ridiculous!! with all the great tracks that US already has... Was it too hard to upgrade Watkins Glen to F1 standards?

    Diego ZuccarelliDiego Zuccarelli16 napja
  • they will continue the trend of building race tracks in or around 'urban' centers, because profit

    oatsoats16 napja
  • the track nobody asked for.

    dageek1000dageek100016 napja
  • So boring, we want hills and blind corners!!!

    LeoLeo17 napja
  • lewis cant handle the grass so they put asphalt everywhere

    CBRCBR17 napja
  • at 00:48 that very dangerous section. in you slip you hit the wall

    Aditya BergenAditya Bergen17 napja
  • Sochi + Paul Ricard = Miami Not interesting & flat track without soul. BWOAHHH...

    Smarter NobodySmarter Nobody17 napja
  • Would be cool to watch from those overpasses. But, yeah, it'll probably be a procession.

    CentaurusRelax314CentaurusRelax31417 napja
  • Just move it to Watkins Glen at this point

    Da MenaceDa Menace17 napja
  • Looks like an overall great reception of the track design in the comments -_- take a note. We want US races.

    Bensonater11Bensonater1117 napja
  • Sounds like crying baby....

    ajith kanajith kan17 napja
  • Long straight everywhere

    Jefin JafarJefin Jafar17 napja

    Isaiah FinchIsaiah Finch17 napja
  • boring.

    Felipe SantellFelipe Santell17 napja
  • Yas Marina, Sochi, Jeddah, Baku and Barcelona had a child and this is it

    Ethan MelendiEthan Melendi17 napja
  • This looks like the lovechild of Sochi and Hanoi

    blablaproductiesblablaproducties18 napja
  • Some of these negative camber corners are going to catch a few people out

    GuessMonsterGuessMonster18 napja
  • i see an overtaking opportunity at turn 548

    Rik van der MeerRik van der Meer18 napja
  • some formula 1 tracks are looking like formula e tracks

    Rayyan gamerRayyan gamer18 napja
  • I am black, all lives must matter equally always ❤️

    Max TMax T18 napja
  • People who know nothing about track layouts and overtaking spots all of a sudden are professional analysts now

    Senseii SuccSenseii Succ18 napja
  • I’m only happy because I liv near Miami

    Kai MiyazatoKai Miyazato18 napja
  • “Street” circuit lol

    Lon DonLon Don18 napja
  • A) This looks to be about as fun to watch as the Sochi drome (snoozefest) B)Theyre dropping Austin for this boring layout???

    Sparky98NeonSparky98Neon18 napja
  • Unrealistic, no gators on the road

    Anthony DonateAnthony Donate18 napja
  • car is red but gear ratio and selection is like a red bull.

    James TranJames Tran18 napja
  • whhhyyyy??

    OkanoOkano18 napja
  • Looks extremely boring! They could’ve done the race at the IndyCar St Petersburg track, which is just as boring but with nicer views😂

    Marko LarMarko Lar18 napja
  • what is the point of adding all these regulations in the name of better racing then adding a baku in florida to the calender?

    Thomas GhristThomas Ghrist18 napja
  • Wheres the streets?

    Arnold ClarkeArnold Clarke18 napja
  • The long straight followed by mid speed corners to the finish like is 🤜🤛

    Moe MoesMoe Moes18 napja
  • Can you guys bring back malaysia, hockenheim, nurburgring instead of these high speed no overtaking tracks

    Sad LuigiSad Luigi18 napja
  • F1 fans: want more old school tracks that punish drivers F1 nO

    Johnny WeaverJohnny Weaver18 napja
  • Too much runoff

    Johnny WeaverJohnny Weaver18 napja
  • How rare are overtakings on this circuit? FIA: Yes

    ZitroneZitrone18 napja
  • Super long straights and that section about 70% into the lap is a brutal combination of turns

    JayJay18 napja
  • High speed, no room for overtake ( will see how many DRS zones they will make), not really safe also.

    Roman ArkhipovRoman Arkhipov18 napja
  • Drs enabled

    Enrico BianconiEnrico Bianconi18 napja
  • Wieso müssen die neuen GP immer in so art Käfig sein? Ist doch voll scheisse.

    Michael HaaksMichael Haaks18 napja
  • PGR 3 Track

    rory Laceyrory Lacey18 napja
  • the whole track is fenced in like a max security penitentiary :/

    Dan OkeroDan Okero18 napja
  • Simulação , para né.

    deibidi pinadeibidi pina18 napja
  • another track that will promote procession and therefore boring races. Most will love it purely because its new smh.

    StuckInnerRutStuckInnerRut18 napja
  • Very nice track I mite go see a race

    Gino LucignanoGino Lucignano18 napja
  • Hardly any place for overtaking without use of DRS, should be an interesting race, most of the track being very fast

    Boaz BBoaz B18 napja

    FrankFrank18 napja
    • Because this is what sponsors, the local governments and the organizers want. The fans to bring a lot, but they can’t do for F1 what organizers and governments can do. Same reason we have the Saudi Grand Prix later this year

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer8812 napja
  • Me before watching: I wonder where the DRS zones will be. Me after watching: the whole track is a DRS zone.

    astralastral18 napja
  • It's missing something.

    t3hgirt3hgir18 napja
  • Can't believe you didn't post this with 🎵"And the beat goes on" 🎵 in the background. 😁

    George SteeleGeorge Steele18 napja
  • Disappointed. This is a simulation, what a waste of time

    Peter ParkerPeter Parker18 napja
  • If Abu Dhabi were a street circuit and placed in Florida.

    StephCurryMcFlurry96StephCurryMcFlurry9618 napja
  • Is that f1 mobile or the other one?

    Mike Paul OlandaMike Paul Olanda18 napja
  • Give Race Sim Studio's their credit 😐

    ______19 napja
  • another terrible street circuit

    Ilyass KhotbiIlyass Khotbi19 napja
  • Oh NO!!!!!

    cobar53cobar5319 napja
  • Dear F1. Read the comments, FFS. Mxxx

    worldwidemattcamworldwidemattcam19 napja
  • Horrible

    NiikYNiikY19 napja
  • A really really great looking track looks like there will be lots of overtaken on this amazing track

    USS DiscoveryUSS Discovery19 napja
  • Walls, walls and more walls. As if Monaco's barriers aren't bad enough!

    Tzeff's Main ChannelTzeff's Main Channel19 napja
  • just bring back Buddh International Circuit (at least that track is better than this one )

    colossalcolossal19 napja
  • I wanna move to Miami now

    A CA C19 napja
  • tous plat, tous fade !! les circuits en ville se ressemblent tous !!

    meel.sssmeel.sss19 napja
  • almost fell asleep watching it, but then i remembered we’re not racing yet

    A load of JamesA load of James19 napja
  • Concrete circuit

    uday shuklauday shukla19 napja
  • That looks like a fun track. Cant wait to see it irl!

    D. Craig NortonD. Craig Norton19 napja
  • Whoever designs these tracks does not like over taking

    Josh WindischJosh Windisch19 napja
    • Whoever designs these tracks does not like Formula 1.

      BBBenjBBBenj16 napja
  • Another soulless Mickey Mouse racetrack with next to no overtaking opportunities. It was basically like a faster version of Sochi.

    FruitFlyKillaFruitFlyKilla19 napja

    Keefy5Keefy519 napja
  • Eso que se escuchaba al desaselerar era el difusor ?

  • I'd take this over Barcelona any day of the week.

    EthanmeisterEthanmeister19 napja