FashionNova VS. Amazon Costumes !! Who did it better??

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Same costume.. two different brands! Who made it better ??
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  • Mia maples 🤝 try guys Trying all sort of sexual halloween costumes

    Radhika SharmaRadhika Sharma2 perccel
  • The Fashion Nova costumes are more like “sExY” costumes-

    -Amy Roblox--Amy Roblox-13 órája
  • I kinda wanna see her modify the costumes. Either that or mix them into one costume/outfit

    Wandering SoulWandering Soul18 órája
  • It's so perfect that she doesn't edit out the silly parts of her videos to seem "perfect." She's so humble and genuineeeeeeeeee Edit: As soon as I saw the amazon pirate costume I knew it was gonna look fireeeeeeee. I want it

    Mercredi HollidaeMercredi HollidaeNapja
  • fasion nova

    Sarah RodgersSarah Rodgers2 napja
  • I really liked the grey IT costume. It looked super cute.

    GrimmGrimm3 napja
  • This was more Lingerie vs actual costumes.

    Brentt BumatayBrentt Bumatay3 napja
  • Nobody caught that she called her bra her underwear at 10:23 ?😂💕

    Tina .1kTina .1k3 napja
  • ok, the swinging chair is making me dizzy!!! lol x

    Karin WilkinsonKarin Wilkinson3 napja
  • I promise you It is not scary at all I laughed throughout the movie

    JahLeesa KingJahLeesa King4 napja
  • If the fashion nova pirate one had a mini skirt or like a body suit type short I think h in would personally like it better

    Abby BrinkerhoffAbby Brinkerhoff4 napja
  • you were literally in your underwear in all the fashion nova ones, super tacky its a no from me. Amazon wins

    D DD D4 napja
  • cOsHuMe

    duh blackduh black4 napja
  • Simps in this comment section are out of control.

    PRIME 1373PRIME 13735 napja
  • I personally love penny wise from fashion nova on you

    Kayahh KayahhKayahh Kayahh6 napja
  • Fashion Nova are like bedroom costumes

    fantasiazplatkamifantasiazplatkami6 napja
  • This idea is everything what is she talking about ?????

    rAndomnesSrAndomnesS6 napja
  • Mia, please stop apologising on matters that we don't bother to even notice or think like mic in recent new video or subte body shaming in this. Btw, good work on hips gal. You look amazing in all outfits btw like alzzz!

    Apurva SApurva S6 napja
  • Amazon is actually matches the character. Second looks like cave girl cloth from Adam and Eve.

    Peachy CreamPeachy Cream7 napja
  • "you can never trust your brain, you know?" me: w h a t

    The KritterKrewThe KritterKrew9 napja
  • lol the fashion nova clown looks like coffee filters lol

    AlluredByBeautyAlluredByBeauty9 napja
  • The penniwise from fashion nova helps make her look more "blessed" lol

    Josholyn RooneyJosholyn Rooney9 napja
  • That chair slides so smooooothly

    Josholyn RooneyJosholyn Rooney9 napja
  • Cosh oome bahaha poor mia Say it with me babe cost toome =costume

    CtellsCtells10 napja
  • Pleeeaassseee do more of these! This was great 😂💜

    Nicole MosesNicole Moses10 napja
  • Wowwww soooo talkativeeee......

    Dipannita DasDipannita Das10 napja
  • Sorry but mia talks to much for no reason and it's annoying

    Daisy CamachoDaisy Camacho11 napja
  • Sierra Schultzie would relate to how she says Costume

    Mortikai AsirromMortikai Asirrom11 napja
  • Excuse me but, ur hair is totally everything! sorry i can't stop looking at it the whole vid❤️

    SakuraSakura12 napja
  • The Snow White ones are both from leg avenue 🤭

    Lily HeroLily Hero12 napja
  • Took me awhile to realize what a "cau-shoom" was 😂😂😂😂 Regardless i LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea for this video! I wish I had seen it before halloween - maybe next year do a whole month of videos like it?

    ArtbugArtbug14 napja
  • You are someone who thinks out of the box

    Moira QMoira Q14 napja
  • Drinking game: 1 shot every time mia says coshtumes 2 shots for every time she's wholesome

    Ivan FlorezIvan Florez14 napja
  • i feel like the fashionnova ones are a lot cuter and i'd rather wear them but the amazon ones look a lot more like the actual thing uk

    Amelina ScharwitzlAmelina Scharwitzl14 napja
    • except for the penny wise one wtf is that

      Amelina ScharwitzlAmelina Scharwitzl14 napja
  • She is like a cartoon character that is Canadian. She is nice, she is pretty, and her name is Maples.

    MushuMushu14 napja
  • Don't watch IT ever lol.

    Megan SchoeckMegan Schoeck14 napja
  • Do you like them both why don’t you just wear the fashion nova dress and then the foam head hair and necklace

    Khloe AraguzKhloe Araguz15 napja
  • Can’t finish this video because she pronounces words very oddly like coSHtume and bEg instead of bag

    Crohn’s ProfessionalCrohn’s Professional15 napja
  • Fashion Nova: What if clothes were just fancy underwear?

    MiotaLeeMiotaLee15 napja
  • i hope you watched this and realized that you have a banging body! stop being so self conscious 😘

    it’s just ANIit’s just ANI15 napja
  • Lol I really didn’t like any of the Fashion Nova ones at all but I guess I’m a traditionalist

    Hellion KittyHellion Kitty16 napja
  • Coshume? COSHUME? Im pretty sure its CosTUME

    panda dollspanda dolls16 napja
  • Cashtums🤔😁

    sofie L Vsofie L V16 napja
  • I personally like the Amazon Wilma more, because you can easily recognize what character that is. The one from Fashion Nova is just some kind of revelaing caveman-type thing, not really the character it's supposed to be. Same problem with Mrs. Incredible and Pennywise costumes. Anyway... great video!

    Layenn EitarLayenn Eitar16 napja
  • Just me or does the Wilma fashion nova one look like the material isn’t that great

    Jessica HarperJessica Harper16 napja
  • Amazon looks gud

    Fathima ShareebaFathima Shareeba16 napja
  • love this hairstyle on you!!! too pretty!!

    para11elpara11el17 napja
  • They all use cheap costume fabric of course, but for some reason the fashion nova ones almost looked like slightly better cheap fabric, like the company knew those ones were gonna be used for role play lingerie as well and decided to make them slightly more comfortable or something.

    Cheyanne StuartCheyanne Stuart17 napja
  • Can we just appreciate the fact that she spends 100s of dollars on each video for us 🥺🥺

    Kassandra CortesKassandra Cortes17 napja
  • I would like to know where you got the top from in the intro of the video? It's really cute!

    Angelle FurtonAngelle Furton18 napja
  • Off topic but the new its are really good and honestly are more like thrillers...

    Taylor_elks 98Taylor_elks 9818 napja
  • Co-tchsh-umes, I luv it🥺

    Harper BelleHarper Belle18 napja
  • Wait... huh? I pronounce it as cos-chum

    VallenciaVallencia18 napja
  • I trust your sewing skills, i would love to see you combine the costumes together lol

    theregoesJO.theregoesJO.18 napja
  • You could do another vid combining the diff ones to make one with all the best bits?

    Violet HourViolet Hour18 napja
  • My fav was the Mrs incredible from Amazon with the fashionova gloves. I am personally with you in preference, But maybe cause I’m a mom 😂

    Ana Laura GonzálezAna Laura González19 napja
  • I came from a cold place and we dont have halloween her but we have carnival in february and it gets hella cold so every of those costumes wouldnt do the job for me

    Sara KolednikSara Kolednik19 napja
  • I loved this video! You should try dollskill costumes!

    _vang Hoes__vang Hoes_19 napja
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    Assez MignonAssez Mignon19 napja
  • I love the 90s hairstyle! We used to call those bits at the front “tendrils” or “pieces” & you’re nailing it!

    katjaanjulikatjaanjuli19 napja
  • I loved your idea and this video. Fashion nova won the first two and Amazon won the last two. Yeah, the fashion nova Mrs incredible was the worst on and the best one is either Amazon penny wise or fashionova pirate. Lols.

    Amy WangAmy Wang20 napja
  • I would like to wear the pirate lady bukaneer dress 👗 from amazon with jacket you are such a beautiful person with an amazing personality you should avoid showing too much skin ❤️🌹💋🍀🌺🇵🇰🇵🇰

    abiha khanabiha khan20 napja
  • hey mia, leg avenue had amazing costumes, let you something to watch in pinterest this is sexy an also pretty

    Fer GFer G20 napja
  • Cah-Shtoom

    Jaden MakleJaden Makle20 napja
  • One thing I hate about bag costumes like these is they never come with all the accessories nor can you usually find the same ones the model wears. Shoes is the big one.

    KenzieHurlockKenzieHurlock20 napja
  • I would take me a minute to recognize FashionNova's Pennywise tbh; looks like someone tried to make a sexy nurse but threw some pom poms instead of a red cross.

    Beatriz ZachariasBeatriz Zacharias20 napja
  • I'd like to see each set of costumes mixed together in your preference to make your own best version of each.

    Tab and Art GreeneTab and Art Greene20 napja
  • Squashbuckler.

    Probably EmilyProbably Emily21 napja
  • i like the amazon ones, they look nicer

    Valentina MunozValentina Munoz21 napja
  • Girl that video idea is so nice

    CharlyCharly21 napja
  • Love everything you do keep it up this video was a great idea!

    Ash DubzAsh Dubz21 napja
  • How can you compare two totally different costumes? This is so stupid.

    Jessica BurtonJessica Burton22 napja
  • I love the Amazon Pirate best... I would totally wear that one!!

    KM YoungKM Young22 napja
  • Well I live in Vermont and it’s cold. This year I was a candy corn. It was super last-minute heh.

    Vera GalaVera Gala22 napja
  • Is she wearing braces

    Sara BoughabaSara Boughaba22 napja
  • How to compare those 2 different style of costumes? I liked the Amazon pirate. Not shore Fashion Nova, but have you checked if those costumes were from the "sexy section" or normal section because those were weird... (i've seen a bit more revealing ones in a couple of stores in my city...) Besides that, like you said, some have something that the other one lack.

    Daniela MiszezunDaniela Miszezun22 napja
  • Not related to the costumes...where did you buy the large rug? I like it!

    bhburk1bhburk122 napja
  • Do you have any nieces to help rate kids costumes vs the adult version? Normally the kids versions suck.

    Rebecca GrimmRebecca Grimm22 napja
  • I must say I really like the Amazon pennywise. I would def wear that

    TheSouthAfricanTheSouthAfrican22 napja
  • We say costume the same way as u in South Africa

    TheSouthAfricanTheSouthAfrican22 napja
  • Just an FYI leg avenue is famous for the stripper outfits they make. So yeah of course that would be the company fashion nova has their costumes from! Lol

    Candee Michelle CardwellCandee Michelle Cardwell23 napja
  • Don’t worry I love the video

    Tara LinTara Lin23 napja
  • Amazon pirate

    Bad Hair BarbieBad Hair Barbie23 napja
  • You should do a video about ally express and their clothes.

    Jacobkrly73Jacobkrly7323 napja
  • Sexy Wilma with new orange wiggggggg

    Andi CramerAndi Cramer23 napja
  • I pronounce it the same way.. don’t feel bad

    Melanie KikerMelanie Kiker23 napja
  • Who else has been watching her since she only had 200k?

    Vanessa C.Vanessa C.23 napja
  • why is she talking soooo much? idk its just...why is she talking soooooo much? xD bte video beginns at 2:28 ? too long intro, waaaay to long

    NoNa OfficialNoNa Official23 napja
  • Wilma my darling😍😘

    zeeshaan Al Ansarizeeshaan Al Ansari23 napja
  • I'd wear the FashionNova pirate costume, it looks really good (although it's a little scandalous for me).

    Anna AugustinováAnna Augustinová23 napja

    Becky CravensBecky Cravens23 napja
  • She’s so innocent, I love it 😂

    rebekah Floresrebekah Flores23 napja
  • Omg the hair😂😂

    Bethany KirosBethany Kiros24 napja
    • I’m dying

      Bethany KirosBethany Kiros24 napja
  • Im Canadian and I hate to burst everyones bubble but NO ONE says costume like that in canada lol

    Kenzie Jordann MerrittKenzie Jordann Merritt24 napja
  • So very very very sexy and very cute

    Michael GarroMichael Garro24 napja

    PerfectlyImperfectMommyPerfectlyImperfectMommy24 napja
  • when she had bangs she looked like Daphne.

    Natalie shellNatalie shell24 napja
  • She looks just like Emma Roberts

    E HerE Her24 napja
  • its fashion nova for me😋🖤🖤

    Arianna BartkowiczArianna Bartkowicz24 napja
  • For Wilma from the flintstones, it would be the fashion nova For the pirate costume, it would be the amazon with the jacket on. For Snow-white, I think I would prefer the fashion nova for the top and amazon for the bottom For the incredible's costume, I would choose the fashion nova because it's more detailed than the other outfit And for the Pennywise costume, i would pick the fashion nova costume the reason i picked FASHION NOVA as much is that they did a much better job than the amazon costumes

    Adriana SmithAdriana Smith24 napja