FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Super Bowl Trailer (2021)

2021.febr. 7.
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New super bowl spot for FAST AND FURIOUS 9

  • Fast 9 : John Cena is Dom's long lost little brother who become assassin Fast 10 : Triple H is Dom's long lost big brother who turn side to Blackbeard Pirates Fast 11 : Vince McMahon is Dom's long lost father who turn side to Chitauri army Fast 12 : Hornswoggle is Dom's son who turn side to the Sith Emperor Fast 13 : Dom's wife amnesia again and she joins with Brazzers Organization.

    Annas KurniawanAnnas Kurniawan30 perccel
  • the same bi black truck 3:00 that comes out in deadpool 2

    Bryan VasquezBryan Vasquez31 perce
  • Follow my page if you are car lover specially muscle car

    Naveen Kumar Sath JiNaveen Kumar Sath Ji58 perccel
  • Trash

    Oguzhan EkremOguzhan Ekrem2 órája
  • This is just ridiculous, insane by the second, madness a quarter mile at a time who writes this !!!

    Theetso MbulawaTheetso Mbulawa2 órája
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  • 期待上映

    清风月影清风月影4 órája
  • They want John Cena to be IT so bad.

    R. LeaR. Lea7 órája
  • What's the background music?

    Ritvik PandeyRitvik Pandey7 órája
  • Did I just watch a human catch a car...

    Ryan CarrRyan Carr7 órája
  • ❤️

  • Nomoskar dilam nomoskar দ্য J Adibashi cv

    Sourov MandalSourov Mandal8 órája
  • I love how realistic that part was, when he Dom lances his car off the cliff and the rope conveniently attaches itself to the wheel AND HOLDS THE WHOLE CAR.

    moon lightmoon light8 órája
  • So let's take the same scene from need for speed and the same car to do the same cliff stunt

  • First they fight each other and in next episode they are be friends

    MRr aneesMRr anees9 órája
  • Stop putting John Cena in TV/Movies

    BrockEvilBrockEvil9 órája
  • 28 MEI !!!

    Gery PutraaGery Putraa9 órája
  • SMH they went too far now. I'm not too interested in this one...but at least they showcased the mustang lol

    Calicapenergy88Calicapenergy8810 órája
  • Please let these shitty movies stop Paul walker is turning in his grave

    Mack DoodleMack Doodle10 órája
  • Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running three Honda civics with spoon engines, and on top of that, he just went into Harry’s and bought three t66 turbos with nos, and a motec exhaust system.

    Diesel AlexDiesel Alex11 órája
  • F* physics. I'm going to watch it.

    Glauco VasconcellosGlauco Vasconcellos11 órája
  • Idc about physics but I do know this is gonna be hell of a badass movie

  • Stupid movie all 8 films are the same

    Roshan StanikzaiRoshan Stanikzai12 órája
  • tamil Trailer release date

    subash Tsubash T13 órája
  • I cant believe han is driving a hybrid bmw

    Neno27Neno2715 órája
  • Dom should bring out the orange supra. We never knew what happened after he left on that scene of the first film. Itd be dope dom needing a car nd then remembers about a storaged car he had nd then brings out the orange supra in style everyone would go insane. Step it up directors

    pete cortezpete cortez15 órája

  • I wonder who’s Dom’s brother looks like?

    Home RegoHome Rego17 órája
  • Miss the days when "Fast and the furious" was not "Fight and the funkiest"

    Vivek SinghVivek Singh17 órája
  • What next? The Undertaker as the Toretto father?

    Starman CrusaderStarman Crusader19 órája
  • I knew Han Lue wasn't dead, called it.

    JesterJester19 órája
  • Missing dwain johnson 🥺 The Rock is cooking!

    Humanity PowerHumanity Power21 órája
  • It’s just entertainment ppl 😂😂😂😂😂👀

    Mechanic AndiMechanic Andi21 órája
  • I think Vin Diesel has forgotten how to act....only things he does is crap thrill movies

    SochSoch21 órája
  • Still?

    bryan Ramirezbryan Ramirez22 órája
  • Bring Back....SUKI ,LEON, JESSIE & HECTOR !!!

    Tx1Tx122 órája
  • Charlize Theron has a gloster canary hairdo. Otherwise I can't wait to see this completely over the top film. It's going to be fantastic!

    Jennifer MontgomeryJennifer Montgomery22 órája
  • wow I am so happy after watching it do you also too watching it so like my comment

    Manish ojhaManish ojha23 órája
  • I think Indian director is directing this movie.

    Santakill SandSantakill SandNapja
  • As a die hard fast and furious fan this shit is getting so stupid. Should have stuck to more car stuff and less cgi stuff. No one gives a shit about these over the top unrealistic stunts. Just put a bullet in it already. Dom talks about family non stop like a cousin humper but mever mentioned a brother? Cmon

    doc rocketdoc rocketNapja
  • Anyone remember 3g phones being the big thing... well they only went to 5, in almost the same amount of time as they went 9.

    dsd gdsdsd gdsNapja
  • really amazing direction and choreography, I am very curious to watch this movie.

    suresha N Ssuresha N SNapja
  • Did that man catch that car

    BLVD XianBLVD XianNapja
  • 4:02 H E I S C O M I N G !!!!!!!!!!

    Enes ÇakmakEnes ÇakmakNapja
  • Wow

    Singkat VideoSingkat VideoNapja
  • the rest of the actors should of stopped doing these movies when Paul stopped

    Rory HancockRory HancockNapja
  • John Cena is love

    Zahid Fareed DiariesZahid Fareed DiariesNapja
  • that NFS MW song in between the trailer , ah the nostalgia

    Abnormal AF !Abnormal AF !Napja
  • The first two movies where good but now it just looks like shut

    Rohan SmithRohan SmithNapja
  • Like from 🇮🇩

    D S Blogger22D S Blogger22Napja
  • Fast 100, Dom’s forgotten cousin from his fathers,mothers,cousins,sisters family returns from his time with the justice league to take Dom down. Rated PG.

  • How did we go from illegal street racing and car part smuggling to this shit

    Kyle V.Kyle V.Napja
  • Take off all trailers rest of these best trailers.😈 Father of all trailer

    Maaz AhmedMaaz AhmedNapja
  • Charlize Therons hair reminds me of Lloyd Christmas’.

    Ferd SanFerd SanNapja
  • They NEED. To STOP

    Tip Of The IcebergTip Of The IcebergNapja
  • Can't wait!

    Ethan MacherasEthan MacherasNapja
  • No rock dislike

  • I’m a huge Fast & Furious fan but this is actually ridiculous... from start to finish it was just way overdone... all we wanted was fast cars, street racing, family, and a tribute to Paul Walker... we got this hot mess instead

    Alex MartinezAlex MartinezNapja
  • Nah! this thing is old news, they´re just trying to squeeze the last drop out of it! But there isn´t much yet!! XD!! Anyway, I guest the fanboys are gonna "race" to the box office!! XD!! Hahaha!

  • Movies are 99% CGI real substance anymore, just over the top unrealistic action scenes. Great for 5 year olds.

    Z BZ BNapja
  • The secretive hydrogen moberly load because thumb pathologically search mid a best wrinkle. obtainable, succinct may

    Andre WilliamsAndre WilliamsNapja
  • The comments section was the best thing about the trailer :)

    Cat BravoCat BravoNapja
  • So many sharks to jump, so little time...

    Mark WalkerMark WalkerNapja
  • now is turning to MIssion Impossible XD

    dwi auditdwi auditNapja
  • The effects are just awful, I hated fate of the furious

  • This is actually so unrealistic that it’s fun to watch. Literally, I‘m always like: I wonder how they gonna make physics leave this planet in the next movie or scene

    Vannis WorldVannis WorldNapja
  • Dom has a invisible brother eh?

    John Wrexel AntopinaJohn Wrexel AntopinaNapja
  • this... makes no sense anymore

    Dmitry LasoDmitry LasoNapja
  • I think they need to end this franchise.

  • Dom has an invisible brother?! No wonder he hasn't mentioned him until now!😲

  • Fast and furious enters the group chat, Gravity just left the chat

    Mayank YadavMayank YadavNapja
  • Miss the old movies

    Abdelilah YrAbdelilah YrNapja
  • I guess newton would shoot himself if he was alive and watched this movie

  • why the fuck is john cena in this movie why the fuck

    Autofreakfan 21Autofreakfan 21Napja
  • aaaaahahahahahahahahaha

    Domagoj KovačevićDomagoj KovačevićNapja
  • Thanks for making this lovely series a catastrophe 😭

    Akshit TanejaAkshit TanejaNapja
  • Big fan of fast and furious series from India🇮🇳 ❤

    Technical InfoTechnical InfoNapja
  • Things were decent till fast 5

  • At least there won't be any Rock in it just like every other movie

  • Why is there a self driving car in the thumbnail?

  • Dom’s car casually flying and he be like 😐

  • Crazy!!!!!

    Taro musahTaro musahNapja
  • Um grupo de ladroezinhos de peças de carro se tornou uma força de operações especiais mais foda que o SAS no melhor estilo power rangers

  • FAST AND FURIOUS 12 - Han Lue has not finish eating the bag of chips for the last 8 movies...

    Alex OchoaAlex OchoaNapja
  • Is it me or is it so far fetched it funny 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Denis CudahyDenis CudahyNapja
  • They don’t even know what to come up with anymore🤦‍♂️

    Alexis SantosAlexis Santos2 napja
  • Who is missing bryan

    Tanuj DixitTanuj Dixit2 napja
    • Me😔

      Monitory MindsetMonitory Mindset2 napja
  • physics is like a joke, when the directors get feedback about the physics, they laugh

    Mostafa AymanMostafa Ayman2 napja
  • 1:27 who noticed John cena

    Aarti PamnaniAarti Pamnani2 napja
  • John Cena is killing it 🔥

    Prashant PathakPrashant Pathak2 napja
  • When are they going to stop these movies,?

    King KKing K2 napja
  • RIP Physics

    Badri Krishnan K NBadri Krishnan K N2 napja
  • Han scene

    Leonidas PasqualeLeonidas Pasquale2 napja
  • Did I just a see a car...swing on a rope? wtf is this movie bro lmao

    Marvin ArnettMarvin Arnett2 napja
  • Over the top stunts that would've had you dead 8 movies ago!!!

    Demetrius BellDemetrius Bell2 napja
  • Jesus: I will now preach about family... Dom: I got this....

    Michael YimMichael Yim2 napja
  • **Yawn.. 🥱**

    Rohan ShirodkarRohan Shirodkar2 napja
  • Mind boggling😇😇love u FF team

    Nikki NagarNikki Nagar2 napja
  • Fast and Furious 10: The HUworld Comment Section

    mayemaye2 napja
  • Outstanding ❤️

    Bhavesh PatelBhavesh Patel2 napja