Evolution of the Porsche 911 Turbo

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A Porsche Turbo is much more than a model variant: it's a principle. A spearhead model, a high flyer, the limit of what is feasible - and it's clear to see why.
911 Turbo: Fuel consumption combined: 11,1 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 254 g/km Status: 12/2020
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  • Good job Porsche ! Go Stuttgart 🇩🇪👍🏻

    Florian OFlorian O7 napja
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  • i had the 930, very good car....

    jerome karxxjerome karxx13 napja
  • If you make a variety of sports car and sedan designs, mainly classic cars It looks like it will be a big hit, and it is a legend if the design comes out as it is with the old brand. Let's make one with a classic brand.

    지혜지혜지혜지혜지혜지혜14 napja
  • This should of been called, "All generation 911 turbo drag race"

    yuoop nokeyuoop noke16 napja
  • Amazing 😍

    doire aintudoire aintu17 napja
  • Just wonderfull !

    Benjamin BinonBenjamin Binon17 napja
  • PORSCHE 965 turbo

    Thomas CrownThomas Crown17 napja
  • Porsche models are too short, let's start with sports cars and add a few more models with various designs.

    지혜지혜지혜지혜지혜지혜18 napja
    • Wow..the truly performance & technology evolution of 911..👌

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke15 napja
  • Great vid! Had a chuckle when Olaf Manthey appeared. Good cameo.

    gioyu comigioyu comi18 napja
    • Why does it have to be this over edited, over stylized bs. Cant we just see a straight up drag race without 1,000,000 jump cuts?

      doire aintudoire aintu17 napja
  • Holy shit this how can a concept this cool be executed so poorly? Fire you PR editor.

    • Why does it have to be this over edited, over stylized bs. Cant we just see a straight up drag race without 1,000,000 jump cuts?

      gioyu comigioyu comi15 napja
  • Bad editing.

    ae86 - sr5 to gts conversionae86 - sr5 to gts conversion18 napja
    • Wow..the truly performance & technology evolution of 911..👌

      gioyu comigioyu comi15 napja
  • fuck!....porsche did a drag race between all it's 911 turbos....I loVe you porsche....love from India!

    Aniket SenAniket Sen18 napja
  • Notice the 991 is a cab, therefore heavier, just to give the 992 a tiny bit more of an edge against it on camera

    Jeremiah ColemanJeremiah Coleman18 napja
    • This is legitimately awesome.

      gioyu comigioyu comi18 napja
  • Where was Mat Watson? 😁😁

    Vladimir GeorgievVladimir Georgiev18 napja
  • Took 45 years to reach double acceleration. Meanwhile, processors and hard drives became bigger and faster :)

    Gergő SzalayGergő Szalay18 napja
  • Fake drag race, cringe catchphrases, no pure sound of each car, why does everyone care / share ?

    LudovicLudovic19 napja
  • I'd love to see the GT3 version too!

    Club BlauClub Blau19 napja
  • Let's actually race them from a dig and see what happens when they lift at 300kph

    s14seans14sean19 napja
  • Why can't you fuckers simply make the cars race, sparing the douchebag "oh we are so macho bros staring at the others" and stupid dramatic douchebag bro hipster music? For fucks' sake...

    Antoine GordonAntoine Gordon19 napja
  • Porsche ❤️❤️❤️

    Syed SadiqSyed Sadiq19 napja
  • so uh, all of these cuts and quick jumps made me sick, also, the porsche won right?

    nirro6nirro619 napja
  • Wow..the truly performance & technology evolution of 911..👌

    fajar ramadhanfajar ramadhan19 napja
  • Why does it have to be this over edited, over stylized bs. Cant we just see a straight up drag race without 1,000,000 jump cuts?

    QMan1234redQMan1234red19 napja
  • The 911, what a beautiful sight 🖤🏁🖤

    hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa20 napja
  • All generations are perfect😉 Permanence and change all to this day. This is only provided by 911, nothing else. 🖤❤️💛

    Gergely NagyGergely Nagy20 napja
  • 1:32 Adding sound effects to pressing a button on a PDK car doesn't make it more exciting and cooler than a manual...

    DH KDH K20 napja
  • This is legitimately awesome.

    Reilly DowdReilly Dowd20 napja
    • fake

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa20 napja
  • Can we please pass a law against dubbed shift sounds?! No Porsche shifter ever sounded that mechanical. Drop a rubber eraser on your desk. That's what a Porsche shifts sounds like (and feels like).

    Patrick BatemanPatrick Bateman20 napja
  • Give me the 964 please. Bad boys bad boys...

    Joe EngineerJoe Engineer20 napja
  • This is how you make a commercial

    Original GibbsOriginal Gibbs20 napja
  • This was the drag race video equivalent of a Jason Bourne fight. Overedited.

    Jared WorshamJared Worsham20 napja
    • @WJWallace The sad thing is they could have just filmed it. Just, drone footage or whatever... and let people debate over gaps and times and everything... it would have been freaking beautiful.

      splatbubblesplatbubble19 napja
    • And the fake shifting sounds....overly dramatized.

      WJWallaceWJWallace19 napja
    • Agreed. I was hoping it was a trailer for a more detailed documentary or something. Pity - Porsche does such beautiful work otherwise.

      splatbubblesplatbubble19 napja
  • Brilliant Blog Thanks.

    NEIL UrwinNEIL Urwin20 napja
  • Great vid! Had a chuckle when Olaf Manthey appeared. Good cameo.

    Max PowerMax Power20 napja
  • Yeah, sorry but you could put the real race because all this cut cut cut show nothing...

    Tanguy MahéTanguy Mahé20 napja
  • The 930 and 992 for me 🤤

    Brian ChapmanBrian Chapman20 napja
    • 🙋🏽‍♂️what he said ☺️

      AnthonyAnthony18 napja
  • Hey @Porsche, why do you upload videos like it's 2000 with black bars? They are ugly on mobile and wide-screens :/

    SławomirSławomir20 napja
  • 997 turbo gen ||

    AutorareAutorare20 napja
  • Beautiful video, the 911 is without doubt one of (arguably the) definitive sports car of our time - also, thank you Porsche, for shooting in 21:9!

    KJ MarwayKJ Marway20 napja
  • Acaba bizde olurmuş = inşallah

    Ömer said ŞekerÖmer said Şeker21 napja
  • Olaf Manthey ein sehr sympathischer Herr 👍😁

    Paul StoermerPaul Stoermer21 napja
  • ステキですね❤️

    松田小乃実松田小乃実21 napja
  • fake

    christophe bessonchristophe besson21 napja
  • visibly, not much

    LeoVomendLeoVomend21 napja
  • Me gusta que Porsche no olvida sus modelos viejos.

    hack 86hack 8621 napja
  • I like them all ! :)

    philippe fphilippe f21 napja
  • Un vrai test façon carwow please

    sébastien CAILLETsébastien CAILLET21 napja
  • So I guess the editor of this video was being paid per edit cut. I mean Jesus Christ would you take down a notch? one can barely see anything, and the cuts were so fast they were border line seizure inducing. PS: I am here to see the cars, stop showing me the faces of people I don't know or care about. What a missed opportunity this is, sigh. You could have used a drone to follow the drag race and deliver a much more watchable and enjoyable experience. The camera man did a wonderful job filming the cars, and then the editor took a massive horse sized dumb on the whole film, and kept showing us people. As if we cannot see people every day, as opposed to every generation of the 911 Turbo going for a drag race. FFS this is beyond annoying.

    Nikolei GrahamNikolei Graham21 napja
  • I have Peugeot 206. Can i help me porsche ?

    /: Near/: Near21 napja
  • All the cars look the same to me 😂

    Aye CarambaPokerAye CarambaPoker22 napja
  • I’ve come to the conclusion these aren’t even marketing advertisements for the brand. You know the type “come on buy me, you know you want one...” The lack of diversity in the drivers, undoubtedly incredibly skilled as the group are, shows the driving world for what it is. Read a very recent piece by Lewis Hamilton where he discusses diversity with Toto Wolff. It is an eye opener (read from a white guy’s perspective here) and should be mandatory for every motoring marketing department - I’m looking at you Porsche. Before I get slaughtered in the rush still a great video! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    Phil BPhil B22 napja
  • This ad gave me a hard-on.

    TJ DevilTJ Devil22 napja
  • You forgot when Porsche cancelled the 911 widow maker due to its putrid handling killing too many of their customers. It's replacement was the best car Porsche ever made, the front engine V8 928.

    F100 FE390F100 FE39022 napja
  • Les femmes ont interdiction de conduire une Porsche ???!! C’est dommage,c’est ma voiture préférée. J’étais dispo moi !

    Cecilia Da silvaCecilia Da silva22 napja
  • Awesome ! We love the Porsche 911

    Fast CarsFast Cars22 napja
  • Give me a 993 turbo ever time, beautiful car. Best 911 ever made. £250000 for a minter.❤️

    Kristian SpencerKristian Spencer22 napja

    ADMIRAL BLUE애드머럴 블루ADMIRAL BLUE애드머럴 블루22 napja
  • 996 & 997 turbo is my choice

    Joe HamiziJoe Hamizi22 napja
  • This should of been called, "All generation 911 turbo drag race"

    A AA A22 napja

    Classic Gaming TimesClassic Gaming Times22 napja
  • Waiting to copy and paste the Nissan GTR mechanically and engineered from Porsche Turbo as usual

    TurkiTurki22 napja
  • My only dream in life is to have a 930 or 933 turbo. Best looking car ever made

    Alex HartAlex Hart23 napja
  • Porsche 930 Turbo is still the best one🤓.

    Schalchen R.Schalchen R.23 napja
  • 00:39

    BillyBilly23 napja
  • I think Mark Webber is happier in Porsche than Red Bull 😊. Me❤️911

    Eduardo Peña DomingoEduardo Peña Domingo23 napja
  • Had one...😢🤣

    PoloTurboPoloTurbo23 napja
  • Amazingly overpriced cars

    Andres PerezAndres Perez23 napja
    • What an amazingly amazing overused noob comment 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 You make a fool of yourself again and again in front of all of HUworld and don't even notice it...

      Der HebbelDer Hebbel19 napja
  • The newest porsche is always the fastest porsche but new does not always equal best.

    Maximilian van BoxelMaximilian van Boxel23 napja
  • WoW!! So awesome.

    ChanceChance23 napja
  • Passport to heaven.

    Ruohong ZhaoRuohong Zhao23 napja
  • The race went exactly as expected. Small incremental improvements over time.

    Lucas DuffieldLucas Duffield23 napja
    • if you are stupid enough to believe it

      Márton RónaiMárton Rónai18 napja
  • Loving my 911 - like no other sports car I’ve owned 👍

    Peter BestPeter Best23 napja
  • The 1991 version for me please.

    Zombie RoflZombie Rofl23 napja
  • Brilliant.

    Algernon WolfwhistleAlgernon Wolfwhistle23 napja
  • _Porsche, there is no substitute_

    sutatssutats23 napja
  • Perfect timing!! I’ve literally just finished the 50 years of 911 in real racing 3!! Had a blast

    Nighthawk 009Nighthawk 00923 napja
  • I am a Porsche owner I have Owned 996 turbo & now I Owen 992 c4s Porsche built best cars .perfection....

    Mike HatabMike Hatab23 napja
  • Thought the new turbo had 650ps? That stated 580ps

    scott margerisonscott margerison23 napja
  • I bet they all argued over who had to drive the 996.

    First To ElevenFirst To Eleven23 napja
    • They're great cars with unfortunate headlights. No biggie.

    • I would happily take take that 996 T off their hands.

      Hector LHector L23 napja
  • thanks for making a car to another level , you guys should should be proud of what you have done 🙏🏻

    h u s hh u s h23 napja
  • Seriously who can dislike a video like that

    Panagiotis BotonakisPanagiotis Botonakis24 napja
    • Ferrari (Prancing Donkey) owners that's who...

      Hugo SequeiraHugo Sequeira22 napja
    • Well if they stopped changing camera angle every half a second, I could have maybe enjoyed this... alas!

      TankusTankus22 napja
  • There should be one more Turbo - Taycan :)

    Roy ToyRoy Toy24 napja
  • I would love any of them to be honest

    JuanJuan24 napja
  • I will get one someday I’m sure about that and it will be the newest version Because Porsche is ♥️

    ZEYAD MKZEYAD MK24 napja
  • 993 is the best.

    Tyler DurdenTyler Durden24 napja
  • Green politicians: Stuttgart is a very bicycle friendly city , cars and car shows aren't welcome. Porsche AG: I am about to end these peoples' career.

    Atarv HegdeAtarv Hegde24 napja
    • Grand Tour reference right there

      Samuel RSamuel R22 napja

      Maximilian StockerMaximilian Stocker23 napja
  • Well nothing beats a 911 Turbo S on a 1/4 mile.

    Atarv HegdeAtarv Hegde24 napja
    • Yes. Honda NSX :P

      Maximilian StockerMaximilian Stocker23 napja
  • Wish I was a Porsche factory test driver

    KONRADKONRAD24 napja
    • Who not ❔😅

      Ramsi KühnRamsi Kühn23 napja
  • Some of the most beautiful cars ever made

    RowdyRowdy24 napja
  • What did Mark say?

    Woraprut CharoensawatWoraprut Charoensawat24 napja
  • that was phenomenal to see the birds eye view and visually compare Porsche's technological improvements since the initial 911. Bravo!

    DaltonDalton24 napja
  • 와 샌즈!

    프로 댓글러 g. g프로 댓글러 g. g24 napja
  • They all look the same and heavy. It’s called innovation new designs and technology Porsche 911s looks still like it’s 70 years old who cares about dna and history time is about innovating and new designs and ideas your cars are ugly

    GENiUS 1GENiUS 124 napja
  • R.I.P. Porsche 969, a stillborn prototype that was set to succeed 930 Turbo and as a spiritual successor of the marvellous 959. Would have been my dream car if it was to realize. Personally, my favourite Porsche production car is the Porsche 959. Nothing beats the king, neither the Carrera GT nor the 918 Spyder.

    Lu-Hsi PanLu-Hsi Pan24 napja
    • Just for your information, there's a private collection in miami that the owner bought like 5 of the 959, schmee did a video of this collection,

      MeMe23 napja
  • Multi 21 Seb, Multi 21.

    J-Lee OfficialJ-Lee Official24 napja
  • A great showcase of how Porsche 911’s have become more and more ugly with each and every new model.

    Julian 987RJulian 987R24 napja
  • The 911, what a beautiful sight 🖤🏁🖤

    The EricThe Eric24 napja
  • All of the Aircooled Turbos for me please! The rest? I just dont care...

    Classiccars SpainClassiccars Spain24 napja
    • It's that air-cooled sound. Gives me a woody just thinking about it, lol

      Efrem WilliamsEfrem Williams24 napja
  • Amazing

    Justin SteinJustin Stein24 napja
  • One of the greatest cars ever made.

    LeseveselLesevesel24 napja