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  • Check out SimpliSafe here: SimpliSafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts.

    Cody KoCody Ko3 hónapja
    • Do it squirt?

      Master MINDMaster MIND16 napja
    • i’m poor

      ur mumur mumHónapja
    • Hey Cody, they spelt simply wrong

      a guy from nza guy from nzHónapja
    • ya know cody gotta say this could've been a one page google docs in mla format that you then could've posted on a Snapchat in a twenty page story. just saying.

      The PandaManThe PandaMan2 hónapja
    • lmao youre the only person they follow on twitter now

      Jack MangoldJack Mangold2 hónapja
  • I sent a girl my phone number over Snapchat and she said why did you send me your number 💔suicide

    almeduhhalmeduhh30 perccel
  • funniest shit ever

    Jellybean SpiderJellybean Spider10 órája
  • Weird question but does anyone know the name of the sad piano song that keeps playing during certain moments? It actually sounds so nice

  • my bf told me that years before we were dating a girl from his highschool and him went on a walk around their neighborhood and she said "oh i just wanted to let you know i always had a crush on you", he didnt realize she still did and said "thats neat" to her... and then there was silence. him and i laugh about it to this day lmao, he was too innocent

    Livi HoffmanLivi Hoffman2 napja
  • lmao if someone brought me to their ugliest date contest someone would be going to the hospital for most severe injuries contest

    EmilyEmily2 napja
  • this is one of the funniest videos i’ve ever seen. thank you.

    Andi JayyAndi Jayy2 napja
  • Can I come to the wedding?

    David LoezaDavid Loeza3 napja
  • fuck simpli safe, that shit makes it so hard to sneak out

    Stl HomieStl Homie4 napja
  • I feel like Cody is trying to subliminally get sponsored by Liquid Death.. hmmm very subtle

    David LafayeDavid Lafaye4 napja
  • did he really just say he’s only sent 1 shirtless pic in his life what

    Tammy kTammy k4 napja
    • Old men like Cody aren’t so up to date with the modern tech, forgive him

  • dont talk down cody for believing in this stuff hes 30!

    SmokierSumoSmokierSumo5 napja
  • The sweet home Alabama rift had me in tears

    brandon0109brandon01096 napja
  • Cody has Father hands. Not Daddy hands- father hands.

    Casey AubertCasey Aubert6 napja
  • Do impaulsive bro!

    Miguel VazquezMiguel Vazquez6 napja
  • 5:28 video starts

    Robert GreeneRobert Greene8 napja
  • "I trust everyone. I like to think everything is real and is not meant to hurt me". I hope he doesn't look at the flat earthers

    MrRiSkyMrRiSky8 napja
  • “memeologist” is the best profession I’ve seen. The study of memeology

    Samantha SchoenSamantha Schoen9 napja
  • Cool

    GlitchMitch 70GlitchMitch 709 napja
  • Shits hilarious cody saying sorry for being sponsored 🤣

    Mike ZanziMike Zanzi10 napja
  • Memologist😂

    louis normandeaulouis normandeau11 napja
  • 9:42 I think I woke up my entire house with how hard I laughed at that 😂😂😂

    SitDownBeHumbleSitDownBeHumble11 napja
  • ho

    Darian 101Darian 10111 napja
  • I’ve gotten the thumbs up too many times on sum quality shit

    Isabella LorenteIsabella Lorente11 napja
  • Cody is the only youtuber i watch thru the sponsor segment on. Even that is entertaining.

    ModyDodyModyDody12 napja
  • Can u do a part two

    cba tbhcba tbh12 napja
  • Conrad does sound like the type of guy to like buzzfeed

    Marcus BeganovicMarcus Beganovic13 napja
  • Video is brought by simpsafe 😤

    E SmithE Smith13 napja
  • “the sponser of this video im sorrryyyy” 😂

    charlie_woodchipscharlie_woodchips13 napja
  • 2:26 This some Simulacra crap o.O

    Ayyy lmaoAyyy lmao13 napja
  • 9:58 why is that guy actually ajit pai

    Memes 4 the massesMemes 4 the masses13 napja
  • Wow, so validating in a way I was not expecting lol. I have always been one who has been very trusting too who also enjoys fantasy novels etc a lot.. so believing things I shouldn't has been a thing for me too lol. Nice to hear I'm not alone!

    butidontwantonebutidontwantone13 napja
  • Once I told this guy I liked him and he rejected me. Then about two months later me and one of my best friends went on a trip to New York together. One day when we were just chilling in our hotel room she gets a DM from that same guy saying he likes her. For the rest of my vacation I was sitting in the background of their FaceTime calls watching supernatural awkwardly in a hotel robe.

    Madeline MammoneMadeline Mammone14 napja
    • @Madeline Mammone happy for you sis

      Bag Of ratsBag Of rats10 napja
    • @Bag Of rats eh it’s fine I’m a lesbian now anyways

      Madeline MammoneMadeline Mammone10 napja
    • Damn that sucks ass....sorry

      Bag Of ratsBag Of rats10 napja
  • I’m late but hoping you can answer this... do it squirt dough?

    KelseyKelsey14 napja
  • He could have came back from the “you don’t need any more snacks” with a “ yah, but I need you”

    Daniel RossDaniel Ross14 napja
  • yo you gotta be an actor bro

    Dreamer ProductionsDreamer Productions14 napja
  • And they say no its the worst thing they can say

    Martim Melo FerreiraMartim Melo Ferreira14 napja

    Sadie cableSadie cable14 napja

    Sadie cableSadie cable14 napja
  • Hey wait. I didn't know giving your number was like a way of a flirting. I. What. I'm malfunctioning a bit.

    deadlinedeadline15 napja
    • Me too ):

      Nonexistent SaplingNonexistent Sapling9 napja
    • You must be really clueless in other aspects of life too

      FreakishdFreakishd13 napja
  • omg I SCREAMED when "sweet home alabama" starte, this was SO funny

    Yness !Yness !15 napja
  • Bros had a rough one. Matched on Tinder with this girl. Won’t lie wasn’t really my type anyways but hey, it’s quarantine. You gotta cast a wide net. Anyways her profile said she’s 5’. I wouldn’t usually bring that up but it’s kinda relevant here. So she matched with me and immediately was like “What are you 5’4? Lol” I go “No I’m more like 5’9-5’10 but I guess those pics do make me look a bit short.” She goes “Hmm still too short for me.” Before I can even say anything in response like “Okay well best of luck” or “Thats ok, we all have our types” or even “Wait what but I’m almost a foot taller than you.” She unmatched so I couldnt respond at all. I had to almost respect the bluntness of it but at the same time I was like “wait what the fuck did she just match me to unmatch right away?”

    Young MCYoung MC15 napja
  • What music does he use for the down bad bit

    AlexfromfoodcityAlexfromfoodcity15 napja
    • I want to know too, that’s what’s really making me down bad :(

  • i was so not prepared for that last line

    Reagan CochraneReagan Cochrane15 napja
  • cody looks dead inside when he does the ad

    RoyaRoya15 napja
  • What are you supposed to say when you get nudes?

    F 300F 30016 napja
  • This is my favorite Cody Ko video by far

    SexyLegsSexyLegs16 napja
  • Part 2

    Elijah DruryElijah Drury16 napja
  • awesome dance in font of the motion sensor! it was supa kool !

    Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson16 napja
  • The ugliest date thing is so awful, like why would you get someone's hope's up like that when you know I'm gonna crush the competition? Brothers I will raise your self confidence to the roof! I'll make the other guys look like Michael B. Jordan just by comparison.

    Giovanni's DaedraGiovanni's Daedra17 napja
  • This video made me swear off dating 💀

    JohnsonJohnson17 napja
  • One time I had tinder gold and someone who looked like they could potentially be my type swiped on me, so I matched, only to receive the unprompted message: “Sorry, I don’t date goths.” Pretty confusing to read as someone who was neither goth nor actively searching for someone to date

    GryeinGryein17 napja
  • The fucking Sweet Home Alabama intro sent me lmao. I loved that

    SquillzSquillz17 napja
  • I’d been talking with this guy for an entire year, and we even talked about, ya know, sexy stuff. I could only see him once a year during this conference thing. We were sitting next to each other and I tried to hold his hand. He responded by pulling his hand away from mine, laughing, and saying, “What’re you doing?!” pretty damn loud, I might add. Nope it wasn’t because we were in public. It was just cause... idk. Fun times. :’)

    The absolute worstThe absolute worst18 napja
  • In middle school I heard these guys were competing to see who could get the lamest/ugliest girl to dance with them. I was in 6th grade at the time. This eighth grader can up to me, all his friends surrounded me in a circle, and he came through it to ask me if I wanted to dance. :’) So yeah I went and cried in the bathroom after that.

    The absolute worstThe absolute worst18 napja
  • The sun gets brighter when you smile 🌞

    每天。每天。18 napja
  • “Do it squirt?” FUCKiNG T-SHIRT MATERIAL!

    Megan PenaMegan Pena18 napja
  • Idk if it’s funnier or less funny that if the dude was actually about to die and asked some random girl to jeem him off

    Zach ButnerZach Butner18 napja
  • This whole video is COdy== saying stupid smart people buzz words i am confused a little rn. I was going to buy merch but then its sold out, very sad rn.

    People SinsPeople Sins19 napja
  • 1:43 stream chemtrails over the country club 😩

    party like it's 1949party like it's 194919 napja
  • I just got a job and I have never been prouder than to now be a Back End Little Bitch Boy

    MainMommyJeansMainMommyJeans19 napja
  • Cody, has never looked more like a “Cody,” than he does in this video...

  • do it squirt tho?

    spooky fungusspooky fungus21 napja
  • Me: *reads title* hmm sounds sad. Pretend this is in a Alabama accent *top comment: trucker hat tier list*

    Blazingboy77 GamingBlazingboy77 Gaming21 napja
  • “Cum poisoning” I’m dead 😂 💀

    PrinceOfLilliesPrinceOfLillies22 napja
  • Is the lockdown applied over where Cody is staying why isn't he reacting with Noel like old times ?? This doesn't mean I don't like his solo content....just curious

    Sanju MathewSanju Mathew23 napja
  • ngl your hair gets a lot of hate but you just look so much more friendly and inviting

    bruno grubbbruno grubb24 napja
  • 6:07

    johnjohn24 napja
  • tubular tiddies i'm so dead

    Sofie GarciaSofie Garcia24 napja
  • The far knife coincidently signal because drawbridge thirdly pat than a waiting james. innate, hilarious sleet

    TylerTyler24 napja
  • I'm so thankful I can use this as source material.

    codypsizzlecodypsizzle26 napja
  • Everything on the internet IS real & you know this by the comfort of reading this on the internet

    Joan AttanasioJoan Attanasio26 napja
  • "tubular titties" is the best thing ive heard all year.

    Fikayo AdeyemiFikayo Adeyemi26 napja

    Grace OtteGrace Otte28 napja
  • Of course the tweets aren’t real! Women don’t actually reply to messages

    XaquanexusXXaquanexusX28 napja
    • Ahahahah ahahahah

      Charu TiwariCharu Tiwari22 napja
  • The line "Then I'm reading about chem trails, have you ever heard of those? That shit *SUCKS* " made me fall on the floor laughing

    Shovely JoeShovely Joe28 napja
  • I died when the chat bot said "do it squirt" omg

    Michael KantorskiMichael KantorskiHónapja
  • The sneaky parsnip appropriately shiver because exchange exceptionally pause apropos a deranged bike. solid, attractive pickle

  • If I’m ever sent nudes, I’m 100% responding with a clip of 8:24

    Simply ChaffSimply ChaffHónapja
  • i really dont want to say this but man... you have some real shit genes. you look old but you are still funny as shit and i love your content. i love you... "dad"? edit: i havent revised anything and i know you get a lot of shit for looking "old" but keep up the content, you kick ass. keep it up my guy.

    john kilbanejohn kilbaneHónapja
    • let’s see how u look

      LiamzRBLXLiamzRBLX24 napja
  • One time I was talking to a dude (I'm a girl I'm not actually dwight surprisingly) and he just ghosted me for like 2 months then when I asked him he said his friend passed away and then a week after he posted a pic with said friend so ..

    dwight shrutedwight shruteHónapja
    • Damn sis

      Bag Of ratsBag Of rats10 napja
  • Him: how much do you weigh? Me: 230 Him: Are you two girls or one? Me: ...

    Gray RyanGray RyanHónapja
  • one time I hung out with this guy, and I genuinely did not think that we were on a date but maybe he did. Anyway, at the end he held out his hand definitely an invite to hand hold which I didnt register and.... I slapped it. I gave the dude a low five. and directly after I watched his face go to just...Down Bad.

    Chloe AyresChloe AyresHónapja
    • Damn

      Bag Of ratsBag Of rats10 napja
  • I've heard of the ugliest date contest. They use to call it hogging when I was younger. I never participated but it was to see which guy would sleep with the ugliest girl. They would all pool money and who ever won would win the pot of money. Absolutely disgusting, I really hope none of those woman found out.

  • # bring back Noel

    Antoine EmondAntoine EmondHónapja
  • 3,:90

    Ryan RussellRyan RussellHónapja
  • supreme wassily chair on ur tee..

    Darius Dre ReynaldoDarius Dre ReynaldoHónapja
  • Sorority girls are fuckin demons tbh. I don’t put anything past them.

  • I thought you said creating trans and I was like that doesn’t make sense

  • Blissful ignorance is my best trait

    Rocket LettuceRocket LettuceHónapja
  • 😂🤚🏽

    Nat x HerreraNat x HerreraHónapja
  • The ugliest date is actually a really common college party thing. For girls they call it a "dog fight" and for guys they call it a "cat fight".

    Lady Eve • 50 years agoLady Eve • 50 years agoHónapja
  • i feel stupid for not realizing it was a company??? this was the first corporate post i couldnt detect and now im mad

    s fs fHónapja
  • The long-term sushi syntactically inject because board progressively pedal plus a easy fine. flagrant, swift report

    Sofis skter Roksana1254**Sofis skter Roksana1254**Hónapja
  • Wayne's world vibes with this hat that cody roCkKssS

    xin xinxin xinHónapja
  • "here's me fucking killing it in front of the home sensor" lmfao

    Ian BarnesIan BarnesHónapja
  • GIRL : What's your favourite sport? GUY : *SQUIRTING.* GIRL : Uhm... I was speaki- GUY : *DO IT SQUIRT!?* 🤔🤷‍♂️ *Can you make your Vagine SQUIRT!?* Does it go *SQUIRT SQUIRT!?* GIRL : 🙃.............. GUY : Sooo , any *SQUIRTY SQUIRTY* at all or nah??

  • Yo the sorority girl is so mean. How did you go to college and still maintain that high school’s mean girl attitude. Sooo childish

    Inji YooInji YooHónapja
    • That hurt just hearing it

      Bag Of ratsBag Of rats10 napja
  • Nice

    Aryan G123Aryan G123Hónapja
  • I’d buy do it squirt merch