Eurovision TOP 25: Most Watched Eurovision Songs

2020.aug. 9.
565 705 Megtekintés

Most watched Eurovision songs and results since 04.08.2020 (Here I am listing views on HUworld)
If you are curious about the results of other Eurovision songs, you can write in the comments section.
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  • Lowkey wishing for turkey 2010 but lowkey knowing it was so underrated :(

    Şifa DurusuŞifa Durusu2 órája
  • kinda sad that moldova isn't on the list

    Akira ShineAkira Shine3 órája
  • I love Gagarina's performance&song most

    Dilnoza RashidovaDilnoza Rashidova4 órája
  • Wtf is that top 3??? People have no music taste 😂

    Martin ENMartin EN4 órája
  • How can the fist one participe in 1944 if the first edition was in 1956?

    Anne !Anne !11 órája
  • this video is wrong. Actually, 1st place should be Manga- We could be the same- song ..

    Nevrestegan CedidNevrestegan Cedid16 órája
  • Fairytale, Euphoria and Satellite are probably the most iconic songs of Eurovision in my opinion

    Anthony AAnthony A19 órája
  • Uhh soo many amazing songs.. I still hear Soldi in the radio tbh but it loved arcade so much that I really wanted it to win

    Anthony AAnthony A19 órája
  • The ape 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Shiroka MauShiroka Mau20 órája
  • Conchita is a big BRUH

  • и просто little big на вечернем Урганте👍

    Анастасия БолатаеваАнастасия БолатаеваNapja
  • The chicken song is so baaaad

  • God sake Marco Mengoni?? wtf and the first one.... im so happy those songs didnt win

    anastas stefanianastas stefaniNapja
  • Top Five: 1. Italy 2. Israel 3. Italy 4. Italy 5. Sweden

    aishaaisha2 napja
  • Nulla... volevo far notare che nella top 5 ci sono 3 italiane non vincitrici e le altre 2 sono vincitrici (una di queste 2 ha vinto imitando un tacchino). C'è qualcosa di sbagliato in questo eurovision

    PilinkiaPilinkia2 napja

    lionello giulialionello giulia2 napja
  • WTF ?! where is Verka Serduchka "Dancing Lasha Tumbai" (Ukraine 2007) : Sieben Sieben Alulu Sieben Sieben Ein, Zwei .... Sieben Sieben Alulu Sieben Sieben Ein, Zwei, drei : TANZEEEEEEN !! Still a banger !

    LadyArachneaLadyArachnea2 napja
  • To be fair Fairy tale should be one

    MustafitoMustafito2 napja
  • Italy❤️❤️

    Nina gbcNina gbc2 napja
  • Proof that Mahmood was much better than Duncan 😢

    Зиба МурадоваЗиба Мурадова2 napja
  • Her Türk genci günde bir defa Manga nasıl birinci olamadı diye we could be the same izleyip depresyona giriyor aw listede olamaması şaşırttı

    JojikoJojiko3 napja
  • Francesco🇮🇹 💋💋💋✌️✌️✌️🔥🔥🔥👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Новый Влог каналНовый Влог канал3 napja
  • And now Ukraine Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is so catchy

    Liam Queen StarLiam Queen Star3 napja
  • It is a bad joke?? Italians before Dana International? I not surprise if this a Italien HUworld channel 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    lifestyle_arcadiolifestyle_arcadio3 napja
  • E anche quest'anno, come ogni anno, vinceremo sicuramente l'anno prossimo. Premiati dal televoto e penalizzati dalle "giurie". LML. (colorita espressione salentina). FORZAMÅNESKIIIIIIIIIN!!!

    • @ANNUZZA CCì 👍🇮🇹

      arnaldo muffoliniarnaldo muffoliniNapja
    • @arnaldo muffolini, potrei aggiungere, per rinforzo, QZDSRT. 😁😁😁

    • @arnaldo muffolini, 😹😂😹😂😹😂😹😂😹😂

    • QZDMMT Acronimo foggiano, leggermente scurrile, che riassume brevemente il mio pensiero verso le giurie di ESC... 🙂

      arnaldo muffoliniarnaldo muffoliniNapja
  • 3:52 AZERBAIJAN🇦🇿

    Pakizə MəlikovaPakizə Məlikova3 napja
  • Dum Tek Tek is a forever favorite !!! Such a bop

    Jekaterina NetsajevaJekaterina Netsajeva4 napja
  • Lazarev's scenography and performance look outstading even years after. Lots of talanted people in this compilation!

    Little OwlLittle Owl4 napja
  • Little Big should be third they reached 201.188.527

    bervia9bervia94 napja
  • Cyprus 2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Ezra BashnanEzra Bashnan4 napja
  • France must be won in 2016

    MagneticsMagnetics4 napja
  • If only italians sang english, it could be game changer 🔥

    WiltonHirshWiltonHirsh4 napja
  • italy 2015 was robbed i said what i said

    _.offichial Nea.__.offichial Nea._4 napja
  • 25 place 🤮

    Юля ДолматоваЮля Долматова4 napja
  • in my opinion Netta's song is the best for Eurovision . Россия извини)))))))))

    Darya EvstigneevaDarya Evstigneeva4 napja
  • Occidentali's Karma #1

    Hugo SchnauzerHugo Schnauzer4 napja
  • It's telling about the quality of Eurovision songs when I don't 4 out of the 5 most popular songs.

    Jsplit 97Jsplit 974 napja
  • Until 2018 winning songs were at least good,with essence,powerful vocals and actual text unlike chicken sounds. It's so sad to remember of all good songs until now and compare them with those from few years ago

    Lamija HadžizukićLamija Hadžizukić4 napja
  • Jamala's song and performance were wow.. Tho I still don't understand how ON EARTH did Netta win, why Arash & Aysel had so many views and why Italy's great songs never won. Italy is being underrated while 'trashy' songs are overrated

    Lamija HadžizukićLamija Hadžizukić4 napja
  • Benito Mussolini Benito Mussolini

    aleks alexaleks alex4 napja
  • Manga “We could be the same” should be on the list🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    Nuran BalenNuran Balen4 napja
  • Where was Ja Ja Ding Dong?!

    Matthew SawczynMatthew Sawczyn4 napja
  • Play 'Ja Ja Ding Dong'!

    captainkanji1captainkanji15 napja
  • 9:45 is still my fav

    darlingrendarlingren5 napja

    Светлана МухинаСветлана Мухина5 napja
  • I love that Uno is in this list! It makes me so happy every time I hear it. Love from Australia 🇦🇺🐨🙃

    RazorgirlRazorgirl5 napja
  • oh god i forgot about my słowianie cause in poland now we only know cleo from annoying ads of media expert (its a store with phones tvs fridges stuff like that)

    DuckDuck5 napja
  • В топ 4 три итальянских композиции. И очень много Швеции вцелом

    Ivan TsevanIvan Tsevan5 napja
  • Every nation should sing in its own language. This is not Englishvision. This is Europevision. This is Europe, We have our history, We have our languages, We are not a colony. I want to listen to German, Danish, Russian, Slovenian songs etc, even if I don't understand a single world. This is part of our identity,

    TheAngeloffire1TheAngeloffire16 napja
  • Jamala♥️

    T SemyT Semy6 napja
  • 3 и 4 места до сих пор в плей листе есть💝 Так болела за них🙋🏻‍♀️

    ЛетоЛето6 napja
  • lan listede bizden biri de var as bayrakları asss 🇹🇷

    Sümeyye GüzelSümeyye Güzel6 napja
  • I can’t understand why we have the most visualized videos but we never win 🙁

    Nanni R.Nanni R.6 napja
  • I don’t understand italian songs are not beautiful. They are hit

    OkyanusOkyanus6 napja
  • Fairytale,little big uno, euphoria, Soldi were my favourite and I've never heard of Eurovision up to this day but I've listened to a lot of songs on this list

    Liquid UnknownLiquid Unknown6 napja
  • Everything are loooooooser! Lys Assia(ESC 1958) Views: 1.099.102 !!!!!!

    EliteZockerWorldEliteZockerWorld6 napja
  • I still can't see how on Earth Netta won and why does even Israel have right to participate,they are NOT in Europe

    Cutie AngelCutie Angel6 napja
  • A gdzie Szpak?

    AsiaAsia6 napja
  • Who’s here for “uno, dos, cuatro”?😎

    Daisy Hunter ProductionDaisy Hunter Production6 napja
  • All this means the only one: Italians love to sing and love to see themselves singing😂 simply all Italians around the world joined to do this top🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌

    Daisy Hunter ProductionDaisy Hunter Production6 napja
  • ducan laurence has 1.600 000 000 vieuws

    jayda verkieljayda verkiel6 napja
  • People who listen to Uno :🤡

    Murilo MendesMurilo Mendes7 napja
  • Conchota, 🤣

    p sp s7 napja
  • Aysel&Arash 4:19 Best 🇦🇿🖤😮

    Bugger NightBugger Night7 napja
  • in conclusion; Italy didn't get what they deserved, Sweden makes bops, and how in the hell did maNga lose to Lena in 2010?

    Felix's SausageFelix's Sausage7 napja
  • Crazy how none of them are from England, almost as If everyone thinks we suck!......ngl even we think we suck (TwT)

    Luloo BobooLuloo Boboo7 napja
  • AZERBAİJAN🇦🇿❤TURKEY🇹🇷 İN 2009 performance was great😍

  • Azerbaijan🇦🇿❤

  • Uno is the first for me

    Aji HalfaAji Halfa8 napja

    Dominic FarrugiaDominic Farrugia8 napja
  • Лоик Нотте?

    Влюблённая СВлюблённая С8 napja
  • those watched now do streamed

    lewis Youlewis You8 napja

    SpidersFaceSpidersFace8 napja
  • OMG Occidentali's Karma is THE BEST EVER. I bought two of his albums. IT BROKE MY HEART when he lost...

    lovintheladslovinthelads8 napja
  • Polina and Sergey had chances to win :c 🇷🇺 Ps: you are telling me Verka Serduchka is not in this playlist?

    Alexander MajanoAlexander Majano8 napja
  • come conchita has long hair.. and a beard?? Wait *relises😍☺️*

    Sophia ByrneSophia Byrne8 napja
  • I think I just saw Monty Roy on the thumbnail 😂

    Varali Pande IX CVarali Pande IX C8 napja
  • Fairytale is the best song of alltime in eurovision song contest❤

    Josh ThieleJosh Thiele8 napja
  • Italy 👍👍👍

    RODDY RIAS Game ChannelRODDY RIAS Game Channel9 napja
  • Lordi will forever be my winner of Eurovision 🤟🏼

    Jennifer TJennifer T9 napja
  • ABBA yeah

    uılaş özeruılaş özer9 napja
  • Mahmood era perfetto! Meritava di vincere 🥰🥰🥰

    Tatyna TatyTatyna Taty9 napja
  • 6:43 hiç bakmadan burayı geçin arkadaşlar

    Joey TribbianiJoey Tribbiani9 napja
  • Its the biggest rubbish ever. I suppose everybody wanted to understand while they were watching Ukrainian Jamala, where is these terrible Stalin in a video, otherwise difficult to understand why they were watching at all.

    Svetlana PomeroySvetlana Pomeroy9 napja
  • Ukraine

    Luka aracicLuka aracic9 napja
  • Occidentali’s Karma from Italy should have won that year, it really was the best song, and by a huge margin too

    enriquealienriqueali10 napja
  • Um brazilian and looooooveeeeeee Francesco.

    Robson LuvanorRobson Luvanor10 napja
  • Where’s Verka Seduchka ???!!???

    Riley FlemingRiley Fleming10 napja
  • Seeing all those Italians saying we have most views. Why didn't we win? I don't want to be mean because the songs are indeed very good, but too bad when most of the views come from Italians and you can't vote for your own country. It actually wouldn't matter. Because if one country watches this song extensively it still can give 12 points only once.

    Watch&NoCatchWatch&NoCatch11 napja
  • Italy has a really good singers and good songs at 2017,2018 and 2019. But no one won🥺

    Элина ПетроченкоЭлина Петроченко11 napja
  • jeez Rybak was like my first celebrity crush and my 9 y/o self didn't even know what a celebrity crush was

    dudaduda11 napja
  • Дункан из Нидерландов напоминает мне актёра, который играл Долгопупса😁

    Элина ПетроченкоЭлина Петроченко11 napja
  • All the numbers are wrong, video and sound quality is bad! THE WHOLE VIDEO IS TRASH

    Mathias RiisenbergMathias Riisenberg11 napja
  • Jamala,Aysel,Alexander...This is why I pay to internet

    musamei's kingdommusamei's kingdom11 napja
  • I was shocked that Polina didn’t win it for Russia but there was a lot going on politically at the time

    IamJipIamJip11 napja
  • Cleo & Loreen 🥰🥰🥰

    Lukasz S.Lukasz S.12 napja
  • Think About Things has got to be on this list by now, right?

    Gemma MoonGemma Moon12 napja
  • Netta is such a joke... holy fk.

    ZinisterLoLZinisterLoL12 napja
  • Waterloo is an absolute banger

    420Arca420Arca12 napja
  • Everyone said about netta " sia was the queen of esc " ok But Francesco gabbiani is the uncontrastable king 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

    ThePhoneGamer • TPGThePhoneGamer • TPG12 napja