F1 LIVE: Portuguese GP Post-Race Show

2021.máj. 2.
592 305 Megtekintés

Join us LIVE for the Post Race Show with Will Buxton and special guests! We'll be analysing the race and interviewing drivers for the most immediate reaction of the race anywhere online!
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  • Glad to see Daniil here!

    Дмитрий СоловьевДмитрий Соловьев9 napja
  • Get rid of the totally useless masks..

    CoRnHoLiOCoRnHoLiO9 napja
  • Как же мне приятно читать комментарии Даню Квята 🇷🇺☺️

    KlutCherKlutCher9 napja
  • Daniii....Pls comeback and race!! 😭😭🙏

    HarshitHarshit11 napja
  • Great show!

    Chopper ChopsChopper Chops11 napja
  • I am a huge F1 fan,but is loosing my intrest in the sport,the reasen why is that if "SIR" Lewis complain about anything,everybody start to go into a state of "panic".When he complain about an elligal overtaking,he gets his position back,,,but in the same race ge gets a point for the fastest lap,but for him to achieve it,he also whent the same "elligal"route.This weekend a simmilar insident happened to Max,,,but he had to give his point back for the fastest lap,,,,F1 like all sports a politycal show,,,,Please just give Lewis everything he complains about,then everybody is happy!!!!

    Willie LiebenbergWillie Liebenberg11 napja
  • 25:12 This guy is honestly just terrible. Seriously, the teams packing up is not that EXCITING!!!!

    sicmicsicmic11 napja
  • Glad to see Daniil again

    Ramez MarcosRamez Marcos11 napja
  • 29:18

    Eugénio MontêsEugénio Montês11 napja
  • David Alorka showing you need a huge beard to keep those masks on your face when you speak!

    V8HiluxV8Hilux11 napja
  • Just to let everyone know, HAM will win the next race also..

    Jeffrey YoungJeffrey Young11 napja
  • More Kvyat!!

    Vehicles n' GuitfiddlesVehicles n' Guitfiddles11 napja
  • 17:45 Horsepower in my backpack

    mrdllomrdllo11 napja
  • 13:00 is that Toto? LoL

    Omid HeidariOmid Heidari11 napja
    • We need more of Danny

      Omid HeidariOmid Heidari11 napja
  • Did Sam Collins even watch the race?!

    Darko PetrovicDarko Petrovic11 napja
  • Pretty sure that Max’s fastest lap was deleted

    Bryant McelroyBryant Mcelroy11 napja
  • 18:20 Dani pointing will to the right camera like he's never done anything else. class act

    boezerdieserboezerdieser11 napja
  • Daniil FTW, what a pleasant chap and underrated driver.

    Chris SquirrelChris Squirrel11 napja
  • Kvyat interviewing Gasly was a total wonder

    Gerardo de VelascoGerardo de Velasco11 napja
  • Anyone else think they could have got better presenters? Or is that just me 🤔🤷‍♂️ Kvyat showing them how it’s done too 💪😆

    Stem ArtinStem Artin11 napja
  • Curious as to how many penalty points Mazepin already Haas.

    T MartyFT MartyF11 napja
  • Ocon: I can't wait to keep going Danii: Yeah same

    Harry Veal-GrayHarry Veal-Gray11 napja
  • Will has a bad habit of rolling around his mic and cutting himself off.

    WiseGuy02WiseGuy0211 napja
  • Love Kyvat , "my computer says it's a very low speed track"

    ACougarSwagnumACougarSwagnum11 napja
  • Red Bull the faster car??? Verstappen did not even get close to overtaking Bottas with DRS on the straight where the Mercedes was flying with DRS..

    Ronald SchepersRonald Schepers11 napja
  • A shame we did not get a Daniil-Max interview... Not awkward at all 😅😅😅

    Cristian PiñerosCristian Piñeros11 napja
  • Lewis Hamilton is loving the competition from Versrappen this year, makes him even better

    Jack 'The Lad' StevensJack 'The Lad' Stevens11 napja
  • Даня, ну почему сейчас в ф1 он, а не ты???

    Vsevolod KozlovVsevolod Kozlov11 napja
  • Man, i miss daniil on the track already... only russian i want in f1

    H8 M8H8 M811 napja
  • Starts 0:31

    Timmy SchnitzelTimmy Schnitzel11 napja
  • Sam summarising the race: "we can concentrate on the battle between the redbulls and the mercedes, while they were stright up in a file, bottas backs hamilton back up to verstappen, which is a bad move as verstappen gets by just a lap later as bottas gets a tongue slapper. Max going on to the hards was brilliant as we can see BoTtAs come into the pits for a tire change, Hamilton puts on the hards and the stratergy by redbull to go onto the hards is brilliant which i didn't think it would be as Lewis Hamilton is fast and Nikita Mazepin crosses the finish line, on lap 10." Sam clearly did not read the notes on this one.

    lexus lfalexus lfa11 napja
  • LISTEN!! Nice to see David Alorka's enthusiasm. Hopefully he settles into his role and feels more comfortable in time. It's great to have that extra hype.

    Archefluxx Happy HardcoreArchefluxx Happy Hardcore12 napja
  • Simon Lazenby and Nico Rosberg in the background ❤️🤣. Always nuce to see Will Buxted and welcome back to the paddock Danill❤️

    chase maltonchase malton12 napja
  • We know EVERYBODY been double vaccinated let's lose the masks!

    Gregory SmallGregory Small12 napja
  • excuses mr bottas.

    chris mchalechris mchale12 napja
  • We demand more Daniil!!

    MJoStrikerMJoStriker12 napja
  • What can be better than a F1 driver interviewing another F1 driver honestly ??!!

  • Haas battling with Williams, ye, well its latifi, the guy 8 tenths of his teammate

    FusionSnipingFusionSniping12 napja
  • Another race won in the pits.

    Aaron VannistelrooyAaron Vannistelrooy12 napja
  • Daniil and Esteban was a brill convo, smart fellas.

    Stuart AndersonStuart Anderson12 napja
  • Kvyat should interview Nikita. I'd pay for that.

    GloomGaiGarGloomGaiGar12 napja
  • Man Sergio Perez never drove a red bull in his life and now he's out qualifying Max Verstappen lol

    John BeattyJohn Beatty12 napja
  • David Alorka is better suited to the shopping channel

    ROB HROB H12 napja
  • Do you really need a mask when speaking alone to microphone. It is so difficult to understand you... unfortunately

    Philippe SalmonPhilippe Salmon12 napja
  • Happiest Guy today - Danill "Torpedo" Kyvat

    Aishwary GaonkarAishwary Gaonkar12 napja
  • Oh the Gasly-Kvyat section was something 😂

    Himalay GogoiHimalay Gogoi12 napja
  • Danyii K! Great perspectives Thanks

    Margarita MDMargarita MD12 napja
  • Gotta love Will resisting to giggle when he says 69 points 😂

    FcoFdzFcoFdz12 napja
  • So maybe I saw a different race...Bottas slowed Max up? Many people say that. Where did he slow Max down? Max couldnt even get past Bottas in DRS.

    Buck RogersBuck Rogers12 napja
  • Not 1200 Miles, it's 1200 Kilometers.

    Shane HawkinsShane Hawkins12 napja
  • Buxton you are a shallow vacuous shell

    andy chungandy chung12 napja
  • Missing Kyvat. He deserves to still be in F1. Way better than the Japanese.

    andy chungandy chung12 napja
  • I love Alorka, Man's a frickin' pirate. A bearded Eddie Jordan.

    Sergei AbbitjakokovSergei Abbitjakokov12 napja
  • Not one mention of Sergio Perez race, why???

    Antonio RamirezAntonio Ramirez12 napja
  • Great job by Dannii abs the rest of the team. Great show!

    VisciousViscious12 napja
  • Great analysis there sam. Riveting stuff. Riveting.

    Grant JGrant J12 napja
  • Dani “Art of interview” Kvyat Not “torpedo”

    Кирилл ДуровКирилл Дуров12 napja
  • David might be the worst F1 presenter I’ve ever seen.

    Grant JGrant J12 napja
  • 39:10 Will: 69!!!

    Kieve MercadoKieve Mercado12 napja
  • Daniil is a great host! Great to see him.

    Mariana BantugMariana Bantug12 napja
  • Dani “Art of interview” Kvyat Not “torpedo”

    Кирилл ДуровКирилл Дуров12 napja
  • don't wanna be negative but i really dont like the new guys style the dude with the long beard he just shouts way to much for my liking at least thanks for your great content f1

    Abc DefAbc Def12 napja
  • Love the Indy chat with Zack, thanks to McLaren it’s brought it to my attention and I’m loving. But not as much as F1 this season

    Mini Mead3Mini Mead312 napja
  • Daniil needs to be back on the show again! And alorka needs to stop waddling around like he's about to wet his pants 🤣

    Jelle HesselinkJelle Hesselink12 napja
  • Danni Kvyat is way too better than Mazepin and other russian drivers in the world ChAnGe My MiNd

    Brian BaruaBrian Barua12 napja
  • Watch out Will.

    Captured By SmartphonesCaptured By Smartphones12 napja
  • Daniil was great, but pls somebody tell the guy with the beard that he does not have to scream incoherent sentences at the camera lol

    ArnautovicAUTArnautovicAUT12 napja
  • Torpedo Meme LoL

  • Man I wish David would calm down, he’s so over the top......🥴

    Max Headroom 2Max Headroom 212 napja
  • Hey valteri! How are you? “Oh excuse excuse I was just unlucky today excuse excuse tires” hey Lewis how does p1 Feel ?” so hard out there so hard tired we’re just nowhere the whole race I was on skates wow so lucky never stop believing YOLO I love everyone on to the next one” MAX HOW WAS IT” I tried I tried blah blah but second was all I could do of curse happy for the team”

    Jonathan CanoJonathan Cano12 napja
    • You sound like had enough of f1.

      Chris CollinsChris Collins11 napja
  • thats my russian! F1 community: no thats *OUR RUSSIAN* Communism

    Lucid HydraLucid Hydra12 napja
  • That was the most boring race for a while. Wrong tire choices.

    markthecuttysarkmarkthecuttysark12 napja
  • 23:25 Toto having a fatherly moment taking some Mercedes family pictures in the background

    whochairswhochairs12 napja
  • Sainz should have remained with McLaren

    CyanSilhouette GamingCyanSilhouette Gaming12 napja
  • Should be in the Williams or in the haas

    L ChaveL Chave12 napja
  • Return of the torpedo

    RaKRaK12 napja
  • Lewis about the competition: This is what I was made for. 🔥🔥💯

    John JJohn J12 napja
  • Why is it that the driver need to wear a mask when they are doing interview? they are far away from anybody and surely F1 could disinfect the mic after each interview!

    Tom CTom C12 napja
  • I want the Torpedo every week please!!!

    W CooleyW Cooley12 napja
  • Daniil's on this might have been the most enjoyable thing this weekend, bring him back if he's down!

    whochairswhochairs12 napja
  • Congratulations to Pato O’Ward and Indy Mclaren. I’m still a big fan of F1, but Indy is more exciting at this time. Indy 2021 = first 3 races, 3 first time winners, you’ll never see that in F1. BaDaBoom

    michael welchmichael welch12 napja
  • I think F1 is the only place where small men are ideal 😂😂

    John JJohn J12 napja
    • Horse racing and gymnastics lol. I find it kinda funny tbh. You dont realize how small they are because most are roughly about the same height! For the longest time I thought Seb and Lewis were close to 6 feet tall!

      Ms JMs J11 napja
  • Zak - Pato won the XPEL 375 INDYCAR race today 😀

    AdamasAdamas12 napja
  • I really like Danill, sometimes it feels a little unfair, that he got kicked out of a seat, but regarding marketing he was not enough and he was always lacking a little charisma or character during his racing years. But his character really came forward today imo.

    CkCk12 napja
  • I love having Danil K being a part of this! Super cool

    Kian SnoufferKian Snouffer12 napja
  • Daniil was great as a presenter :)

    John SekharJohn Sekhar12 napja
  • I dont wanna hear no excuses about the Medium C2 compound after Checo took them 52 laps in clean air

    iMetz LiMetz L12 napja
    • @iMetz L i mean after that stint he's nowhere. Sure he can nurse it but, Hamilton just eats him up at the later stage.

      Kami SamaKami Sama10 napja
    • @GloomGaiGar Clean air is harder on your tyres since youre never in a slip stream, its arguably harder to manage tyres in clean air over a whole race

      iMetz LiMetz L11 napja
    • well that's the thing...clean air

      GloomGaiGarGloomGaiGar12 napja
    • While the tire management was incredible , he couldn't do much to help max , Redbull clearly short on pace this race

      andy Vettelandy Vettel12 napja
  • Daniil!!!!!!!

    ace matthew ocampoace matthew ocampo12 napja
  • Bottas has no real excuses this time for not winning this race, he had all the pieces but just isnt up to completing the puzzle in the same way Hamilton keeps doing, and Hamilton keeps showing his class, it was a big day to show the differences between the two team mates with identical machinery, no damage to a floor or wing and in the dry . . . Loved the fighting lower down the field and Alonso, jeez, cracking day.

    Dr ones and moreDr ones and more12 napja
    • Agreed. If he lost the lead because of the sensor issue, I would have excused him but he lost two places on merit (or lack of it).

      GloomGaiGarGloomGaiGar12 napja
  • Kvyat is funny. Excellent contribution, he will land a job, keep it up!!!

    Roberto DelgadilloRoberto Delgadillo12 napja
  • Wingman is finished!

    WW12 napja
  • So quiet engines. I've lost interest...

    Max InpainsMax Inpains12 napja
    • Bro...

      Je suis alla maison WiedmaierJe suis alla maison Wiedmaier12 napja
  • Didn't knew that Kvyat was with Alpine

    Luis RodríguezLuis Rodríguez12 napja
  • Usual and Boring Race, Mercedes easily win. I see the end of season. It is not difficult.

    cuneyt tekinaycuneyt tekinay12 napja
  • Lewis, Driver of the Race ❤️❤️

    Back upBack up12 napja
  • Annoying bloomin intro that's is beep beep beep beep beep!!!! Thanks!

    Jack MullinJack Mullin12 napja
  • I need subtitles 💩😬

    SpelpoolenSpelpoolen12 napja
  • I like how Daniel K is a much better TV Presentor than a Torpedo.

    ExpandoExpando12 napja
  • We want Danny full time unless He replaces Mazepin at Haas or Latifi at Williams or Tsunoda

    IvanIvan12 napja
  • Kyvat putting on a clinic on how to be interesting and engaging.

    Pauline WeinbergerPauline Weinberger12 napja