Fall Anime 2020 in a Nutshell

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Another season of Anime another LOAD of Anime to run through.
Edited by: Bakashift & Kore wa Eden
Additional Editing by: Gkage

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  • Still waiting for season 3 of Owari no seraph/seraph of the end. #hope all of you are doing well ( ••)

    Dummy channelDummy channel52 perccel
  • Song @6:07 is My Only Chance - The Toxic Avenger

    Zam SandwichZam Sandwich5 órája
  • What if I'm already 70 hours in? can I still get that 10 pull?

    SilverStoneXSilverStoneX6 órája
  • Bruh

    DeoDeo7 órája
  • sonci

    rtrvecf _1rtrvecf _18 órája
    • ME IS BI ë

      rtrvecf _1rtrvecf _18 órája
  • Can someone tell me where to find talentless nana? Like Crunchyroll gets most anime but never the ones I really wanna watch.

    Shina COTBShina COTB15 órája
    • funimation

      Randam PersonRandam Person5 órája
  • Death note

    Swagli generationsSwagli generations16 órája
  • I know this is random but Nakano Azusa from k-on. She really looks like another anime character. Please someone tell me who.

    Yik Jay LimYik Jay Lim18 órája
  • 7:07 you sure do know how to trigger some pwsd (post-wholesome-sad-disorder) with that first image

    The YangemThe Yangem23 órája
  • DomeXKano is still not forgotten

    Naeem KhanNaeem KhanNapja
  • The day i became a god gonna be sad and im not ready

  • Will jun maeda drop the ball this time?

  • Finger slayer..... isn't that just attack on titan?

  • This is so funny yet so fucking informative

  • what a fucking amazing video

    WreckerPlaysMC Gamer651WreckerPlaysMC Gamer651Napja
  • I love just how much Index background music you're using in your videos now XD

    Matteo Del GalloMatteo Del GalloNapja
  • wait so are the animes gud or not?

    Wei BinWei BinNapja
  • anime at 1:41?

    Gabe PunzGabe Punz2 napja
  • Thanks for the upload! Loving it!

    Mihael KeehlMihael Keehl2 napja

    Tuna On A StickTuna On A Stick2 napja
  • I'm surprised he did not say anything about the Dogeza one :|

    MidKnight CrisisMidKnight Crisis2 napja
  • Holy shit u used Fury-s theme song in this... damn amazed :D

    JazzayJazzay2 napja
  • This guy just saie "We got Re:Zero and Rent a simp" completely ignoring Oregairu while including one of the shittiest anime ever Rent a simp. How can your opinions keep getting shittier and shittier each recent video?

    RaGiAn87RaGiAn872 napja
  • Dude being a bouldering guy I didn't expect the climbing anime. Gotta watch it then.

    MCSorryMCSorry2 napja
  • I love that JJK treated the Panda the same way Garnt did Here is a Panda name Panda that can talk, anyway movin on

    4LMaster4LMaster2 napja
  • 12:27 it's nux playing among us

    Rohan AdamsRohan Adams2 napja
  • Friendzoned even by a vtuber FeelsBadMan

    Fled From NowhereFled From Nowhere2 napja
  • dopeee

  • Please start listing the mentioned anime’s in the description box, I’m tired of going back and scrolling through the video trying to find that one I forgot 😭

    Annaed ReyAnnaed Rey3 napja
  • It's hard to have a review for talentless nana while not having to spoil it...

    UnicornQueen YTUnicornQueen YT3 napja
  • It's 11:53PM and I came to this video for 2:08

    ShermaniacShermaniac3 napja
  • You didn't put DANMACHI SEASON 3, I'm surprised since you're an Isekai fan although danmachi isn't dechnically an Isekai

    Mark QueenMark Queen3 napja
  • Akudama drive went up to my number 1 spot. It's art is impeccable. Compared to other anime is like watching a Lambo next to a Fiat Panda. Hope the plot stays good till the end

    T. PolysT. Polys3 napja
  • why did 3:13 make me wheeze for about 20 minutes straight?

    ʀɪᴠᴀʟᴢʀɪᴠᴀʟᴢ3 napja
  • What the name of the song at 6:07

    Hellboy 17Hellboy 173 napja
    • My Only Chance - The Toxic Avenger

      Zam SandwichZam Sandwich5 órája
  • This season is trash

    illusionZ XDillusionZ XD3 napja
  • 8:46 what is the name of this song?

    Bonrad BinosBonrad Binos3 napja
  • Does anyone know the song at the jujutsu kaisen part?

    Lucas AntunesLucas Antunes3 napja
  • Does anyone the soundtrack for 2:10?

    Abdelhak OuardiAbdelhak Ouardi3 napja
  • Did you just use Furi music?! You fucking rock Gigguk

    JuliusCaesarJuliusCaesar3 napja
  • 11:27 you in dark souls

    Yasin KelleciYasin Kelleci3 napja
  • What song did he use for the opening at 2:05

    Brad Syers JrBrad Syers Jr3 napja
  • 2:10 Song?

    BombBomb4 napja
  • 1:49 which anime is this ?

    RomTheMareepRomTheMareep4 napja
  • to be fair. Noblesse is a mediocre "manga" at best.

    Karakla08Karakla084 napja
  • Talentless nana is actually great and jujutsu kaisen is looking like the next big thing

    yanni ammariyanni ammari4 napja
  • NO YOU!!!!

    Obaid ZafarObaid Zafar4 napja
  • Bro y’all really sleeping on TGCF

    LizaLiza4 napja
  • AoT S4 coming

    HxpnøticHxpnøtic4 napja
  • Yes. Akudama.

    meskiszmeskisz4 napja
  • Based Mutahar meme

    AbathurAbathur5 napja
  • i can't believe horriblesubs is fucking dead

    JoeysRattataJoeysRattata5 napja
  • Jujutsu Kaisen for the win.

    HeavensdemonHeavensdemon5 napja
  • i havent even watched Fate/Zero yet.

    Peter TothPeter Toth5 napja
  • Tower of god I felt like a really strong adaptation... the other webtoon adaptations have.... not

    Jeusus ChrisJeusus Chris6 napja
  • I just came to rewatch the amv at the start. Ended up watching the whole vid and now I'm late.

    takkiemontakkiemon6 napja
  • where do you watch your anime on

    litbreadlitbread6 napja
  • Anime in tv at 11:35?

    BlazRBlazR6 napja
  • Gigguks nutshell montage r new...

    Alex ZemoAlex Zemo6 napja
  • But kyoya wouldn’t die from being in space

    HelloHello6 napja
  • brave nine(browndust) and azur lane are my waifu games. I'm sorry, world.

    OldnoobmanOldnoobman6 napja
  • Anybody excited for season 3 of k-on?

    CH0ЯDCH0ЯD6 napja
  • The one with the pink hair anime episode one is a cliff hanger

    PicklePickle6 napja
    • it was

      white trashwhite trash4 napja
  • Can you guys please check my goku vs broly animation and tell me what u think of it

    shishi animatesshishi animates6 napja
  • I told myself if I’m going to play another game for waifus id have to delete another one because it’s time consuming

    blisterypoet Estradablisterypoet Estrada6 napja
  • What the fuck is that song called that he plays at the begging of all the seasonal anime reviews for each year. It goes “one two” and then some instruments play.

    GetMarkedGetMarked6 napja
  • where can i watch talentless nana and akudama drive?

    Tricky GhostTricky Ghost7 napja
    • talentless nana is on funimation

      white trashwhite trash4 napja
  • that L themed parody might force me to give it a try xD

    Andrés GonzálezAndrés González7 napja
  • I appreciate the amount of vtuber memes in this

    JapamJapam7 napja
  • I make the dislikes 1k yesssssss.wait,oh shit

  • Does anyone know the origin source to the music at 2:08

    Adriel FigueroaAdriel Figueroa7 napja
  • Id like to watch more isekai

    LegendGamerz_ SenpaiLegendGamerz_ Senpai7 napja
  • Love panda nr 2

    AsmamiAsmami7 napja
  • What's the music used for the Noblesse part at 6:07?

    Mainak SenguptaMainak Sengupta7 napja
  • Oh shit a new sonic anime is a horror? The fuck are you doing sega

    LittleHive TyrantLittleHive Tyrant7 napja
  • Aight Gigguk Wtf is your intro music need to know it's been bothering me for years now

    Kuro VikarKuro Vikar7 napja
  • 11:40 does anyone know what anime he is describing?

    אלון שיינפלדאלון שיינפלד7 napja
  • A few weebs will hurl themselves infront of moving trucks without the anime.

    aliterallflashlightaliterallflashlight7 napja
  • You forgot “Ikebukuro west gate park” tho :(

    Wh0baWh0ba7 napja
  • I’m sad he didn’t even talk about blessed by the gods

    Triplet PlaysTriplet Plays8 napja
  • yo what's the song at 8:50 ?

    George StathorisGeorge Stathoris8 napja
  • What’s the song playing during the opening title? 2:10 thanks

    9Lives 29Lives 28 napja
  • "You know, sometimes you need a jacked up shonen action show, sometimes you need a generic isekai to fry your brain, and sometimes you just need to see some cute anime girls be really cute and really, really gay." Behold, the psychology of your average yuri fan.

  • Odin-sama

    Ena NebresEna Nebres8 napja
  • Me trying to find the song gigguk played during the review of jujistu kaisen

    Harrison HolcombHarrison Holcomb8 napja
    • It's Sysex by Makeup and Vanity Set

      Liam JonesLiam Jones7 napja
  • armpit gang 2020

    Manga WaffleManga Waffle8 napja
  • Uhhh does anyone know what site he uses to watch anime?

    CornerSaxCornerSax8 napja
    • crunchy roll netflix etc

      אלון שיינפלדאלון שיינפלד7 napja
  • how is every Gigguk video just great also what's the "ba-ba-ba, ba, ba-ba" song at the start of the anime montage in the beginning of each seasonal anime video?

    ArlwissArlwiss8 napja
  • Bro, Panda is the best

    HelloHello8 napja
  • 0:02 what is song

    NakoobNakoob8 napja
  • 1:54 I really need the name of this song

    K FKK FK8 napja
  • The day I became a god is the dose of wholesomeness that i needed this year

    Adam SandlersAdam Sandlers8 napja
  • Just realized that the jujutsu kaisen ending is made by ALI, the guys who made the beastars opening It all makes sense now

    Jin JinJin Jin8 napja
  • bruh you look like someone who's been staying up late for weeks😂😂

    Shivam 243Shivam 2438 napja
  • the fbk moment tho

  • Thieves plus a talking cat?.... persona?

    JadeJade8 napja
  • the one thing I didn't expect to see here was someordinarygamers.

    Thomas SolomonThomas Solomon9 napja
  • I'm gonna write all of that thank you btw

    Midoriya Ni-SanMidoriya Ni-San9 napja
  • Yeah I agree on talentless nana *(it's among us hero academia)* but honestly... I found the anime kinda fun cause it was like among us but everyone is stupid except one person

    Tohka YatogamiTohka Yatogami9 napja
    • @white trash yeah hahahah

      Tohka YatogamiTohka Yatogami8 napja
    • just like among us everyone is dumb

      white trashwhite trash8 napja
  • Holy shit a climbing anime.

    Chris SakaiChris Sakai9 napja