EXPERIMENT : UnderGround UnderWater and UnderPan

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In this video we have collected many different experiments, such as: The reaction of cola and menthos underground, various experiments with a watermelon and also with a pan.
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Don't try this at home, we're just doing this for education to show what happends.
This channel is scientific and educational and we are professionals in our field with special education.

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  • How much did it all cost you though??

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  • that is very cool..!! Your video is very entertaining, well done my Friend..

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  • that is very cool..!! Your video is very entertaining, well done my Friend..

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  • id like to suggest that you pour cold drinks or soda nicely so they keep the gas in not like you do. if you do it like i said you will have more foam.

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  • great show! but for starters lets get into some safety I blue my hand apart with a fire cracker when I was young the wind blew the flame right past the fuse directly inside it so never use matches or bic lighters its a good idea to stick with that wind proof lighter you are using but watching the video it looked as if you were lucky a few times not blowing your hand off light the fuse sideways not toward the end of the explosive one of these days your gonna lose a hand if not careful!

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  • Loved it! new to youtube! would love some support :) I hope you are having a fantastic day.

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