F1 LIVE: Portuguese Grand Prix Build-Up!

2021.máj. 2.
713 919 Megtekintés

After two incredible races, we're ready to rock at Round 3 in Portugal! Join us as we chat to the drivers ahead of what's sure to be a thriller in Portimao.
Lights out at 1500 local time / 1400 UTC / 1000 ET
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    Cesar Escudero FernandezCesar Escudero Fernandez6 napja
  • 10:55 Lando: Pwoah

    ktjoarbyktjoarby11 napja
  • Mazipin I only have Bahrain and Italy in the bank. No mazepin you have the first 3 corners of bahrain

    Mark O'HalleronMark O'Halleron11 napja
  • No comments were heard at the live on the final day It was an unfair live

    Sky BlueSky Blue12 napja
  • Why wolume so low?

    Eros RacingEros Racing12 napja
  • Hamilton...wonderfull

    ana maria dainauskas soaresana maria dainauskas soares12 napja
  • 10:53 lol lando with the uhhh BWOAH.

    Awesom-OAwesom-O12 napja
  • Hamilton won the tace? Really? Incredibile!!

    michael sikkensmichael sikkens12 napja
  • Seb was a Show

    Enilsa Inácio Pereira LopesEnilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes12 napja
  • I like how yuki speaks better English then the European guys😆

    Christoffer SindingChristoffer Sinding12 napja
  • jeah man hamilton you did it !!! your 97 win, my gratulations to the best !!!

    blue banana in yourblue banana in your12 napja
  • Sir Lewis wins again. The 🐐 of his driving generation.

    Emperor GuardiolaEmperor Guardiola12 napja
  • Ma la Ferrari riesce a fare meglio o no?

    Ardian LaskoArdian Lasko12 napja
  • Ferrari didnt got a podium we'll get them next time

    peeppeep12 napja
  • Fia merceds, another time changing the rules midway true the match. Adding track limits and not informing the teams.

    Palmboom313Palmboom31312 napja
    • The track was the same the whole weekend, stop crying

      Jose GomezJose Gomez12 napja
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    Robert SmithRobert Smith12 napja
  • Hey FIA. There Are No Track Limits At Turn 14. So Following You're Rules Max Should Have Fastest Lap, Not Valterri, And Also According To You're Rules. Giovinazzi Should Get A Penalty For Break Checki my

    wannabeeboywannabeeboy12 napja
    • Max bottled it. It’s Max’s fault.

      Emperor GuardiolaEmperor Guardiola12 napja
  • Vettle has a lock on 10th place in every race for the season?

    anthony tantaloanthony tantalo12 napja
  • Ferrari new model Husqvarna in F1

    poto otoppoto otop12 napja
  • Carlos Sainz..campion..campion Husqvarna ...hahahaha

    poto otoppoto otop12 napja
  • A corrida na band só assisto o início e o final. Porque para aguentar esse sujeito que transmite tem que ter estômago de avestruz

    José FidelisJosé Fidelis12 napja
  • Esse narrador da corrida ele é tão chato que parece que vomita pela boca..Deus me livre que saudade da globo

    José FidelisJosé Fidelis12 napja
  • Thank you for this live stream. Moving in the right direction. Now if you all could just upload the races you'd really be doing the fans a service. You can do it. Un-clench the pocket book.

    Sergei AbbitjakokovSergei Abbitjakokov12 napja
  • May as well turn the audio completely off, instead of merely inaudible at normal settings

    Steven CarmichaelSteven Carmichael12 napja
  • In what channel can I watch f1 in television in India?

    Giri's gaming channelGiri's gaming channel12 napja
  • 22:20 Clowns 😃

    Dome DefenderDome Defender12 napja
  • Have the Ferrari team been watching some Morris dancing?

    NightsterNightster12 napja
  • It's like horse racing the best horse wins. For many years Mercedes has been the best horse. In F1 jockey doesn't matter so much, or?

    JihlinJihlin12 napja
  • Where can i watch the Race

    Tim HofmannTim Hofmann12 napja
  • why is Haas on the right at the start

    CustomNameCustomName12 napja
    • hmmmmmmmmm IDK

      red guyred guy12 napja
  • Your Predictions people!

    Melissa ReyesMelissa Reyes12 napja
  • "Valteri it's James! LUCKYLTON is behind you! Valteri, it is James I've said!!!"

    Zoran Petrović - ŠaneZoran Petrović - Šane12 napja
  • Great content and style everyone 👍👍

    Bert IngramBert Ingram12 napja
  • Love not being a fan of Aston Martin!! This is everything I hoped for after the way the treated Sergio.

    Billy's Subies and Snow ShowBilly's Subies and Snow Show12 napja
  • And we’re it’s easier to get out of a burning car idiot

    Mason StubenbordtMason Stubenbordt12 napja
  • You need to make a safer car with rain tires

    Mason StubenbordtMason Stubenbordt12 napja
  • why is f1 not broadcast on this channel?

    Pasha AchmadPasha Achmad12 napja
  • What time is the race in Mexico??

    fernifusfernifus12 napja
  • Aston Martin vai ser uma das grandes equipes na F1

    Jorge HenriqueJorge Henrique12 napja
  • David has the dumbest questions.

    Anne RudAnne Rud12 napja
  • Where is the comments from the Sky crew? Not here not in the app

    Bart VinkBart Vink12 napja
  • Loving the Ferrari lads giving it full beans doing a warm-up great stuff.

    CLiPPZZoRiTOCLiPPZZoRiTO12 napja
  • I beg you to correct your audio mastering, please! Volume levels dont match youtube standards

    AlphaselulozAlphaseluloz12 napja
  • i'm here for the max checo bromance

    Petrina TanPetrina Tan12 napja
  • Someone needs to redesign those masks so that they stay up. We've been wearing them for well over a year now! I propose an additional center strap LIKE THE HALO! As a bonus, it will also look like a thong!

    skyrunr skyrunrskyrunr skyrunr12 napja
    • @marcus kim ... Well... Design and Make a (relatively) *'Cheap' Mask* that *allows a moving JAW* and *Stays In PLACE* WithOUT Adhesive, that also allows Easy Breathing while Filtering 95+% of unwanted pathogens and particulates, that is also *COMFORTABLE* and *Does Not Tickle Nose* with errant fibers/threads, and is *hypoallergenic*, etc... *IS* (obviously) *NOT EASY...* (Otherwise, YOU would have already done it... right...?) Well, it kinda-sorta does take a genius, it seems...

      BigFatFuss StuntMonkeyBigFatFuss StuntMonkey11 napja
    • Honestly, how hard is it to insert a metal strap in the middle so that one can fix the mask onto your nose like a pair of glasses? It doesn't take genius level engineering.

      marcus kimmarcus kim12 napja
  • Sound is low

    John KuhlesJohn Kuhles12 napja
  • I can run faster than them…😆

    Louix XLouix X12 napja
  • To F1: Stop this kneeling BS immediately! And don't allow Drivers wearing Shirts and Helmets with political messages. F1 should be about racing not politics or some other agendas. These guys don't race as one, they race for themselves...racist BS.

    CuriousFurious58CuriousFurious5812 napja
    • Exactly

      LightningMan212 XDLightningMan212 XD12 napja
  • Anywhere to watch the race live free?

    William DaviesWilliam Davies12 napja
    • @William Davies search on HUworld "how to add friend on discord"

      cringe guycringe guy12 napja
    • @cringe guy how to add u on discord?

      William DaviesWilliam Davies12 napja
    • @cringe guy I’ve just downloaded didcord

      William DaviesWilliam Davies12 napja
    • I can't send the link here,HUworld will delete it automatically, maybe you can add me on discord or any other platform where you can chat me privately?

      cringe guycringe guy12 napja
    • Yes

      cringe guycringe guy12 napja
  • 2 red bull on podium ??

    deed daandeed daan12 napja

    Škoda T-25:Medium Tank 6 Tier From CzechoslovakiaŠkoda T-25:Medium Tank 6 Tier From Czechoslovakia12 napja
  • It's lights out and away w.... "Get in there Lewis"

    Daniel HDaniel H12 napja
  • ひげ剃って。

    Ryutarou SetoRyutarou Seto12 napja
  • 9:33 Daniel knows the 🅱️lan.

    Harshit MathurHarshit Mathur12 napja
  • When Lance goes to the barber shop he only gets his eyebrows done... What's with his haircut

    Greg SGreg S12 napja
  • Max where is your flat brimmed 🎩🤔😆

    Don BodfishDon Bodfish12 napja
  • volume of interviews matching the noise of engines

    Ishan BhaduriIshan Bhaduri12 napja
  • Predictable questions: how do you feel about the race today? Hows the weather? Happy with your strategy that you can’t tell us? Please make the questions more interesting!

    K____K____12 napja
    • @Ave Jaly Most of his questions go like this .... uh.... uh... uh

      Juan PabloJuan Pablo12 napja
    • @Juan Pablo he's great

      Ave JalyAve Jaly12 napja
    • I don’t think the new guy is very natural interviewer

      Juan PabloJuan Pablo12 napja
  • For a moment I thought my speaker's gone

    Jayant Raj PandeyJayant Raj Pandey12 napja
  • Give Seb propper fitting mask finally.

    HarjeckHarjeck12 napja
  • Will they stream the race too?

    Khrizzi923Khrizzi92312 napja
    • No they want mega bucks for that

      Sean KirkSean Kirk12 napja
  • Gebt Sebastian mal eine andere Makse. MEIN GOTT NOCHMAL!

    2Bnator2Bnator12 napja
  • 8:00 sergio, your pants were unzipped

    Mohamed AounMohamed Aoun12 napja
  • Nice to hear some of the robot language (Finnish)

    sweetchuggagunsweetchuggagun12 napja

    OMEGAOMEGA12 napja
    • 😂😂

      Ainoa Méndez HernándezAinoa Méndez Hernández12 napja
  • The native language segment is fantastic. Not that I understand them but still it's great.

    HiigaraHiigara12 napja
    • Agree

      Juan PabloJuan Pablo12 napja
    • It's a nice hat tip to the international audience of fans.

      2triky2triky12 napja
  • Can’t watch the race until tonight, so I’m unsubscribing knowing that you guys upload results shortly after the race.

    Joe FelonyJoe Felony12 napja
  • With May the 4th soon, hope the Honey Badger can connect to Yoda and feel the force and be One with his car. Race hard and have fun. Love F1.

    Josephine LeydenJosephine Leyden12 napja
  • Ahahahah oh gosh the ferrari mechanics warming up are so funny😂

    Giorgio SettiGiorgio Setti12 napja
  • The sound is too low.

    Xyco CrivellariXyco Crivellari12 napja
  • Rooting for Vettel to get some points today.

    Capt RicCapt Ric12 napja
  • gogogo

    주웅빈주웅빈12 napja
  • Why is every Grand Prix Build-Up so low on Volume ??????????????????????

    Adrian RodriguesAdrian Rodrigues12 napja
  • I can't here you but you upload still ;)

    Michael ScofieldMichael Scofield12 napja
  • Lewis fans like on this comment before the race

    Estifanos Wondimagagne TvEstifanos Wondimagagne Tv12 napja
  • Lando is apparently Kimi's love child

    Laura SkovboLaura Skovbo12 napja
  • Masks outside, pointless

    tractorback76tractorback7612 napja
  • Why wasn't Daniel asked to speak a few words in strayan?

    Mitch HMitch H12 napja
    • "throw some laps in the back of the 'ute"

      HiigaraHiigara12 napja
  • For a minute there I thought Lewis convinced Bottas to wear Tommy clothes more often. Realized it's a Mercedes thing now though haha

    Pedro MouraPedro Moura12 napja
  • so quiet

    iM3j3niM3j3n12 napja
  • 21:42 Ferrari crew warming up made my day

    Arnau Escarihuela AlcoverroArnau Escarihuela Alcoverro12 napja
    • Even their resistant bands are red! Wouldn't be surprised if they're all wearing red underwear.

      GozieZillaGozieZilla12 napja
    • HAAHAH same

      Tina BrownTina Brown12 napja
    • Mine too. Couldn't even focus on the interview anymore

      Ole-Gunnar LieskeOle-Gunnar Lieske12 napja
  • Best

    Kornél SimonKornél Simon12 napja
  • Sebe

    TylerKayTTylerKayT12 napja
  • Vamos checo!!!

    Norma RubialesNorma Rubiales12 napja
  • Sebastian the weatherman. Lando's pwah Ferarri warming up People in beanies The Antonio hair-wind-ometer ... its BWOKEN Alpine sat down. Well

    Rebekah LRebekah L12 napja
    • Para de falar patrão pra Hamilton tá jato cara

      Custela GuilhermeCustela Guilherme12 napja
  • s🅱️inilla

    FlorisFloris12 napja
  • Love the track !!!

    Clint StewartClint Stewart12 napja
  • Hold That mask Sebastian

    rifat Silverrifat Silver12 napja
    • Design and Make a (relatively) *'Cheap' Mask* that *allows a moving JAW* and *Stays In PLACE* WithOUT Adhesive, that also allows Easy Breathing while Filtering 95+% of unwanted pathogens and particulates, that is also *COMFORTABLE* and *Does Not Tickle Nose* with errant fibers/threads, and is *hypoallergenic*, etc... *IS* (obviously) *NOT EASY...* (Otherwise, YOU would have already done it... right...?) Well, it kinda-sorta does take a genius, it seems...

      BigFatFuss StuntMonkeyBigFatFuss StuntMonkey11 napja
  • Alonso de volta a Formula 1 e uma aberracao, deveria estar em casa brincando com os netinhos.

    CacikeCacike12 napja
  • Vote Mazispin driver of the day

    Braves131Braves13112 napja
  • Vettel currently replacing his mask😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Aris MichailAris Michail12 napja
    • @Sean Kirk Well... Design and Make a (relatively) *'Cheap' Mask* that *allows a moving JAW* and *Stays In PLACE* WithOUT Adhesive, that also allows Easy Breathing while Filtering 95+% of unwanted pathogens and particulates, that is also *COMFORTABLE* and *Does Not Tickle Nose* with errant fibers/threads, and is *hypoallergenic*, etc... *IS* (obviously) *NOT EASY...* (Otherwise, YOU would have already done it... right...?) Well, it kinda-sorta does take a genius, it seems...

      BigFatFuss StuntMonkeyBigFatFuss StuntMonkey11 napja
    • All the money in F1 n nobody's mask stays on,..

      Sean KirkSean Kirk12 napja
  • Max must win

    Aďo HrajeAďo Hraje12 napja
  • Lando's "pwah" is Kimi's "bwaoh"

    Rebekah LRebekah L12 napja
  • Fernando es FernandOOO ni hamilton ni max porque es el nano quien se sube en su Renault....

    Oscar MoralesOscar Morales12 napja
  • It seems that max/checo duo will be the best this year!

    Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha12 napja
    • Shouldn't discount Kimi and Seb,the wind could play a part.

      Bruce KilbyBruce Kilby12 napja
    • @JDaniel Lopez Hamilton sure. But Bottas? Only if you only count qualifying and ignore most races.

      Jemand AndersJemand Anders12 napja
    • Ok

      Xblue PantherXblue Panther12 napja
    • I guess so but what about Mercedes' Bottas /Hamilton? They are way ahead of the rest

      JDaniel LopezJDaniel Lopez12 napja
  • The reporter's beard needs its own mask.

    Mas AirmanMas Airman12 napja
  • Vamos Max 🏎️🏁

  • fh8hjn866fh8hjn866m.

    Francy Fabián de Jesus Britez RojasFrancy Fabián de Jesus Britez Rojas12 napja
  • We need to see the face expression

    Christian OrtegaChristian Ortega12 napja
  • I will love to see double podium with red bull

    Vijay ShelkeVijay Shelke12 napja