F1's Most Oscar-Worthy Moments!

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Un-scriptable stories, stranger than fiction. Join us as we look at some of the most Oscar-worthy F1 moments through the ages!
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  • What's the most incredible F1 race you have seen? And if it was a movie, what would you call it?

    FORMULA 1FORMULA 119 napja
    • Brazil 2012 ❗️

      gokul M Nairgokul M Nair2 napja
    • Monaco 1996, 'All Out'

      AWildSnowballAWildSnowball2 napja
    • 2018 German Grand Prix - Lazarus. 2020 Turkish Grand Prix - Passing of the Torch.

      John Paul DoradoJohn Paul Dorado3 napja
    • Checkered Flag

      Sunrise StudiosSunrise Studios4 napja
    • NO CHECO

      SAMUEL .-.SAMUEL .-.5 napja
  • Hamilton every time hè says " That was a hard race"

    Dario Marini NZDario Marini NZ4 órája
  • Hamilton chasing Leclerc down is scary

    Harold AjaguHarold Ajagu12 órája
  • 3:57 4 people on the track *GUY WAVES GREEN FLAG - CARS FLOOR IT* seems legit

    TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1Napja
  • In reality, Hollywood doesn’t look at F1

    Wael AliWael AliNapja
  • One of them should’ve been most consecutive races without a win

    Caiden Paul ChannelCaiden Paul ChannelNapja
  • That 2008 championship just broke my heart. I didn't see glock until the standings were shown

    Erdal CakmakErdal Cakmak2 napja
  • Gasly and Nico isn't here? COME ON!

    LunarniteLunarnite2 napja
  • Formula 1 is such an amazing sport.

    F801 BF801 B2 napja
  • Lewis Hamilton claiming, "Tires are gone." Everyone pits. Then three laps later Lewis Hamilton states: "Tires are fine. I'm staying out." Not sure it's Oscar-worthy, but other teams keep falling for it.

    Drew SDrew S2 napja
  • Alternate title: *Hamilton VS Everyone*

    MissyMissy3 napja
  • Where is grosjean ???

    Musiic StylzZzMusiic StylzZz3 napja
  • Canada 2011 should have been there

    László GondiLászló Gondi3 napja
  • Need music from this video. Please

    Эстебан ОконЭстебан Окон3 napja
  • Max was so lucky that he squeezed into Mercedes and Ferrari internal drivers fights to win podium

    rajesh rajerajesh raje4 napja
  • Where is perez!!

    Siddhartha TomerSiddhartha Tomer4 napja
  • What about Senna's dramatic 1991 win in Brazil with only the sixth gear?

    RocamRocam4 napja
  • Oscar worthy moments : Extended version " Hey...steering wheel...somebody tell him to giveeeeitttoomeee....!! 😂"

    siddarth chandransiddarth chandran5 napja
  • Só faltou a ultima vitoria do Kimi nos e.u.a! ;/

    CésarCésar5 napja
  • Great video! But what about Gasli win ?

    Vladimir TitovVladimir Titov5 napja
  • How did Abu Dhabi 2010 or Brazil 2012 not get put in this video.

    RevanRevan5 napja
  • Netflix: hold my 🍺

    Rizqy SeptyantoRizqy Septyanto6 napja
  • No senna in Brazil?

    Roshan BhungarRoshan Bhungar6 napja
  • most of this oscar-worthy moments are belongs to the years when ferrari has a competitive car. ferrari with the pace always means more fun to the spectators.

    KaanKaan6 napja
  • Schumachers heroic fight in 1994 and 1997 against evil cheating forces

    MrRodzillaMrRodzilla6 napja
  • 4:05 I see what you did there

    Alp Can ArasAlp Can Aras6 napja
  • The best one is of Leclerc win's in Monza and the best is Hamilton wins on three wheels tha's a real action!

    Fatah NasreddineFatah Nasreddine6 napja
  • GASLEY'S monza win should be defined up there

    subhadip sarkhelsubhadip sarkhel6 napja
  • Valencia 2012 alone could be movie

    Connor RoyseConnor Royse6 napja
  • Abu Dhabi 2010 missed

    Bojan FerrariBojan Ferrari6 napja
  • We Brazilians still hate Tino Glock for that

    João GabrielJoão Gabriel7 napja
  • Where is Monza 2020?

    RubberDucky 0_oRubberDucky 0_o7 napja
  • gaming

    Lucas FortesLucas Fortes7 napja
  • Phenomenal video.

    CatsFerDaysCatsFerDays7 napja
  • Just epic !

    The Game Is OverThe Game Is Over7 napja
  • Yeah... Another excuse to put Brazil 2008 in a video.

  • I love this sport so much. It's the greatest spectacle on earth.

    Edward GomezEdward Gomez8 napja
  • Kimi's Suzuka win has to be included in this! Come on!

    Art AdhyayArt Adhyay8 napja
  • Seb's win with Torro Rosso ? Seb's 2012 Brazil GP ? F1 is always anti Seb

    Mithul BMithul B8 napja
  • No senna vs Prost at Japan??

    Ali gHDAli gHD9 napja
  • Perez last to first in Sakhir 2020 should be here....that too for his first career win!

    Vinayak MateVinayak Mate9 napja
  • Where is KUBICA and his comeback ???? Script for the movie is ready

    FifiFifi10 napja
  • Never forget Schumi

    YourMothaYourMotha10 napja
  • So key achievements/moments from Fangio, Senna, Schumacher, Vettel, Prost ignored in favor of British drivers, Max and Charles? Nice!

    Samik AdhikariSamik Adhikari10 napja
  • e scappa via Lauda,riesce a passare a ad evitare la connessione con gli avversari...

    Carry FlagCarry Flag11 napja
  • 1994 last race.... no Oscar for that?

    Michael CounterMichael Counter11 napja
  • Indeed, Oscars

    Blinka BotBlinka Bot11 napja
  • That Spa crash was something. It represents my home grand prix so well. Rain, fight, crashes and amazing emotion. For me the best circuit in the World !

    KimiRai 2007KimiRai 200711 napja
  • Remember real flags on the podium?

    Thomas VleminckxThomas Vleminckx11 napja
  • Grojean jumping out of his crash and Leclerc crash with Vettel should also be out there.

    Dhruv KaluskarDhruv Kaluskar12 napja
  • They're after Antti Kalhola's job now

    Na5iR11Na5iR1112 napja
  • You should have put Jean A crashing the ferrari at Monaco

    Lucas HolmesLucas Holmes12 napja
  • Leclerc winning his first race after his friend was killed the day before on that track surely should have been here. Amd Grosjean getting out of the fire.

    Jamie GlendinningJamie Glendinning12 napja
  • Bernie deserves an oscar for creating the speckle that was brought to out tv's at home. also kimi at susuka

    KieranKieran13 napja
  • missed Montoya beating the Schumachers.

    Erick FigueroaErick Figueroa13 napja
  • Leclerc's "win" means nothing. They were cheating with fuel flow and he forced Hamilton out of the road.

    foxfox13 napja
  • The Oscars are a joke. F1 isn’t.

    KlootzaqKlootzaq13 napja
  • 4:49 everybody loved that

    Nilesh PableNilesh Pable13 napja
  • Still have a sour taste after Charles defensive move making Hamilton brake on the straight when he won in Italy. If he didnt do that it would have been a superb race. That white and black flag was the least he deserved. Should have been more. But I guess if he didn't do that Hamilton would have ovetaken for sure

    Johannes BerglundJohannes Berglund13 napja
  • "This is racing, we are crazy people." -James hunt

    KannyKanny13 napja
  • Brazil 2012 and Brazil 2007 Italy 2020 and Bahrain 2020 should be here

    Matt2021 7Matt2021 713 napja
  • Nikita Mazepin starts last gets out of the race at 1at corner without anybody touching him, Lewis Hamilton comes 1st with a flat tyre.. SMH

    charmingdevil84charmingdevil8413 napja
  • "The FInal Countdown Europe 2012" I see what you did there

    Łukasz BaniakŁukasz Baniak13 napja
  • i dont think there is a better video on the internet

    Tim SteinebachTim Steinebach13 napja
  • Monaco 82 and 96!

    T NGT NG13 napja
  • Missin Gasly's win

    EnzoツEnzoツ14 napja
  • its weird seeing a ferrari holding back a mercedes these days

    Fajar nur majidFajar nur majid14 napja
  • Goosebump vibes!

    Valon YavaValon Yava14 napja
  • I think James Hunt winning for Hesketh deserved a mention.

    Wadd1eDooWadd1eDoo14 napja
  • Leclerc’s win was the first f1 race I watched.

    Benjamin GibsonBenjamin Gibson14 napja
  • "multi 21" "Valttery its James" "Lewis we need you to pick up the pace" "The silver Warfare:

    TrackforlifeTrackforlife14 napja
  • what is the name of the background music

    lmfaolmfao14 napja
  • Where is Seb comeback in Brazil 2012, last race of the season deciding the championship vs Alonso???!

    Dali BlackDali Black14 napja
  • Incredible video

    DanieliusDanielius14 napja
  • LEC 16

    Sajjad EsmaeiliSajjad Esmaeili14 napja
  • Best youtube channel.....

    deedee14 napja
  • Does anyone know what's the title of the song from 6:55 onwards?

    Sarah ChongSarah Chong15 napja
  • This made me feel old. I remember watching all but two of these live. And I know the other two well. Not a bad list in all, once I remembered this was worth moments not worthy races.

    Carrie WCarrie W15 napja
    • Mostly in the last 20 years and they make you feel old? Lol

      Yuri DeKhedYuri DeKhed14 napja
  • Beautiful! Thanks F1!

    Tiago SkateRockTiago SkateRock15 napja
  • Charles winning with Ferrari in Monza was one of the best moments I've witnessed during 20 years of watching F1.

    Racing RedRacing Red15 napja
  • Too much stuff from the 2010s, that's recency bias. F1 is not just that kneeling guy, there is a much richer history of it. Senna in Donington 1993, Brazil 1991 or Monaco 1984, Alesi's sole win in Canada, Fisichella's win in Brazil 2003, Panis in Monaco 1996, Barrichello's first win from P18, the last lap mayhem in Monaco 1982, Schumacher's win in Imola when his mother died, and from more recent events, Sakhir 2020 was definitely a Hollywood moment too.

    Eulo GPEulo GP15 napja
  • Enough to make a grown man cry.

    SWAVYSWAVY15 napja
  • Song please

    Farhaan kallooFarhaan kalloo15 napja
  • should have added turkey 2020 too

    Ravi YadavRavi Yadav15 napja
  • 1:08 did the tyre spin that sauber

    N O T Z E PELAAN O T Z E PELAA15 napja
  • Prost and Balestre both deserve a Bollywood award ... blehhhhhh

    Douwe EgbertDouwe Egbert16 napja
  • where's Kimi's last win in America, or Kimi's front left tire failure in the McLaren? or Kimi's half a second qualify pole? Senna in the rain? Senna in Monaco? is this video a start of a series? it better be ...

    Team LeanTeam Lean16 napja
  • Gasly winning his first grand Prix is definitely a oscar worthy moment

    Ganeshrao MuniandyGaneshrao Muniandy16 napja
  • iS tHaT gLoCk

    KacarroKacarro16 napja
  • Button, Barrichello, Brawn.

    NPowa99NPowa9916 napja
  • Brazil 2008 still keeps me up at night

    Bruno PavãoBruno Pavão16 napja
  • the checkered flag guy running towards the middle of the race track to meet the winner makes me shiver.

    Gel MirGel Mir16 napja
  • 2008 Spain without S

    Rubens Passos SantiagoRubens Passos Santiago16 napja
  • "Is that Glock?" moment drops out a tear in every brazilian eye

    Edgard PaivaEdgard Paiva16 napja
  • Guess u guys forgot someone called vettel

    Game of FireGame of Fire16 napja
  • such a hypocrite hamilton makes everything so dramatic when in reality a rookie would drive that car and take home the win also

    HC DaVeHC DaVe16 napja
    • One would have done if he hadn't gotten a 'puncture'

      Yuri DeKhedYuri DeKhed14 napja
  • Without the context, these examples lose all their impact

    Vynnx AVynnx A16 napja
  • Where is Nico winning the 2016 Abu Dabhi GP or Pierre Gasly winning Monza??????????

    Arpan D'RozarioArpan D'Rozario16 napja
  • Imagine winning the championship in literally last corner not of the race but of the championship.

    Dražen VidaDražen Vida17 napja
  • It looked scary when all cars were speeding past people, that were pushing Seb’s car!

    EndyEPEndyEP17 napja