F2 Feature Race Highlights | 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

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The first Formula 2 Feature Race of 2021 got under way in Bahrain! Guanyu Zhou started from pole, but will he convert it into his first Feature Race victory?
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  • Verschoor might take a podium any time soon

    Gjergji KonomiGjergji Konomi3 napja
  • 周冠宇好样的!

    Tian XieTian Xie7 napja
  • Go Zhou Go!

    Dunewarrior00Dunewarrior008 napja
  • Quick Question... Where are the pitstops in a Formula 2 race? I was wondering because the main garages must be füllen with F1 cars right?

    Victoria MVictoria M11 napja
    • Behind the garages I think

      Gjergji KonomiGjergji Konomi3 napja
    • Idk

      Gjergji KonomiGjergji Konomi3 napja
  • Get Daruvala in alpha tauri with Yuki.

    Furious LapsFurious Laps12 napja
  • Ticktum crashing other drivers out once again.

    BEAVIS MotorsportBEAVIS Motorsport14 napja
    • Except Piastri phoned Ticktum after the race and admitted that it was his fault

      1991 Mazda RX7 FD3S1991 Mazda RX7 FD3S13 napja
  • At last a formula 2 race worth watching. I'm seen many that were the bore of the century one of them in qualifying line abreast because the track was 'Greasy'

    Jazzy DaveJazzy Dave14 napja
  • No sé ustedes pero creo que la formula 2 debería tener su propio canal de HUworld no creen?. Saludos Desde Panamá.

    Lian SummerLian Summer14 napja
  • Zhou needs to learn how to keep the pole position to win. But great to see he wins the battle! Love it!

    Peng ZhangPeng Zhang14 napja
  • Looks like a very exciting formula, a lot of passing and most of them clean. Congratulations to the drivers, stars of the future no doubt

    Brent RitchieBrent Ritchie14 napja
  • this person sounds like a girl, ezeeeee pumpkin your goin to louse your voice.

    newenglandshorttracks.comnewenglandshorttracks.com14 napja
  • Why is this not being live broadcasted on HUworld?

    Visun TandelVisun Tandel15 napja
  • Who thinks MP should sign Verschoor?? At least I do

    Lars F1Lars F115 napja
    • Same

      Gjergji KonomiGjergji Konomi3 napja
  • The Alpine livery looks like a Renault e.Dams team livery from Formula E Season 4

    Diether SantosDiether Santos15 napja
  • zhou .go go

    X.D LUX.D LU15 napja
  • Looks like in every race Ticktum forget to look in his mirrors to remember that he is not racing alone. Shooting his own feet all the time

    Samuel NastaSamuel Nasta15 napja
    • @Samuel Nasta could be avoided with Piastri not trying to retake the position there, he could tried the next corner

      GuiiiGuiii15 napja
    • Doesn't mean that it was his fault. I said that this incident could be avoided without losing position.

      Samuel NastaSamuel Nasta15 napja
  • Ticktum is just as bad, if not worse than Mazepin in terms of accidents.

    SkeptSkept15 napja
    • Piastri could avoided that one.. the only accident that was Dan's fault was the first one with Verschoor

      GuiiiGuiii15 napja
  • ☔🚔❤🦜

    claudia bellanclaudia bellan15 napja
  • 🍾🙉😭🛎

    claudia bellanclaudia bellan15 napja
  • 🍀🛎🎬🐍

    claudia bellanclaudia bellan15 napja
  • NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍨🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍔🍔🍔

    Eugene ElkinEugene Elkin15 napja
  • Three races for F2, three crashes with fatal damages for opponents on track caused by Dan Ticktum. Take him off his driver license, please, he run on track without using intelligence and consequentely he's a danger on track.

    Davide SelliDavide Selli16 napja
  • Daruvala looks like a SERIOUS contender for the championship this year

    Siddharth BoseSiddharth Bose16 napja
  • This season F2 is filled with so much talent that not watching it would be a pity, this year there will be the tightest battle for the title, everyone will give everything, i have really a lot of hope for this year's season

    Francesco RossettiFrancesco Rossetti16 napja
  • What is a feature race

    Arctic MaxiArctic Maxi16 napja
  • Can we get this commentator in F1 too please? No offense but the new guy doing the Free Practice recaps for F1 is not the right person for the job.

    FMTF - Finance & InvestingFMTF - Finance & Investing16 napja
  • 加油周冠宇 中国人的骄傲!

  • Hope the Chinese can join F1

    Maxwell ChioMaxwell Chio16 napja
  • Guanyu Zhou Formula 2 champion candidate

    Zuni AprioZuni Aprio16 napja
  • First Win for Zhou, so proud of you!

    tuan nang dangtuan nang dang16 napja
  • Why I am even watching F2???

    KubFireKubFire16 napja
  • Come on Zhou

    jy weijy wei16 napja
  • Operation mode: Asians raid two of the three chances of a poudium

    Akiyan201Akiyan20116 napja
    • Hahn yes I forgot I mean podiums

      Akiyan201Akiyan2016 napja
    • Piastri and Lawson are from oceania

      Vinícius ApolinarioVinícius Apolinario6 napja
  • Is Piastri on his way to becoming GOAT?

    King ZappKing Zapp16 napja
  • How Robert managed to bounce back from DTP on lap 1 really says a lot about his skills

    SilbyeSilbye16 napja
  • Daruvala 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Roshan JainRoshan Jain16 napja
    • @Roshan Jain Portugal descobriu o caminho das índias, e descobriu o brasil, fomos os primeiros terraredondistas do mundo, e você e sua mídia oriental n vai entender, e já que n tem nenhum português na f2, vou torcer pro drugovich

      Vinícius ApolinarioVinícius Apolinario6 napja
    • @Vinícius Apolinario Sua mídia ocidental gosta tanto de estereotipar a Índia .. eles gostam de mostrá-la como um país pobre, sem estradas ou o que não .. visite meu país .. é muito mais desenvolvido que o seu .. nós doamos vacinas para quase metade do mundo e têm feito muitos grandes ... mas você e sua mídia ocidental não vão entender, não importa o quanto

      Roshan JainRoshan Jain6 napja
    • @Vinícius Apolinario Descobri que são portugueses .. no meu país a F1 não é vista muito mas o público está a crescer .. e não, não vai haver nenhum feriado nacional como pensas .. pare de estereótipos .. e sim Jehan vai ganhar

      Roshan JainRoshan Jain6 napja
    • feriado nacional na india se ele ganhar algo

      Vinícius ApolinarioVinícius Apolinario6 napja
  • daruvala🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Gowtham SureshGowtham Suresh16 napja
  • Zh ou

    6B13 LIU JIA LE6B13 LIU JIA LE16 napja
  • 3 Races, 3 incidents involving ticktum. Enough said. Piastri on for a podium if not a win here, such a shame its ruined by a driver with more pace then sense.

    BlowieAUBlowieAU16 napja
  • The Alpine livery pops even more in F2 😍

    DonesyboyDonesyboy16 napja
  • Ticktum in a nutshell... Fast, but dangerous.

    Lee JunVingLee JunVing16 napja
  • Keep your eyes on Richard verschoor

    Noa1nlNoa1nl16 napja
  • Oscar Piastri. What a talent. 🤔

    Samuel JamesSamuel James16 napja
  • Sad weekend for Drugovich. Hope he can get well next races

    Eduardo SousaEduardo Sousa16 napja
  • Let's go Guanyu! 冠宇牛逼牛逼牛逼!!!!!

    NickNick16 napja
  • 0:45 Bad Luck Zendeli - couldn't go for a fast lap in Qualifying, recovered in SR1 with fastest lap to start P2 in SR2 just to get a puncture and now get shot out by this

    MBPMBP16 napja
  • VAMO PRA CIMA DRUGOVICH 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Gui [GD]Gui [GD]16 napja
  • 周冠宇牛逼!

    MPB OneMPB One16 napja
  • Hey guys I'm fully supporting Guan Yu Zhou coz I'm a Chinese, but I would also suggest you to keep your eyes on Richard Verschoor, I've lucky enough to watched him raced in live in New Zealand here, he's a very talented and has humble personality, I expect he will be another raising star in the future.

    Matthew LaiMatthew Lai16 napja
    • Piastri is the star

      Elvis LeeElvis Lee16 napja
  • Why does Alex Jaques sound so mischievously pleased about the safety car at 0:48?

    JoelJoel16 napja
    • Because he knows the F2 drivers tend to take more risks... so could be more incidents on the way

      p_nillyp_nilly16 napja
  • Early prediction: out of this F2 crop I’d like Schwartzman, Piastri and Zhou to make it to F1

    Daniel WillitsDaniel Willits16 napja
  • Not a fan of Ticktum

    Daniel WillitsDaniel Willits16 napja
  • I miss Illot

    Matt PMatt P16 napja
  • zhou !!!!!!come on!!!

    dukun xingdukun xing16 napja
  • Great drive by Liam Lawson!!!

    Wynton GouldingWynton Goulding16 napja
  • that last safety car is unnecessary tbh

    sarmedi hutautarasarmedi hutautara16 napja
  • Is it possible that someone else can win????????

    jack Kenjack Ken16 napja
  • Is it just me or do they need to make the cars more identifiable. It is so confusing.

    Hamzah BayatHamzah Bayat16 napja
  • I fear for Pourchaire with ART’s infamous preferential treatment

    Szandor the 13thSzandor the 13th16 napja
  • Yay the Muslim Uyghur oppressor wins

    kk 5579kk 557916 napja
  • Amazing race.

    Lightening McQueenLightening McQueen16 napja
  • How does ticktum still have a seat, awful driver

    SwitchOnThaBeatSwitchOnThaBeat16 napja
  • Ticktum should have gotten a penalty for that one on Piastri

    The Ferrari Guru34The Ferrari Guru3416 napja
    • You can’t just dive bomb someone in a corner. It’s the same as Kvyat dive bombing Stroll at Bahrain last year and flipping Stroll over

      RageBoys33XRageBoys33X15 napja
    • Correct

      Zach LewisZach Lewis16 napja
  • 周冠宇牛逼!!!!!!

    Юйсюань ЛиЮйсюань Ли16 napja
  • Go on Zhou! My predictions for this season off to a solid start.

    CthulthuCthulthu16 napja
  • Well done Liam, awesome drive. A very well earned placing.

    Barry SargentBarry Sargent16 napja
  • 4:48 The moment I just knew something bad is gonna happen ...

    The TigerozaThe Tigeroza16 napja
  • go go Joe! Ticktok was great also

    Adrian BAdrian B16 napja
  • I just started watching f2, do they always do 3 races in a weekend ?

    Russian BotRussian Bot16 napja
    • Yes

      Henrique PaladinoHenrique Paladino16 napja
  • why did zhou get 29 points for this race? Isn't 25 the maximum?

    KircaKirca16 napja
    • 4 points for his pole

      Zi Yang FangZi Yang Fang16 napja
  • I love how enthusiastic the announcer was at the three wide restart

    Ilikecereal 15Ilikecereal 1516 napja
  • I swear the stewards has a vendetta on Juri Vips during the entire weekend~

  • What a first race am I right

    PD TVPD TV16 napja
  • Verschoor be like: P5-P4-P10-P1-P4 Still he did ok

    MicsterMicster16 napja
    • @Lars F1 you do know that it's Verschoor not Viscaal?

      MicsterMicster15 napja
    • @Lars F1 THEY DIDN'T???😞

      MicsterMicster15 napja
    • Tbh, MP should sign him for this season, but money is key nowadays

      Lars F1Lars F115 napja
  • Great job Zhou! We are so proud of you!!!

    Chen ZhengChen Zheng16 napja
  • I think the f2 cars need new engingesor in general an optimization, there are way to many people whom race is destroyed due to faliures. And they have to work on the fire extinguishers

    EmilEmil16 napja
  • I lost interest on F2 the moment Mahaveer got out

    PriestMarmorePriestMarmore16 napja
    • You've got Deledda now, hang in there!

      CurtisimoCurtisimo16 napja
  • Two New Zealanders in top 5. Go Kiwis!!

    GaryGary16 napja
  • I feel like the full safety car after the Petecof incident was unnecessary. And it caused a lot of confusion and penalties.

    Norbert KocsisNorbert Kocsis16 napja
  • It would be crazy for MP to not sign Verschoor for the full season

    Front Row ViewsFront Row Views16 napja
    • @Lars F1 thing is with verschoor he doesn't have big backing and that might hurt him he will really have to perform this season and win

      TakodaTakoda15 napja
    • @Takoda they really should sign him tho... and if they decide to do that, and he ends up Top 5 he deserves a chance in F1 if you ask me, he is so fast but not very consistent, but that can always grow

      Lars F1Lars F115 napja
    • @Lars F1 what a beast

      TakodaTakoda15 napja
    • @Takoda even P22*😂

      Lars F1Lars F115 napja
    • @Noa1nl p20

      TakodaTakoda16 napja
  • Zhou is underated

    Walcott 7Walcott 716 napja
  • What the heck is wrong with Vettel?

    RCnerd74RCnerd7416 napja
  • Can someone please explain the f2 liveries? Some of them look like baby f1 liveries like redbull, alpine and Williams

    SHR ModdingSHR Modding16 napja
    • @Hurricane Graphics excellent thanks

      SHR ModdingSHR Modding16 napja
    • @SHR Modding If they are on the same team but different academies, they generally have different liveries. Zhou and Drugovich are both on UNI-Virtuosi, but Zhou has an Alpine livery and Drugovich has a different one.

      Hurricane GraphicsHurricane Graphics16 napja
    • @Hurricane Graphics cool thanks for that. So do all teams have to have the same livery for both cars then? I saw two alpines I think. So what I mean to say is if one is a redbull driver and one an alpine driver on the same team which livery do they use?

      SHR ModdingSHR Modding16 napja
    • It’s usually the livery of their driver academy, as Zhou’s in the Alpine academy, and Lawson is in the Red Bull

      Hurricane GraphicsHurricane Graphics16 napja
  • Daruvala just chillin and somehow ends up in solid points by the Chequered flag

    Lucid HydraLucid Hydra16 napja
    • They don't show his overtakes on the stream. He receives really less screen time. Plus, he isn't an agressive driver and never rushes into a daring move, always waits for the perfect opportunity (something I feel will be his downfall this season)

      Hemanth KumarHemanth Kumar16 napja
    • Had it not been the safety car pits by Verschoor and Armstrong, he would have been at least 4th, as Daruvala pitted just before the safety car to undercut Liam Lawson (so 3rd or 4th would have been realistic)

      Supreeth GadamsettySupreeth Gadamsetty16 napja
    • Facts xD

      Arpith monteiroArpith monteiro16 napja
  • A lot of penalties for Safety Car infrigiment, that's something wrong.

    José DiasJosé Dias16 napja
  • Can someone explain why ticktum keeps getting chances ?

    QurttoRcoQurttoRco16 napja
  • Ticktum new mazepin?

    haru69haru6916 napja
  • How did Drugo fall from 3rd to 8th?

    rafa57gamesrafa57games16 napja
    • 5 sec pen

      Harry MHarry M16 napja
  • 05:31 Liam Lawson overtake.

    Dave PopeDave Pope16 napja
  • Let's go drugovich

    Markus SumieMarkus Sumie16 napja
    • @Yunyun ele deu muito azar na corrida número um e isso gerou problemas pras outras 2, mas da pra se recuperar

      Markus SumieMarkus Sumie16 napja
    • Precisa de incentivo mesmo, porque essas 3 primeiras corridas ele teve resultados bem ruins, seu companheiro Guan Yu Zhou está voando.

      YunyunYunyun16 napja
  • Hellovetteingoodtoinmaketookseeyounextbye

    ริน ทัดแก้วริน ทัดแก้ว16 napja
  • Ok F1 is going to be renamed,Formula for Hamilton man.s lover! 🤒🤒🤒🤒😠😠

    Ionel PatrunjelIonel Patrunjel16 napja
  • This is F2 not F1 ;/

    Daniel TDaniel T16 napja
  • They should remove Mazepin from Formula 1 and put Piastri in the Haas instead. He deserved it way more than Mazepin

    White STLineWhite STLine16 napja
    • Illot

      dylan haegens fandylan haegens fan16 napja
    • Illot

      Moses AdeMoses Ade16 napja
  • The title is wide open. No clear favorite.

    Retromaniaco_brRetromaniaco_br16 napja
    • Liam Lawson will be relentless

      Barry SargentBarry Sargent16 napja
  • I watched this live. But I'm still watching the highlights 😂

    NKNK16 napja
  • Can we get new guys, Will and Sam doing a race commentary

    Bryan OFlynnBryan OFlynn16 napja
  • My three Formula One idols are: Hamilton, Bottas and Vettel🏁🏎🏆

    Vana AlmeidaVana Almeida16 napja
  • Jehan needs to stop play safe...... He needs to be aggressive for it's the racing

    abbas ahmedabbas ahmed16 napja
    • Don't worry mate he started greatly ...he is driving smooth it's gonna reward him sure...F1 2022 jehan my champ

      rajesh rrrajesh rr16 napja
  • I would like to congratulate the entire Formula One team. And especially to my great idol Hamilton and his team. This first race of 2021 was a spectacle👏🏁🏎🏆

    Vana AlmeidaVana Almeida16 napja