Fidget Toys TikTok Compilation 3

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Fidget Toys TikTok Compilation 3
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  • Trading pop it Going once.. Going twice??

  • 7:58 "trading this booie pad" lol

    Bunni & CatsBunni & Cats7 órája
  • 3:03 my name backwords is alleb and alleirbag lol Bella and Gabriella

    Chrissie MclaughlinChrissie Mclaughlin11 órája
  • 3:05 my name is aynal backwards 😢

    onlyhereforviewsonlyhereforviews15 órája
  • 8:13 XD

    Denise StanfordDenise Stanford17 órája
  • When People Call dimpls simple dimpls It Annoys me most Of the time

    Rock Star DroppersRock Star Droppers17 órája
  • Ain

    Nia AkhaladzeNia Akhaladze18 órája
  • Anneis

    Au NguyenAu Nguyen22 órája
  • 0:46 thats just fidget abuse

    xxwolfiexplaysxxxxwolfiexplaysxx23 órája
  • 0:10 I think this person was inspired by mr kiwi

    Katy BurckhardtKaty BurckhardtNapja
  • “Help me my obey ball ate a battery” It’s batter powered idiot

    Araf Playz ツAraf Playz ツNapja
  • hi

    Erskine WilliamsErskine WilliamsNapja
  • Please can you give me a shoutout please

    Bushra BibiBushra BibiNapja
  • ”Wait dis isnt fair this booie pad is sh!t” 😂😂😭😭

    Emma Buhrkall NilssonEmma Buhrkall Nilsson2 napja
    • LOLLLLL💀😭😭😭😭✌🏼😂😂

      Toca AriToca AriNapja
  • 6:37 simple dimble? gurl no a classic dimple 😒😌

    Hazel AvsarHazel Avsar2 napja
    • It nnoys me when people call it that >-

      Rock Star DroppersRock Star Droppers17 órája

    Toca_boca _lifeToca_boca _life2 napja
  • 7:12 she is a fake friend bc she said “nO“

    Cherry_ ColaUwUCherry_ ColaUwU2 napja
  • 2:06 she said the exact same thing for every fidjet she told abt

    Cherry_ ColaUwUCherry_ ColaUwU2 napja
  • Lol my name backwards is Hael.

    Sun beam the sun wing!Sun beam the sun wing!2 napja
  • R we just not gonna look at her recant emojis? 4:19

    Ava MirzaAva Mirza2 napja
  • 3:03 my name is Lubna and backwards it Anbul, that's not such a pretty name so u ain't alone lol

    buttercup -xxbuttercup -xx2 napja
  • Makeing those ball thingy worked at the start ish

    farjana .kfarjana .k2 napja
  • It was funny when she said booie pad but the person she trades it too says a bad words not kid word

    farjana .kfarjana .k2 napja
  • 8:24 this pad is sh-

    Noobish Dirt The Object Thingy Vegas Logo EditorNoobish Dirt The Object Thingy Vegas Logo Editor2 napja
  • At 1:08 I have that orbeez ball it was from the fair and its net came of

    Sean And Serenas Vlogs And Gaming FunSean And Serenas Vlogs And Gaming Fun2 napja
  • iessac is my name backwords

    UnicornPlayzUnicornPlayz3 napja
  • 8:08 great sound :/

    carlos uno fernandezcarlos uno fernandez4 napja
  • Rednax is my name backwards

    Glitchy AftøńGlitchy Aftøń4 napja
  • Here’s another fidget video 😊: enjoy!

    Hii Me is baby bunny AAAHii Me is baby bunny AAA4 napja
  • I never get a shout out so I really want to shout out in the newest video and can I please somebody give me a mystery package but I’m just gonna tell you a few things that I want so I wanted among us puppet I want a mini blue panda pop it so kind and not many but you know and a DNA ball and a double digit in a dimple duo please please please

    Nalani MendozaNalani Mendoza5 napja
  • 3:04 and I thought Siri was bad… (That’s my name backwards)

    #Roblox4Eva#Roblox4Eva5 napja
  • 2:10 Me bringing all those fidgets to school: 👁👄👁

    Desiree PattersonDesiree Patterson5 napja
  • I really like your videos but can you please stop putting your own music in? It’s annoying. Please and thank you

    Idkwhattocallmychannel LolIdkwhattocallmychannel Lol6 napja
  • 8:07

    Ariana GrandeAriana Grande6 napja
  • To be honest im kinda over fidgets but ill sometimes play with mine but im actually gonna try and focus on pokemon cards also don't hate me please TwT

    Monica Ona-ArikiMonica Ona-Ariki6 napja
  • Girl u think ur name is not pretty backwords? Here’s my name backwords Yelik lol

    wildman510wildman5106 napja
  • How the duck did the battery even gets indie the orby ball?!

    Exotic_cupcake • 30 years agoExotic_cupcake • 30 years ago6 napja
  • 0:00 that’s actually good-

    Neriah AbuNeriah Abu7 napja
    • 0:00

      omg Lopezomg Lopez5 napja
  • Fidgets I reccommend for school: (This is my opinion, others may find some of theses distracting) Bike chains Marble meshes (I dunno the plural but I think it's that) Mini pop its Monkey noodles Mochis maybe? Simpl Dimpl (Two part rulers that clasp together can also be really good to fidget with) Fidget cube (if it's not too loud)

    Kat_Trap GamezKat_Trap Gamez7 napja
  • The 2 one was cool

    kimberly mendezkimberly mendez7 napja
  • 8:08 uh

    Raja Dayana umaymaRaja Dayana umayma7 napja
  • 3:01 wolrah, uhmm okay i guess thats an okay name :>

    *m o c h i**m o c h i*7 napja
  • Hi

    Amya JohnsonAmya Johnson7 napja
  • Larissa Assrial

    Val ThomazVal Thomaz8 napja
  • AT 2:37 when it said pop it I was like 👁👄👁 I Brong a pop it to school before and no one was distracted by it

    -mini_ Moon--mini_ Moon-8 napja
  • OMG😱 I just love your videos❤️❤️❤️❤️

    MortenMorten8 napja
  • my friends have tons of pop its and my teachers haven't banned or taken them ever before

    Kelly DaleyKelly Daley8 napja
  • My name backwards is... ttelracs

    Scarlett MonclaScarlett Moncla9 napja
  • My name backwards is araz

    Zara RazzaqZara Razzaq9 napja
  • 2:07 It MAKES way TOO much LOUD

    Amiee StittAmiee Stitt9 napja
  • Real name ashley

    Sarah O' HareSarah O' Hare9 napja
  • My name backwards is......yelsha

    Sarah O' HareSarah O' Hare9 napja
  • Here is a nother thing bout tophe stress ball what if they pop then what are you gonna do

    Xxxgamer WhiteXxxgamer White10 napja
  • Me and all my cousins names backwards: aivilo, nnyladam, eilatan, edaj.

    Liv’s LifeLiv’s Life10 napja
  • 3:04 Sameee

    iiEllixiaiiEllixia10 napja
  • I subscribed too! I like all of these videos 👍🏻

    SaSaSaSa10 napja
  • 3:05 Georgia iagroeg Yess 🙌

    some wannabe vsco gurlsome wannabe vsco gurl10 napja

    Jade MENSAHJade MENSAH11 napja
    • What?

      tomTRM batomTRM ba9 napja
    • What?

      ꧁Skyeler n’ Storme꧂꧁Skyeler n’ Storme꧂10 napja
  • 6:42 simpl dimpl is the small one Dimpl is the one ur using-

    •Cʟᴏᴜᴅᴢᴢ••Cʟᴏᴜᴅᴢᴢ•11 napja
  • 8:09 o-0 I am speachless lmfaoooo

    april mendezapril mendez11 napja
  • 2:58 ybur :')

    123Ruby123123Ruby12311 napja
  • Omg my school banned fidget spinners too

    Dan BDan B11 napja
  • So basically, dont bring fidgets to school

    Im Just a little lonelyIm Just a little lonely11 napja
  • 0:09

    Debbie MartinezDebbie Martinez12 napja
  • anyone in 2020

    Areti LazariduAreti Lazaridu12 napja
  • My zoom friend have poppet

    Jennifer HayJennifer Hay12 napja
  • What's the best fidget to bring everywhere? Of course simple dimple it's small and esay to hide That's my opinion 😄

    Cutie WorldCutie World12 napja
  • The song tho WAY TO OVER PLAYED

    Emmy ResnickEmmy Resnick12 napja
  • jojojo scoredjojojo scored13 napja
  • So cool

    Fidget ToysFidget Toys13 napja
  • My name spelt backwards is nyleak

    Kaelyn HoagKaelyn Hoag13 napja
  • Dental and I didn't pay digit

    Shamma 🤍 I love youShamma 🤍 I love you13 napja
  • Pop its are reAlly popular in my country too

    Hmone Nathar Cool KidHmone Nathar Cool Kid13 napja
  • i hAvE tHiS pOp It Uhg

    Jack TenaJack Tena13 napja
  • Kaden nedak

    Kìłłûā ZøłdŷćkKìłłûā Zøłdŷćk13 napja
  • 0:25 I almost chocked from laughing so hard

    Mitchell SandsMitchell Sands13 napja
  • The fact that a girl in my class brings all of the figits that they said not to bring to school....

    Jemma EgnerJemma Egner13 napja
  • I love the first video, I like how the takis has the nutrition bars on it. So realistic, and so amazing. Great job! 😊👍❤

    GabriellaGabriella14 napja
  • maS | Sam

    Samantha WagnerSamantha Wagner14 napja
  • The backwards name one is- no look at my one: (this is my real life name btw) enimsaJ

    •ᴇʟɪ ᴛʜᴇ B͜͡e͜͡a͜͡r͜͡••ᴇʟɪ ᴛʜᴇ B͜͡e͜͡a͜͡r͜͡•14 napja
  • I love him\her

    Alegra ManifestAlegra Manifest14 napja
  • My name backwards is aisatsanA XD

    Annie and Annie :pAnnie and Annie :p14 napja
  • Hi

    Milena VuceticMilena Vucetic14 napja
  • At the last tiktok was fidget rich

    Thebest GirleverThebest Girlever15 napja
  • I am getting so too I love you all

    Kathleen DunneKathleen Dunne15 napja
  • My name backwards is amme

    AprilApril15 napja
  • 2:11 makes too much loud wtf?

    C L A S S Y DuccC L A S S Y Ducc15 napja
  • The cute popit and the bike shane

    James JohnsonJames Johnson16 napja
  • 2:10 it makes way to much loud

    Account YeaAccount Yea16 napja
  • 3:04 I have the same name 😩

    donna greensmithdonna greensmith16 napja
  • She gave me ocd when she didn’t pop all the things. On the dimple digit

    Lailas WorldLailas World16 napja
  • Awesome

    Danika HemmerDanika Hemmer16 napja
  • In the dimple did you that’s not a simple dimple that’s a dimple digit

    Wes WadeWes Wade17 napja
  • Why are you saying your dimples a simple dimple it’s a dimple

    Wes WadeWes Wade17 napja
  • Lol me watching this : Waiting till my dad gets me my pop it😭😭👍 Fighting with my snake😂😂🤪

    Stupid _ amazing _TEAL HAIRRRStupid _ amazing _TEAL HAIRRR17 napja
  • 30:05 negomi

    preppy Immypreppy Immy17 napja
  • FIDGET S surgery WHERE DO YOU GET THESE IDEAS 🤣. And boobie. Pad 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jaleah Playz roblox xoxo xoxoJaleah Playz roblox xoxo xoxo17 napja
  • Anala Alana wait bruh

    That one SimpThat one Simp17 napja
  • i hate when people break my stuff and lose my stuff to HATE IT

    SnitchSnitch17 napja
  • Omg no! At 4:20 look at her recent emojis 😃🤚🏼 and the 420 timing gosh

    Galaxy WolfGalaxy Wolf18 napja
    • Oh gosh.

      PuppyDog LillyPuppyDog Lilly3 napja