Film Theory: The Lorax Movie LIED To You!

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We all know what the moral to The Lorax is, right? Respect the environment and conservation. Well guess what, you're WRONG! At least, you are wrong if we are talking about the 2012 movie version of The Lorax. You see, that movie made some... interesting changes to the story we all know and love. Changes that kind of ruin that message. In fact, it almost turns it on it's head and says the opposite. Yet, the movie STILL claims to be about environmentalism. Get ready, I am about to expose all of the LIES of The Lorax movie!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editor: Josh Langman and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Disclaimer: Film Theory is not responsible for any psychological trauma inflicted by the Onceler fandom.

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    • @Zach Blair i don't know anything about the fandon and i dont want to so i am not going to that video

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    • @Why I didn't know a user with that name existed, must be weird because of how much people use @Why

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  • I love the intro at the start kept rewinding

    kellie simasikukellie simasiku3 perccel
  • Ah, framing the consumer as the bad guys. This movie successfully turned a book about environmentalism into a movie of pro-capitalist propaganda.

    Fay Anne Aura ArtsFay Anne Aura Arts25 perccel
  • “W’ere the bad guys here” Billie eilish: “business is boomin!”

    Chickn GamerChickn Gamer26 perccel
  • (Onceler fandom of Tumblr flashbacks)

    Fay Anne Aura ArtsFay Anne Aura Arts39 perccel
  • Tjis makes sence

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  • Make a theory about a show the mighty ones

    Jorge CalderaJorge CalderaÓrája
  • You know, I was wondering why in the book and cartoon why they didn't show the Once-ler or his family. And now I know why thanks to you, the book, and other people telling me this. No particular person is the villain because it can be ANYBODY responsible for the causes they make in life. So making a stereotypical villain in this movie wasn't necessary, CASE CLOSED!!

    Amari MorrisAmari MorrisÓrája
  • Can you make another death count

    Norma PatinoNorma Patino2 órája
  • Controversial theory, but okay.

    LucasLucas2 órája
  • im still sad they replace “biggering” with “how bad can i be”

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  • Matt! Cover the ARG @pbhere on TikTok!!!!!!

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  • Hey MatPat, there's a series of books and movies called Divergent. It's a great trilogy, so I suggest you should both watch the movies and the books, because it gives a different perspective. The main story is: it's a utopia with five factions. Each faction has different qualities. Abnegation are most concerned with being selfless, Erudite are the people that always want to know more, Dauntless are the people who are courageous to the point of recklessness, Candor are never able to tell a lie, and Amity are kind and helpful. You are born into a faction, but if you aren't satisfied with that faction, when you're sixteen, there's a "Choosing Day" and you can either stay, or change factions. I can't say much more without spoiling the story, but it's pretty cool. Go read/watch it :)

    Nate WeissNate Weiss2 órája
  • Blame the Iphone user not foxcon. I wish more celebrities would listen to you. All freaking hypocrites

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  • You forgot about da boi who went green and glows and they say themselves the air wasn’t clean

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  • I don't know, this still seems to be lower than what FilmTheory can do or has done.

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  • What if Onceler just Sheared the trees

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  • Omg

    Kirsty Chanel AndersonKirsty Chanel Anderson3 órája
  • "I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees. Save the Amazon, or I'll break your knees." ~ The Lorax

    Alejandro FernandezAlejandro Fernandez3 órája
  • matthew the people were buying the air because it was AIR and THEY NEED IT TO LIVE,,,they don't really have a choice

    oliviaolivia3 órája
  • Piano

    Ninja Nate GamingNinja Nate Gaming3 órája
  • This is true. But then it comes to palm oil, I believe both us and the companies who plants the palm trees in the jungle environment are the villains.

    That BlueRaichuThat BlueRaichu3 órája
  • I am addicted to game theory, now I’m addicted to this as well.

    Prashant KumarPrashant Kumar4 órája
  • Hi matpad!! Can you please make a video about heathers? I love heathers! Both the musical and the movie! Maybe the series to! Please!!

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  • Every time I hear "how bad can I be" I have flashbacks to a middle school feild trip bus ride where the student's were scream singing along.

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  • 2020: 5839

    Alexandra DelliouAlexandra Delliou4 órája
  • Ya see that dart on the center of the board, that’s the point, ya see that dart on the car out the window directly across from the dart board, that’s where illumination’s dart landed....

    Oof the golden foxOof the golden fox4 órája
  • World-wide box office 350m, not counting DVD sales. Budget, $67.5m. The consumers told Illusion Entertainment to make and capitalize on this Intellectual Property via the various means that all movies do. Why are you blaming them for doing as you and everyone who went to the theatres paid them to accomplish? Seems to me the entire movie is moot, bereft of a plot, and would not exist without some random dude wanting to bang Taylor Swift in CGI form.

    CodeguruXCodeguruX5 órája
  • How bad bad can I be? I’m just paying my fee. How bad bad can I be? I just want to chop down a tree.

    DancinghotdogsDancinghotdogs5 órája
  • We watched this movie in class and we had to answer questions during it and before we even started, I had half the questions filled out. I kinda like the movie don’t hurt me

  • new film theory idea: would the gong/bell in the new Mando ep actually work (S2E5)

    Tashi SherpaTashi Sherpa5 órája
  • Ok so we’ve all seen the “the song that could’ve saved the onceler” video

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  • ..round 4 of watching this video...i'm 8 years late to the Onceler party

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  • i dindt expect an ancap matpat

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  • Make a video about Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

    Donte SmithDonte Smith6 órája
  • Mr. Coat: How wro-o-o-ong can he possibly be? The Lorax is a masterpiece! MatPat: *makes a review, a negative one of Illumination’s worst film, even for its low standards* *Mr. Coat has left the chat*

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  • search it on youtube go to youtube channel

    Mark BiwitMark Biwit6 órája
  • hey i found a strange guy but his youtube name is nothing here its called #playableyoutubegame using subscribers artwork... his pretty strange do a theory on him

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  • mmmm i love u mr matpat but this is not it

    NicoleNicole6 órája
    • first of all, if consumer demand is high for a product that is obviously harmful, the person who continues to produce that product is at the very least just as much in the wrong and those who buy it. and yeah, the oncler failed to see that he needed to replant the trees, but saying that was his only fault is ignoring the fact that cutting those trees down in the first place was causing mass loss of habitat, just like it does IN REAL LIFE. and with ohare, you connected the dots to the symbolism of bottled water but then completely went on to ignore that. we can get water for free, and we buy it for the convenience, like the people in the do with air. but what ohare did was capitalize off of a huge problem (the ruined environment) instead of fixing it as a whole, and we see this in the fact that he didn’t want the tree to be planted. if people fix the entire land he won’t be able to make money off it anymore. that’s e v i l.

      NicoleNicole6 órája
    • this theory is baseless and sends a completely backwards message and i wanna talk about it even though no one cares

      NicoleNicole6 órája
  • So basically paper companies are using forests as farms

    SoomarSoomar6 órája
  • MatPat Falls For Corporate Propaganda Again #826534 "Vote with your wallet" sounds good until you remember there are people with much, MUCH bigger wallets than you. It takes a huge chunk of a consumer market voluntarily changing their spending habits to make a fraction of the impact even a modest level of oversight/regulation on those "bigger wallets" will produce.

    MirvanaMirvana6 órája
  • Probably because it’s a movie saying don’t be money hungry but it’s made by the most money hungry studios to exist

  • ⚠️ATTENTION MATPAT⚠️ There is a ARG on TikTok and the user acct is @pbhere (please repost and like other reposts so matpat can see)

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  • Huh. And I remember thunderf00t pointing out how teamtrees was stupid. I didn't know the paper companies already did it at a rate almost 100 times faster than the stupid stated goal, doing in 5 days what they tried to do in a year. Though thunderf00t pointed out why you're not going to do anything to fight climate change by planting trees. Namely that they simply return the carbon dioxide to the air AND some of it as methane (which is 80x worse than CO2) when the trees die and rot.

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  • I am the Lorax I speak for the trees And for some fucking reason They speak Vietnamese

    OlimpixOlimpix7 órája
  • Mat Pat you should make a theory on animaniacs

    Natalee PayneNatalee Payne7 órája
  • If you like the lorax and parodys you should go check out our parodys on the lorax and if your 13+!! (there kinda garbage lol)

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  • The intro why...TwT it is very painful

    Bean BurritoBean Burrito7 órája
    • Ikr

      NotEnoughSpaghettiNotEnoughSpaghetti6 órája
  • MatPat, have you ever watch "SCP: Confinement"? There is a main character with a special power/uniqueness/quirk/gift/curse/anomaly. My question is (and you fill in the blank): Would he, in anyway, ruin the earth, with his [ ], when he die of old age, and it continues?

    JuanJose MendivilJuanJose Mendivil7 órája
  • MatPat casually forgets that animals and ecosystems exist when talking about how deforesting is actually totally fine...

    MajorDuckFartsMajorDuckFarts7 órája
  • STOP PLEAN Now u can't es dat

    pot ppot p7 órája
  • You reeeeally took an enormous plot hole to its absolute limits, did you Matthew?

    Chemist WebChemist Web7 órája
  • I wish you could do one on weather it’s possibly that battery powered trees could actually produce oxygen

    Turtlemaster 326Turtlemaster 3268 órája
  • Pls do a theory on if shin godzilla can really exist also i love your videos they teach a lot of people about science when schools might close down but you always bring a smile to our faces so thank you

    298r298r8 órája
  • Well, they had great parking lots... _ _ Why are we talking about the Lorax in 2020? - - - - BIGGERING

    Paola HernandezPaola Hernandez8 órája
  • i remember watching this when i was 4

    marcuz xeric a de la calzadamarcuz xeric a de la calzada8 órája
  • So just my opinion but maybe you could do a theory on the animaniacs and try to uncover their species because their species is unknown.

    Jennifer UlfertsJennifer Ulferts8 órája
  • ‼️⚠️HEY⚠️HEY⚠️HEY⚠️‼️ Matpat!!!!!! Ok so basically I recently rewatched an old animated HUworld series called “Baman Piderman” that I had watched years ago thinking it was hilarious and innocent... now that I’m older, and I have rewatched it, I am starting to realize that it is A LOT MORE DARK AND DISTURBING THAN I REMEMBERED!!!!! THERE IS DEFINITELY A DEEPER MEANING BEHIND IT‼️ I tried to find other videos that explain it or theorize about it but there wasn’t a SINGLE VIDEO ABOUT IT!!!!!! so if you see this comment PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT IT PLEASE!!!!!!! ((if you were wondering, the series is kinda similar to salad fingers))

    Chloe HaworthChloe Haworth8 órája
  • What about their son Wesley? He sorta glows.

    ThatOneGuyThatOneGuy8 órája
  • I am not sure about the theory itself. But dang, I agree with your conclusion. People: "I DON'T LIKE NINTENDO'S SCUMMY TACTICS AND THEIR PARTNER'S LAX IN QUALITY!" Me: THEN DON'T BUY THE F*CKING GAMES! ...(disappointed face) Those same People: (proceeding to purchase Pokemon S&S, Mario 3D Allstars and the Infernoplus DMCA'd game ripoff, then the FE translated, etc, and etc...) Me, the only f*cker to stand my ground and not buy any of it: (playing the song, "A world on fire" to relax)

    Hunter OtteHunter Otte8 órája
  • I mean to be fair hybrids gas mileage is about the same as most straight gas cars and electric cars are actually worse for the environment.

    wesley youngwesley young8 órája
  • Wait what if it wasnt us that was the villain but onesie mom shes the one that drove him into this if she didnt come to him and tell him that that wouldn't have had happened what if hes mom is the real villain in the movie

    JoseJose8 órája
  • I’m going to sound like a complete psycho here but I think perhaps we should start treating other people like they don’t have free will. Neurologically speaking behaviour is deterministic, meaning that any way a person responds to something is the only way anyone could have responded in the exact same situation, you can’t blame anyone for anything because at the end of the day that’s the only way things could have gone, instead you need to look at providing more beneficial behavioural options. In providing other options of behaviour that are more reinforcing the behaviour of others will change. Tbf blame and shame do function as motivators but why would you cease the behaviour when you could just cease interaction with whoever is making you feel bad?

    BoglenightBoglenight8 órája
    • And yes, this is very loopy.

      BoglenightBoglenight8 órája
  • Man, if biggering was in the Lorax, then it wouldn’t be the consumer that is the bad guy, it would indeed be the onceler. I mean, I guess you could still say it’s the consumer, but in biggering, the onceler is so much more aware, and it ruins his case.

    That one GuyThat one Guy8 órája
  • noo. you’re thinking about it too hard. this movie is about capitalism. like we NEED food to live. but they capitalize food for us, even tho we need it. so they were both the bad guys. both put them first, both wanted money first, both didn’t care about the lives of others.

    DeAndre king • 20 years agoDeAndre king • 20 years ago8 órája
  • Ya know what's one thing I don't understand how the scarecrow from wizard of oz doesn't have a brain. I mean in the movie he is the smartest one out of the four of them I mean he comes up with the plan to save Dorothy. So it just doesn't make sense. And don't make the sense that maybe brain work differently in oz because when Dorothy meet the scarecrow in his song he describes how the HUMAN brain works so that means they work the same in oz. So how can the scarecrow not have brain???

    Ashley DickersonAshley Dickerson8 órája
  • 12:00 but not all trees are of equal value and unfortunately the unsustainable logging of old growth forests is a huge and unfortunately very real problem

    BoglenightBoglenight8 órája
  • He should do an iCarly theory about the viability of a butter-sock weapon or something.

    Donato LiotinoDonato Liotino8 órája
  • "Corporation Bad". This video is sponsored by NordVPN

    Cole SmithCole Smith9 órája
  • matpat you should do a video on transformers i've always wanted to see your opinion on it

    gaaraofthesand545gaaraofthesand5459 órája
  • well yes but why is ohair doing hes doing it for money not case hes nice

    Ari KAri K9 órája
  • This is one of my favourite movies that was removed from Netflix. I hate that the movies I watched on Netflix HAS TO BE PAYED ON STARZ ON PRIME!

    Mason G DickeyMason G Dickey9 órája
  • Just waiting on all the Onceler fanboys and girls.... They should be hear any minute now....

    ZebraGirl_999ZebraGirl_9999 órája
  • It was pretty fun but the Onceler brought a shotgun. - Sun Tzu, Art of War (Page 528)

  • O'hare and the Onceler are antagonists, but not villains.

    The Dapper RabbitThe Dapper Rabbit9 órája
  • Quite ironic and genuinely upsetting to see a video made, not because it needed to be made, but because it fills a a "need" creators have artificially created (find out why they missed the point of a movie, as explained by someone pretending to not understand basic visual shorthand or symbolism to willfully misunderstand the clear points of the movie) and makes the creator a buck - and then pollutes the minds of the kids watching it into believing that consumers are to blame because they're complicit (willingly or otherwise) in the destruction caused by corporations, and that corporations are the "heroes". As though Nestle doesn't bottle all the potable water in areas and force people to buy their bottled versions if they want to survive, or give free baby formula to mothers so that their own milk dries up and they have no choice but to keep buying formula. You literally played a clip of O'Hare explaining that the production of the bottles further pollutes the air, driving up bottled air sales, and never mentioned it again - probably because it undermines your point. Likewise, the suggestion that planting trees outweighs the ecological damage of the lumber/paper industries, as if the trees are the only victims, and not the entire ecosystem of forests that depend on long-living trees not getting cut down. And most nefarious, the suggestion that the villains are "good guys" because they... make things that people want to buy? The thneed is not world-changing, it was designed by Dr. Seuss to be the most useless object possible, and the fact that people buy it doesn't mean anyone NEEDS it - it's part of Dr. Seuss's illustration of consumerism prioritizing useless, disposable crap over the environment, which people ACTUALLY need. O'Hare sells bottled air because of corporations destroying the forest, the water, the air, and now he can stand to profit off of air (which.... I won't even go into the absurdity of the premise of doing the math on this one as if we don't understand that it's supposed to be a parallel for water) - and build a "utopia" where people can shut their eyes to the suffering happening beyond their horizon. Keep consuming, don't worry about what's happening out there, it's probably fine, all hail Nestle.

    FeliciaFelicia10 órája
  • The best video of you

    LK007LK00710 órája
  • For the love of atheism don’t bring back the Onceler fanbase.

    BitFire Studio // ANIMATIONBitFire Studio // ANIMATION10 órája
  • Hey! And only 3 years late!

    Laika the space pupnikLaika the space pupnik10 órája
  • I have mom and dad issues both of them so that make me a bad guy and I know my characters on this is a picture of a meme about it bowsette But is anybody yes but no

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  • Yeah but he made the Utopia that you seen because he had plans for after he does his factory so is he really the bad guy

    Matts8bt 62 GameMatts8bt 62 Game10 órája
  • Series of unfortunate events it's on Netflix and I want a theory

    Sophia AhrendtSophia Ahrendt10 órája
  • We all have darkness inside of us but we either can choose the show or choose the show that we trust in the Lord

    Matts8bt 62 GameMatts8bt 62 Game10 órája
  • I am hitting Nicole back truth right there people got a Lotta hidden stuff barrel don't underestimate them

    Matts8bt 62 GameMatts8bt 62 Game10 órája
  • He didn't care he needs Ville if you look at the plans from the one slur he stone made the city a little bit better but he's not a hero he might look like it but he's not everybody can look like a hero but everybody can lie about being a hero

    Matts8bt 62 GameMatts8bt 62 Game10 órája
  • I think this theory is just based on bad storytelling and illumination completely destroying the messaging of the story.

    Hope BeattieHope Beattie10 órája
  • capitalist realism be like

    Transformer RealTransformer Real10 órája
  • Hey i have a theory maybe it’s that moana becomes evil at one point

    Binyam AdmasseBinyam Admasse10 órája
  • Voodoo vince is very confusing

    isaiahyt the youtuberisaiahyt the youtuber10 órája
  • Can you do voodoo vince a classic game that was my childhood game I love

    isaiahyt the youtuberisaiahyt the youtuber10 órája
  • MATPAT OK OK OK you need to address the paradox that is the Netflix Christmas movies universe In the Princess Switch 2 during Margaret's coronation *the Christmas Princes main couple (the new king and queen idk their names) and their baby are there* . In the first Princess Switch Kevin and Maragaret *are watching Netflix* and The Christmas Prince (movie) is there, along with some other Netflix original shows. Normally you could write off this as a fun easter egg, but the fact that The Christmas Prince is a movie option that can be watched, AND that said movies lead characters CANONICALLY EXIST WITHIN THIS UNIVERSE, means that those entire storylines are connected. And where does it end? Are ALL Netflix movies connected? They rehire actors for most Netflix movies, so does that mean that those characters never change, and all coexist within the same universe? THERE IS SO MUCH MORE THAT NEEDS TO BE UNPACKED I BEG YOU MATPAT PLEASE *PLEASE* explain this because it is quite literally driving me nuts and I almost threw my remote at our TV today when I realized the connection.

    Tatum HapesTatum Hapes11 órája
  • I swear, if I had to go to TV school I would NOT go there. I would go here.

    Awesome Bro ShowAwesome Bro Show11 órája
  • How much power does it take for an axe to chop down a Truffula Tree?

    Geoff WGeoff W11 órája
  • How does illumination not understand the point, if you used the movie the get a deeper understanding?? It also sounds like the book did the same, just no aftermath?

    Real3D —Real3D —11 órája
  • Totally loving that absolute nuke you dropped on Tumblr.

    Mr. CrowneMr. Crowne11 órája
  • The year is 2050. Matpat has just claimed that Satan is the hero of the Bible

    Lincoln LundgrenLincoln Lundgren12 órája
  • Hold up, the boy is a skip because he tries to find the tree for a girl

    ツAnimalGamingツAnimalGaming12 órája
  • smart way to look at it

    bro1bro112 órája
  • But seriously though, what kind of people uses 96 batteries for one thing!?

    Alchemy ZeddAlchemy Zedd12 órája