Film Theory: This is NOT A Batman Movie! (The Batman Trailer 2021)

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The new trailer for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson looks very interesting... and surprisingly familiar? You see, with all of the hints hidden in the newest trailer - and I don't mean the riddles - I think I've figured out the ending twist of this movie! Loyal Theorists, you may be thinking, "Matpat, how can you possibly know off of the trailer?" Never doubt my ability to theorize out of the smallest details! You see, I think the big twist of this movie will be that The Batman is actually... well you'll need to watch to find out!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editor: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • The Musk stanning is sickening

    The Illuminati Recruitment AgencyThe Illuminati Recruitment AgencyÓrája
  • Matpat The world greatest Theory Guy

    Meme KidMeme KidÓrája
  • The kindhearted dahlia acutely undress because glove extracellularly perform barring a silky yew. ruddy, small column

    Jillian KallieJillian Kallie7 órája
  • RDJ is obviously "just an actor" if he thinks Elon Musk is a good source for his Iron Man. Elon is nothing remotely close to worth emulating for a hero, or a tech genius.

    Robert MasengaleRobert Masengale21 órája
  • THE Suicide Squad THE Batman whats next? THE Justice League? THE DC Movie???

  • bruh can we talk about how Zodiac has Mark Rufflao, RDJ and Jack Gyllenhaal in it like you know the Hulk Iron Man and Mysterio

    Hopper Films: stream junkyardHopper Films: stream junkyardNapja
  • Bats are not rodents

    Elite AnimationsElite AnimationsNapja
  • The sticky hardcover cytopathologically trace because chalk rapidly exist onto a aquatic need. hapless, swanky lightning

    James jacksonJames jacksonNapja
  • Ugh, no. One of the best parts of Batman and what makes him such a great character is his moral code. Removing that just doesn't make him The same guy.

    RootBoy FloatRootBoy FloatNapja
  • Honnestly i do not like the look of the new suit... And the batpod is trash!it's just looks like a normal bike!

    reda redgamerreda redgamer2 napja
  • The superb icicle delightfully telephone because digger consecutively sigh down a majestic deposit. late, cultured dash

    James jacksonJames jackson2 napja
  • "Wonder woman's new movie looks promising" 😂😂😂

    Kashika RagoonananKashika Ragoonanan2 napja
  • Kurt Cobain was dead by 1995

    vishastheomenvishastheomen2 napja
  • But Talons don't escape, they can't actually. The Court of Owls puts something in one of the people's molars which slowly puts some sort of acid (I think) in their bodies so when they die the Court of Owls can just re-animate their bodies and make them do whatever they want. I could be wrong though, I haven't read it in a bit.

    ZaneZane2 napja
  • 8:10 Maybe there a boy version of the Kabuki twins

    Jason GonzalesJason Gonzales2 napja
  • There’s also another theory that Seven is set before Batman

    Mr Werewolf 400Mr Werewolf 4003 napja
  • Waste of my time

    Onurag 717Onurag 7173 napja
  • 2 years*

    Tobygamer843Tobygamer8433 napja
  • What if the producers put in a bejeweled riddler suit just to spite matpat

    MonozhromeMonozhrome3 napja
  • The movie described by MatPat is called: "V for Vendetta".

    zerooskulzerooskul3 napja
  • 5:13 YEAH!!! Someone other than me said: "Se-Seven-En"! 20 years! It's catchin' on! Next he'll reference "The Thir-Thirteen-En Ghosts"!

    zerooskulzerooskul3 napja
  • I think it's actually kinda funny that THE BEST spiderman movie isn't even a movie... it's the PS4 spiderman game. Like seriously it's a game where your decisions have no influence in cutscenes and thus, it's a movie. Plus it has the entire sinister six in a very realistic setting. Honestly wouldn't be too sad if spiderman no phone home gets something like that

    YamiDuckyYamiDucky3 napja
  • "Wonder Woman's new movie still looks promising" AHAHAHA HAHAHA HA HA. No.

    CaldercrafterCaldercrafter4 napja
  • 5:35 I can hear my fellow weeb screaming

    ArkibladeArkiblade5 napja
  • just forget the tittle just say this is a spoiller for the movie btw i love ur vedios

    Mr JMr J5 napja
  • also elon musk should be tesla man aka ripoff iron man

    josef grotegutjosef grotegut5 napja
  • seen starlink its freaky

    josef grotegutjosef grotegut5 napja
  • Spoiler: Catwoman got pregnant on the hood of the batmobile

    Wolvy86Wolvy865 napja
  • Meh..

    J ???J ???5 napja
  • Did I just see Edward from twilight

    Zaynah BZaynah B5 napja
  • Elon batman you mean iron-man

    twist gamestwist games6 napja
  • I'd like to see scarecrow in a batman movie one day

    Jonathan PotterJonathan Potter6 napja
  • I Think the new batman will go of of Gotham the TV show since Bruce Wayne in this show has a Gordon he work with

    LegostarwarsbuliderLegostarwarsbulider6 napja
  • If this movie turns out wb will be 1/4th of the way redeemed

    TheBeez KneezTheBeez Kneez6 napja
  • Mat needs to see the show Gotham with the riddler

    Star EmersonStar Emerson7 napja
  • Since the thugs at the end of the trailer have makeup on, I think one of the villains will be Joker.

    AlAl7 napja
  • ?0?1 2021

    Jess RoseJess Rose7 napja
  • If this is the case omg two of my favourite movies

    marc mckernanmarc mckernan8 napja
  • This can be real

    kishore varmakishore varma8 napja
  • Epic

    Master JamesMaster James8 napja
  • I see why this was delayed cuz he called it all

    Fin.BFin.B9 napja
  • I hope FilmTheory realises that The Batman is basically entirely based on the same story as the Arkham games, like, it’s pretty much identical lol. We already know the film’s entire story and what will happen. By this point, considering that it doesn’t look like the Snyderverse will get restored, i think it’s safe to say the DC cinematic universe is dead and buried. If The Batman in 2022 turns out to be good enough and is successful, hopefully it can spark a reboot of sorts.

    Jack MatherJack Mather9 napja
  • Apparently this is now supposed to be a trilogy, so this theory might be wrong. Who knows though, only matt reeves

    TyStar45TyStar459 napja
  • Funny Fact @5:15 you: Seriously? 7 doesn't even look like a V me: 7 actually look like a V ( if you write in Farsi / Arabic) 7 in Farsi: ۷ or Haft

    Nim ArchitecTNim ArchitecT10 napja
  • Wait so the riddler is a GOOD GUY?!?!?

    King_CronosKing_Cronos10 napja
  • Jim Carey as the Riddler was insulting. You don't cast a clown to play an evil genius.

    Simon RavencroftSimon Ravencroft10 napja
  • Yes my theory might be correct bout da riddler!

    EE10 napja
  • Yeah... Filming gets difficult when everyone on set is required to wear a mask. And not a owl ask or bat themed mask but a mask like we are all wearing.

    N DN D10 napja
  • Title:Film Theory: This is NOT A Batman Movie!. Beginning of the video: In 2015 billionare elon musk-

    Blaze PierceBlaze Pierce11 napja
  • 4:45 I watched this video last year when they published it but I closed it as soon as MattPat recommended us to watch 'Seven'. I did but I forgot about this, so now I get to finish the video xd

    Josué HernándezJosué Hernández11 napja
  • Robert's bat suit look so epic. Affleck's bat suit look like it has a beer belly.

    Miyuru ErandaMiyuru Eranda11 napja
  • I’m DaBatman letsss goooo

    Seth Johnson-StevensSeth Johnson-Stevens11 napja
  • This is actually genius.

    CLCCLC12 napja
  • #RestoreTheSnyderverse

    Fernando ArriagaFernando Arriaga12 napja
  • I don’t think he killed the goon but he was definitely very brutal

    Get raped NoobGet raped Noob12 napja
  • this guy's voice sounds like the guy from food theory

    John SmithJohn Smith13 napja
  • Why hasn’t any studios hired mat pat yet lol

    AdamChef85AdamChef8513 napja
  • riddler, penguin, catwoman, falcone, mad hatter and firefly

    NFTL MusicNFTL Music13 napja
  • I remember when the movie was scheduled to be released on 2021, Ahhhh how I wish it still was

    Abdullah Al-HugbaniAbdullah Al-Hugbani13 napja
  • This video hasn't aged well, "Wonder Woman still looks promising..."

    Chris FlorenceChris Florence13 napja
  • im catman

    Gravmper! DEd River tREE Threer?Gravmper! DEd River tREE Threer?13 napja
  • Ahhhh the first minute explains the weird non stanlee cameo by elon musk in iron man 2

    Sasanth BollineniSasanth Bollineni13 napja
  • Does “I got it all figured out” mean you have a scoop from someone inside the production?

    hatednychatednyc14 napja
  • lol edward cullen as batman (im just joking)

    bailey ayalinbailey ayalin14 napja
  • Charlie and max are two face

    Devils Left Hand DemonDevils Left Hand Demon14 napja
  • WB goin all out with THE in there titles

    Devils Left Hand DemonDevils Left Hand Demon14 napja
  • batman,the long halloween,its obvious.harvey isnt 2face yet.commish is just capt. gordaon.

    P.T.P.T.14 napja
  • After watching this video ,in prettty sure you have to add "Spoiler alert" to this video

    Nagarjuna MNagarjuna M15 napja
  • i slowed down the trailer and in the scene were he grapples up a police is shooting at him and a guy with a owl mask is running up the stairs so ur properly right

    IV_CALL6902IV_CALL690215 napja
  • I am not the Batman. I am Twilightman. 😚🤣

    Chris LeeChris Lee15 napja
  • 13:31 i was sure you were gonna say the hatter but whatever...

    KlemenixKlemenix16 napja
  • shut up because dc fans dont want to hear this

    rayan ranerayan rane16 napja
  • Your probably right

    Kustomation StudiosKustomation Studios17 napja
  • Butman

    CAT moCAT mo17 napja
  • Oh yeah, its all coming together. Mainly the court of owls part. Because I had already made my own theory about how they could be apart of this. But then you made this video and everything just started to piece itself together. And I actually feel like one of the villains might be joker cuz of those henchmen that we saw. they were wearing makeup, and very specific looking makeup. so I think he's another villain too.

    Jayden McNealyJayden McNealy17 napja
  • Spoiler at 1:00, thanks jerk, unsubscribed!

    Jordan HansenJordan Hansen17 napja
  • he'll probably have gotten this spot on

    Saint ArjSaint Arj18 napja
  • Mattpat should make a movie XD

    Melody BeatsMelody Beats18 napja
  • I’m gonna be honest, I would HATE if this is true

    SuperNerdSuperNerd18 napja
  • Aren't the talons dead children trained to be assassin's

    ProvingFiberProvingFiber18 napja
  • Nice eyebrows

    IdleHandzIdleHandz19 napja
  • The new Wonder woman movie looks promising......... THAT DIDN'T AGE WELL

    Bobbie HaydenBobbie Hayden19 napja
  • 3071?!

    Bryce WillisBryce Willis19 napja
  • again thinking about multiple robins becoming talons lol

    Alexis AngelAlexis Angel19 napja
  • You were wrong about everything

    Bevan LeonBevan Leon19 napja
  • fantastic video

    Sean CahalaneSean Cahalane20 napja
  • Isn't Batman An anti-hero ? It's what I think but I guess it's because some movie represented him as a complete justice following hero

    deeph ndeeph n20 napja
  • still haven't crossed 10mil.

    Nirbhay SharmaNirbhay Sharma20 napja
  • 1991 was the year nirvana was at its peak

    SkighteSkighte20 napja
  • I swear to god , if I see Batman killing AGAIN , I will eat rat poison

  • They should rename the movie as "THE BATMAN AND THE SINISTER SIX"😂

    Barun JenaBarun Jena21 napja
  • It’s hush not the owls

    Coyote KurtzCoyote Kurtz21 napja
  • Also Morgan Freeman from SE7EN played Lucious Fox from The Batman Trilogy. Probably no connection though.

  • I hope the riddler will be similar to Gotham’s riddler

    M CharizardM Charizard22 napja
  • 2020: no

    Juan Ignacio López TellecheaJuan Ignacio López Tellechea22 napja
  • I would love a long Halloween adaptation

    Nightwing84Nightwing8422 napja
  • This video is almost unwatchable without spoiling 2 films... Well done.

    GraepixelsGraepixels22 napja
  • Is it just me or does the Riddlers way of “revenge” seem very close to what Jason Todd’s way of revenge played out? Both choosing the violent path instead of the “non killing” route that Batman is on

    Trash CentralzTrash Centralz22 napja
  • My theory this batman is an imposter or hush at least this is head cannon for me batman would never attach a gun to his chest as a symbol its his antithesis plus batman has only broken once and that was his spine by bane other than that his spirit is his power.

    Wolf hideWolf hide22 napja
  • Riddler was in gotham show just saying.

    Bigman101111111Bigman10111111123 napja